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June Companions

Published June 9, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
June Companions, from the Sacred Geometry Oracle Card deck, by Francene Hart

June Companions, from the Sacred Geometry Oracle Card deck, by Francene Hart

Daily Angel Oracle Card: June Companions, from the Sacred Geometry Oracle Card deck, by Francene Hart

June Companions: “Transformation”

“Dragonflies and swallowtail butterflies adorn this card and speak of transformation. The flowered background holds the complex geometric informational system known as the Flower Of Life.

This card addresses the transformative powers that are at work in your life. This is not an instantaneous process, but like the butterfly moving from egg to larva to cocoon to adult, or the dragonfly moving from egg to nymph to chrysalis to adult, the changes in your life will progress through a series of stages.

Your conscious relationship to the life you lead in the physical dimension and the shifts that are taking place in the fabric of reality at this time are serving to accelerate movement in your present circumstances. Open yourself to wisdom that is coming your way through both rational and intuitive sources. Use your intuition and personal discernment, and remember: Quantum physics tells us that tiny packets of light comprise all the matter in the universe. Between these bursts of light are small still places called “choice points.” You always have a choice in the matter. Know that change does not have to be traumatic. You may choose to embrace the changes that are taking place, or you may see that this is not the correct path for your personal growth, and use these choice points to redirect the path of your transformation. The dragonfly and swallowtail ask you to allow transformation to become joyful play and acceptance of the dance of life.

If this card comes to you as Challenger: “You are still in the cocoon stage. Be advised not to force change, but rest and allow the transformation to take place quietly within your being.”*

~ By Francene Hart

When I see dragonflies I know that I am being assisted by the realm of Faery in my time of transformation. They are the messengers, and they come with confirmation that we are, in fact, on the right path… even when it doesn’t feel like it! There may be challenges, there may be bumps along the road, but you are exactly where you need to be. Know that we are all in the same boat here; we are all challenged, we are all assimilating new energies. We are all finding our way back to ourselves, and our Soul Path; the reason we are here.

Dragonfly is here to tell you that when you Trust, and follow your heart, despite what others think and despite your own fears, that the Universe works with you. Trust is key. Use gratitude to get through obstacles that feel insurmountable; it is the key to opening the doors of opportunity. Know that you always have a choice.

Dragonfly also wants you to know that when you change your energy, you change your life. That is what gives you wings. What can you change today to shake things up a little? What if you decided to shake things up every day? Take charge of your life by making some new choices; little or bold, it’s up to you. See how these changes affect your vibration, particularly when you do things that make you happy and bring you joy. And for good measure, make sure at least one of them affects your health in a positive way, your body will thank you!



~Archangel Oracle

*Sacred Geometry Oracle Card deck, by Francene Hart


Listen To Your Heart

Published June 10, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Listen to your heart

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Wisdom Of The Golden Path, by Toni Carmine Salerno: Listen To Your Heart

Listen To Your Heart: “Butterflies and ladybirds bring good fortune. They signify the deep transformation taking place in your life as your true nature emerges. You embark on a journey of self discovery, signified by the lizard. You will realize that you have much to offer the world by just being your. For within your heart there is great love and wisdom, the kind of love and wisdom which have the power to transform all things. As you listen to and follow your heart, you have a positive effect on those around you also. Surround yourself with nature for she embodies the healing power of love, and will awaken the same power within you. Your spiritual awareness deepens and all you experience in the coming months will have a magical effect on your life and those around you. Butterflies are a powerful symbol for you at present; representative of the transformation that you are going through. From now on, take notice every time a butterfly flutters into your field of vision, for it is positive reinforcement that you are on the right track.

I am on a journey of self discovery, which leads to self mastery.

I listen to the love and wisdom within my heart.

Love has the power to transform all things.”*

Butterflies and dragon flies have always been signs of good fortune to me. They signify transformation and connection to Gaia and the Divine. They are a reminder of the Elemental dimension and connect us instantly to the present with their beauty and grace. When you are seeing and appreciating a beautiful butterfly, you can’t help but be in a state of gratitude in the present time. Now that you are reading this, and it is in your conscious mind, you will notice them even more! You will stop and watch them, marvel in their patterns of movement and their decorative colours; you will see them as a sign of transformation and abundance, and your conscious and subconscious minds will look for the abundance coming to you.

Mother Nature has so many beautiful ways to show us her love. We must stop to notice the flowers, the trees, the birds and animals and creatures. Every cloud, every blade of grass, every rock and every tree shows us an aspect of the Universe to appreciate. The more we send love and gratitude as we witness these beauties, the more we will see out there to please our souls and open our hearts. This gives us courage to transform ourselves as we no longer feel the need to be small, we can spread our wings and feel our connection to everything in around us and beyond.

You are in a position to inspire others to follow their dreams. Your courage will help others shed the old and receive the new. You are raising your consciousness and healing yourself while also helping to heal others and the Earth. Look for the butterflies, they will show you that you are on the right path.



* Wisdom Of The Golden Path, by Toni Carmine Salerno



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