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Published January 15, 2019 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Truth, from The Guardian Angel Oracle, by Chrissie Astell, published by Watkins

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Truth, from The Guardian Angel Oracle, by Chrissie Astell, published by Watkins

Truth: “I hold only that which is honest and true close to my heart.”

“Each of us has our own ‘truth,’ gained from our own experience and beliefs, and from the people around us. However, our views might not always be an accurate reflection of reality, so we sometimes need to re-assess them so that we can avoid self-deception.

The Angel Of Truth teaches that, while you need to respect others’ views, you must face the ‘mirror of truth’ by yourself. Listen to your feelings and conscience at all times. Open your mind to objective reality by sitting quietly for a few minutes, focusing on your breath and also on the sights and sounds around you. Ask the Angel to give you some sort of sign when you are close to the truth about the matter at hand.”

Symbols For The Angel Of Truth: “White chrysanthemum, mirror, reflection, cubit (old measure, length from middle fingertip to elbow.)”

~ By Chrissie Astell

Interesting synchronicity in this card; that Truth is symbolized by reflection and light. As above so below; the inside is reflected into the outside world.

Are you living your Truth? If not, what would need to change in order to do so? What would you have to release? What would you have to communicate? How would you need to shift things? When you look in the mirror, is your authenticity mirrored back to you? Or is there a mask that stands in your way?

We use our life experience to form beliefs and barriers around who we are in the world. We create a story, and we stick to it! Some of the story is truth, and some of it is fiction, picked up along the way. It is time to remove the fiction and overhaul our story; recreate our place in the world. Starting with the Truth about how we see ourselves and what we are capable of.

Be very aware of the signs, symbols and messages coming to you at this time from the Angel of Truth. Often we may choose not to see or acknowledge the Truth, but once we put the wheels in motion, the signs simply cannot be denied. Use all of your senses and your intuition to find the Truth in others, and trust that the signs you receive are for you; there are no coincidences.



~Archangel Oracle

* The Guardian Angel Oracle, by Chrissie Astell, published by Watkins

The Angel Of Discovery

Published August 8, 2018 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

The Angel Of Discovery, from The Guardian Angel Oracle, by Chrissie Astell, Cards for Angelic Inspiration, Wisdom and Guidance, published by Watkins Publishing

Daily Angel Oracle Card: The Angel Of Discovery, from The Guardian Angel Oracle, by Chrissie Astell, Cards for Angelic Inspiration, Wisdom and Guidance, published by Watkins Publishing

Discovery: “My life is a wonderful journey of discovery.”

Angel Of Discovery Card Symbols: “Flight of stairs, map, star, boat, open door, magnifying glass, book”

The Angel Of Discovery Message: “Regardless of age of level of knowledge making discoveries about yourself and the world can awaken your sense of awe and wonder at the universe. The Angel Of Discovery encourages you to keep your mind open to fresh information and experiences at all times.

Ask the Angel to provide opportunities for you to visit new places, meet new people and try your hand at new activities. Call on her to enhance your senses to that your sight becomes clearer and your hearing sharper. Ask her to show you how to act in a more loving and conscious way, to benefit yourself and the environment. In this way, you will enrich your soul and climb to new heights of inspiration.”*

~ By Chrissie Astell

We are constantly receiving downloads of divine wisdom from the Universe. We are being upgraded, filled with light, awakened. It’s a slow and steady process. We need to shift and change; we need to rise above the old and dangerously outmoded social conditioning we have been programmed with for so long. And in order to do this, we need to discover ourselves, our deep connection to the planet, all of her creatures and to each other.

We are inundated with distractions; from the media, from technology, and from the over scheduling business of our every day lives. It can feel unending. It’s easy to start to feel disconnected from what is important; the planet, nature, ourselves and our own inner wisdom. We give away our energy worrying about the news, worrying about our own self-worth. Feeling isolated and alone, we turn to technology to keep us company in a hectic existence. Just a few minutes of reprieve, a little break from reality… or maybe an hour or two. But how else could we use this time? Could we meditate? Get outside? Relax in silent contemplation? Listen to or play music?

It’s time to rediscover our connection to ourselves and our passions. It is time to discover something totally new. A shift in perspective; a new way of seeing yourself, of seeing the world. Of Being.

It’s time to be a warrior, a guardian. Not a sheeple. Not a minion. A sovereign being. One filled with strength and courage, harnessing our joy and passion and using it as fuel for change. We need to become the 100 awakened monkeys, changing the collective consciousness one by one by one.



~Archangel Oracle

*The Guardian Angel Oracle, by Chrissie Astell, Cards for Angelic Inspiration, Wisdom and Guidance, published by Watkins Publishing


Published May 11, 2018 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Presence, from The Guardian Angel Oracle, by Chrissie Astell, published by Watkins Publishing

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Presence, from The Guardian Angel Oracle, by Chrissie Astell, published by Watkins Publishing

Presence: “As I align myself to the loving presence of the Divine, I, too, am aware of my own presence among others.”

Symbols: “Brilliant light, diamond, Sun, condor, triangle, conch shell.

“Each of us has ‘presence’ – a spiritual energy that other people can sense as soon as they meet us. Those with negative presence give out energy that overpowers others or drives them away. People with weak presence may often be overlooked by others. However, people with positive presence radiate a wonderful, warm energy that draws others towards them

The Angel Of Presence directs you to let your presence shine forth for the good of all. Open your heart to the Angel, and ask her to show you the positive, beautiful aspects in the people around you as well as in yourself. Building your confidence will enhance your own presence and light the spark of the Divine in the hearts of everyone around you.”*

~ by Chrissie Astell

This is a message of dual meaning. An important message of awareness, of yourself and of others. Your presence, the essence of you that you put out into the world. You vibration, your intention, your emotion and much deeper right into your heart and Soul. What are you radiating out? Is your presence completely authentic and based in the truth of who you are, body, mind and spirit? Or do you suppress parts of yourself behind masks of acceptability?

Who are you spending your time with and how does their presence affect you? Are they positive, supportive and inspiring? Or are they draining, toxic or judgmental? Do you find yourself uplifted or depleted by those who you share your space and your life with. These are important questions as we are greatly affected by the energies of others, much more than we may realize. When we are being affected negatively, it is a huge drain on our energy and it makes it extremely difficult to follow your Soul path. It may be necessary to look at making some much needed changes in order to protect your energy and find a new Soul tribe; people who love and accept you unconditionally for who you are.

Then there is the presence of mind. Bringing yourself into the present moment to be really aware of what is going on around you. How are you feeling in certain situations, how are you affected by certain people? Are you overwhelmed in a crowd? Are there changes you can make to give yourself a break from what stresses you and drains your energy?

The Angel Of Presence is here to assist you in any way that you may need right now. Do you need assistance in grounding into the present moment? Do you need help disassociating from people who are toxic, negative or unsupportive of you? Or do you need help attracting the right people and opportunities for growth into your life? Of course these changes will bring challenges, and it can be hard to separate yourself from people or situations which are stressful for you. But these changes are necessary in order for you to move forward at this time. Ask the Angel for help and follow the guidance that comes to you. Ask the Angel for the courage to move through these changes with grace and ease.



~Archangel Oracle

*The Guardian Angel Oracle, by Chrissie Astell, published by Watkins Publishing


Published April 24, 2018 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Transience, from The Guardian Angel Oracle, by Chrissie Astell

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Transience, from The Guardian Angel Oracle, by Chrissie Astell

Transience: “I am safe in the constant changes of life.”

“Change is a natural part of life, as can be seen in the cycle of the seasons: even in the cold and dark of Winter, when trees look dead, they are building up energy for a new Spring. And beneath everything, sustaining all the fluctuations in the material world, is the eternal energy of the universe.

It is just the same in your own life. The Angel Of Transience advises you to embrace change. If you insist on following a set path down to minor details, you may overlook subtle variations in the wider world. When you eventually look around you, everything may be totally different from what you expect. By letting go of rigid thinking, you free yourself to be carried by the wind of change – the breath of life itself.”

Card Symbols: “Dandelion clock, cloud, falling leaf or petal, Moon, kaleidoscope.”*

~ By Chrissie Astell

Change is in the air, for all of us. It’s how we meet it that will make all the difference. Do we meet it with an open heart and open mind, accepting that it is part of the journey and we are right where we need to be? Or do we meet it with fear, holding on to the security of the old even if we have long outgrown it? Only we can choose.

This would be a great time to do a little spring cleaning, both inside and out. Get rid of all those old cobwebs, get into the dusty corners and put some colour back into your life! Get really honest physically and mentally. What are you holding on to that no longer serves you. And are you ready, finally, to let that go? Know that you must actually decide to let go. Take some action around it to prove it to yourself and to the Universe.

Are there objects around your house that remind you of a failed relationship? Time to either boldly get rid of them, burn, toss or donate, or if you don’t have the heart for it yet them pack them up and put them away out of sight, for now. Are there outfits in your closet that represent an old version of you? Weed through them and let them go, someone else will find a good use for them.

Consider changing up your home or appearance or both! Move the furniture around. Change the flow of energy. Buy a new piece of art, a throw rug or a gallon of paint! Get a new hair do, piece of jewelry or a new outfit. Tune into your new self and be creative in expressing where you are now at.

Adaptability is key now. Embrace the change, make positive decisions and know that you are responsible for the life you are manifesting. Envision and intend your new life in full colour, vitality and new beginnings. Celebrate!



~Archangel Oracle

*The Guardian Angel Oracle, by Chrissie Astell


Published April 13, 2018 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Growth, from The Guardian Angel Oracle, by Chrissie Astell, artwork by Rene Milot Published by Watkins Publishing

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Growth, from The Guardian Angel Oracle, by Chrissie Astell, artwork by Rene Milot Published by Watkins Publishing

Growth: “I grow stronger in spirit every day.”

Symbols: “Shooting star, green, leaves unfurling, child, pine trees on mountain.”

Growth: “As you progress through life, your experiences can increase and deepen your spiritual understanding of yourself and your place in the universe. Every loving experience feeds your inner being. Even suffering may play a part in your soul’s journey, by teaching wisdom and compassion.

The Angel of Growth advises you to attend to this spiritual progress. Sit quietly and ask her to show you how to balance the needs of your body and soul, so that you can find the energy to aim for the stars. If you already do a lot of therapy or other work on your inner self, the Angel counsels you to pause and process what you have learned before continuing. Know that you are progressing at the right pace for you.”*

~ By Chrissie Astell

I love this beautiful new card deck by Chrissie Astell! It is a wonderful reminder that we have a team, and are always working with our angels and guides to learn, transform and invite more love into our lives. It is also confirmation that we are never alone and have comfort and assistance available to us at all times. The deck is split into four sections, each represented by the Archangel who oversees the angels and guides in their particular domain of love, growth and expansion. The Archangels and Angels are beautifully represented and the cards are perfect to set on an altar or beside the bed to enhance the connection to working with each individual angel. I also love the idea of placing a crystal with the card to amplify the energetic connection and open the channel to higher wisdom and divine love.

The Growth card goes perfectly with our theme of late. We are awakening, expanding and growing into the next phase of our lives. Things are changing fast and this growth can be uncomfortable, scary and exhilarating all at the same time! We are encouraged to lean on the wisdom, guidance and loving support of our angels and guides at this time, knowing that we All have a team that is there for us, if we can receive what they so generously offer.

When you doubt yourself, you doubt your team’s ability to guide you on. Instead, try looking for signs, symbols and messages of confirmation and direction. Have fun with it. Open up and receive without  over analyzing or writing it off to mere coincidence. Get away from distractions and reconnect with the natural world where your connection is strengthened. And most importantly, when things feel light, go with the flow. Surrender to the divine plan and see how life opens up to you. See what opportunities arise, what doors open and what miracles come your way.

And so it is



~Archangel Oracle

*The Guardian Angel Oracle, by Chrissie Astell, artwork by Rene Milot published by Watkins Publishing

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