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Nuumite ~ Healer

Published March 14, 2018 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Nuumite ~ Healer, from the Crystal Reading Cards, by Rachelle Charman, Published by Sterling Ethos

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Nuumite ~ Healer, from the Crystal Reading Cards, by Rachelle Charman, Published by Sterling Ethos

Nuumite ~ Healer:

Crystal Color: “Black with gold and brown streaks”
Related Chakras: “All”

Crystal Medicine: “Nuumite holds within it the powerful medicine of the healer and the shaman. It assists in all aspects of the healer’s journey, especially working with the shadow and the powerful journey into the darkness or the void bringing light and wisdom to the soul. Those who connect and work with this stone will embark on a powerful journey of deep healing and self-realization.”

Crystal Meaning: “Stone of the warrior and shaman. Support on the journey into your shadow self, creating a sacred space to obtain deep wisdom, strength, and courage. Increases strength and endurance during difficult times. Assists on the journey to self-mastery. Assists to love all aspects of yourself.”

Oracle reading Message From The Crystal Deva: “You have called this card into your awareness today to remind you that you are a gifted and powerful healer. We are all healers in some way or another and the devas of Nuumite are inviting you to allow this part of yourself to emerge and awaken fully. You are entering a time of initiation when your innate healing power is being activated within you on a deeper level. Ancient memories are stirring and your soul’s wisdom is flowing through you more than ever. It is time to embrace your inner healer and recognize and honor your healing gifts and powers. There are times in life when it is necessary to receive healing from others – however, the most powerful healer in truth is yourself. It is time to look within and access your own healing medicine. You are being called to utilize this sacred wisdom and energy for your own wellbeing and the wellbeing of others. You are encouraged to work deeply with this crystal to support you through this powerful initiation time. If you are considering pursuing a career in natural medicine, the healing arts, or healthcare, then this card is confirmation that you are on the right path. You may also feel guided to seek the support of a professional healer. If so, follow your intuition and inner guidance as you choose the most suitable healer for you.”*

~ By Rachelle Charman

Again we have a message of healing. Self healing. Looking within. Nuumite is the most ancient of stones, containing all the magic and mystery of the Universe. Healing must happen on every level. Physical and etherical. Bringing things back into balance, body, mind and spirit.

Nuumite is the stone of the warrior and the Shaman, this should be an indication that things may be a little challenging here. We must step out of our comfort zones and move into new territory. Sweeping out the darkest corners of our hearts and minds we can bring our pain and suffering into the light to be cleansed, cleared and healed.

This is an amazing healing stone for those of us who have soldiered on through the pain and trauma, putting it off, acknowledging it but not taking the time to fully heal. Nuumite will protect us and guide us through and out the other side into transformation. It is no coincidence that this stone is black shot through with gold.

If you have a Nuumite, hold it while you meditate, asking for guidance. Wear it, keep it close. Place it under you pillow and ask for the Deva to accompany you during your dreamtime into the astral realms.

Pass through this healing willingly, surrender to what must happen in order to bring about the necessary change. There are exciting things coming and we need to be ready.



~Archangel Oracle

*Crystal Reading Cards, by Rachelle Charman, Published by Sterling Ethos

Soul Dream ~ Green Tourmaline

Published March 6, 2018 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Soul Dream ~ Green Tourmaline, from the Crystal Oversoul Attunement Cards by Michael Eastwood, published by Findhorn Press

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Soul Dream ~ Green Tourmaline, from the Crystal Oversoul Attunement Cards by Michael Eastwood, published by Findhorn Press

Soul Dream ~ Green Tourmaline:

Chakra: “Heart”
Element: “Air”

“Green Tourmaline is a wonderful tonic for the heart. It encourages openness and trust in love’s vibration. The energies of this crystal can rebuild and exhausted or closed heart chakra. The subtle green ray emanating from this stone asks us to remain fresh and renewed in the moment, to let go of any past misunderstandings and be present to what is here and now.

Green Tourmaline helps us remember our soul mission by taking us to the heart of the dream that we nurture within. Through this experience an awakening occurs and the song that resides in our soul’s heart starts to sing. If we learn to listen and follow our soul’s song we will be guided ever deeper.”

Soul Dream: “The Green Tourmaline Oversoul attunes us to our soul’s song. The madala of the Oversoul is a rare shade of green with complex geometric shapes. There are 16 beings, the consciousness of this Oversoul, standing tall with translucent green lights beaming out of there entire being. They are quite exquisite to behold, guiding us inwards through the center of the mandala towards the inner temple, an enormous rod of radiant green tourmaline.

We are asked to find a place within this temple that suits us. Once we have found our place, the beings surround us creating a complex mandala, a circle built by eight points, the individual beings joining as a single unified consciousness.

Then something unique happens; they wait. They are waiting for us to do something. They look on benevolently as we seek within us our soul’s song. We close our eyes and listen to a sound that is rising up through our feet and down from our ninth chakra towards our heart. The sound merges in our chest and we know it to be our Soul song. We open our mouth and out comes our song. As the sounds that we are making merge with those of the Oversouls, we are flooded with knowledge of who we are and importantly what we are here to do.

Our entire being resonates with our song that is carried on waves out into the universe. We sense that the cosmos is listening to our Soul song. The cosmos sings back to us. Through this we know that we are ready to step into living our Sol dream here and now and that the universe will support us.”*

~ Michael Eastwood

Your Soul communicates to you through your heart. When you have suffered pain, trauma or a broken heart, the heart center shuts down in order to heal and protect itself. If the healing is not seen to, the heart remains shut tight. When the heart is closed, the Soul suffers, unable to communicate properly. We may end up feeling isolated or lonely; cut off from the love of others. We feel torn, unsure or stuck when our heart needs healing. We may have trouble opening up and receiving what is ours.

It is time to heal the heart; individually and collectively. Green Tourmaline can assist us in this mission. Take a few moments or minutes to breathe deeply and gaze at the image in the card above, connecting with the energy of the Oversoul or Deva of Green Tourmaline. Feel the energy in your physical body, and how it affects your heart center. Allow the healing energy to come to you. If you have a piece of green tourmaline, wear or carry it with you today. Or you can place it under your pillow. Even a tiny piece of this beautiful crystal packs a powerful punch, and it does not have to be gem quality or expensive to hold profound healing energies.

As we each heal and open our hearts we open to our Soul Dream. We align with our life purpose and we open up to possibility. We expand to receive more love, more light and more Divine Guidance and universal wisdom. We remember who we are and why we came here, and we finally hear the urgent whispering of our Soul.



~Archangel Oracle

*Crystal Oversoul Attunement Cards by Michael Eastwood, published by Findhorn Press 

Moonstone ~ Cycles

Published May 10, 2017 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Moonstone ~ Cycles, from the Crystal Reading Oracle Card deck, By Rachelle Charman

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Moonstone ~ Cycles, from the Crystal Reading Oracle Card deck, By Rachelle Charman

Moonstone ~ Crystal Colour: “Varities of white, pearly and cream hues”

Related Chakras: “Sacral and Heart Chakras”

Crystal Medicine: “Moonstone holds within it the essence of the divine feminine and assists int eh deep connection to the Moon and the blessings she bestows. This powerful Moonstone medicine also holds within it the magic and essence of honoring the cycles of life in all its aspects. When you allow the natural cycles of ebb and flow to enter your life, you will feel a much deeper sense of freedom and inner peace.”

Crystal Meaning: “Connects you deeply to your feminine aspect. Enhances fertility, planting new seeds, ideas, and inspirations. Creates new beginnings, new directions and creativity. Connects you to the energy of the Moon and her cycles. Assists in birthing new projects and creations.”

Oracle Reading Message From the Crystal Deva: “Moonstone assists in bringing a deeper understanding and recognition to the cycles in your life. We are connected to and a part of everything that exists in the Universe and energy flows in cycles through us at all times. Each cycle – the seasons, tides, and different phases of existence – brings with it a new essence and meaning. The key is to surrender to each specific cycle and energy and allow the process to guide you as you learn and grow. The Earth and nature are always in harmony – connecting to them brings about a deeper connection to your own cycles. There are times when you are in your fullness and other times when you are i the depths of darkness. It is time to become aware of how the cycles affect you and allow yourself to come into sync with them. Honoring these cycles brings about a deepening and healing of the self, an expanded sense of freedom Cycles can lad for hours, days, weeks, months, years or lifetimes. You are being encouraged to recognize and honor the cycle you are in currently, as this will bring a deeper understanding and awakening to your feelings and experiences. If you have been feeling confused and stuck in your life and are resisting this natural flow, you are encouraged to start swimming with the tide and connecting to the cycles in your life. The devas are supporting this deeper connecting and suggest you connect with the Earth and the elements to assist you in this process. This card can also suggest that you are ending a cycle in your life. Remember to honor this process as you let go of the old way of being and open up this new energy in your life.”*

~ By Rachelle Charman

Moonstone for the full moon, one of my absolute favourite stones and one that I often choose to wear. It is a stone of the Goddess and Divine Feminine energy, protective yet connecting and opening us up to our full potential. The Rainbow Moonstone in particular is one of the most beautiful and powerful stones you can wear to amplify your feminine powers of receptivity and intuition. It is also extremely complimentary to our “rainbow body of light” helping to heal and energize all the chakras and meridians on the body.

Today take a few minutes to see where you are at with the cycles of your life and honour that space. Be sure to be mindful of your body and how you are feeling physically; listen to your body and give it what it needs: maybe more rest; more exercise or stillness; time in nature and fresh air; more nutritious food; energizing or soothing music. Listening to your body, mind and spirit and working with them in harmony will help you to make the most of your energy during the various cycles of your life.

If you can, get outside tonight and spend some time in the light of the moon. How does it make you feel? If you have a moonstone, wear it and feel it’s energy amplified under the full moon. Set your intention for the next lunar cycle; where would you like to be this time next month? How can you set your focus and intention to take the steps necessary to get there? How would it feel to be where you desire to be? Use visualization to inspire you to make any necessary changes and have the courage to follow your dreams, while surrendering to the natural cycles of ebb and flow of your life on this beautiful planet.



~Archangel Oracle

*Crystal Reading Cards, By Rachelle Charman


Published April 6, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Seraphinite, from the Eternal Crystal Oracle Card deck, by Jade-Sky

Seraphinite, from the Eternal Crystal Oracle Card deck, by Jade-Sky

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Seraphinite, from the Eternal Crystal Oracle Card deck, by Jade-Sky

Seraphinite: “Honesty ~ Heart and Third Eye Chakras”

Seraphinite: “It is time for you to be honest with yourself. Take time to identify the changes that you need to make in your life so that you can feel fulfilled and happy. Focus on healing yourself today by being completely honest with yourself. What do you need to do to feel completely happy and healthy? Once you have been honest with yourself and you have identified what it is that you do and do not want in your life, you can then make the changes. During this process of change, listen to your heart and stay true to yourself. Be wary of accepting other people’s agendas or other people’s advice at this time. Be sure to surround yourself with people whom you can trust because some people come from a place of ego or self service. Too many people’s viewpoints can cloud your judgement. Be true to you!

You can also ask your angels ad spirit guides for help; they will send you the answers. Pay close attention to any signs or messages that they send to you. Trust in what you see, sense, hear and feel.

Seraphinite is a beautiful healing crystal which aids in angelic communication. It is also associated with your heart and third eye chakras.”*

~ By Jade-Sky

Seraphinite is considered one of the premier healing stones for body, mind and spirit. This is due to it’s high vibrational connection to the angelic realms and our higher selves. Seraphinite assists us in opening our heart chakras, expanding our receptivity to Love and Light as well as healing energy from the Universal Source. It can be used to amplify the effects of a variety of healing modalities, can be placed on any area of pain or dis-ease, and can be used to align the chakras. It can be worn, carried or placed under your pillow in order to facilitate a clearer connection to our angels and guides, including the Archangels, as well as strengthening our connection to the ascended masters. It will bring joy into our lives by helping us to gently release old wounds and negative situations. The appearance of shimmering white angel wings are visibly into it’s soothing green colour and gazing into it can help us to visualize our angels close to us. It is a truly magical stone. Amplify it’s healing by combining with water clear quartz or Herkimer Diamond quartz; speed up it’s transformational qualities by combining with Moldavite or Phenacite.

What do you need to be honest with yourself about in order to release and move forward? Angels do not judge us, they live only in Unconditional Love and acceptance. We are the one’s who are the first to judge ourselves harshly, and we are also very affected by the judgment or disapproval of others. Have you compromised yourself in order to please others? Are you diminishing your Light to fly under the radar, or to make someone else feel comfortable? All that is about to change; it simply cannot go on.

If you have a Seraphinite, now is the time to wear, carry or place it in your pocket, being sure to hold it often. Try placing it on your Third Eye during meditation, or even before you go to sleep. Ask the angels to use it to amplify their communication with you, and watch for increased synchronicity. Your angels are always close to you, and they are here to assist you on your journey. Your ability to observe and interact with them is about to go up a few notches, and Seraphinite will help to do it. Don’t worry if you don’t have one yet, just gaze at the image above with the intention to connect with the energy of Seraphinite. You can pick up a small tumbled stone from most metaphysical shops for under $10.

Your affirmation:

I AM Awake. I AM connected.

And so it is.



~ Archangel Oracle

*Eternal Crystal Oracle Card deck, by Jade-Sky


Published March 22, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Peridot, from the Eternal Crystals Oracle Card deck, by Jade-Sky

Peridot, from the Eternal Crystals Oracle Card deck, by Jade-Sky

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Peridot, from the Eternal Crystals Oracle Card deck, by Jade-Sky

Peridot: “Teach ~ Heart Chakra”

“It is no coincidence that you are being drawn to the Peridot crystal. Peridot is a beautiful green colour and associated wit the heart chakra. It is also associated with relationships and healing. You are a natural teacher and you are now being encouraged to use your natural healing abilities, compassionate energy and love to help nurture and teach others.

Being a teacher does not necessarily mean working in a school environment; teachers come in many different forms. Perhaps you are already teaching your friends and family about how to handle different situations. Or you may be a lecturer/adult educator or child carer. Whatever form of teaching you engage in, know that your spirit guides and angels are supporting you with this.

Your words are very powerful – you have the ability to connect with people from all walks of life, and can provide important information to those who need it. You may even be teaching unknowningly through your writing, through the worlds you speak, through your own positive energy or even by leading by example.

Part of your life’s purpose is to heal and teach others, share your knowledge where you can.”*

~ by Jade-Sky

Wherever you are on your own journey, know that there is someone who wishes that they had come as far as you have. There may be someone in need of your counsel, advice or support at this time; someone who looks up to you, trusts you and wishes to reach out to you. As you assist them with an open heart and open mind, you will also inspire them to assist others. In this way you create a cycle of kindness, trust and support. This is Lightwork. Shine your light on others, and inspire them to shine theirs. One by one, as we trust and open our heart chakras, all of our lights will shine, eventually coming together as One. We are all connected. When you see through the illusion of separation, and reach out to help others, the veil is lifted and you will be able to see the Divine light in all other beings. This is when the magic happens.

The energies coming through are powerful right now and can be overwhelming. Changes are taking place that will set us on a positive new course. Undertake these changes with joy and surrender. Trust is key.

Peridot is a stone of luck, manifestation, prosperity, clarity and joy. It is the perfect stone to wear when you are feeling stressed, chaotic, down; or when you feel that you need a lift in finances, luck or love. Peridots can be pricey, but they pack a powerful punch and even a small stone can bring many healing qualities to the wearer. Gem quality stones are used for fine jewelry and appear to radiate bright light from within. Gazing or meditating on a peridot can help to shift old patterns of negative thoughts, self doubt, fear and blockages; making space for manifestation of a positive new reality. It encourages optimism and motivation to face the challenges that are presented with strength and courage.



~Archangel Oracle

*Eternal Crystals Oracle Card deck, by Jade-Sky



Lepidolite ~ Acceptance

Published May 7, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

lepidolite, acceptance

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the The Crystal Ally Cards, By Naisha Ahsian: Lepidolite ~ Acceptance

Lepidolite ~ Acceptance: “In this image a bowl representing the feminine, receptive aspect of Spirit, floats in an empty sea, with no land in sight. The bowl allows itself to be carried by the current to a new shore. This is the image of acceptance.

Lepidolite is a soft lavender-to-magenta stone with a high lithium content. Like other high lithium stones, Lepidolite creates calming, soothing energy around the heart chakra and within the aura. Lepidolite often occurs in tandem with Rubellite (pink Tourmaline). This symbiotic relationship combines the soft, calming energy of Lepidolite with the deep sense of love and inner peace that Tourmaline provides.

The resonance that Lepidolite creates within one’s energetic field is that of acceptance. Acceptance is the process of surrendering to the higher Will of the Divine Creator. Occasionally, we attempt to force the creation of something that is not in harmony with the Will of the Universe, or is not for the highest good of all concerned. In these situations, the Universe invariably places a roadblock in our path to signal us that what we are attempting to manifest is not harmonious with the Divine plan. When a block such as this occurs, we need to accept the will of the Universe, and “hand over” the situation to our higher power.

If the creation that you are attempting is indeed the right one for you, the Universe will point you in a direction that will aid in the manifestation of an appropriate form. If the creation you are attempting is not harmonious with that plan, you are being asked to accept that the superior understanding of the Universal mind will provide you with something even better than that which you were attempting to manifest.

The act of acceptance is also an act that nourishes the receptive side of your nature. It is a way in which you can acknowledge your willingness to receive the bounty that the Universe has prepared for you. Practicing acceptance of Universal Will creates trust in the abundance of the Universe.

Acceptance is not the same as giving up or quitting. Acceptance is an act of faith in the greater plan of the Universe, not simply a reaction to frustration and difficulty. In many cases, ans act of acceptance takes supreme courage, and the willingness to live your belief in the Universal plan.

The Message: “Lepidolite has appeared to signal to you that the most productive action you can take at this time is that of accepting the Divine plan. There are many ways that the Universe can work to create miracles in your life. To experience these miracles, you need to recognize when you are being asked to pause and wait for acceptance, you are taking yourself out of your own way. Soon, when the Universe has put all of the pieces in their proper places, you will be signaled to take action again.

Lepidolite is telling you to release your present situation to the higher understanding of the Universe. There may be some aspect in what you are attempting to create that is not harmonious with the purposes of the Divine plan. Offer the situation to the Universe, become receptive to a resolution, and accept the guidance that is given to you. You can be sure that whatever purpose the Universe has for you, it will lead you to wonders even more magical than those you could create for yourself.

Allow the energy of Lepidolite to aid you in accepting the bounty that is being offered to you, and know that you a child of the Universe – joyful, abundant, and Divine.

Chakra: Heart

Affirmation: I accept miracles into my life.”*

Acceptance; perfect Divine order. You have weathered the Storm, you have Released, you have made the transformational leap of faith required by Change, have been called to Surrender, Trust and Forgive yourself and your past. Now it is time for Acceptance.

You are asked to accept what is offered to you on your journey; trusting that it is all part of the Divine Plan. If you feel that you are struggling, that things are not going the way you would like them too, then you must step back from this struggle and look at the bigger picture. The Universe has a larger, more harmonious plan for you. Can you accept this with faith, even though your vision isn’t proceeding as planned, and believe that there is something even better in store for you? Can you have faith that it will be for the highest possible good of everyone involved? Can you let go of your limited beliefs and trust in Source to guide you to your dreams and desires in a way that you never thought possible? When you do, miracles will happen, abundance will bloom and the Universe will show you it’s true power, through providing beyond what you thought possible. This is a very powerful time, even though it is not a time of action; it is a shift in perspective. You don’t always have to “work hard” to get what you want… sometimes you just have to accept and receive with patience and stillness.

With forgiveness and gratitude, you can come to acceptance. Try the Ho’oponopono Song: I am sorry; I forgive you; I love you; thank you. Repeated over and over as a meditation mantra, and applied to past hurtful situations, it will heal you emotionally and allow you to complete your forgiveness, invite gratitude and love and be receptive to new and amazing experiences.


* The Crystal Ally Cards, By Naisha Ahsian



Medicine Woman ~ Manifestation

Published March 28, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Medicine Woman, manifestation

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Crystal Wind Oracle Card Deck, by Antonio DeLiberato: Medicine Woman ~ Manifestation

Medicine Woman ~ Manifestation: “Believe -Achieve – Receive.”

Card Meaning: “It is most likely you are a healer or require healing. It may be time for you to heal yourself or visit a healer or herbalist. If you are a healer already then you are well on your way to helping many others. This card also indicates that those who do not think of themselves as healers actually bring wholeness to others. Manifest this ability in yourself. When you Believe, you Achieve and Receive!”

Card Interpretation: “The Mayan Goddess, Ixchel is the goddess of the moon, birth, procreation and medicine. She is in charge of medicinal plants, healing and the moon phases. She embodies spiritual knowledge. When she is in a good mood she blesses the earth with rain and when she is in a bad mood she sends storms, floods and hurricanes. The focus of Ixchel is to help people heal through body work, movement, therapies, lifestyle changes and to ultimately find that place within to heal themselves. Ixchel is known as the patroness of those who work in the healing arts.”*

Many light workers came here to help heal the Earth and it’s creatures; you may find yourself being drawn to learn an energy based healing modality, either to help yourself heal or to start a new career path as a healer. This is a natural step in your journey, and you must follow your intuition when finding the right avenue for you. There are so many ways to help heal; Reiki, Pranic Healing, Ayervedic Healing, Quantum Touch, Crystal Healing, just to name a few. Even taking or teaching yoga and meditation is considered part of the healing process.

If you are not sure where to start, have fun with it! Look up your local options for alternative healing methods, and try a few out depending on your budget and time allowances. You will probably find that many practices offer a free trial,  information session or workshop to give you a better idea of what they have to offer. This are valuable opportunities and can help you to decide where to put your energy and efforts depending on what really resonates with you. Do you love the idea of energy healing? Try a Reiki class! Collect crystals and stones? That may be a hint about which direction to take. There is no right or wrong here, as you will gain experience as you heal yourself first. As you heal, you can reach out to others who need healing too.

Remember:  just by consciously working on raising your own vibration, (which, by the way, is the entire point of my daily writing to you, in hopes of raising all of our vibrations simultaneously!)… you are helping yourself and everyone around you, (whether they realize/believe it or not!) As you let more love into your heart,  expanding your consciousness and your Divine connection, you become a clear vessel for Universal love. The more love you allow yourself to receive, the more joy you will experience. The healing modalities are only tools to expedite this process. These tools are for our current level of consciousness here on Earth now; as we raise higher and higher, we will realize that we don’t really even need the tools. Simply holding the intention to heal will be enough.

As this new chapter of your life unfolds, open yourself to learning about healing. In doing so, you will open doors to new opportunities, meet new like-minded people, and take yourself in new directions… but you already know that don’t you!


* Crystal Wind Oracle Card Deck, by Antonio DeLiberato


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