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The Desert

Published April 17, 2017 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

The Desert, from the Anubis Oracle Card deck, by Nicki Scully and Linda Star Wolf, Illustrated by Kris Waldherr

Daily Angel Oracle Card: The Desert, from the Anubis Oracle Card deck, by Nicki Scully and Linda Star Wolf, Illustrated by Kris Waldherr

The Desert: “Sacred Archetypal Element Of Fire”

“In the desert, we are surrounded by sand and a fiery red sky, with sun pouring down on the ground and wavy energy rising into the air. This is not a mirage, but rather another dimension – the domain of fire. Many mystics have quested for answers to life’s deepest questions in that place of aridity, fire and heat, for it is a place of true transformation. The energy of fire is quick; it consumes everything in its path in the blink of an eye.

The energies of fire push us toward the death of the old and the struggle for new birth, for when we go out into the desert we realize how tenuous our hold is on life, and how easily and quickly we might perish. Yet it is in our willingness to die to the old and leap into the fires of transformation that we surrender the outcome and the future to wisdom tempering quality of fire: it burns away the dross, which includes everything except the essence of what needs to be carried forth. Out of the flaming heat, the scorching fires of transformation, true wisdom is born, rising up out of the desert pyre like a phoenix with brilliant multicolored feathers glinting in the relentless sun.

When you draw this card, it indicates that you are in a fiery process of death, rebirth, and transformation. Spend some time sitting before an open fire or in the sunlight. Light some candles, especially in the dark days of winter. As you meditate on the desert and fire, consider what no longer serves you and offer it to the fire. Ask the fire to embrace and guide you safely through your transformation. Fire can provide you with the courage to face whatever challenge is before you, and the energy and vitality to accomplish your goals with responsiveness, wit and passion.”*

~ By Nicki Scully and Linda Star Wolf

Venus is back direct and things are going to heat up a little, it’s about time! Oh how I have missed our beautiful Goddess of Love energy. We were forced deep into the nether regions of our psyche to unearth all that old pain and trauma concerning relationships and self love that we has been holding us back. It’s been challenging, but oh so necessary for us to purge and clear all that old junk out. The future is not the past. We have learned our lessons and we have released them. We are finally ready to move forward fearlessly, giving and receiving love.

Are you ready?

Ok not to spoil the fun… but be aware that this is where we are headed, but there may be just a little residual energy to deal with before things get really juicy… sigh… just when we thought it was all passion and love…

So here we have the desert… and do not worry, the element of Fire will help us to burn away all the fear, all the doubt, all the excuses and anything and everything else that has been keeping us stuck for way too long. It was high time to clean house! Now take all that old clutter you don’t need anymore and offer it up to fire. Literally write it all down, light a candle, and burn it away (obviously being careful not to light yourself or anything else on fire while you are at it!)

You are the phoenix, rising up from the ashes. What will you create now? What will  you allow to come into  your life now? What else is possible?

Invite love and passion and sensuality.

Be love and passion and sensuality.

Ooh, is it getting hot in here or is it just me?



~Archangel Oracle

*Anubis Oracle Card deck, by Nicki Scully and Linda Star Wolf, Illustrated by Kris Waldherr

The Phoenix

Published January 9, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
The Phoenix, from the Wisdom Of The Hidden Realm Oracle Card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid

The Phoenix, from the Wisdom Of The Hidden Realm Oracle Card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid

Daily Angel Oracle Card: The Phoenix, from the Wisdom Of The Hidden Realm Oracle Card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid

The Phoenix as both Ally and Challenger: “Resurrection ~ Surrender To Change”

“The Phoenix appears as your Ally to celebrate your journey and to ensure your ultimate success. This is true even if it appears that you have just passed through a metaphorical experience of death or are currently enduring a perception of failure in your life.

Death and rebirth are related when you enter the realm of the Phoenix. Seen in this light, nothing truly dies, but rather changes from one ending directly into new beginnings. The Phoenix is constantly reinventing itself and rises up whole and new and even more powerful with every death it experiences. This could signal an end of a relationship – or of a dynamic within one – or an end of a job, a project, or even a life.

Perhaps no failure is involved, but it is time for a complete overhaul of your circumstances. You may be tired of what you are doing, or you may know intuitively that it is time to move on and try something new. Whatever the case, a death of the old and a celebration of new life are called for! Whatever you do now will indeed be a successful endeavor,  for a rebirth is imminent!

When the Phoenix challenges you, it is really just a gentle reminder to let go and let what doesn’t work fall away. Maybe you are not allowing things to change because you are more comfortable with the familiar, even if you know that it’s not the best you could create for yourself.

Fear of change is a crippling experience, as it works against Nature itself. The task at hand is to allow for an ending, as it is timely and right that you do so for the highest good of all. In surrendering to the fundamental purposeful change, you will most definitely find yourself in better circumstances. The action needed is allowing. A rebirth is assured.” *

~By Colette Baron-Reid

Whatever is happening in your life right now is happening for a very important reason. Trust in the timing and please, do not struggle, Dear One, but feel our warm embrace, holding you safely as you transform from the old, and rise up from the ashes into the New. All is as it should be, receive this change with our full support, we are only a heartbeat away.

We cling on for dear life to that which seems safe and familiar, yet we are missing the miracles on offer through accepting new opportunity. Go ahead and close the door behind you, as there is absolutely no doubt what so ever that a new, brighter and much bigger door is just bursting to open up to you.


Have Faith.

Take a deep breath and center yourself. You are standing in the doorway. You have been standing here for quite some while now; the energy is low here and there isn’t a lot of light…. it’s an in-between realm. Fear has held you here for a long time, but you are ready to move through the doorway now. Take a deep breath and a big step forward with your left foot. Feel the sunshine on your face and a warm breeze. Look back at the doorway and feel that it is a vacuum… you can feel the pull of it, that old familiar place of complacency; stagnancy; perceived security. Yet as you look, you can see how dark and dingy it is, more than you noticed before. There are cracks and cobwebs and dust; how did you not notice how dreary it was? You reach for the door knob and gently but very firmly close the door. And immediately, the doorway recedes, getting smaller, much less scary, almost insignificant. There is so much light around you now and you realize that it is coming from behind you, where a big, huge gate has opened up, warm white bright light spilling though. With a big, deep breath and a smile, you move forward towards this new gateway. With each step you take you feel lighter, calmer, more joyful.

Free at last.

To create your wildest dreams and deepest desires in this brand new, shiny, bright dimension.

And so it is.



~Archangel Oracle

*Wisdom Of The Hidden Realm Oracle Card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid


Published October 2, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Condor, from the Messages From Your Animal Spirit Guides Oracle Card deck

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Messages From Your Animal Spirit Guides Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer: Condor

Condor: “You are too enmeshed in the situation, so step back and see the bigger picture before making any decisions or taking action.”

“You have lost perspective here because you either believe there is something that you absolutely need to have happen or else you are simply being too stubborn to let go, step back, and take a fresh look at your circumstances. It is the forest versus the trees dilemma: You are too close to clearly discern the reality of what is actually taking place. So make a practice of detachment. Most people think of this as a cold, sterile way of responding to a situation or person, but nothing is further from the truth. It is far worse to remain so utterly involved and entangled that you lose perspective – and sometimes even your self. This all too familiar pattern stems from the guilty feeling that somehow you are not doing enough unless you completely immerse yourself into the problem or person, continually trying to fix the situation or rescue the individual involved. While this may give you a temporary sense of satisfaction, doing so also creates unhealthy dependencies – yours and others’.

True detachment is objective compassion, a state of mind and heart where you still care very much but are distanced enough so that you are not under the illusion that you can somehow control the situation or person through your participation or intervention. In any situation or conversation, follow these four simple guidelines. First, be 100 percent present and attentive; second, speak your truth (or maintain a dignified silence); third, keep the focus on what is really  important and what really matters; and fourth, let go of any attachment to outcome. These four steps will help you to keep your perspective while remaining compassionately involved and detached at the same time. You can still wield your influence by stating your preferences – whether strong or mild – without insisting on getting your own way. Express yourself and see what happens, all the while honoring and respecting others.


Perspective; Vision; Awareness; Death/Rebirth; Independence; Solitude; Inspiration; Creativity; Leadership; Pachamama (“PA-che-Mama,” Mother Earth); Simplicity; Sensitivity; Detoxification.”*

– Stephen D Harper

We Lightworkers and Earth Angels love nothing more than to give someone the benefit of the doubt. We see potential everywhere and heal with love. We are hardest on ourselves and hold the belief that if we just try a little harder, that we can fix anyone or anything, if we just add a little bit more love then everything will be Ok. We can see potential in others that they may never see in this lifetime. We believe in unconditional love. We believe that the stars are going to align and everything will fall into place.

We often put the needs and wants of others in front of our own, steering ourselves away from our dreams in the process. This in turn leaves us feeling empty and sad, wondering what is missing in our lives and why we aren’t living up to our own high expectations, and then, instead of dedicating ourselves to the inner work we need to do in order to set things right, we turn around and try ten, a hundred or a thousand times harder to fix the original person or problem. Sound familiar?

Take a step back and see the bigger picture. What is really going on in your life and what are you trying to fix that is beyond your ability to fix. We cannot fix other people, we can only work on ourselves. It may be time to take all that beautiful loving energy and, instead of draining yourself completely trying to heal another who must heal themselves; aim that love right back in to heal your own wounded heart.

Namaste ~ With so much love.


* Messages From Your Animal Spirit Guides Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer


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