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Published October 4, 2018 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Will, from the Chakra Insight Oracle Card deck, by Caryn Sangster, artwork by Amy Edwards

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Will, from the Chakra Insight Oracle Card deck, by Caryn Sangster, artwork by Amy Edwards

Will: “Expression, Assertiveness, Self-Control, Direction”

“”As you move in the direction of your heart’s calling, your will aligns with the Universe – allowing your highest path to unfold before you.”

Card Story: “Sand hills stretch deep into the mist. There is no telling how far the tortoise has come, or how far he must still go. Guided by an ancient knowing and a deep sense of inner direction, he moves with steady determination. He does not waste energy looking backwards, nor does he stretch his mind too far into the future. He is simply , profoundly, committed to each step before him as he forges a path forward. He knows he will arrive exactly where he needs to be, at just the right time. Will.”

Card Message: “This card is about the expression and communication of our will. It is about voicing our opinions and feeling comfortable to state who we are with pride.

It is about being able to assert your will so that you have self-control and are able to maintain personal boundaries and choices. If we have a strong will we are able to move beyond resistance, beyond doubt, opinions and judgment – of others and ourselves.

This card is an invitation to ignite your personal will power in alignment with what is most important to you, through the simple steps you take in the world each day – the foods you eat (or choose not to eat), your spiritual practice, fitness regime and work you engage in. It is one thing to set a goal – for health, love, financial or creative success – it is another thing to follow through with empowered, wilful action. It is time now, to move steadily in the direction of that which you feel most called to do.

This card encourages you to acknowledge who you are and to practice living in alignment with this. To speak up, communicate and fully express your truth. When we have a strong will we are not forceful. Instead, we are simply secure in who we are and what we are doing. We do not need to control or dominate others, nor do we allow ourselves to be pulled off course or knocked off balance.

When our will is engaged there is a quiet, humble strength in our words and actions. Our unique path unfolds before us as our true will and that of the universe align.

A strong will allows our truth shine!”

~ By Caryn Sangster

Abraham speaks of the “Vortex” in which we create our life experience. It is about aligning your vibration with the vibration of that which you are seeking. It is about having a vision and knowing that it is absolutely possible to achieve it. The Law Of Attraction at work.

The tortoise might not be in the best predicament here; he must find his way across the desert to get to where he needs to be. He doesn’t move quickly and he appears to already have come a long way. He might be tired, yet he perseveres. He is not giving up, he is not changing his goal or his dream to make it easier. He is taking his journey, one step at a time. Before he knows it, he will have reached his goal.

This is a message of empowerment; a reminder to stay true to our own hearts. To stand up for what we believe in and to go in the direction we truly desire, even if others challenge us. It is up to us to stay our course with determination and self-belief, knowing that we can create anything we set our minds to.

And so it is



~Archangel Oracle

*Chakra Insight Oracle Card deck, by Caryn Sangster, artwork by Amy Edwards

Our Lady Of Creative Choice

Published April 23, 2018 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Our Lady Of Creative Choice, from the Mother Mary Oracle card deck by Alana Fairchild and Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Our Lady Of Creative Choice, from the Mother Mary Oracle card deck by Alana Fairchild and Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Our Lady Of Creative Choice, from the Mother Mary Oracle card deck by Alana Fairchild and Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Our Lady Of Creative Choice: “You have my power within you and you are free beyond wildest imagination. Do you know that you are a slave to no thing and to no one? You are a divine being. With the power of creative choice, you can create worlds, my beloved. Even the smallest choice contains great creative power. Do not cast your power aside, my child. Choose to trust me, to live with an open, vulnerable heart, and to let my grace flood through you in rapturous waves of light. Choose wisely, creatively and well. Yet do not fear your power, for the best choice you can make is to learn from all your experiences. I will guide you to use your power to create healing difference in your life now. You have at your disposal the power of Heaven. I will guide you to use it well.

One small stone tossed into a lake can create seemingly endless ripples. So too do our choices create an impact far greater than we might at first expect. Our Lady Of Creative Choice has come to you with a message. No matter what situation is happening in your life, no matter how powerless you may feel to change it or control it, you have so much power here. If you knew how much power you had, you would laugh with relief, and wonder, and reverent joy! You would realize that you don’t have to control anything or anyone in order to feel empowered. Your power doesn’t come from controlling outcomes; it flows from your endless capacity to make choices.

Our Lady Of Creative Choice helps us when we know that the way we have been choosing to be, perhaps feeling reactive or out of control, might not be serving us anymore. Perhaps we have not felt much choice in the past. Perhaps we might have got caught up in feeling frustrated with another, or out of control in certain situations, and all we felt we could do was react. Or perhaps we have become so caught up in just trying to get things done, or work things out, that we forgot that we get to have a say in our lives.

This oracle comes to you as a reminder. You have the power of heaven within you. You don’t need to control life, beloved, but you can choose whether you dance with life responsively, or resist its flow and feel pushed around by it instead. Through paying attention to what is happening for you in the moment – whether that be feelings of happiness or sadness, a feeling of letting go, or moving on, or staying put and learning something – you can then make a choice about how you wish to respond. Your responses to your life circumstances are your choices to make, and a source of great power within.”*

– by Alana Fairchild and Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Our lives are filled with moments of choice, yet we don’t see it as so because we spend so much of it on automatic pilot, plodding through routine, doing things we wish we weren’t doing and repeating the same thought patterns as we do it. Us humans are creatures of habit and when we speak of awareness, enlightenment or higher consciousness, it is actually profoundly simple. In order to reach awareness, become enlightened or expand your consciousness, you just need to WAKE UP and be here now. So easy! Right?

We can make the choice to be mindful of our thoughts. We can choose to process our emotions, even if they are uncomfortable. We can choose who to fill our time with; and make some vitally important time to ourselves. We can decide to take good care of ourselves, to love and accept ourselves. We can choose happiness and peace in the fact of adversity.

Or we can keep sleepwalking and feeling like we are too small to make a difference.

It is your choice!

And mine too.



~Archangel Oracle

* Mother Mary Oracle card deck by Alana Fairchild and Shiloh Sophia McCloud


Published December 16, 2017 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Signals, from The Enchanted Tarot, by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Signals, from The Enchanted Tarot, by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber


Quick Read Message: “You need to make your intentions perfectly clear before acting. Plans, directions, and messages of love, romance, and appreciation must be communicated and understood. Act and act now. Do not waste time.

Outcome: “You will make sure all intentions, both romantic and otherwise, are perfectly clear. Plans and directions, as well as messages of love, romance, and appreciation will be exchanged. Communications will be kept flowing.”

The Dream: “A young woman stands before a fiery rose. Eight other flowers rise heavenward like the puffs of smoke used as smoke signals. The woman has conjured up this beautiful fire by quickly rubbing her hands together until a spark sprang from between them to ignite the rose. This spark symbolizes action and information passing from one place to another, generating light and heat in the process. The fast-moving wands emanating from the smoke signals are traveling both toward the woman and toward her objective. Everything is very direct and in motion, making fast progress. Now is the time for her to indicate swift action; to send and receive messages and signals, whether they are of love or new ideas. She knows that time is of the essence because the flames of romance will not burn forever unless they are fed by mutual declarations of love.”

The Awakening: “Immediate action is called for if the things you wish for are to be attained. Initiate communication first and the answering messages will come back to you. Make that call. Act on that new idea. The time is right to respond to the demands of the moment in the most direct way possible. Messages of love and romance are highlighted. Perhaps it is time to tell someone you love them.”

The Enchantment: “Stand in an open place and light a stick of sandalwood incense. Face North and blow a little smoke in that direction. Turn East, South and West, and do the same. Visualize the signals you want to send or receive, all while you chant: “”Wish to heaven now ascend. Time of waiting at an end.”*

~ By Amy Zerner and Monte Farber

This message kind of reminds me of the movie, “Love Actually”… which just happens to be my all time favourite Christmas movie. If you haven’t seen it, I do recommend it, although be warned, it is for an adult audience, and maybe not one easily offended! In the movie, there is a theme where someone professes their undying love to someone else, simply because it is Christmas, and at Christmas, you just have to be honest! I kind of see the same theme here.

It might be time to make your move. This is a message of action. Of doing. Of jumping in where you may have held back. Maybe it’s not about professing your undying love; maybe it is about taking a step forward in manifesting your dreams, starting something new or getting out there. But whatever it may mean to you specifically, it is a call for some extra strength and courage. Plus a little just go for it will you?!?

So what is it that you need to do, today, to get the ball rolling in the right direction? Where do you see yourself going? What do you wish to create? Where are you directing your energy?

It could be that you need closure. Maybe you profess your undying love and it all goes sideways and lets you get on with your life! Maybe you meet someone brand new who knocks your socks off. Or maybe there is something wildly creative that has been calling to you for so long…This is passion, in whatever form suits you best right now.

You know what it is cuz as you read this it keeps popping into your head. Ya, that. Do that.

You got it.



~Archangel Oracle

*The Enchanted Tarot, by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber


Mahavatar Babaji ~ Soul Expansion

Published June 27, 2017 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Mahavatar Babaji ~ Soul Expansion, from the Keepers Of The Light Oracle Card deck, by Kyle Gray, Artwork by Lily Moses

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Mahavatar Babaji ~ Soul Expansion, from the Keepers Of The Light Oracle Card deck, by Kyle Gray, Artwork by Lily Moses

Mahavatar Babaji ~ Soul Expansion: “Your consciousness is expanding. You understand the connection between all things.”

About Mahavatar Babaji: “Mahavatar means ‘great incarnation, or avatar’ and Babaji means ‘sacred father’. Mahavatar Babaji is a deeply respected master yogi who was introduced to the world through the teachings of the Indian yogi Paramahandsa Yogananda. Babaji, as he is called for short, is said to be over 2,000 years old and able to travel between Earth and other worlds. He is said to have an invisible temple in the Himalayas that can appear to those he wants to connect with. Many believe that he is like Christ himself, bringing deep love, acceptance, forgiveness, insight and direction.”

Extended Message For This Card: “You may feel that you have retreated from the world recently. Maybe you have not been as active socially or spiritually, but this time of inner rest has really paid off. You are becoming more and more consciously aware of how connected you are to God and all living beings. This sense of union is called yoga. Yoga goes beyond physical ability and into a sense of awareness that is created through spiritual practice, meditation and devotion to the divine. Mahavatar Babaji, the yogic father, is here to inspire that fire of union within  you so that you can understand how your thoughts and actions are creating the waves of energy that form your life.”*

~ By Kyle Gray

One of my favourite books of all time is “Autobiography of a Yogi,” by Paramahansa Yogananda. If you have not read it, I highly recommend it. That is when I first learned of Mahavatar Babaji, the Guru. I see him now as an Ascended Master, a teacher, an inspiration and a pillar of Light. His energy is calm and all-knowing. He is wise and deeply connected, and he can help us to access these energies in ourselves. He is illumination and he is also discipline, he sees through illusion and into the heart and Soul. He calls for devotion to the ultimate quest of union with Source energy; to whole-hearted commitment to your spiritual journey and complete surrender to faith.

When Mahavatar Babaji comes to you it is time to meditate, do yoga and simplify life. It is time to declutter, detach from drama and find your inner peace. This is not a material journey, and the Guru would not be impressed by material gain or possession. For you cannot take that with you, it simply means nothing on the journey between the dimensions. The only thing that matters is your awakening, your enlightenment, your pursuit of peace, of unity with the Divine.

This is a call to spend time in silence, to calm your mind, to harness the pure energy of Love. This is why we are here, not to accumulate ‘stuff’ but to travel lightly, with reverence and respect upon this sacred Earth.



~Archangel Oracle

*Keepers Of The Light Oracle Card deck, by Kyle Gray, Artwork by Lily Moses

The Ancestor Of Guidance

Published February 10, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
The Ancestor Of Guidance, from The Shaman's Oracle, by John Matthews and Wil Kinghan

The Ancestor Of Guidance, from The Shaman’s Oracle, by John Matthews and Wil Kinghan

Daily Angel Oracle Card: The Ancestor Of Guidance, from The Shaman’s Oracle, by John Matthews and Wil Kinghan

The Ancestor Of Guidance: “I am The Ancestor Of Guidance. I remember you and so I watch over you. I guide your steps as you embark on your life path, and counsel you as you make important decisions about the direction you will take. Because I am of your family  – however ancient – I know well the deepest places of your heart and soul, and stand ready to assist you in discovering the path you need to follow.”

The Ancestor Of Guidance” The mighty stag with its branching antlers is one of the most powerful images to be found on cave walls. Here it represents the all important act of guidance. In an ancestral context this guidance is far more profound than merely showing a physical path: it is the guidance of our footsteps on an inner journey of the spirit, orienting us in the right direction and ensuring that we take no wrong turnings or decisions. The Ancestor Of Guidance oversees the steps we choose on our path through life, and counsels us from the all-encompassing wisdom of the Spirit World.”

Interpretations Of This Card: “Profound Wisdom ~ Direction ~ Aspiration ~ Seeking New Ways ~ Companionship Of Family On Your Journey ~ Realizations ~ Echoes Of Ancient Paths”*

~ by John Matthews and Wil Kinghan

The illusion of separation is falling away and we are able to feel, if not quite yet see, our deep connection to All That Is. We walk in the footsteps of our ancestors, and realize that our perceived problems are problems that have been navigated many times, over many lifetimes before. Knowing that there is no challenge too large to navigate our way around. Knowing that all who have gone before us have faced these very same challenges and survived. Knowing that those who have gone before us have learned, and even possibly even thrived, from the experience… soothes our Souls. Although we may not know all there is to know about our ancestors on paper, we can feel them close to us if we spend time connecting to the depths of their energies.

If you wish to communicate with the ancients, ask the Ancestor of Guidance to open your connection to this well of Divine Wisdom. Meditation to drum beats, time outside in the forest, or a dedicated yoga practice can enhance your receptivity to the guidance coming through. Set the intention to open up to the grounding energy of the Earth, and see yourself as a conduit for Spirit to come through you from the Universe. Imagine yourself as the mighty Oak tree: “as above, so below” … know that You are the magical connection between Mother Gaia and the entire Cosmos.

Mindfully working with the elements will also assist you in achieving a stronger connection. Earth, Wind, Water, Fire and Ether are timeless ally’s on your journey. Our ancestors have felt the deep resonant heartbeat of the Earth through many bare feet. They have breathed deeply of the vital and magical element of Air. They have been embraced by the life giving properties of water. They have paid their respect and deep reverence to Fire. Ether is the lifeblood of our very cells, as it was theirs, cycling through the ages, generation after generation.

Approach the ancients with curiosity and respect and consider incorporating sacred ritual, asking to come into co-creation with these powerful ally’s. Know that there is nothing they don’t understand, that although time passes and technology takes over, their energies are timeless, wise and true.



~ Archangel Oracle

*The Shaman’s Oracle, by John Matthews and Wil Kinghan



Published July 27, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Blossom, from the Psychic Oracle For The Heart Oracle Card deck, by John Holland

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Psychic Oracle For The Heart Oracle Card deck, by John Holland: Blossom

Blossom ~ Key Words: “Awaken, transform, stretch, possibilities, direction, growth.”

“Matters of the heart are much like flowers. In the bud stage, the relationship is in a state of potential. It requires loving care and attention to help it grow, develop, and bloom. The people involved in the relationship must be willing to trust and open themselves to each other. With the proper amount of nurturing, the relationship will blossom and bring beauty to the lives of those involved. It is time for you to nurture the potential of your relationships. New life and love are waiting for you. You have only to reach out and take hold. Seize the energies of renewal that surround you now and allow yourself to blossom like a beautiful flower. Awaken to the possibilities regarding desires of the heart.

A blossom follows the sun because its warmth and light nurture the flower and infuse it with energy. The sun even provides some of the nutrients needed by the blossom. What is the sun in your own life? What nurtures you and helps you thrive? Do your relationships provide what you need If not, is may be time to transform your life and grow in a new direction.

You are in a period of growth regarding affairs of the heart. Stretch yourself and your ideas of what you believe is possible – and know, in fact, that all things are possible if you will only follow your sun.


I awaken to the beauty of relationships that nurture me.”*

– John Holland

Sometimes we enter into a relationship on “our best behaviour,” hiding who we really are. This could be due partially out of the enthusiasm for the newness of this person and our exaggerated feelings for them, and partially to smooth over any “bumps” in our personalities that we wish to bury deep within us. Those aspects of our personality we strive to hide are in fact only aspects of ourselves that we refuse to accept unconditionally. They don’t go away, they just temporarily disappear in the heat of the new relationship.  As the honeymoon period phases out, we often find ourselves coming back together again, fragment by fragment. To the person we are in a relationship with, we are “changing” and they may not be at all comfortable with this. We don’t see this as “changing” as we are merely coming back to ourselves, you can only hide for so long.

What if, this time, we decided to be in the relationship completely authentic; even if it did make us feel a little vulnerable and exposed. Would it not serve us better in the long run? Yes, there is no guarantee that this person will accept you if you don’t change a few things… yet are you not better off remaining true to yourself rather than compromising and paying for it later? Same goes for your partner, are you giving them the opportunity to be unconditionally loved for who they are without striving to change them first to suit your needs? Are they really the one for you if you can’t accept them for their true selves? This must be an equal chance for both of you; allow the winds of Heaven dance between you. Honour and celebrate your individuality before seeing the two of you as one.

Blossom. Unfold the petals of your unique beauty. No one is worth compromising your Soul for. Be true to yourself; you are perfect the way you are. If they don’t see your light; they are not for you. Give them your heart while following your heart to pursue your dreams and desires. Offer the same freedom and respect to them; for this faith is true love.

There is love for you here. So much love. Can you feel it? Trust your intuition and embrace your whole self before you enter in to a new relationship or completely reinvent an existing one. It’s time. Your Soul will sing for this freedom and acceptance. This is unconditional love. You deserve love; not compromise.

Look for love doing what you love to do; this is the key. Start with joy. Persevere with acceptance and finish with unconditional love; both for yourself and for your love partner; even if you have been with them ” forever” give them the gift of complete acceptance.


I AM worthy of Love. I AM loved. I accept myself completely and deserve unconditional love. I give and receive unconditional love.



* Psychic Oracle For The Heart Oracle Card deck, by John Holland


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