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Ascended Master Hilarion and Green Chrysoprase

Published June 5, 2017 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Ascended Master Hilarion and Green Chrysoprase from the Crystal Mandala Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Jane Marin

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Ascended Master Hilarion and Green Chrysoprase from the Crystal Mandala Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Jane Marin

Ascended Master Hilarion and Green Chrysoprase: “Discernment”

“We bring you the blessing of discernment. There is an expression that all that glitters is not gold, and that appearances can deceive. This does not mean that you must greet the world and all its appearances with suspicion and distrust. It does mean it is wise to trust what you feel and sense happening beneath the surface, even if that seems to directly oppose what is being said or what many others may believe. The world is filled with opportunities for you to practice sensing truth behind the mask. You will do this most accurately when you allow your instincts and intuition to inform you without rationalizing the information so it matches the superficial appearance of things. If intuition or instinct is niggling at you, then it is trying to communicate something. Listen. Take your time to feel for your authentic response. Discernment helps you cut through illusion, manipulation and deception and get to the heart of the matter at hand. It is the intelligent use of your intuition and instinct that will help you navigate through the multitude of choices available to you every day and choose what best serves your life journey.”

“Discernment means seeing truth from a neutral, non-judging and detached perspective. Discernment helps you recognize the true value and potential, intention and capacity in people and situations in your life. It is a way to allow the reality of what is to become clear to you. This is exceptionally helpful. It can minimize the devastation of dashed hopes and the pain of unmet, unrealistic expectations. This can help you conserve and use your precious time and energy in intelligent ways. Your discerning inner eye will help you where there is genuine potential to continue to give or yourself to that, even if others tell you that you are wasting your time and energy when they cannot see as you do. Discernment helps you know what is true for you and what to do (or not do).

The power for accurate discernment can be increased in several ways. It takes courage to develop discernment because it is a personal inner knowing. That means, to grow your own discernment, you are going to need to pull back from honouring the opinion of others above your own intuition or instinct. Of course you can ask for the insights of those you trust. This can be very wise. But your discernment will only increase if you then take responsibility for your take on the situation at hand, and ask yourself what you feel, what is true for you, what you sense. You may find that the view of another confirms your own, or that your sense of things is very different, perhaps even it you admire and respect the person whose opinion you sought. You will need to discern for yourself what value you give to the opinion of any other as you take complete responsibility for the choices in your life. This responsibility then gives you absolute freedom to live as you so choose.

Sometimes your discernment will need time to cut through misleading appearances and get to the truth; at other times the truth will be very clear to you, perhaps instantly. Your job is to then honour that and respond accordingly with absolute trust. With practice, you will be able to tell when you are discerning and when you are reacting. They will feel very different to you. Discernment is non-judgmental. It sees clearly and without emotion. It is neutral, accurate and compassionate. It does not try to make things other than what they are, nor does it make excuses or condemn anyone or anything. It will however, let you know loud and clear what is right for you and what is not.

If you are confused about a matter in your life, uncertain if you are seeing the whole picture or if someone is as they appear to be, you are advised to practice discernment. Complete the following healing process as often as you need until clarity comes. Sometimes the best way to discern a truth is to stop trying to work it out, to step back, ask the Universe to show you what you need to know, and get on with living your life as best you can from a place of loving trust and inner peace. In due course, the truth will be shown – often just at the moment you are really ready to see and know it – and at that time, you will also be ready to act upon what you perceive.

This oracle comes to you with guidance and encouragement. Trust your discerning faculty and apply it regularly. What you are perceiving is far more accurate than you may always realize, and even though on the appearance of things i may seem shocking or unlikely, the truth is what it is. the more you rely on your own discerning nature, the more powerful, helpful and clear it shall become.”

Healing Process: “To integrate this guidance, you may life to say this invocation now:

I call upon the Crystal Angel of Green Chrysoprase and Ascended Master Hilarion who love me unconditionally. Thank you for the divine healing blessing of discernment. May I open my perception, detached and neutral, to discern the truth in all people, situations and events. May I be blessed with the knowledge of what is true and what to do. My discernment brings me inner security, empowerment and confidence to trust myself now. Through my own free will, so be it.”*

~ By Alana Fairchild

We are still on the same theme, trusting yourself, making your own decisions, using intuition and instinct. And today we tie it all together with taking responsibility for ourselves, our decisions and our lives.

If we make our own decisions, we create our world around us very deliberately. If we do it mindfully, we use discernment, then we cannot be victims. Life is not happening “to” us, we are participating fully in it. We are creating, we are manifesting. We are choosing who to invite in, who to give our energy to, who to spend our precious time with. We are taking the reins.

If this is a new concept for you, and you are used to others making your decision for you, it may bring up some fear. That is a good thing! Be scared if that is what comes up for you, and move forward regardless! That is how you will learn to trust yourself. Watch your physical bodies for signs of which choices make you feel light and joyful, and which feel heavy and challenging. Try to follow your gut instinct without too much doubt! It is always good to do some due diligence and make sure that you get all the facts if you are looking at something material. But if it is a person you are trying to decide on, use your gut. If something doesn’t feel right, LISTEN!!! Give it time. Trust needs to be earned, not given away too freely. If face value feels a little off, give time and space. Ask for assistance from the Universe and set your intention that clarity come to you. Know that it will. And know that if someone does not fit for you, someone else will! When one door closes, another one opens.



~Archangel Oracle

*Ascended Master Hilarion and Green Chrysoprase from the Crystal Mandala Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Jane Marin

The Ringmaster Of Scrutiny

Published April 20, 2017 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

The Ringmaster Of Scrutiny, from the Wisdom Of The Hidden Realms, by Colette Baron-Reid, Artwork by Jena DellaGrottaglia

Daily Angel Oracle Card: The Ringmaster Of Scrutiny, from the Wisdom Of The Hidden Realms, by Colette Baron-Reid, Artwork by Jena DellaGrottaglia

The Ringmaster Of Scrutiny:”Discernment, Clear Vision, Details”

The Ringmaster Of Scrutiny as Ally, “The Ringmaster Of Scrutiny is all about the details. Look closely and pay attention to the smallest elements of what is being presented to you on your path. It is in these details, not the broad strokes, that you will find the breathtaking beauty and perfection in what you observe.

The Ringmaster Of Scrutiny is on your side to point to deeper meaning of what unfolds in your life, and he reminds you that every moment counts. Staying present in this perfect moment, observing the minute things, leads you to manifest your highest good and greatest desires. Grand gestures are for other times. It is the smallest acts that really count now.

The Ringmaster Of Scrutiny as Challenger: “When The Ringmaster Of Scrutiny appears as your Challenger, he warns you to observe your situation with discernment and clarity. It is time to see the flaws in the foundations you and others have built under you. It also seems that you may be getting caught up in the details of your dream when really it is time to leave them to the Divine. Perhaps you are worrying about the past and the future too much, forgetting that the dream is created in the Now time. Often the Ringmaster Of Scrutiny also brings a warning to read the fine print and to watch out for hidden agendas when you are involved with others.”*

~ By Colette Baron-Reid

Again we are reminded to dismantle the old and make space for the new. Although it is good to detach from the drama and rise above, looking at the bigger picture, there is a detail here that is very important. You must not ignore it. It holds the key to a pattern, an old habit or belief system that has held you back for far too long. Like the elephant who has been chained up for so long that now a mere string will hold it without question; you have a little detail that holds you to the old ways. What is it?

Yes, that! The first think you thought of… the one that popped in and floated around in your head. With some help from your guides it was brought from your subconscious to your conscious mind. Now you can deal with it. It will be something like unnecessary or unbalanced compromise; leftover resentment; dishonesty or half truth which includes turning a blind eye; not speaking your truth when you know you must, or to whom you must; leftover feelings of unworthiness or putting things off into the future; hanging on to someone or something you know is no longer the right fit; a belief that others have what you will never have or do not deserve; jealousy, envy, competition or comparison.

Whatever it is, you are hiding it behind a well worn mask of denial… of smoke and mirrors. But it cannot be hidden any longer. Bring it out into the light. Acknowledge it. Heal it. Bless it and release it.

That one little thing is the stopper on your abundance, joy, peace, love, happiness, healing and ascension.

What you thought was one insignificant little detail is actually a pivotal point.

Close that door, once and for all.

And watch what opens for you.



~Archangel Oracle

*Wisdom Of The Hidden Realms, by Colette Baron-Reid, Artwork by Jena DellaGrottaglia

The High Priestess Of Avalon

Published September 28, 2015 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
The High Priestess Of Avalon, from the Wisdom Of Avalon Oracle Card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid

The High Priestess Of Avalon, from the Wisdom Of Avalon Oracle Card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid

Daily Angel Oracle Card: The High Priestess Of Avalon, from the Wisdom Of Avalon Oracle Card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid

The Messengers Of Avalon ~ The High Priestess Of Avalon: “Discernment ~ Prescience ~ Prophecy ~ Vision”

“Intuition, prescient sight, higher knowledge, receptivity, the ability to work with subtle energies of Spirit and the psychic power of the feminine – these are the aspects of the High Priestess of Avalon. When The High Priestess appears before you, she asks you to trust your intuition and to throw the net of your awareness out into the world around you, pulling in truths that may defy your intellect, rational mind, or what others wish to falsely or superficially portray.

Go beyond the ordinary, past the chaos of the modern life, and trust your inner vision to guide you on your path. Pay attention to your dreams, and keep track of your intuitive hunches for when The High Priestess appears, she asks you to look for the thread of truth in these places. Be discerning in all that you do at this time, for The High Priestess reminds you you that not all is as it seems to be. However, do not take this personally – rise above it and ask for a true vision to see the path ahead. You will be given this vision to see the path ahead. You will be given this vision. All you need to do is ask the God or Goddess and be open to receiving it.

The High Priestess reminds you of the feminine principle of receptivity, gathering power by receiving information and waiting for others to act first. Allow the world to show you its intentions. The Goddess blesses and protects you when The High Priestess of Avalon appears on your path.”*

~ By Colette Baron-Reid

The High Priestess Of Avalon is the well of Divine Feminine Wisdom within us. She is our connection to the esoteric; the mystery and the magic of the Universe. She is Healer and Mother and Shaman; she is Wise Woman, Lover, Teacher and Guide. She is a part of me and she is a part of you. We need our connection to her to be strong, we need to be able to express ourselves in the many awe inspiring roles of our ancient female ancestors. Without fear. Without shame. With confidence and conviction; strength and devotion to our Mother Gaia and the Universe.

Connect to The High Priestess Of Avalon through ceremony and ritual. Through the forest, the plants and their healing properties; the trees the stars and the moon. Connect with her through crystals and candles and your familiar, or spirit animals. Connect to her through silent contemplation; through bare feet on the earth and palms to the sky; through beautiful music and wild dance and blazing fire through whispering air and reflections in water. For she is there in all of these sacred elements.

And so is a part of you.


*Wisdom Of Avalon Oracle Card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid

Two Of Flames

Published February 11, 2015 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Two Of Flames

Two Of Flames, from The Sirian Starseed Tarot Card Deck, by Patricia Cori and Alysa Bartha


Daily Angel Oracle Card: Two Of Flames, from The Sirian Starseed Tarot Card Deck, by Patricia Cori and Alysa Bartha

Two Of Flames: “The Two Of Flames is about recognizing more than one option and determining the best way to move the creative flow forward, for the good of the one and the all – and making it manifest on Earth.

From the perspective of one’s individual process, it speaks to the querent of choosing the right path that will lead to dominion and materialization of the creative, inspired process. To the many inspired spirit warriors and light workers who have come to take part in the Earth in transition, it also illustrates how the Starseed intention to serve as a leader or guide at this time will require reflection, discernment, and an understanding of how focused intent is the tool of leadership, which brings spirit into manifestation.

How do you decide which of your inspired ideas and processes is most significant at this time? Do you know how to ground your passion and dreams and manifest them? Are you still searching for your mission, unsure which way to walk your path? Do you have the substance to lead others with the light of your spirit and wisdom.”*

– Patricia Cori and Alysa Bartha

* The Sirian Starseed Tarot Card Deck, by Patricia Cori and Alysa Bartha

We have come to another fork in the road; a decision to be made. Yet the decision does not just concern us, it will have influence in the lives of others. How do we choose?

This is a time for reflection. It is also a time to detach, rising above the drama and looking at the larger picture. What is it that you desire? What are you wishing to create? Is this energy scattered or focused? Who else will be affected by this decision, and is there a decision that is for the highest good of all involved? These are deep questions and ones that deserve a certain amount of contemplation before a final decision is made. There should be no fear here; as the options are carefully weighed, the right one will become very clear. It is the clarity that must be taken seriously, for often we decide hastily and regret our decisions. This is a time for foresight, not hind sight!

Journaling can be an amazing tool for getting all of your feelings about a decision out on paper where you can see them. Or, you can set an intention that you would appreciate some assistance in the form of clear guidance before bed and seek clarity from your dreams. You can ask that a sign be given to tip the scales in favour of the best decision of all involved and keep your senses of observation on high alert to see what your angels and guides show you.

Or you can spend some time in silence, breathing deeply and allowing the answers to come to you. You can trust in yourself and the Divine to support you in the decision you ultimately make, knowing that you will always have the intention that it benefit as many people as possible, our beautiful planet, and all of her creatures. Yes, your decisions are that important!

A hint? Follow the joy.


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Sound The Fierce Flute

Published December 26, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Sound The Fierce Flute

Sound The Fierce Flute, from the Kuan Yin Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild


Daily Angel Oracle Card: Sound The Fierce Flute, from the Kuan Yin Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild

Sound The Fierce Flute: ” Discernment empowers you to make choices that are aligned with your spiritual intentions. Like a fierce sounding flute cutting through tall vibrations with purity and intent, your discernment allows you to stay true to your values and spiritual destiny, without getting caught up in distraction. If you wish to grow spiritually through love, joy, peace and abundance, then discerning between higher and lower vibrational choices is helpful.

“It is wise to be accepting of all of life and not to judge people or situations as good or bad. Some are more pleasant than others and yet sometimes a challenge can turn out to bring us great growth and opportunity, which in turn, becomes a blessing. However, this does not mean that we are wise to abandon the power of choice. We can use our discernment to be guided on our Path to the most joyful, uplifting and helpful experiences for your soul growth.

Discernment is not judgment. It does not render some things better or worse than others. It is the power of selection based on desire or intention. If we intend to grow through joy and adventure, rather than fear or suffering, then we can use our discernment to make choices that feel expansive and uplifting, rather than constrictive or draining.

Discernment is necessary in all realms of life from the physical to the spiritual. From the sort of lifestyle we choose to lead, to the people we choose to spend time with or the ways that we spend most of our time, even the kinds of spiritual energies that we invoke, discerning choices help us craft our reality. A wise use of discernment helps us be truthful, clear and accurate in our perception. Like the fierce flute cutting through all vibrations, discernment shatters illusions and gets to the truth of a matter, right to the essence. With truth there are no “nasty surprises” later on, or if there are, we can deal with them swiftly and use them for growth with minimal suffering. We can ascertain what is real and what is false. This inner knowing informs our choices so that we seek out those people, places, opportunities and experiences that feel aligned with Love. Them our life path becomes one of greater joy and well-being.

Your discerning powers are growing and you are capable of greatest discernment when you listen to your heart and are able to let go of fear and shame which can cloud your perception. This oracle has come to you because you are in need of seeing a situation in your life from your heart rather than from appearances. Don’t be afraid to trust your own vision, beloved, it will help you live your truths and take good care of yoru own Soul.

Sounding The Fierce Flute:

“Sit with your journal or notebook and for a moment contemplate your deepest desires this lifetime and write down several of these. Some examples might be to experience abundance and prosperity on material and spiritual levels, to experinece genuine love and friendship, to feel free to be your whole Self, to creatively express yourself, to grow spiritually and taste the bliss of your divine nature.

Say aloud, “I now give myself permission to make choices that feel aligned with my deepest intentions! I forgive myself for any time I have not made choices that support my deepest intentions. I forgive others who might have held me back, even with out meaning to do so, and I now choose to be discerning in my choices so that I create my life experience as I most desire and intend it to be. I call on Kuan Yin to sound her fierce flute, so that I may shatter illusion and discern truth! So be it!”

-Alana Fairchild

I got new oracle cards for Christmas and I am excited to share them with you! Kuan Yin shares her abundant Divine Feminine wisdom and creativity, allowing us to grow and expand our consciousness through her amazing energy and guidance. This message is profound and yes, it is for you!

Although I am committed to posting daily, I may rely on the cards during the holiday season to speak their message to you depending on what’s happening at my own home. This allows me more time with my own family at this special time of year. Wishing you and yours all the very best… and know that if you are not surrounded by family, you are always surrounded by your angels.



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