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Inner Power

Published March 8, 2018 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Inner Power, from the Angel Prayers Oracle Card deck, by Kyle Gray artwork by Jason Mccreadie published by Hay House

Daily Angel Card: Inner Power, from the Angel Prayers Oracle Card deck, by Kyle Gray artwork by Jason Mccreadie published by Hay House

Inner Power: “The Divine Father”

“Divine Father, thank you for co-creating my world with me.”

General Meaning Of The Card: “You are blessed to receive the support of the Universal father today. You have the power within you to create your world and you are being encouraged to see that this power is only in place when you are coming from a space of love. Release any toxic feelings and feel blessed, knowing God is with you today. You are so powerful when you share your love with the world.”

Expanded Interpretation Of The Card: “You are being encouraged by God and his Angels to be a powerful leader of love. There are two ways of accepting power: you can use it to instill fear and overpower others, or you can use it to guide and empower yourself and others. Lead by example and be the powerful loving leader you desire to see in the world. You are powerful and filled with love.”

About Lord Shiva: “Shiva is the Hindu God of strength and power. He is the ultimate father figure and is known for his leadership and his fiery energy. He is known as ‘the destroyer’ and ‘the cosmic dancer,’ but it is important to say that he is another expression of love. When called upon, he does destroy the negative energy of our lives, but he can lighten up our world like the sun. In this deck we have focused on him as the Divine Father, as he gives us support and strength as a representation of our father in Heaven, God.”*

~ By Kyle Gray

In the face of challenges, or things not going quite the way you would like them to go, your most powerful tool is your attitude. Meeting things head on, balanced, calm and in control. Taking full responsibility for your actions, and your reactions. Stop, breathe, think… then act. This is just a little reminder of just how powerful you are and just how supported.

In every moment we are creating. Each thought, each emotion, each choice we make all form the reality around us. When we can be fully aware of this, and use it to manifest for the Highest Good of All, right from the heart center, we simply cannot go wrong.

We are blessed today with a powerful boost of Divine energy from Lord Shiva. He who destroys and he who creates. What do you need to destroy in order to move forward and create something new? Probably a belief system, maybe a limit you have put on yourself, or fear or doubt in your capabilities. Let Shiva destroy this for you so that you can move forward with grace and ease. So that you can realize your full potential; your inner wealth of power.

Thank you Divine Father for co-creating my dreams into my reality.

And so it is



~Archangel Oracle

*Angel Prayers Oracle Card deck, by Kyle Gray artwork by Jason Mccreadie published by Hay House


Wisdom ~ Old Soul

Published October 7, 2015 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Wisdom ~ Old Soul, from the Universal Wisdom Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno

Wisdom ~ Old Soul, from the Universal Wisdom Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Wisdom ~ Old Soul, from the Universal Wisdom Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno

Wisdom ~ Old Soul: “You are a wise and beautiful old soul. This card confirms that you have taken the right course of action or have responded in a just way in a recent matter. Sometimes the best thing for all concerned is to have the strength to say ‘no.’ Your recent response will serve to empower you and all else involved.

To have wisdom is to stand in your own truth with love and respect in your heart for yourself, all of humanity, the Earth and all living things. Allow yourself to be flexible like the willow that sways with the wind yet remains strongly rooted in the earth. Life is constantly changing within and around you, yet your core essence remains the same. Love and wisdom do not change, they only grow stronger. Continue to live and respond to all in your life through love and truth, for in doing so, you honour the spirit of all living things.”*

~by Toni Carmine Salerno

You can practice compassion without compromising yourself. If you were to give to everyone who asked of you, there may be nothing left for you. Us Mom’s are often thinking of ourselves last, putting kids, husband, job, household chores and friends ahead of our own health and welfare. Eventually you need to take some time for you; without guilt or shame ruining it!

If you are considering saying no to an obligation, do it now! If you have just said no to something that no longer serves your highest good, give yourself a pat on the back. You simply cannot take on everything. If you are finding yourself spread very thin at the moment, then you need to heed these words and say no to a few things to create some space for silence in your life.

If you are reading this thinking there is just no way that’s going to happen? Then this message is especially for you. Yes, you!

We are shedding many old ways right now. Old ways of thinking, old friends who are not vibrating at the same frequency as we are, old limitations we had set on ourselves or were set upon us by others. We are gently releasing these people and situations, walking away free and starting new. And this is healthy, this is how it is meant to be. We are so affected by those we are close to, we must welcome those who support and accept us, and step back from those who do not hold our highest good close to their hearts.

There is less and less room for competition; the petty war of the egos. There is less and less room in our lives for those who are negative, untrustworthy, judgemental or uncaring. Soon there will be no room at all. Very soon.

You know in your heart what needs to change in order to move forward.

You have taken the first step, in wisdom and light.

Keep going.


*Universal Wisdom Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno

Communicating Freely

Published September 10, 2015 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Communicating Freely, from the Gateway Oracle Card deck, by Denise Linn

Communicating Freely, from the Gateway Oracle Card deck, by Denise Linn

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Communicating Freely, from the Gateway Oracle Card deck, by Denise Linn

Communicating Freely: “I communicate from the depths of my being.”

Card Meaning: “Allow the truth of your soul to be felt and heard. It is an act of power to speak freely and easily. Be willing to stand tall and address people from the center of your being. Know that you can heal yourself and others through communication. This is not the time to step back – rather, it is time to step forward and share from your heart.

The Universe wants you to know: You are a natural teacher, and you have the ability to empower and enrich the lives of others through your words. Step into your role as a teacher and a leader. Additionally, if there is something that you have held back, now is your opportunity to bring this truth to the light of day.

Communication can restore trust and mend lifelong wounds. Take a risk. Speak from your soul with clarity and authenticity, even if it is not easy to do so. If there is any unspoken darkness that lies heavily upon you, now is the time to unburden yourself. If there is someone you love whom you have not told, share your feeling. Communication can heal, free, and transform  your life.

Questions to ask yourself: Is there anyone I need to communicate with? Is there some type of communication that I have been withholding? What might I need to do to step into my role as a teacher and a leader?”*

~ by Denise Linn

As you have transformed yourself and your life, it is now time for you to reach out to help and inspire others to do the same. Your story will be an inspiration to many, giving them the courage they need to move forward into transformation themselves. As you raise your own vibration and climb up the ladder of consciousness, you help to uplift those around you. Even if they don’t realize it… and even if they resist! You being filled with more light will help the planet as a whole; literally everyone benefits, even the Earth herself.

Share your clarity and your joy. Share where you have come from and where you are now. Share where you are headed. Know that the positive energies of your intention will shine out all around you, you will become the light, attracting the moths to the flame. This does not mean that you give away your energy, or that anyone should be able to drain you. Shield yourself every morning before you get out of bed, and every evening when you get into bed again for the night. You can do this simply by asking Archangel Michael to clear your energy field, removing any drains, cords or holes in your auric field. Then ask that he shields you with his royal purple cloak of protection. You can also wear or carry crystals such as Black Tourmaline or Obsidian to protect yourself and your energy fields.

Lastly, you can ask to become a vessel for the light, that it flows infinitely to you and through you, giving you a new influx of energy; consistently clearing and recharging.

I AM Light


*Gateway Oracle Card deck, by Denise Linn

Goddess Coventina ~ Purification

Published June 22, 2013 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Goddess Coventina purification

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Goddess Guidance Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D: Goddess Coventina ~ Purification

Goddess Coventina: “It is time for a cleansing detoxification of your body and mind.”

Message from Coventina: This message comes as a help, and not as an affront or a criticism. Your vessel has become clogged by overuse of harsh chemicals and the offending source is within your psyche. You have been ignoring our body’s many signals and screams for relief from the steady ingestion of impurities. Perhaps you have also noticed a slump in your energy levels, and your degree of joy has lagged as well Never mind these past effects, though, as the solution is at hand right now? Now that you have heard this message, do not hesitate for even a moment to make new arrangements. You will want to keep a sharp focus on the contents of your mind and speech as well, for the words you think and speak are the very diet that supports or thwarts you. Choose purity, and I promise you a changed outlook for the better.”

Various meanings of this card: Follow your intuition’s guidance about making lifestyle changes. Stop abusing alcohol or drugs. Avoid processed foods such as sugar, white flour, and so on. Eat more organic foods. Keep your thoughts and speech positive. Adopt a vegetarian or vegan diet. Go on a fast or detox diet. This card can also be a validation that your current healthful path is working.

About Coventina (pronounced Coh-ven-TEEN-ah). She is a powerful Celtic Goddess of the waters, including the oceans, lakes, streams, ponds and rivers. Coventina protects bodies of water and their inhabitants, and she is happy to give you a Divine assignment related to environmentalism, if you ask her. Wishing wells were made in her honour, and today we continue the practice of throwing coins into water while making a wish. It is Coventina who grants these wishes. Since our bodies are primarily made up of water, she is very involved with helping us purify our physical selves. She reminds us that purification also means keeping our thoughts and speech filled with positive words, which empower and strengthen our bodies and lives.”*

You are being reminded to cleanse; body, mind and spirit. Everything is connected, and we cannot pollute our energies with toxic foods, negative thoughts, or lack of faith without suffering the consequences. When we don’t nourish our bodies with healthy, organic foods containing high quality Ki, or life force, our bodies can’t run optimally. We lack energy and our immune systems suffer. When we think negative thoughts, we lower our vibration and cause blockages in our chakras, creating dulled senses, depression, low energy and feelings of fear and doubt. Our spirits suffer from both kinds of toxins, as we separate the three aspects of ourselves by not caring for them.

Even your environment can benefit immensely from a clearing out. When you cleanse your body, cutting out processed foods, chemicals, artificial colours and preservatives, sugar, alchohol and caffeine, your body is purified, your immune system is strong and your senses are fully awake and alert. Your energy is high and you literally feel “light”. When you are mindful of your thoughts, keeping them positive and focusing on what it is that you want, eliminating worry, fear, doubt, anger and regret from your inner dialogue and replacing it with love; your energetic body soars. When you combine these two aspects of purity, body and mind, your spirit is taken to new heights in vibrational frequency and you are able to reach new levels of consciousness. Over time, these levels of consciousness will lead to higher dimensional living. The more pure you are, the more light you are able to hold and radiate. The more you are able to heal yourself, others and the earth.

You don’t have to strive for perfection right off the bat. Just start somewhere. Eliminate one aspect of your diet that you know is affecting you in a toxic way. When you have released this for good, add another and another until you have purified your diet in a permanent way. Keeping in mind that you are human, if you have a “setback” just start again where you left off and never berate yourself; instead, be sure to celebrate your successes. Work on balancing your Chakras and adding some outdoor time as well as some exercise into your daily routine, your body and mind will benefit greatly. You can add more as you get used to it, making it a priority and a way to de-stress and take care of yourself. Keep it simple and fun and focus on how you want to feel, not on how you think you “should” look. This is about well being, not looking hot in a bikini… although if you do, celebrate that too!!



* Goddess Guidance Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D



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