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Loyal Heart

Published May 19, 2017 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Loyal Heart, from the Wisdom of the Oracle, by Colette Baron-Reid, artwork by Jena DellaGrottaglia

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Loyal Heart, from the Wisdom of the Oracle, by Colette Baron-Reid, artwork by Jena DellaGrottaglia

Loyal Heart ~ Essential Meanings: “Fidelity, loyalty, devotion.”

The Oracle’s Message: “Evidence of loyalty will appear in your life. Others will prove they are faithful to you, and you will in turn commit fully to them. There is a sure and abiding certainty in your heart. Know that Spirit is always loyal to you. No matter the outer circumstances of your life, trust and have faith, for you are eternally loved, always Divinely protected and Divinely directed.”

Relationship Message: “Your partnerships, friendships, and romantic relationships all have many qualities in common right now. Honest devotion, faithfulness, and a loyal heart are being shown to you. Are you as loyal in return? Now is the time for heartfelt commitments and trusting in Divine protection.”

Prosperity Message: “Your long-term loyalty to your goals is becoming evident in the world of conditions, where your aspirations for success assume form in reality. Success is finally taking shape. If you are loyal to your dreams, faithful to your plans while remaining flexible, and devoted to serving others, you will be shown proof of your true prosperity. This is a time for a joyful celebration of Spirit, your manifestation partner.”

Protection Message: “Are you stubborn or overly tenacious about an idea? Or have you become so attached to something that you just don’t know how to let it go? Could it be that it has become so much a part of you that you would not know who you are without it? Now is the time to look at outdated beliefs, old ideas, and misplaced loyalties. Betrayal is only a signal that it is time to prune away all who do not deserve your trust and have no place in your life. Be new, think new, and open your heart to new things. Let go of the old and all your attachments. Spirit has awesome plans for you. Make some room.”*

~ By Colette Baron-Reid

The greatest gift you can give to another is that of  your loyal heart. In an unstable world of madness and chaos; where reality television rules, people are making alliances and voting each other “off the island” and not even those in positions of utmost authority can be trusted, loyalty is the most precious commodity. Hand in hand with truth and trust of course, you really shouldn’t have one without the others.

Now is the time to be loyal to those who deserve your heart, and cut loose those who don’t, as well as those who are not capable of loyalty themselves. As we learn to open our hearts, we do not give of ourselves without thought, we do not open to those who do not have our highest good in mind. To those we step back from, sending love from a safe distance until they also find a way to open their hearts. We can love and accept them as they are, but we can protect ourselves as we do so.

If you are in a relationship and you are not being loyal, maybe it is time for you to walk away and free the other person. If you are in a relationship with someone who is not loyal to you, they are trying to teach you a lesson in self-worth. Learn it and walk away.

There is someone who will prove themselves to be loyal to you. You may project your fears upon them, your past hurts, your self-sabotaging feelings of abandonment and betrayal. But this person does not deserve any of that to be projected; this is your stuff, deal with it and see them for who they really are. Love them for it. Be there for them. Be that loyal heart you so desire to relate to.

Open yourself to something new and beautiful.

Open your heart.



~Archangel Oracle

*Wisdom of the Oracle, by Colette Baron-Reid, artwork by Jena DellaGrottaglia

Facebook vs Fidelity

Published April 24, 2013 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle


Facebook vs Fidelity:

I read this article today: By Austin Blood, called Social Media Booty Call, published by the Huffington Post, l and I find that I can’t stop thinking about it now. I can never make up my mind about technology at the best of times.

I’ll admit, you won’t find me very often without my phone within hands reach, I have been known to take both my iPad and my iPhone with me if I know I’m going to be somewhere for a while, and at home I alternate between the two and my iMac. I love how easy it is to keep in touch on Facebook, you can catch little snippets of what your 300+ friends are up to in less than a minute! I do find it a little rattling sometimes though when I have to check my email, Facebook, home phone and cell phone voicemail when my clients want to book an appointment with me. Ahhh, the old days of a quick phone call are far behind us.

But that isn’t what got me thinking today. The article by Austin Blood was about how the internet is undoing marriages at an alarming rate, Facebook being up there at number one. I haven’t ever though of Facebook in this way, although I know some of my single girl friends sure do. I see their ever changing profile photos, full hair and make up, sultry poses, sometimes even professionally shot. I never really got that, how on earth you would use that to your advantage in the dating world but I guess I’ve been out of the game for too long. Coming up 10 years to be exact.

I don’t really get the whole internet dating thing, although I’m not knocking it, I know it works for millions of people out there. I personally feel the need to have some real life contact to see if the chemistry is there. If it’s not, then I’m not interested. I don’t like the wide scope of lies made possible when hiding behind a computer. Number one being, are you married?? Never mind the whole I’m dating an axe murdered, or con man. What about Mr Tall Dark n Handsome turning out to be a toad with a good profile pic?

The fact that there are websites set up for the sole purpose of married people meeting up when feeling bored, neglected or sorry for themselves is really beyond me. As Austin points out in his article, it’s so incredibly easy,  all the work is taken out of it. You wait til your mate is occupied, log on, click here and there and you don’t even have to explain why you were late coming home from work or ask your buddies for an alibi, well until things get really out of control. Pretty scary stuff.

Call me crazy but why not try and improve the relationship you have? Or get out of it? I can’t really stand the deception, I would rather have it straight up. Luckily for me, so far anyhow, my husband only uses the computer to Skype his family or look up soccer scores. Phew!

And me? Honestly can’t be bothered. I don’t believe the grass is ever greener on the other side. Relationships have ups and downs, all of them. You alternate between having a fabulous connection and wanting to strangle each other. That’s just life. Call me old fashioned but I think you are better off sticking with what you have, as long as it is fundamentally healthy and not damaging mentally or physically of course. So I would say, if you are in a decent relationship, back away from the dating sites, it’s just not worth it. Go with fidelity. Try a hobby instead, maybe one you can do together to cut down on the boredom.

That’s my two cents.


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