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Fire Keepers

Published October 9, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Fire Keepers, from the Sacred Geometry Cards For The Visionary Path, by Francene Hart

Fire Keepers, from the Sacred Geometry Cards For The Visionary Path, by Francene Hart

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Fire Keepers, from the Sacred Geometry Cards For The Visionary Path, by Francene Hart

Fire Keepers: ” Sacred Responsibility, Service”

“Fire is historically the source for protective warmth, light in the darkness, and heat for cooking and was essential to the survival of the original peoples. Fire keepers hold a sacred responsibility both for the physical survival and the ceremonial spiritual protection of the community. Theirs is an essential and esteemed service.

Triangles represent Spirit, divinity, life, strength, harmony, and completion. The upwards facing triangle is traditionally associated with fire, action, and the masculine.

Three fires warming many hands invite you to warm to the understanding of these three levels of conscious personal mastery: physical awareness, mental intention, and spiritual evolution.

*You are invited to become aware of the effect your actions have on this physical plane. Are you living your bliss through your chosen vocation? Does your “job” contribute to the welfare of those around you as well as your own needs?

*Engage your mind and reflect on how the responsibilities you have chosen contribute to the whole of humanity. How might you more effectively engage your intentions to set in motion your vision of the future?

*Explore your connection to Spirit and request to be of greater service to divine will and the evolution of consciousness.

This is a card of action. Recognition of your sacred responsibility will help to bring you into alignment with the purpose of your soul.

If This Card Comes To You As Challenger: “Has your enthusiasm grown cold of late? Consciously revitalize the fire of your vision.”*

~ By Francene Hart

We are being called together, this is ascension. It is seeing that we are each individual and unique expressions of the Divine, and yet we are also connected to every aspect of the Universe and it’s creations. We are the Light, and coming together just makes us shine more brightly. We need each other. The illusion of separation is dissolving and we are banding together to heal and grow as One.

It is time to step into our gifts; our Sacred Service, the reason why we incarnated here. It is time for us to share what we came here to share. Each one of us is a piece of a much greater puzzle, each just as important as the next piece. A puzzle cannot be complete if there is even one piece missing. You are that one piece.

The key is joy, passion and zest for life. Follow that feeling and do what brings these wonderful emotions to you. By being in your joy, you raise your vibration. When you raise your vibration, you heal yourself, others, and the planet. Yes, really, you do! When you are joyful, truly passionate and living with your heart open, you are a healing force of Love and Light. That is your path. That is why you came. And you are such a powerful healer, we can’t do it without you.

Find your joy. Live your passion. Light up those around you with your fire.

This lifetime is too short to hold back any longer.



~Archangel Oracle

*Sacred Geometry Cards For The Visionary Path, by Francene Hart

Brigid ~ Inspiration

Published February 24, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Brigid ~ Inspiration, from the Goddess Oracle Card deck, by Amy Sophia Marashinsky, Illustrated by Hrana Janto

Brigid ~ Inspiration, from the Goddess Oracle Card deck, by Amy Sophia Marashinsky, Illustrated by Hrana Janto

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Brigid ~ Inspiration, from the Goddess Oracle Card deck, by Amy Sophia Marashinsky, Illustrated by Hrana Janto

Brigid ~ Inspiration:

“Let me come to you

through the mists

through the fire

through the plants

through the deep flowing wells

with ideas



music beyond the tips of your ears

Let me move you

enliven you

till your perspective shifts

and your mind ~ body~ spirit explodes

and you are left standing

in the wake of what has been revealed…

and life feels very sweet”

Mythology: “Brigid (pronounced bridge’id, (which means “bright,” is a Celtic triple Goddess of fire: the fire of inspiration, smithcraft, poetry, healing, and divination. Her inspiration was vital to the bards (poets) who called upon her freely. Legend says that Brigid was born with a flame reaching out from the top of her head, connecting her with the universe. The new (Christian) and the old (Pagan) Brigid were merged into St. Brigid in A.D. 450. St. Brigid, daughter of a Druid, was a goldsmith and a healer. Nineteen priestesses/nuns guard her sacred fire in Kildare, Ireland. On the twentieth of each month it is said that she appears and tends it herself.”

Meaning of the Card: “Brigid comes to ignite you with inspiration. Are you feeling a lack of direction? Motivation? Energy? Has your path gone out of focus, your life become unclear? It is time to nurture wholeness by taking in the sparkle and crackle of inspiration. Brigid says that a life without the fire of inspiration is dull indeed. She further counsels that by allowing inspiration to nurture your life you become sharper, clearer, and more energetic.”*

~by Amy Sophia Marashinsky, Illustrated by Hrana Janto

Now we have the element of Fire as our Ally through the Goddess Brigid. Fire is passion and movement and transmutation; it is action and adventure and motivation. Where is your life stagnant? What needs to be burned away in order to see the Truth and the Light available to you? Only you know the answer. Fire will give you the necessary motivation and inspiration to make the necessary changes to find your passions again and set your heart on fire (in a good way!)

Moving into the New Earth consciousness requires authenticity. We are asked to find our true selves and live from a heart centered place of gratitude and joy…. with a spicy edge of passion, sensuality and zest for life! This can only be done if we achieve balance between our light and shadow selves. Fire can assist us in shedding light on that which must be healed in order for us to find and live our Soul purpose in this incarnation. Finding our true passion and living it is key.

What gets your fire burning? What do you love to do? What gets your blood pumping through your veins while time stands still… what makes you feel alive beyond anything else?

Go do that. And ask Brigid to assist you in harnessing this energy in order to move forward towards the creation of your wildest dreams.



~ Archangel Oracle

*Goddess Oracle Card deck, by Amy Sophia Marashinsky, Illustrated by Hrana Janto




Fire ~ Passion

Published February 2, 2015 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Fire ~ Passion, from the Earth Magic Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer

Fire ~ Passion


Daily Angel Oracle Card: Fire ~ Passion, from the Earth Magic Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer

Fire ~ Passion: “Since the dawn of humankind, we have been fascinated by fire. As soon as early humans were able to make fire, it changed our lifestyle dramatically. Through its capacity to generate heat and light, fire made it possible to cook food, stay warm in cooler climates, and keep predators away at night. And of course, that huge furnace called the sun is the spark of Life here on Earth, bringing not only the necessary warmth of this incredibly huge ball of fire, but also the life-giving fays of light emitted by that fire.

In this card, a man is enacting an ancient ceremonial fire dance originating from Samoa, at one time performed to ignite the passion  of warriors before battle. Fire can inspire other passions as well. We speak of being “on fire” or “catching fire,” phrases signifying that we possess an intense desire or enthusiasm for something. No wonder that passion has come to be associated with fire.

What are your passions? What turns you on? What ignites that inner flame, that creative spark? When you feel devoid of passion, consider what is missing in your life. It is most likely an absence of “fire in your belly,” something that makes your heart beat faster and quickens your breathing. Passion is not something that comes from outside of you, although some events and circumstances can trigger it. It is an intensity of feeling, whether quietly experienced or enthusiastically expressed.

Passion can simply be a strong feeling, or the sensation itself can be so powerful that it motivates you to act. This is too often associated exclusively with sexuality, which is certainly one way of experiencing it, yet it limits its meaning and demeans the broader possibilities. Open yourself to the truth of what you are passionate about, and find a means to express it.”*

– Stephen D Farmer

The key to your Soul’s purpose lies within the passion of your heart. What is it that makes time stand still for you? This is not about other people, no matter how in love you may be right now. This is all about YOU, and why you are right here, right now, on this amazing planet full of inspiration and indulgence of the physical senses!

Unfortunately, often our passion is  buried deep inside us by the time we become adults. It may be found to be what people have told us from a young age was silly; just a hobby or pastime; a waste of time, money or effort; or even, in tougher cases, something we were not “allowed” to do. This could be a form of music, dance, art, writing, baking, or creativity of any kind. The good news? Finding out what it is, if you are not sure, can be fun and lead you to meeting all sorts of new people who will open doors of opportunity for you.

So where to start? Well, I’m guessing that most of us at least have a hint of which direction to go… I know that I can’t sing my way out of a wet paper bag so it’s probably not singing! However, anything to do with rocks and crystals makes my heart beat a little faster for sure! I can spend hours making jewelry, looking for special rocks on the beach, or making a crystal grid! I can wander through a rock show admiring them, touching and feeling their energy for literally… days…

Where do you feel like you could stay forever? In your garden? Doing yoga? Playing an instrument? Singing or dancing or painting or writing or baking? If none of these resonates with you, then you have some homework to do! Start taking some workshops or classes, either online or locally to you. Read up on what you think you might like to learn. Make a bucket list and take action to check each one off. Watch free Youtube videos, surf Etsy or Pinterest until you find something that jumps right out at you. Then dive in and learn it; and while you are at it, you will be surrounding yourself with like-minded, supportive people who “get” you… cuz they love doing it too!

Your passion will lead you straight to pure joy. It will give your heart wings.


* Earth Magic Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer

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Purification ~ Fire

Published December 3, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Purification ~ Fire, from the Gaia Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno

Purification ~ Fire, from the Gaia Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Purification ~ Fire, from the Gaia Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno

Purification ~ Fire: “Bare essentials; The naked truth; Wholeness.”

“What is it that your heart truly desires? What do you perceive is missing in your life? In order to find the answers you must look inside your heart. You already know this but have reluctant to look because a part of you fears what your heart is trying to tell you. The only way forward is to face your fear. Something in your life is not working out as you would have liked and it is not going to get any better unless you have the courage to face it. Close your eyes and relax. Imagine a beautiful flame, warming your heart and soul. Feel its purifying and healing light burning away your fears and doubts, healing your body and mind and clearing away all obstacles either imagined or real. Feel your heart center as an endless space full of only love and light. Feel the peace. You are safe in this eternal space of light. Now, what is your heart saying? When it brings a tear to your eye you will know that it is your truth.

Your soul will guide you towards happiness; all you need to do is follow. Trust!

I listen to my heart and follow it’s guidance.

I deserve to be happy.

I have the power to create my own reality.

I trust that all will work out well.

My life is clear of all obstacles.”*

– Toni Carmine Salerno

We have been asked to look closely at our most intimate relationships, and how the people around us can affect us. We have looked at what we have come here to learn from them all; whether that lesson is perceived as “good” or “bad.” Now we are being asked to delve deeply within ourselves to see where our own true heart lies. Looking inward to our very core; where heart meets soul will tell us the absolute truth about our essence of being. Yet many times we shy away from this kind of honesty… do we really want to know? By knowing we are then faced with deciding. Transform or compromise? Break free or stay stuck? Take the leap of faith or stay where we feel safe and secure?

Really it should be the easiest decision in the world… following our hearts should be second nature, there should be no reason to write this…. it would be like me telling you not to forget to breathe, or digest your food… yet that is not the case.

Enter fear, doubt, worry and a healthy dose of other people’s opinions and judgement thrown in for good measure. What does the tape in your head say? Does it say “go for it, I believe in you 100% and you can do this, you will succeed no matter what!”… or does it say… “What if you fail… again. What if you end up aloneforever. What if it’s too late? What if no one likes your idea? What if you end up all alone under a bridge with nothing.”

Is this tape in your head perhaps an 8 Track? Is it a VHS or a floppy disk? Is it possible that it might be sooooo 10, 20, 30 40 or 50 years OUTDATED?? If you could take it out and have a good look at it, would you realize that it was all dusty and broken down from being played over and over again… maybe it’s one of those old phonographs with the funny looking funnel thingy playing warbly old music, stuck on the same track due to the big scratch. Ok, you get the point!

So, take a few deep breaths, we are going to perform psychic surgery, yup, just like John Of God! We are going to do an upgrade, and we are going to remove that old, worn out tape and replace it with some loving affirmations, such as the ones above.

Breathe deeply and when you are ready, click “eject” and see the tape. Take it out and lovingly examine it. Remember where you got it, who’s voice is on it, and how long you have had it. Then grab some metaphorical lighter fluid and light that baby up! See the flames engulf it, purifying it, disintegrating it, clearing out all that low density vibrational energy it was packed with. See yourself dropping it onto the ground and stomping on it a few times just for good measure… and since this is only a visualization, and we are not hurting the environment, imagine Mother Gaia absorbing it for you lovingly. Poof… it’s gone.


Now… on to infinite possibility. Clean slate. Happy heart. Soaring soul. The Universe is the limit. Dream, smile, breathe, and just be. Love.


* Gaia Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno


Flame Of Inspiration

Published June 12, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Flame Of Inspiration

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Wisdom Of The Golden Path Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno: Flame Of Inspiration

Flame Of Inspiration: “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” – Albert Einstein

“Your imagination is fertile at present and you soon feel inspired to create. As you tap into the infinite power of creativity you hold within you, new possibilities unfold. Keep an open heart and mind and be open to new ideas. Think outside of the square but do not take things too seriously. Make this a time of fun and exploration. Be in touch with your inner child, the true artist within you. An idea will come to you that will lead to an abundant and fulfilling future. Try to relax over the coming days. The more you relax, the easier it will be. Spend some time in nature and feel her fertile and healing energies. This can be a time of exploration and romance, and enchanted and magical time.

I hold infinite creative power.

I am inspired by life.

I keep an open mind and heart.

I am open to new ideas.

I am in touch with my inner artist.”*

This card is full of fire and passion; the woman on the card has faced her fears, represented by the Demons, and she is moving out of the fire, her gaze steady and focused. She is inspired, to move forward despite her fears; they no longer have the power to hold her back. You have had a creative idea brewing for some time, yet fear is holding you back from your full expression of it. Fear of failure, fear of judgement, fear of past experiences coming to pass again. You must release this fear and take the leap of faith; ignite the flame of inspiration and let passion lead your way.

Often we get side tracked by what others want of us; what they see best for us, or how they wish to control us becomes our ideas for ourselves. It’s time to get back to you making decisions for yourself; lead by your heart, your dreams and your desires. When you stay true to your heart, and don’t allow fear of failure to block your way, you cannot fail. Break free from judgement, and see your life the way that you want it to be, with joy and enthusiasm. This activates the Law Of Attraction, putting it to work for your highest possible good. It allows you to bring your dreams to fruition with ease and grace, dodging fear and doubt once and for all.

Surround yourself with like-minded people. If there don’t seem to be any available to you at this time, ask your Angels to send you some, or to guide you to them. Your angels want to see you joyfully supported and will send you the people who you need to help you fulfill your dreams. Meanwhile, as you wait patiently expectant for these people to show up in your life, talk to your angels, that is what there are for! Tell them your dreams and desires, particularly last thing before you drift to sleep and first thing in the morning; thanking them for their help and Divine Guidance. You can do this by speaking to them silently, in your head, out loud, or even in a letter or journal that you keep to yourself.

You are loved and you are guided. Believe in yourself, and know that your inspiration is leading you to your dreams.



* Wisdom Of The Golden Path Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno



Published May 30, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle


Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Angel Dreams Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D and Melissa Virtue: Fire

Fire: “Transmutation. Purification.”

“Fire is the bringer of transmutation. It’s time to come out of your cocoon, and allow yourself to become that beautiful butterfly. Have courage. Burn off the old, allowing the new to enter. You know what needs to be done. It is time to light that inner fire (or the one under your seat!). Get busy and take steps to allow this wonderful change to occur. Have courage during this time of transition. Know that all is well.

Fire also represents purification. In every transformation, a cleansing process takes place. Perhaps it is time to purify your thoughts, actions, relationships, or something else that has become unhealthy. Transmute your old habits.

Additional Meanings For This Card: “Archangels Michael and Jophiel are associated with this symbol. Performing a ceremony of rite would be perfect right now. Stand in protection of something or someone. take care of your home and hearth. Take a break from routine. You need some independence right now.*

Interesting that we are getting this message again after only a couple of days! Interesting also that I can choose a card every day for a year, get different cards from different decks that I use, and then get two of the same cards in succession from two different decks. This is a strong message that transformation is under way in your life! This card also ties in to yesterday’s message of cleansing and purifying, body, mind and spirit.

You have been holding on for too long to habits and perceptions that no longer serve you, this is the time to bless and release them. If you have been stuck in a rut, fearful of the change that your soul desires; make some changes now. You are fully supported by the Divine and cannot fail. Fear must no longer hold you back. Trust in yourself, know that your intuition is your Divine Guidance, and know that when you let go and let the Divine assist you in releasing the things that you have outgrown, better things will replace them. You need only have faith.

Once you have succumbed to this purification through transmutation, your life will change in miraculous ways. Doors will open to you, people will walk into your life to assist you. Your well-being and peace of mind will improve, and you will start to see the limitless possibilities as being open to you, rather than just dreams. This is the time to show your love and trust in your angels, guides and the Divine. This is the time to know with conviction that we are all connected, to the Earth, to the Universe, to the Divine and to All That Is.

This is you, not just turning a page in your life, but closing this book to start the next. Yes, Dear One, the change is that big. Welcome it with open arms.


* Angel Dreams Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D and Melissa Virtue



Published May 27, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle


Daily Angel Oracle Card, from The Crystal Ally Cards, By Naisha Ahsian: Fire

Fire: “The Element of Fire is an intensely powerful Ally to call upon when total and extreme cleansing and change are called for. Fire dwells within the heart of the Earth, and its mighty force is displayed in its ability to turn solid rock into molten lava. Its powers of destruction feed the cycle of rebirth and life, as exampled in the legends of the Phoenix.

The legend of the Phoenix tells of a great bird of incredible beauty that was said to live 500 years. At the end of its life the Phoenix would burst into flames and be consumed. From its own ashes the spirit of the Phoenix would fashion a new body, and be reborn into another life cycle with the beauty and purity of youth restored. This legend speaks of Fire’s power of transformation.

Transformation is the changing of form, appearance, or structure. In the legend of the Phoenix, the power of fire changes the form of the old bird into ashes, and then to the form of a young bird once again. Through the cleansing and purifying force of Fire, the ancient Phoenix is restored to its youthful purity and beauty.

The powers of transformation and transmutation make Fire a vital force to invoke for those who are in need of drastic and profound change in a situation. This change is not easily bought, however, and one can expect to learn significant lessons about life. The saying “trial by fire” is not just a phrase, but is an aspect of the spiritual quest that is considered crucial to the acquirement of mastery of the physical plane and the process of manifestation.

The Elemental force of Fire is embodied by us in our second and third Chakras, located two inches below and two inches above the navel. These centers are the seat of our creative force, sexual energy and will. These Chakras are often overlooked or misunderstood in our culture as being centers of “base” energies that are not “spiritual”. In fact, these energy centers contain powerful forces that are an integral part of our personal power. Our own will to create and pro-create is an echo within us of the creative force of the Universe. Each of our creations can be an offering of thanks to the Universe that bore us, and a representation of the Light that we strive to bring to this physical realm.

Through invoking and facing the creative force of the Fire within, we can purify our energy, transform our bodies and minds, and transmute our creations into higher and more beautiful expressions of the Light. The polarity of the creative force is destruction, which is also an important aspect of the energy of Fire. Utilizing Fire’s power of destruction, we can dis-create those aspects of our lives which no longer serve us, and from the ashes we can form new and more joyful creations.

The message: “The Element of Fire has appeared as a signal for you to prepare for a transformation! You are being initiated in a “trial by Fire” that will create drastic change in your experience of the physical world. Before the creation of the new can begin, however, the destruction of the old must take place. Fire is directing you to seek deep within, to find the outmoded aspects of your life, and then offer them up tot he dragon within, to be transmuted into new and more beautiful creations.

Old habits, possessions, beliefs, and creations that no longer serve you are to be swept away in the flames of your own creative force. From the ashes of these outmoded creations, new and more powerful creations will emerge. By offering those things that are no longer needed to the flame of creations, you are making room in your life for the gifts the Universe is offering to you.

This transformation and transmutation of spirit will be intense. It is through Fire that we become purified and renewed. Attempting to hold onto those things in your life that no longer serve you will only create difficulty. Release them readily, and you will find them replaced with the “gold and jewels” of spiritual growth and abundant physical creations.

One way to aid in this release is through a candle ritual. Carve symbols for those things that you want to release or transmute into the sides of a candle. Light the flame and meditate upon releasing these things to the flame of fire that will transmute them. Allow the candle to burn until all of the symbols have been melted and transmuted into heat and light. Focus upon releasing them to the Universe, where the creative force will utilize the energy to create new and better forms for you.”*

It’s time for a major transformation; starting from the inside and working out to every aspect of your life that is old and outmoded. There is no way of fighting this change, meet it with the intention to flow with grace and ease. Do not fear this transformation; as the outcome will put you on your Divine path. Step into your power and know that you are being Divinely Guided. You cannot lose when you choose higher vibration over lower; higher consciousness over stagnancy, and raise yourself to new, previously unimaginable territory. Yes, there may be a few growing pains and sometimes it is difficult to say goodbye to that which no longer serves you, but you must bless and release; placing your heart with trust in the hands of the Divine.

I love the idea of letting the fire of the candle take the symbols of the old, transmuting it into the new, and I highly recommend that you join me in this ritual… especially during the New Moon! Let us rejoice and welcome change, transmuting negative to positive, setting free those who hold us back and blessing everything new that is coming to us now.


I accept change in my life with ease and grace. I am unconditionally loved, accepted, and fully supported during my transformation and forever after by the Divine.


* The Crystal Ally Cards, By Naisha Ahsian


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