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Published January 14, 2019 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Coherence, from the Sacred Geometry Activations Oracle, by Lon

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Coherence, from the Sacred Geometry Activations Oracle, by Lon

Coherence: “The frequency of Coherence supports our ability to harmonize the frequency of the heart with the frequency of the mind for an optimal ability to create the reality that we desire.”

“Coherence can be described as a state of harmony, union, or connection. In the new energy and as a reference to the human being, Coherence has to do with a state in which the mind and the heart harmoniously flow together.

Whether we are functioning as an individual, a community, or a group, the new energy is asking us to find balance between our thinking and our feeling. We can no longer rely solely on our analytical mind, nor can we just have our feelings guide the way. Every part of us has to come together in a harmonious, coherent state of being. Only then can we navigate these new energies to become multidimensional human beings that are in control of their reality.

To be powerful manifestors, it is imperative to not only set clear intentions with our mind but to have our emotional state of being – with the heart as its center- in alignment as well. When mind and heart come together in perfect unison – when intention saturates every layer of our being, every cell of our body, and every thought in our minds – we become unstoppable creators of our own reality.

The basis of this Activation is the Flower of Life, representing the Universe as a whole as well as the grid on which all form-based manifestation occurs in this three-dimensional plane. All forms are harmoniously flowing together on this grid: whatever new form is created, whatever color is birthed, each has to find its balanced place within the whole of this reality.

Conceptually, circles stand for everything and nothing at all, balance and infinity, purity and freedom.

The many colours in this Activation are representative of all the many layers and aspect of our being that are involved in the process of harmonious Coherence. The green in the center symbolizes the heart and its essential role at the core of everything. (he water in the background indicates the realm of the heart as well – the emotional place.) The colour blue represents our ability to communicate clearly; it is considered to be the colour of truth – the language of the mind. The number six is associated with the harmony, balance, and love.”

Try This: “Close your eyes for a moment and move your awareness to your heart. (This is also referred to as ‘dropping into your heart.’) Can you connect to the truth that is to be found there? Do you trust your heart?

Try this throughout the day: stop, drop, feel. Stop (or hold) a query or thought that arises, drop it into (run it through) your heart, and feel the sacred wisdom that comes of it.”*

~ By Lon

Coherence is a bringing together. It is finding the balance, the common ground. It is more about unity than compromise; an evening of the scales and a mutual respect and equality. Divine Feminine matching Divine Masculine, creation from a place of sacred respect and reverence.

When we lead from the heart this is possible. When we are expansive and authentic, living in our absolute truth. When we open ourselves up, becoming a channel for love, light and transformative change, anything becomes possible.

If things have become unbalanced in your life, you must first fix the balance from within. Our outer reality is simply a reflection of what is going on inside us. Where are you lacking balance and stability? Where have you let things slide? It is not too late to heal, even if things have been out of sync for a long period of time.

Take some time in quiet contemplation and give yourself the time you need to bring your thoughts, feelings and intentions into alignment. Clarity is key.

Use the image in the card above to activate Coherence in your life now.



~Archangel Oracle

* Sacred Geometry Activations Oracle, by Lon

Sagittarius ~ I See

Published December 19, 2018 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Sagittarius ~ I See, from the Black Moon Astrology Cards, by Susan Sheppard

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Sagittarius ~ I See, from the Black Moon Astrology Cards, by Susan Sheppard

Sagittarius ~ I See: November 22-December 21st

‘Luck is not chance, it’s toil; fortune’s expensive smile is earned.” ~ Emily Dickinson (Sagittarius)

“You’re just about ready to hit your mark. The sign of Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter and is a mutable (easy going) fire sign. The ancient symbol for Sagittarius is a half-man, half-horse, known as the centaur, a creature trained in the art of archery who always manages to hit his target no matter how far he roams.

Sagittarians are honest, candid and not afraid to speak the truth. Since this freedom loving fire sign is not offended by the truth, he is often surprised when others take offense to his words.

Sagittarians are drawn to religious ideas even though sometimes they deny it. They will go through periods of not being religious at all and claim not to believe in anything, even bucking against authority. Religion and philosophy are concepts they remain fascinated by though – they will argue for hours about religion – and usually at some point in life they return to some type of faith, but such a faith always remains an intellectual pursuit.

Sagittarians are highly idealistic, creative outdoorsy, and have a great sense of play and fun. They are also extremely restless and would prefer not to stay in the same spot. Instead they would rather roam.

Sagittarians dislike routine so are encumbered by the usual nine to five job. They may end up as magicians, fire-eaters, tattoo artists, entertainers, publishers, literary agents, clergy, tutors, bookstore owners, and whatever does not require a set schedule.

Sagittarians tend to be rather lucky but have a habit of not handling money well and will sometimes squander any wealth that comes to them. They are confident, which makes them highly attractive and popular, drawing to them what they need. Sagittarians also have integrity and will not go along with anything unfair or underhand.

Wicca, paganism and the Catholic Church are all ruled by Sagittarius. When you think about it, these religions, with their pomp and ceremony, candles and incense, have much in common. Though not as showy as their fellow fire sign, Leo, Sagittarians tend to largesse by their nature and prefer what they do to be memorable. The archer sign does not want an ordinary life.

When the Satittarius card turns up in a reading, freedom at the current time is essential. You will feel the need to fight against restrictions of any kind and want everything out in the open. You want to know where you stand.

If your question pertains to a relationship, you or your partner need to be given extra space and looser reigns.

You may find yourself especially philosophical at the current time and even studying religions which may not have appealed to you before.

Interestingly, Sagittarius is the sign representing large animals, especially horses and big dogs. You may soon be acquiring a new pet, or it may be that animals are already a big part of your life. Like these beautiful beasts, you love that sense of wildness and being in the open air.

You may soon travel to areas with vast countrysides, or regions with mountains and lakes that you want to explore.

You might embrace a new philosophy, enroll in classes of higher learning or begin to study churches or religions.

A visit to a casino or another area where gambling takes place could likely come about. You will likely be fortunate and win in this venture as long as you don’t proceed recklessly. It’s a good time to take a gamble.

Your future looks promising because you are ready to expand and grow beyond your limits. If you do encounter difficulties, you will surmount them easily and move forward to your next lucky break in life which should be coming soon.”

Sagittarius Card in Brief: “Good luck; favorable conditions; being open and broad-minded; going for the truth; being truthful; being frank and honest; being kind and helpful; allowing others to be who they are; seeking answers; becoming curious; psychic fairs; visiting areas of study, universities; lecture halls; churches; bookstores; court houses; feeling passionate; going on a big adventure; ravels in a southeastern direction; giving others freedoms; gathering others together for a good cause; living for the moment; avoiding commitment; clumsy accidents; feeling loose inside the body; wine and beer; campouts; fireplaces; horses; the kidneys, buttocks, and upper thighs; gambling places; lottery tickets; panhandlers; the colors violet, magenta, and blue.”

Corresponding Tarot Card: “Six of Wands”

Key Ideas: “Freedom; exploration; lucky breaks; religion; travel; philosophy; honesty.”

~ By Susan Sheppard

We are coming to the end of Sagittarius season and things are full of the energy of adventure. How is the holiday season treating you so far? Are you enjoying the ride or are you feeling overwhelmed by it all? Maybe you can tap into some of this gregarious sign’s energy and learn to surf the wave instead of being pulled under by it!

I am a Sagittarius (if you are reading this, it may just be my birthday today although I’m getting to that age where the aging part is not quite as exciting as it used to be ha ha) as are many of my female friends. We tend to see things with exuberance and optimism, and some would go as far as to say that we live in a bit of a fantasy world, well maybe that’s just me lol. I definitely choose to see things on the bright side, and I will keep my rose coloured glasses firmly in place for as long as I possibly can.

Sagittarius is all about expansion, looking past the mundane and into the magic of life. It is about figuring out what makes people who they are, and what lies beyond the masks. It is about freedom and exploration and big dreams. It is about taking chances, letting loose and having things somehow work out, even in the stickiest of situations.

Yes of course we have challenges to overcome and difficulties just like everyone else out there. But it’s how we face them, with the determination that everything will somehow magically fall into place and that there is a lesson within it all that if we could just learn, it would all finally make sense.

With Sagittarius and Jupiter on your side for a couple more days and a full moon coming, you have a chance at some good fortune and luck coming your way. This is not mere coincidence, but an energy to be worked with. It’s your job to be receptive to what comes; open and willing to take on the challenge; strong and courageous enough to take the leap. Remember, there are only 12 days left of 2018! What will you create?

Sagittarius says Go For It! You got this!



~Archangel Oracle

*Black Moon Astrology Cards, by Susan Sheppard

New Life

Published October 9, 2018 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
New Life, from the Wisdom Of The Oracle card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid

New Life, from the Wisdom Of The Oracle card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid

Daily Angel Oracle Card: New Life, from the Wisdom Of The Oracle card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid

New Life ~ Essential Meaning: “Birth of new ideas; growth; opportunities; a breath of fresh air; life renewing itself.”

The Oracle’s Message: “When spring awakens the world, joy and excitement can be felt all around and in your very core. Blossoms burst from trees overnight, birds return home and sing their glorious song, and nature is full of promise. Miracles beckon all of us. This is one of those times in our life when new ideas inspire you and new opportunities bring you hope for seeing your dreams come true. All is well in your world, and you have the energy you need to feel renewed. Allow your heart to fill with enthusiasm. Let your light shine, for this is a time of good fortune.”

Relationship Message: “New energy enters old relationships, and new relationships are bursting with the sweetness and vibrancy only encountered when winter gives way to spring. This is a time to connect with others and share excitement, passion, and hearts full of joy. This card is a very auspicious sign with respect to love and partnerships in all forms.”

Prosperity Message: “You have every reason to be optimistic right now, as things seem to fall into place magically. New opportunities  remind you that abundance is available to you. Delight in the bounty that begins to appear in surprising forms. Stay curious and know that your hopes and dreams are being fulfilled. It’s as if new life suddenly infuses your projects, work, and creative ideas with a kind of electricity that crackles with exciting potential. Fortune is smiling on you.

Protection Message: “You must acknowledge your inexperience and gently allow yourself to be like the delicate new bud opening. It’s okay to admit you may not know something. You are at the beginning of things and haven’t yet hit your stride. Be immersed in the newness of it all, and do not try to rush the learning process. New life has its own timetable for maturity. Be here now. Life loves you.”*

~by Colette Baron-Reid

You may feel like Sleeping Beauty, finally waking up after a long winter’s nap. The year started out with some pretty heavy energies amplifying over the summer months with the eclipse season. We are navigating our way through the retrogrades and the planetary alignments have been challenging at best, now, with Venus in retrograde our love lives are being challenged and our creativity is at an all time high.

We have had changes in every aspect of our lives: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, relationship, career, home… you name it and, you or someone close to you, has gone though it! It’s been exhausting, painstaking, tedious, heart wrenching, exhilarating, shocking and mind boggling to say the least, and there were some days when we all wondered what we were even doing here on this physical realm with all its difficulties and surprises.

Be assured that we have all made shifts on a deep cellular level, waking up our DNA, and opening our energy centers to become One with the Universe. We have kicked many of our old belief systems to the curb, releasing all that no longer serves us (and if you haven’t, get on it, there’s more to gain than to lose, trust me!!) We have honed our creative abilities, and are experiencing instant manifestation (whether we realize it yet or not, it’s here… NOW!)

These are magical times and we are lucky to be here, with a new chapter opening right in front of us. Brand new stories to be told. Brand new canvases to be painted.

The sky is the limit.

It is time to reinvent ourselves. Grab life by the …. steering wheel (or whatever you like…;o)

What seeds will you plant on this new moon? What is it that you wish to create? The time is now to get clear, align with the energies of what you most desire, and move forward into it with renewed hope.



~Archangel Oracle

*Wisdom Of The Oracle card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid

After The Storm

Published September 30, 2018 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

After The Storm, from the Sacred Rebels Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Autumn Skye Morrison

Daily Angel Oracle Card: After The Storm, from the Sacred Rebels Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Autumn Skye Morrison

After The Storm: “There’s a thunderstorm about. It is either headed your way or just passing through now. Don’t make a thunderstorm mean more than what it is, though. You don’t have to fear it. You might even feel excitement about it. After all, a thunderstorm is just nature’s way of gathering energy together that needs to be released. With a release of tension, relief and freedom soon follow, often with a fresh perspective and perhaps the gift of a promising hopeful vision for your future.

Perhaps the particular storm building within you or around you is causing you to quake in your boots. It might be a storm of building emotions, threatening to erupt or already exploding, seemingly beyond your conscious control. You might feel an uncomfortable sense of emotional or psychological pressure within and if something doesn’t happen – and soon – you fear you might burst! You may also sense that these are forces operating beyond your control. And you would be right.

There is, in life and in the creative process, a need to allow for wild storms. There will be those precious moments of peace beforehand and the release and revitalization that follows, yet the storm in the middle is essential! It is a natural part of the creative process. Without this building and releasing of energy, we would suffer from boredom and stagnancy. You may prefer the excitement of the storm, or the fresh, open feeling that accompanies its clearing. You may find it confronting to be faced with the power of something in which you can only participate, rather than control. Either way, the storm wisdom offers you the gift of bringing things to a head, and clearing them away, so that the energy can be freed from a pattern that has had its day, and is ready to become something new.

Sometimes the pressures that fuel the storms of our lives have been building up for a long time, without us being fully aware of it. It might be pressure from our own minds, creating unnecessary burdens upon us, such as burdens of fear or self-doubt. It could be pressure to appear a certain way, or to fight against life out of a mistaken belief that this is necessary for survival. Sometimes the pressure is little more than the impossible dream of perfection and a need to gently, or even with great dramatic flourish, cast that aside, so that you can dare to be what you are and create from your heart.

Even if you are not sure what the storm is ‘about’ do not lose confidence in your ability to successfully bear its progression, until you are safely at the other side of the experience. Even amongst the chaos of change and in moments of anxiety, know that you have so much light and trust in your heart that you can see the storm is but a passing process, and nothing that need worry you.

If you can’t sense the storm yet, this oracle is a portent for you. The storm is coming and you can, if you wish, feel the beautiful exhilarating gift of it, as you are empowered to cast aside what has been, and receive the gift of a fresh, new take on things. Your confidence is to remain intact – whatever is happening or soon will happen in your life, this storm of sorts, is transformational and supportive of your growth. It is going to clear any cobwebs and free you, open you, to new creative energy and life. Remember – there can be no rainbows without a little rain.

This oracle is also confirmation that if you have been praying for help, your prayers have been heard and the great creative intelligence of our universe is responding to you, stepping in and shaking things up so that situations can be sorted out according to a greater wisdom. So let go, hold only to your inner self and allow everything to be cleansed in the sacred storm.”

Healing Process: “Find a place where you can be alone and have some privacy, either inside or perhaps outside in nature. When you are ready, repeat the following, where possible with your arms up and open to the sky:

Storms so wild
Storms of grace
I call your blessing
Into my heart now

May I release and let go
May I be revitalized and grow
I open up my heart
To you now

Storms of grace
I stand my ground
As I allow your magic
To cleanse and surround

Any outgrown energy
Which I no longer need
Anything which will sap
Or deplete rather than feed

Storms of grace
Merciful earth
with your help
I experience rebirth”

When you have completed your declaration, simply place your hands in prayer at your heart and close your eyes for a moment. Breathe in and out and be aware of yourself, what you feel and what is happening in your body – from the top of your head to the soles of your feet.

Then say, “Through divine creative genius, this is now so.”
You have completed your healing process.”*

~ By Alana Fairchild

Storm is electrifying, energizing; it forces us to move, to take action, to take cover to prepare. Storm is clearing, purging, awakening. It stirs up the energy, pushing stagnancy away. Storm is a much necessary and much needed force of change and transformation if we allow it to be so.

Storm can be frightening or it can be empowering. We can try to stand against the storm or we can wait it out, grateful as it sweeps us up and out of our ruts and into something new. We can embrace the energy and use it to our advantage. We can surrender to it and move with it instead of against it.

Change is coming or happening now. This storm has been brewing for a while now, and it is about to unleash it’s full power in your life. How you navigate the storm will determine it’s outcome in your life. Will you allow your life to be swept free of the old?

And after the storm…. Will you have willingly let go what needed to go and made space for something new?



~Archangel Oracle

*Sacred Rebels Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Autumn Skye Morrison

Spirit Of Truth

Published September 18, 2018 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
 Spirit Of Truth, from the Shaman's Oracle Card deck, by John Matthews and Wil Kinghan

Spirit Of Truth, from the Shaman’s Oracle Card deck, by John Matthews and Wil Kinghan

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Spirit Of Truth, from the Shaman’s Oracle Card deck, by John Matthews and Wil Kinghan

Spirit Of Truth: “I am the Spirit Of Truth, the foundation upon which all things are built. I open the way to understanding to an acceptance of the reality of things as they are. I strip away the veils of self deception and walk the straight path of honour. I do not turn away from truth, however harsh it may seem; and my steps are always fueled with purpose and a determination to penetrate to the heart of any matter.”

Spirit Of Truth

In a primitive world of fundamental instincts and elemental risks, there was little room for subterfuge. To survive was to live by timeless truths of body and spirit. In today’s world, truth is one of the benchmarks by which we judge ourselves – and is a necessary ingredient in the evolution of civilized values. The Spirit Of Truth ennobles us in an aura of integrity. As we walk our chosen path, it helps us to measure our progress accurately, usefully punctures our self delusions, and gives us a truer understanding of anyone en route who might offer us false security or seductive rewards.

Interpretations: Facing the future with open eyes. Responding to challenges with honesty and truth. Belief in the truthfulness of others. Seeing beyond illusion. Clear sightedness.”*

~by John Matthews and Wil Kinghan

Why do we lie to ourselves? Because we think that it saves us from experiencing pain; yet all it does it put the pain off until later as we must experience it at some point, particularly if it becomes a block in our energy, stored in the physical body. We can be such optimists! No matter how dire the circumstances, no matter how miserable we are, no matter how stagnant and stuck and mired in the muck of the mundane… We can convince ourselves that things are going to get better…. even if we do nothing to change them. And sometimes this is true, miracles do happen. But isn’t the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results? Refusing to make even the smallest change to shake things up because we are afraid to rock the boat?

So we lie to ourselves instead. We tell ourselves that we are in love. We tell ourselves that we are happy with our jobs. We tell ourselves that we are fine the way we are. Which would all be fantastic… if that is how we actually felt deep down inside. But unfortunately, that is not exactly how the Law Of Attraction works! It goes on those deep feelings, the ones that feel strangled deep beneath. The ones that urge us to make a change. The ones that tell us that everything will be OK if we just take the leap of faith. But so often we don’t… as we stand at the threshold and wait for someone to save us; someone to give us permission; someone to open the door for us. And we wait. And we tell ourselves that it’s OK; that we really don’t deserve more than this anyway.

I am the Spirit Of Truth. Here to tell you, Dear Ones, that if you open the door, I will show you the truth of your Soul. I will lead you back to your Light. I will lift the veil of the Deep Forget and show you what you are truly capable of. But you must want to change. You must want to remember.

When you want to remember, call on me. I will be waiting.

We will take the first step towards truth together.


*Shaman’s Oracle Card deck, by John Matthews and Wil Kinghan

Breaking Free

Published July 16, 2018 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Breaking Free, from the Healing With The Fairies, Oracle Card deck by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D

Breaking Free, from the Healing With The Fairies, Oracle Card deck by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Breaking Free, from the Healing With The Fairies, Oracle Card deck by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D

Breaking Free: “Do you feel trapped in some life area? This card asks you to take the first step in freeing yourself from any unnatural restrictions.”

“Sometimes we feel trapped by outside circumstances. For instance, we believe that financial or family obligations compel us to accept an unsatisfactory job. Or we are afraid to leave or fix an unhealthy relationship. Perhaps we feel that our family or spouse will not “let: us pursue life enhancing activities, such as college classes or exercise programs. Then again, maybe we feel controlled by our addictions.

The fairies say that when we are responsible for ourselves, we are more responsible for others. That is, when we are happy, our family, friends, children, and spouse enjoy being around us and are inspired by our strength and confidence. Pray for help in releasing your fears and in assisting you in breaking free. God’s plan is that you be responsible, while simultaneously feeling as free as the birds, angels and fairies.


I am free, and I am powerful

I now allow myself to enjoy

this freedom and power.”*

~ by Doreen Virture, Ph.D

It is not always easy to come to terms with the fact that we create our own reality… and thus have to take full responsibility for what our current reality looks like. It would be so much easier to blame everyone else. Well, anyone else really! But yet, taking responsibility means that we are acknowledging our true power. Our power of manifestation. And then we can take steps to create change where it is needed.

It all really boils down to value, and self worth. What are you worthy of, in your own eyes? Are you only worthy of a job you hate? Are you only worthy of a toxic relationship? Are you only worthy of being overweight, unhappy or stuck in the rut you may currently find yourself in? And I realize that not everyone will resonate with this, and if you don’t… that means you have figured it out. You are several steps ahead of the game! Good on you! But if there is something that does need to change, the first place to start is the way that you value yourself. And I know I tend to repeat myself on this topic, but it really is that important, and we don’t always get it the first time.

If we wanted only things, people, situations and opportunities that were in alignment with our true selves, what would we be attracting compared to what we have been attracting thus far? If we decided that we were only going to live authentically, stepping into our own power, what would be the first thing to go? If we decided we were worthy of all of our dreams, for the highest good of all… what exactly would that look like?

It’s all within reach. As we break free from the confines of previously set limitations. As we bust out of old patterns, finally learn lessons, and kick our comfort zones to the curb.

Spreading our wings.

And flying free at last.


*Healing With The Fairies, Oracle Card deck by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D

Spread Your Wings

Published May 23, 2018 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Spread Your Wings

Spread Your Wings, from the Psychic Tarot For The Heart Oracle Card deck, by John Holland


Daily Angel Oracle Card: Spread Your Wings, from the Psychic Tarot For The Heart Oracle Card deck, by John Holland

Spread Your Wings ~ Key Words: “Expansion, freedom, confinement, decision.”

“Energies of expansion are around you now and, because of this, you may be feeling restless and uncertain. Your mind and soul are ready to soar, but you may feel confined by certain relationships or certain aspects of them. Although they may be comfortable and feel safe, it is possible that they do not quite fulfill your needs. Even the desire to be in a relationship can be restricting because it becomes your focus and you forget to live your life to the fullest.

Sometimes when you think you have all that you could ever want, you realize that you now want something else. Perhaps a relationship has grown a little too restricting or it is not exciting enough, or maybe it no longer meets you needs as you have evolved and changed. What will it take to allow you to feel unrestrained and joyful? Listen to your heart. What do you really want? Remember to make any needed changes with love and compassion.”*

– John Holland

Everyone who participates in our reality comes to learn from us and also to teach us. Whether it is a relative, friend, or someone in front of you in line at the grocery store, there is always a potential for an exchange of knowledge and wisdom; the exchange of lessons taught and learned. When we enter into a more intimate relationship with a person, either as friend, co-worker, mate or family member, there is a deeper lesson to be learned. Sometimes when this lesson has been learned, we are still holding on, yet we don’t know why and we don’t know how t let go.

It is also possible that we are unwilling to acknowledge the lesson. That we are in denial, and refusing to see the value in what is being offered. Often this is because the lesson on offer is uncomfortable, and gets more so as it progresses and we don’t learn it and move on. It could be a lesson in self worth, which is being taught by showing us what it feels like to be treated in a fashion which is less desirable than we deserve. Or we may not want to accept certain shadow aspects of ourselves even as our buttons and being pushed. It may be a lesson to show us how powerful and courageous we are, rather than weak and helpless victims. Or it could be a lesson to show us how smart, creative and resourceful we are; how many natural gifts we have to share with the world.

Somewhere in our lives right now, there is a lesson to be learned. Are we seeing it? Or are we turning away? Are we accepting that things are the way they are for a reason? That we are being given the opportunity to change them, if only we have the faith in ourselves to do so?

We are on the edge of a major breakthrough, a transformation. We are ready to spread our wings and soar.



Set yourself free.



~Archangel Oracle

* Psychic Tarot For The Heart Oracle Card deck, by John Holland

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