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Shooting Star

Published December 1, 2017 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Shooting Star, from the Chronicles of Destiny Fortune Cards, by Josephine Ellershaw and Emily Ellershaw, artwork by Claudia McKinney

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Shooting Star, from the Chronicles of Destiny Fortune Cards, by Josephine Ellershaw and Emily Ellershaw, artwork by Claudia McKinney

The Moral Of The Story Is: “Good omens. Good luck and good fortune. Bright prospects. Persevere in your goal. Believe in yourself.”

Shooting Star: “Feeling a sense of relief and optimism through the camaraderie of kindred spirits who have welcomed them into their makeshift camp, the Seeker makes their way through painted caravans to find their sleeping quarters. Under the silent witness of the golden moon, a shooting star bursts into life, scattering silver trails as if it falls from the sky. The Seeker catches a glimpse of its brief but radiant passage, feeling heartened that the omen bodes well for the future.”

Card Definition: “Shooting Star is a card of good omens and indicates bright prospects ahead. It encourages you to believe in yourself and to persevere with goals and dreams. Whilst The Dreamcatchers acts like a protective amulet, the Shooting Star is a card that foretells good fortune.

A shooting star is a meteoroid and, if it survives the impact with Earth’s atmosphere, the resulting stone is a meteorite, much revered by ancient civilizations for their magical properties as a heavenly gift. Our fascination with the stars goes back thousands of years, so they often feature in legends, perhaps best known through Greek mythology.

In the starlit sky, a shooting star stands out against the rest, so, in the right circumstances, it may also indicates fame. As one of the most positive cards in the deck, it represents good luck and good fortune.”*

~ By Josephine Ellershaw and Emily Ellershaw

Happy December… the last 31 days of 2017. We are starting off this month with a blessing of luck and good fortune…. but it all hinges on our ability to receive it. Do not step into this magical month with worries about stress, family, finances and the overburden of the holiday season. If this is how you normally see December, then it is up to you to create something different… and to step into the flow of it.

December is my month. I’m a Sagittarius. Forever optimistic and adventurous… although I often feel more than a little stagnant these days while deeply immersed in routine! However, to me, December has always had so much sparkle to it. The lights go up. People are happy, socializing and dressing up. There is a certain anticipation to the month. And I am determined to keep that going, even as a single mother. I could make it into something stressful and overwhelming. I could focus on the extra money spent, the expectations. But I refuse to think of my favourite month in this way. I ask for more than that. What else is possible? What can I create with this? I’m pretty organized too, I’ve been stashing stuff away for weeks now because I knew that I wanted to greet this month with arms, heart and mind wide open and welcome all it has to offer. And this is not due to any particular religious beliefs… Christmas is what it is to everyone, whether Christian or not, I do feel that December is a special month, the energies of the year culminating to make something magical to take us into the fast approaching new year.

Today we start this sparkly month with a positive omen which will be carried through the weekend. Good luck and good fortune. A little extra magic. Warmth, abundance and the promise of the full moon energies to amplify it all. I read the astrology, and I have to say, each new moon and full moon this year has held such powerful energy. Lessons deep and karmic. This one is in Gemini, the sign of polarities… the mind that could change on a whim. Or, if both aspects are brought together, Gemini balanced can be a most powerful creator. Which one do you choose? Which energy will you work with?

Mercury is still on our side for another day or two, then will go retrograde, which I have to say I find far less scary and annoying to me these days. It’s more about introspection, inner work and standing our ground through the storm and chaos around us. If we know what we want and we are willing to stick to our guns, Mercury cannot throw us off course and we can giggle at the little ups and downs it brings as it throws our technology for a loop, sets communication off course and forces us to be crystal clear in our focus.

Meet this month with anticipation of something new. An opportunity to move forward into the new year victorious. Know that the opportunity before you is the right one, be bold and make your move. Good fortune awaits you.



~Archangel Oracle

*Chronicles of Destiny Fortune Cards, by Josephine Ellershaw and Emily Ellershaw, artwork by Claudia McKinney

Ace Of Abundance

Published January 21, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Ace Of Abundance, from the Guardian Angel Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue Ph.D and Radleigh Valentine

Ace Of Abundance, from the Guardian Angel Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue Ph.D and Radleigh Valentine

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Ace Of Abundance, from the Guardian Angel Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue Ph.D and Radleigh Valentine

Ace Of Abundance: “This cherub brings wonderful news! A windfall of resources comes your way to hep you with your plans. These resources may involve money, advice, or assistance in getting things done. It is a good time to start a new venture, change careers, or go into business for yourself. There may be important contracts to sign.”

“This is the beginning of a wonderful new endeavor! A windfall of resources comes your way to help you get things off to a fantastic start. This is a good time to launch a venture, change careers, or even go into business for yourself. Be open to new acquaintances or even old friends who can introduce you to helpful people or provide insights on how to get things done successfully.

This card may refer to resources from others that are not limited to money, but could also be gifts of time, wisdom, or material goods. Making sound, long term investments is also indicated when this card is drawn. You may want to set aside money for the purchase of a home, further education or retirement.

Additional Meanings Of This Card: A business document or contract. Good health. Focusing on results. Good luck. Hope for the future. Feeling very blessed.”*

~by Doreen Virtue Ph.D and Radleigh Valentine

You are on the right track! Everything you have put your focus on, and your energy into, it coming to fruition now. Keep moving forward, your angels are cheering you on! You are coming into a time of smooth sailing, so don’t let your ego get in the way. Keep your thoughts positive, and know that you are a master of manifestation at this time (and always!!).

There may be little niggling doubts and fears that are of old patterns but these are easy to silence when you use the Almighty phrase “I Love You Unconditionally” to yourself. Whenever you have any negative self talk going through your head, replace it immediately with “I Love You Unconditionally __________ (your name)” this can be said silently or aloud, and repeated over and over again like a mantra throughout the day. In fact, it would be a great idea to write it somewhere in your house where you can see it often, and even to place little notes around your house with this message for those you love.

When you commit to Unconditional love, and use the above affirmation to erase old, dense, negative thoughts, you call in the energy of Jesus and Mother Mary to assist you in raising your vibration. This will also assist you in ascending to the fifth dimension, bringing more light in, and ultimately expanding your consciousness.

This card is the Ace of Abundance, yet the abundance it signifies is so much more profound than just money or material possessions. Take stock of what is truly important to you and focus all of your energy on that. Boil it down to a concentrated level of Peace, Love and Joy.

The Universe is yours.

I Love You Unconditionally.



~Archangel Oracle

*Guardian Angel Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue Ph.D and Radleigh Valentine

Black Cat

Published October 17, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Black Cat

Black Cat, from the Halloween Oracle, by Stacey Demarco

Daily Oracle Card, from the Halloween Oracle, by Stacey Demarco: Black Cat

Black Cat: “Fortune meets opportunity.”

Sleek and black and lantern-eyed

Crosses your path with a hiss

Good luck and fortune

Sweep by with a kiss.

“In traditional folklore, cats were said to have one foot in this world and one in the next. They were the conduit between the underworld and this world and fortune and opportunity.

In the times of the Inquisition (the Middle Ages), cats were hunted because they were said to be allies of evil entities such as devils and witches. Black cats (black being associated with the darker aspects of the supernatural) were especially singled out. Historians believe this unprecedented killing of the cats in the name of eradicating evil led to an unchecked increase in the rat population which was responsible for bubonic plague and the death of millions of people.

These days, in Germany for example, a black cat passing one’s path indicates impending misfortune. Yet, in ancient Britain they were considered good luck and were even given to brides on their wedding day. In Japan, to this day, they are considered very good luck and bringers of fortune.

Should the slinky black cat cross your path through this oracle, know that good luck and fortune will be meeting you promptly. Also know that your luck will be even “luckier” if you are prepared to take advantage of every special opportunity that comes your way.”*

– Stacey Demarco

I love that I chose this card when just yesterday I got to enjoy the company of a lovely black (with a little white accent here and there) cat! I also love that in this representation, the cat is a positive symbol of good luck and good fortune, as I really think it’s crazy that anyone could be mean to ANY animal, especially based on it’s colour, but that is a whole other conversation! Plus, I am having fun with the Halloween Oracle as it is the season for pumpkins and costumes…. as well as a thinning of the veil between the dimensions and realms.

This “veil” is also very often misunderstood, as it is portrayed in movies like it is a curtain of safety being lifted to let in evil spirits who wish to take over the world. It is what you make of it, just like everything else in our reality! When the veil thins, we are able to connect to our higher selves, to the benevolent spirits of our ancestors, to the angelic realm and throughout the Universe. This can actually take place at any time, we just need to have the positive intention for the highest intention and use tools like meditation, music, crystals, plants and communication with nature to ease our way.

Black Cat has come to us with a message of opportunities, of seeing what may be hidden and gleaning the best out of a situation. It is a good omen; of good fortune around the corner, of prosperity, things falling into place and a little extra help from the other side. Be particularly aware of your dreams at this time, as they may hold clues as to how this fortune will come to you.

And stop to pat a black cat along the way, they really are a gift.



* Halloween Oracle, by Stacey Demarco



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