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Published July 16, 2017 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Wholeness, from the Whispers Of Lord Ganesha, by Angela Hartfield, artwork by Ekaterina Golovanova

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Wholeness, from the Whispers Of Lord Ganesha, by Angela Hartfield, artwork by Ekaterina Golovanova

Wholeness: “Acknowledge the oneness of all life.”

“Recognize that you are part of something larger. You have a connection here, with not only this life and physical body, but with the Divine and the Universe. Ganesha is guiding you to recognize the sacred truth that you are a divine being, here to give and receive love. It is time to recognize your role in this life. You are complete and whole as you are: you lack nothing. The simplest way to win hearts is through your actions.

Green is representative of the forth chakra, the heart chakra. The heart chakra is the center where we experience love. When the heart chakra is open, you are able to create a safe and supportive, loving environment. When the heart chakra is clear and in balance, you will find compassion for all life. You may be more empathetic. You may be able to see the Divine in other people. You will find you are happy and fulfilled because you are fulfilling your Divine purpose in service to humanity. Your sense of self is not limited to the ego, your consciousness will expand, and you realize that to love others is to love yourself, because we are all one.

This card symbolizes peace. You are asked to take a moment and hold the color green in your heart. You may experience a soothing, relaxed feeling that will bring a sense of renewal and self-control. If you are in need of healing, breathe deeply and affirm your health and healing.”*

~ By Angela Hartfield

This is a message of the Emerald Green heart healing ray of divine Light. It is the peace that you find when you stop and breathe in the essence of pure love energy from our Great Mother Gaia. It is the energy that heals past trauma across all lifetimes, releasing us from karma and past patterns. It is the energy that we can invite into every cell of our bodies, right into our DNA to heal, activate and transform us, body, mind and spirit.

Things are shifting. You are shifting. Awakening, expanding. Heart opening without fear, without judgment or doubt. Everyone is starting to look familiar, like you may have met them before. Animals are looking different, you can see the intelligence in their eyes. The colours of the flowers are brighter, as is the sun. The natural world can capture you with its eternal beauty. You can feel your deep connection to her. The chaos and distractions of the man made world seem just that, distractions from the beauty of the reality you are manifesting.

Your relationships are shifting too. You are more accepting, more loving. They are more loving too. You can feel compassion for every living being. You can hold space for those who are too toxic to be close to, having released them to learn their own lessons. The world is feeling less frightening. You can rise above the drama. You can give of yourself while remaining free, you don’t need to feel compromised or resentful any longer.

You are raising your frequency beyond any you have experienced before.

You are centered in your heart.

It is safe to invite new love in. It is time.

And so it is



~Archangel Oracle

*Whispers Of Lord Ganesha, by Angela Hartfield, artwork by Ekaterina Golovanova


Published April 27, 2017 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Chrysoprase, from the Liquid Crystal Oracle Card deck, by Justin Moikeha Asar

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Chrysoprase, from the Liquid Crystal Oracle Card deck, by Justin Moikeha Asar

Chrysoprase: “Fearless Movement”

The Master Crystal Deva Lemurel: “Open to my all-encompassing love and be ow present. Step forward into the uncharted waters of life’s experience, I have come to guide you. Let there be no fear in our union, as continuous Joy is your divine right.

Today I offer the spark that will re-light the flame of individuality within you, allowing your unity with all to become known once again. Feel my Yellow Fire blessing the Solar center of self and link it to the pureGreen Ocean fo your unconditional Heart. Under the perfected guidance of the Eternal white light, you and I are now One.

Our union signals to the world your path is undefined, created every moment, with every moment embraced. The choice of Fearless Movement in the name of the most Holy of Holies now lives in you. The mastered path of the Masculine is your blessing to the world, your footsteps theirs to Follow lest they succumb to physicality’s trap, the ever-present Fear of Choice and Freedom, which breeds inactivity and failure.”

Chrysoprase in Healing: “Chrysoprase is an opaque stone that is similar to Jade, but lighter. It contains a lot more yellow and white in its frequency and makeup. Chrysoprase has become quite a rare stone and nice quality natural pieces can be hard to find. This is principally because it was aggressively exported out of Australia where it is primarily found, into Asia and sold as Australian Jade, which is one of its other names.

In healing, this mineral’s purpose and ability is given away by its color, Chrysoprase is the crystal of Fearless Movement. It achieves this by powerfully activating the yellow Solar Plexus Chakra for identification of self and connecting it to the open unconditional green vibration of the Heart Chakra. With the presence of white in the stone, it then involves the Crown Chakra, linking to spirit for guidance. The outcome is Crown, Heart, and Solar Plexus working in harmony to direct life in a fearless manner due to the presence of spirit, unconditional love and understanding of self without ego.

With its powerful ability to link to spirit through an unconditional green heart frequency, work with this stone leads to a greater understanding of the cycles in physical life, which integrates a great  acceptance of self and others, with a high level of hope, compassion, and forgiveness. This aspect of Chrysoprase can powerfully heal a broken heart and is a teacher for men that have lost their feminine balance. Chrysoprase is a contact stone for Ascended Master Djwhal Khul and Master Lanto who work well within its frequency.

At a more physical level, Chrysoprase is a specific stone for the Prostate Gland, Testicles, and Ovaries. It has been known to reduce Stress, Nightmares in children, increase Fertility, and help in balancing Hormones and Depression.

Your Healing Journey Today: “The presence of Chrysoprase for you, signals the opening of a new and creative pathway that will be filtered through the heart under the guidance of your highest parts. Chrysoprase helps us to recognize our infinite nature if we embrace unconditional love, and being of the green frequency, guides us in allowing that to come into the physical world, Chrysoprase is very much about following your heart, a practice that often creates the most beautiful things in the world, but in order for it to do this, personal power and your individual spirit must be taken along on the journey. These are the Yellow and White energies of Chrysoprase and her most precious gifts for you. It seems you are ready for action, Link the Crown, Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras together each morning with light and fearlessly manifest the waves of movement that you came to create.

Please not that Chrysoprase is an action stone, do it, do it, do it, do it and do it, what ever IT is, IT won’t go away!!!”

Affirmation: “I Fearlessly take action, I am Love, Wisdom, and Power.”*

~ By Justin Moikeha Asar

Chrysoprase is all about opening the heart to more light. It is about healing, and joy and fearlessness and strengthening the connection between Earth and Heaven with us as the conduit. It is a stone of high vibrational Loving, unconditional acceptance, abundance and prosperity. It facilitates self love and acceptance and gives us the strength, will power and confidence to move forward in love, putting it all out there and opening up to something much deeper than we have previously experienced. Yet there is an aspect here of Lightness of Being, of fun and not taking life too seriously. Chrysoprase reminds us that life is wonderful, if we allow it to be; and that adventure awaits us around every corner, if we are open to it. 

It is time to release fear and open our hearts wide. It asks us to look at how we are expressing ourselves, and what and whom we wish to manifest into our reality. Is it love that you yearn for? Now is the time to open yourself to it, it may come in a package that you are unfamiliar with… step out of your comfort zone and trust your heart. Are you embracing the opportunities presented to you at this time? Open, receive, believe you can have it and do it all.

Place a Chrysoprase on your heart chakra and feel it lighten the load. Old wounds don’t seem so heavy anymore. See your heart filling with bright and bright green light, see it opening and radiating this green light out in all directions. Know that you are healing as you are being healed, and nothing will ever be the same. The past projections of fear and pain are gone, the slate is wiped clean and you are about to start a whole new adventure in Love.

It’s time to celebrate!



~Archangel Oracle

*Liquid Crystal Oracle Card deck, by Justin Moikeha Asar


Published May 25, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Rhodochrosite, from the Liquid Crystal Oracle Card deck, by Justin Moikeha Asar

Rhodochrosite, from the Liquid Crystal Oracle Card deck, by Justin Moikeha Asar

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Rhodochrosite, from the Liquid Crystal Oracle Card deck, by Justin Moikeha Asar

Rhodochrosite: “Self-Love”

The Master Crystal Deva Rho-Clor-El

“Embrace me, step into the Rose Ray of unconditional Light. Let your love for self light the world, freeing those that would seek outward. Feel the breath of self forgiveness on the back of your neck and let it warm the coldest parts of you into the eternal lights of B’ani-or-a. Gaze with me across the Lands into the sacred halls of Shamballa.”

Walking the tops of the White lands, we will enter a place where all interaction is united in completion through creative love. together let us fill the lower parts of self through the heart, let it dictate your direction. Let the touch of Isis and Light of Ra unite within, so you may step forward in its unlimited Joy without fear and create the glory of you, eternally lit in all you do.

I am with you Great One, you honor me with your presence. Together, we have built a Temple in your heart where we can grow the seeds of Universal Light into the ever serving Path Temple in your heart where we can grow the seeds of Universal Llight into the ever serving Path of Unconditional Love. Let it be expressed now in perfected action, for the betterment of all and sit confidently in the sacred throne is the physical body realized. Now I am Love.”

Rhodochrosite in Healing: “The most commonly found Rhodochrosite is a beautiful peach-pink mineral that has white bands running through it. In some outstanding specimens, the white bands form concentric circles and in highly crystallized states in can appear a deep, clear red colour.

The colored rays present in this stone, powerfully link the Crown, Heart, and Sacral Chakras together in sacred communication, delivering many of this stone’s most important properties, including its simple purpose as the Stone of Self-Love. Rhodochrosite opens the heart under the guidance of the spirit and carries their united energies down to the Sacral. This manifests new love and belief in self, opening deep, profound healing that is empowered through forgiveness. This potent combination will release deep pain and hurt often related to sexuality and abuse.

When one is actively harboring avoidance and denial about their surrounds in life Rhodochrosite empowers them to face life, make decisions and accept the changes that result directly through the Heart.

This stone can be work with in meditations to find a soul’s purpose and aid in the locating of other members of one’s soul family, usually delivering information in the Dream state, especially when empowered with Jade. Rhodochrosite is a contact stone for the Archangel Mary and will facilitate communication with any of the female Ascended Masters, including the Lady of the Fountain.

At a more physical level, Rhodochrosite is useful for Internal infections, Cancer, Thyroid imbalance, Irritable bowel syndrome, Digestive imbalances, Uncontrolled visions and Troubled sleep, such nightmares.”

Your Healing Journey Today: “In the presence of Rhodochrosite on this day, you are being asked to take a step into Self-Love, take some time out to do the things that you love individually, doing these things allows us to retain the passion we need to live life to its fullest. In the coming days you will often be learning the true lessons of compassion and forgiveness, where you will remember that your ability to recognize traits in others simply means that once, or possibly still, they lived in you. On this important journey into the heart, have faith in yourself and trust in the world, let go of attachments and remember beyond all things, each of us chooses and creates our path, Self-Love is our most personal and important responsibility.”

Affirmation: “I love myself”

Keywords to help in reading the cards: “Self-Love ~ Unconditional Love ~Sexual abuse ~Crown, Heart and Sacral Chakras ~ Compassion ~ Self Identification ~ Deep Pain and Hurt of the Heart ~ Family ~ Relationships ~ Avoidance and Denial ~ Digestive System ~ Archangel Mary ~ Lady of the Fountain ~ Lord Sananda.”*

~by Justin Moikeha Asar

To Love ourselves is to love the Divine. To see ourselves for who we are, without our masks, without hiding and without holding back is to see how far we have come in this lifetime. When we can forgive ourselves our perceived mistakes and accept what is right here, right now, we can transform. When we can stand true to who we really are, we can transcend. We have everything we need within us to create the life that we long for. And it all starts with Love and acceptance.

We may hide aspects of ourselves that we feel ashamed of. We may feel guilty about the consequences of past decisions. Maybe we have not always held the intention that our actions be for the Highest Good of all. But all that is changing now as the illusions fade all around us. Only the truth remains.

We are the seeds of the Universe; we are the expression of the Divine in all it’s miraculous forms. When we look into our Souls, we can see the Light of Love residing there. When we open our hearts, we can see it with others. When we see the Light in All There Is, we become one with that All.

Rhodochrosite will help you move forward into this pure Rose ray of Divine Light. A deep connection to Mother Mary. A gentle opening of the Heart. Healing of the Emotional wounds. The ability to move forward with grace and ease.

And so it is.



~Archangel Oracle


*Liquid Crystal Oracle Card deck, by Justin Moikeha Asar




Published April 13, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Prehnite, from the Eternal Crystals Oracle Card deck, by Jade-Sky

Prehnite, from the Eternal Crystals Oracle Card deck, by Jade-Sky

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Prehnite, from the Eternal Crystals Oracle Card deck, by Jade-Sky

Prehnite: “Release ~ Declutter ~ Heart Chakra”

“It is time for you to release any stress from your physical and emotional body, and your home environment. Try to clear out any clutter from both your home and your mind. It is important that you release and let go of anything that you no longer need.

Prehnite has been sent to you today to help you to move forward in your life by releasing anything that is holding you back. Prehnite is also a well known feng shui crystal – it can assist in the de-cluttering process. It helps you to become more organized and assists you to see things from the most beneficial perspective.

When Prehnite shows up for you, it is important that you heed its message. Are there any items, objects, clothing or furniture that you no longer need? Consider donating these items to charity or passing them on to a friend or family member. Do you have an emotional attachment to any objects from the past or from someone who did not treat you well?

Remember, each object holds a vibration and an energy; it could be time to do away with any objects which hold negative memories or thought for you. De-clutter and make way for new energy to come into your life!”*

~ By Jade-Sky

The spring season is the perfect time to release that which no longer serves our Highest Good. It is a time to thoroughly clean the house, organize your workspace or office, rearrange the furniture and sell or donate surplus items that you no longer need or use. It is also a great time to change things up a little, freshen up your appearance, move forward with a clean diet and exercise program and clean out or detoxify your physical body.

Be sure to smudge your home and office after cleaning to clear out any and all negative energy that may have accumulated. My favourite method of smudging is to close all the doors and windows and light some White Buffalo Sage, gently letting it burn until it smokes. Next, systematically circle through your whole house, office or workspace, using a feather smudge to help you to circulate the smoke into every nook and cranny. When you have smudged every area, go ahead and smudge your whole body, feet to crown, front to back, including the soles of your feet. When this is complete, throw open all the doors and windows, with the intention that the smoke has absorbed any and all stagnant, negative or dense energies and is removing it from the space to be transmuted by the Universe.

When the smoke clears, set an intention for what you invite in to the space which has been cleared. State out loud what you wish to bring from the un-manifest world into the manifest world, and know that you have created the perfect, positive, and healthy environment for it to prosper.

Place a piece or several pieces of Prehnite around your house to facilitate peace. Wear it to strengthen communication with your angels and guides. Place it under your pillow to protect your dreams from worry, doubts and fear. Carry one with you to open your heart center and attune you to higher consciousness.



~Archangel Oracle

*Eternal Crystals Oracle Card deck, by Jade-Sky


Published April 6, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Seraphinite, from the Eternal Crystal Oracle Card deck, by Jade-Sky

Seraphinite, from the Eternal Crystal Oracle Card deck, by Jade-Sky

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Seraphinite, from the Eternal Crystal Oracle Card deck, by Jade-Sky

Seraphinite: “Honesty ~ Heart and Third Eye Chakras”

Seraphinite: “It is time for you to be honest with yourself. Take time to identify the changes that you need to make in your life so that you can feel fulfilled and happy. Focus on healing yourself today by being completely honest with yourself. What do you need to do to feel completely happy and healthy? Once you have been honest with yourself and you have identified what it is that you do and do not want in your life, you can then make the changes. During this process of change, listen to your heart and stay true to yourself. Be wary of accepting other people’s agendas or other people’s advice at this time. Be sure to surround yourself with people whom you can trust because some people come from a place of ego or self service. Too many people’s viewpoints can cloud your judgement. Be true to you!

You can also ask your angels ad spirit guides for help; they will send you the answers. Pay close attention to any signs or messages that they send to you. Trust in what you see, sense, hear and feel.

Seraphinite is a beautiful healing crystal which aids in angelic communication. It is also associated with your heart and third eye chakras.”*

~ By Jade-Sky

Seraphinite is considered one of the premier healing stones for body, mind and spirit. This is due to it’s high vibrational connection to the angelic realms and our higher selves. Seraphinite assists us in opening our heart chakras, expanding our receptivity to Love and Light as well as healing energy from the Universal Source. It can be used to amplify the effects of a variety of healing modalities, can be placed on any area of pain or dis-ease, and can be used to align the chakras. It can be worn, carried or placed under your pillow in order to facilitate a clearer connection to our angels and guides, including the Archangels, as well as strengthening our connection to the ascended masters. It will bring joy into our lives by helping us to gently release old wounds and negative situations. The appearance of shimmering white angel wings are visibly into it’s soothing green colour and gazing into it can help us to visualize our angels close to us. It is a truly magical stone. Amplify it’s healing by combining with water clear quartz or Herkimer Diamond quartz; speed up it’s transformational qualities by combining with Moldavite or Phenacite.

What do you need to be honest with yourself about in order to release and move forward? Angels do not judge us, they live only in Unconditional Love and acceptance. We are the one’s who are the first to judge ourselves harshly, and we are also very affected by the judgment or disapproval of others. Have you compromised yourself in order to please others? Are you diminishing your Light to fly under the radar, or to make someone else feel comfortable? All that is about to change; it simply cannot go on.

If you have a Seraphinite, now is the time to wear, carry or place it in your pocket, being sure to hold it often. Try placing it on your Third Eye during meditation, or even before you go to sleep. Ask the angels to use it to amplify their communication with you, and watch for increased synchronicity. Your angels are always close to you, and they are here to assist you on your journey. Your ability to observe and interact with them is about to go up a few notches, and Seraphinite will help to do it. Don’t worry if you don’t have one yet, just gaze at the image above with the intention to connect with the energy of Seraphinite. You can pick up a small tumbled stone from most metaphysical shops for under $10.

Your affirmation:

I AM Awake. I AM connected.

And so it is.



~ Archangel Oracle

*Eternal Crystal Oracle Card deck, by Jade-Sky


Published March 22, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Peridot, from the Eternal Crystals Oracle Card deck, by Jade-Sky

Peridot, from the Eternal Crystals Oracle Card deck, by Jade-Sky

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Peridot, from the Eternal Crystals Oracle Card deck, by Jade-Sky

Peridot: “Teach ~ Heart Chakra”

“It is no coincidence that you are being drawn to the Peridot crystal. Peridot is a beautiful green colour and associated wit the heart chakra. It is also associated with relationships and healing. You are a natural teacher and you are now being encouraged to use your natural healing abilities, compassionate energy and love to help nurture and teach others.

Being a teacher does not necessarily mean working in a school environment; teachers come in many different forms. Perhaps you are already teaching your friends and family about how to handle different situations. Or you may be a lecturer/adult educator or child carer. Whatever form of teaching you engage in, know that your spirit guides and angels are supporting you with this.

Your words are very powerful – you have the ability to connect with people from all walks of life, and can provide important information to those who need it. You may even be teaching unknowningly through your writing, through the worlds you speak, through your own positive energy or even by leading by example.

Part of your life’s purpose is to heal and teach others, share your knowledge where you can.”*

~ by Jade-Sky

Wherever you are on your own journey, know that there is someone who wishes that they had come as far as you have. There may be someone in need of your counsel, advice or support at this time; someone who looks up to you, trusts you and wishes to reach out to you. As you assist them with an open heart and open mind, you will also inspire them to assist others. In this way you create a cycle of kindness, trust and support. This is Lightwork. Shine your light on others, and inspire them to shine theirs. One by one, as we trust and open our heart chakras, all of our lights will shine, eventually coming together as One. We are all connected. When you see through the illusion of separation, and reach out to help others, the veil is lifted and you will be able to see the Divine light in all other beings. This is when the magic happens.

The energies coming through are powerful right now and can be overwhelming. Changes are taking place that will set us on a positive new course. Undertake these changes with joy and surrender. Trust is key.

Peridot is a stone of luck, manifestation, prosperity, clarity and joy. It is the perfect stone to wear when you are feeling stressed, chaotic, down; or when you feel that you need a lift in finances, luck or love. Peridots can be pricey, but they pack a powerful punch and even a small stone can bring many healing qualities to the wearer. Gem quality stones are used for fine jewelry and appear to radiate bright light from within. Gazing or meditating on a peridot can help to shift old patterns of negative thoughts, self doubt, fear and blockages; making space for manifestation of a positive new reality. It encourages optimism and motivation to face the challenges that are presented with strength and courage.



~Archangel Oracle

*Eternal Crystals Oracle Card deck, by Jade-Sky



Pink Tourmaline

Published January 10, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Pink Tourmaline, from the Crystal Oversoul Attunements Oracle Card deck, by Michael Eastwood

Pink Tourmaline, from the Crystal Oversoul Attunements Oracle Card deck, by Michael Eastwood

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Pink Tourmaline, from the Crystal Oversoul Attunements Oracle Card deck, by Michael Eastwood

Pink Tourmaline: “Letting Go, Grace And Respect”

Chakra: Heart

Element: Air

For a grid: 12 Points

“Pink Tourmaline encourages us to let go, to relax; to forgive when we can and make space for love. With Pink Tourmaline the heart chakra can be unburdened of residue, letting in fresh energy and optimism.

Grace, respect and love are the key words for Pink Tourmaline. This crystal encourages openness and trust in life. It asks us to remain true to our inner guidance and to seek validation from our knowing, rather than another. Pink Tourmaline initiates strength and communication with the heart.

Patterns around love, sharing and responsibility for our feelings are addressed through this crystal. The crystal’s soft healing pink tones the physical body relaxes and releases any tension.”

“Pink Tourmaline Oversoul serves to attune and recalibrate our heart chakra. It has watched the human journey of incarnation and struggle to stay true to our light. It knows that we have accumulated experiences that have tested the wisest of beings. The Oversoul of this temple serves to restore the hearts of all those that seek to continue the journey. Its deep rich pink tones offer nurturing and restorative vibrations to the human heart.

When we enter the portal of this Oversoul we are greeted by 12 luminous beings. They seek to replenish our energy and invite us to rest on the ancient crystal table that is carved from a single pink tourmaline.

As we rest, the Oversouls chant and sing their sacred songs and we feel how the deep notes stimulate our heart region. Any discordant energy that is being carried here is sung away. The beings join in the singing as it is our breath that releases the vibrations. Ancient sorrows that we carry are drawn out and released. Through this healing a new vitality enters and we can feel a profound sense of grace rising – we let go.

We notice that a previous tightness within our chest region has left and we breathe easier and deeper.”*

~by Michael Eastwood

The Crystal Oversouls are calling to us; we are now ready to receive their Universal Wisdom. They are the beings of light that work through the vibration of each specific crystal, and they are here to assist us in raising our consciousness. We are invited to meditate on the image on the card, gazing upon it with the intention of invoking these powerful and benevolent beings who wish to communicate with us. We can hold space for them by opening our hearts and minds to their high vibrational energy, asking them for clear signs and messages. If you have a Pink Tourmaline, wear or carry it with you today, and place it under your pillow tonight. If you do not have a stone to work with, simply set the intention as you gaze at the image of the card above, that you wish to invite the deep wisdom and healing of the Pink Tourmaline Oversouls and ask them to imbue you with their wisdom, healing and Light.

Pink Tourmaline also resonates with the pure loving energy of the Divine Mother Mary who has been and still is assisting us in our transformation through the Divine force of Unconditional Love. Our heart chakras are key here, as they are cleansed, aligned and expanded through the open receptivity to her deep offering of Divine Love and Light.

Miracles start in the heart center. Breathe that concept in and hold a seed of it there always; allowing it to heal you as you welcome in her Pink Ray of Unconditional Love.



~Archangel Oracle

*Pink Tourmaline, from the Crystal Oversoul Attunements Oracle Card deck, by Michael Eastwood


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