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Charoite ~ Acceleration

Published April 12, 2018 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Charoite ~ Acceleration, from the Crystal Oversoul Attunements Oracle Card deck, by Michael Eastwood

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Charoite ~ Acceleration, from the Crystal Oversoul Attunements Oracle Card deck, by Michael Eastwood

Charoite ~ Acceleration:

Chakra: “Third Eye, Eighth, Ninth”
Element: “Ether”
For a grid: “8 points”

“Charoite accelerates transformation and purification through the main seven chakras. Through this process the eighth and ninth chakras above the crown are activated and opened. These energies combine to awaken us from sleep to a realized state. There is quickening and acceleration of conscious awareness when working with this crystal, allowing us to understand our personal plan and follow the path to our deepest potential.

Charoite enhances intuition, meditation, and relaxation as it expands the energy of the pineal gland. This gland starts to take on its higher function and operates as an important new chakra, which will take on an increasingly important role in human development.

The Chariots Oversoul accelerates our awakening. The mandala of the Oversoul is a unique shade of purple that, to the eye, is a fast pulsating light.

There are eight Oversoul beings that guide us into the mandala. They appear to our eye as tall beings wearing robes of deep purple with red sashes around their waists. They guide us inside towards the inner temple. The structure of the temple is magnificent, being circular and made of Charoite.

Inside the temple, light pours in through the walls from all directions. This illuminates the walls making them seem translucent. The atmosphere of the temple is imbued with purple and pink rays of light.

The beings invite us to rest on a table carved from Charoite, and once rested they surround us, creating a mandala of complex beauty. The light and sound the beings create elevates our awareness.

Through this mandala of light and sound around us, our third eye, eighth and ninth chakras open, flooding our conscious mind with images. These pictures are parts of our Soul map, showing the paths for us to follow and make our own. This process aligns us in such a way that all we need to complete our journey will find its way to us.

Attunement with the Charoite Oversoul is to be approached only when we seek to clear our path.”*

~ By Michael Eastwood

If you have access to a piece of Charoite, now is the time to work with it. Wear, carry or place your Charoite under your pillow. Meditate with it, by placing it on your third eye, right in the center of your forehead. Allow it’s energies to open and expand your awareness, helping you to see the deep connection you have to All That Is and your unique place in the cosmos. Allow the opening and awakening to take place, receiving the wisdom and knowledge you have accumulated over many lifetimes.

You are stepping onto your Soul’s path. A chapter of your life has come to a close and it is time to move forward into something new. Your reality is changing because you are changing, transforming, awakening.

Do not fear this change as it comes from within. It is manifested by your Higher Self for your Highest Good. Know that you have quite literally stepped onto a different timeline, one where love and joy are available to you in abundance. It is your perspective and your vision that has shifted. And Nothing will remain the same.

Embrace it



~Archangel Oracle

*Crystal Oversoul Attunements Oracle Card deck, by Michael Eastwood

Higher Consciousness

Published August 7, 2015 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Higher Consciousness, from the Oracle Of The Angels, by Mario Duguay

Higher Consciousness, from the Oracle Of The Angels, by Mario Duguay

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Higher Consciousness, from the Oracle Of The Angels, by Mario Duguay

Higher Consciousness: “Your connection to the Higher Consciousness is activated and very strong at this time. You are currently able to experience your life and the world around you from a higher perspective than you have been used to. This is an excellent time to reflect on your life and your desires for the future. Feel your interconnectedness with all things and seize the potential of of this moment to realize some of your greatest spiritual dreams.


I let go of the material world and open to my Higher Consciousness.

I become aware of my greatness and my importance within the Universe.

I believe in myself. I accept myself and I love myself completely.

My mission is important and I live it fully.”*

– by Mario Duguay

We are part of an intricate web of life that connects every cell of life across the vast Universe. This connection comes through the fifth element, the Ether, or Spirit of every living being. We are all made up of stardust and energy; light and love. What we see is only a fraction of what we are, and what we are capable of in our thoughts and energies is far greater than anything we can comprehend in this limiting physical plane of existence.

However, as our consciousness expands, and we are able to see the connection between All That Is, and our integral part of it, we stretch our minds and up to meet our hearts. This is when our true potential is unlocked. When we can lead with love instead of guarding with fear. When we let go of lack and settle in to knowing. When we slow down and stop scavenging and start expanding. That is when we truly step in to living.

Living without feeling like something is missing. Living from the heart, sharing and learning. Finding peace now instead of waiting, putting it off until perfection is achieved. Seeing that the perfection lies deeply within the imperfection of each of us. Accepting it wholeheartedly from the inside out.

Everything can change with a simple, but profound, shift in perspective. Things can align and take off in new directions. If we let them. If we let go of what we thought was important, reconnect with the Earth, follow our hearts and accept ourselves as powerful beings of light who are here to change the future of our planet. Simple really!

Take some time right now to reflect on what is truly important in your life right now. Where is your joy and where could you cut loose from the drama. Where can you find freedom? What can you release to unburden yourself? How can you use your thoughts in a different way than you have been to create a reality that you love from all angles?

Now make it happen.


* Oracle Of The Angels, by Mario Duguay



Published February 8, 2015 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Strength, from the Sirian Starseed Tarot Card deck, by Patricia Cori and Alysa Bartha

Strength, from the Sirian Starseed Tarot Card deck, by Patricia Cori and Alysa Bartha

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Strength, from the Sirian Starseed Tarot Card deck, by Patricia Cori and Alysa Bartha

Strength: “Homo sapiens is considered the intellectual master of earth biology – the highest form of consciousness of all primates. Yet, we still have not managed to learn to control and calm the savage beast within. It is a lesson Starseed has come to learn again and to remember.

How are we the beasts of our own passion, and from where do we truly glean our strength to dominate the jungle animal within us, through the reason of our higher selves and the unconditional love of the heart?

The strength key speaks to us of the power and love and how the impulsive, animal self is embraced and soothed in the softness of the feminine, yin spirit. Always prepared to strike, the tiger yields to the grace of the female form and she, naked and vulnerable before the beast, fears not.

The animal, forceful self and the loving, gentle self merge as two aspects of the greater whole. This key teaches us that inner strength is as much about gentility and grace s it is about force and fierceness, the vital and even sexual animal response.

Associated with the Strength key are the words self mastery, compassion, self-awareness, understanding, respect and courage.

Questions to consider when this key appears in a reading are the following: What are the primal needs that try to dominate the higher reflection of my consciousness? How do I nurture the beast within me, calming the primal instinct? How am I demonstrating strength in the situation?”*

– Patricia Cori and Alysa Bartha

This card signifies the polarities in our lives. Ego vs Soul. Fear vs Peace. Yin and Yang. Polarities are present in every aspect of our reality. Yet, these are necessary polarities, they create balance. When things become out of balance it isĀ  because we have allowed ourselves to experience one without the other. Too much ego leads to aggressive force, fear, lack, jealousy, hoarding, and revenge. It must be balanced with the Soul, or higher consciousness aspect. Too much of the higher consciousness makes it difficult to fit in to the physical realm (this however would be so far above where we are now that it is almost impossible to imagine). Harmony is created when middle ground is achieved; respect for both polarities and an allowance for the magic of each.

I’m being guided here to let you know that tempered courage is what is needed of you now. This is not about aggressive action, it is about knowing when to refuse to back down. It is also about watching out for those who would set you off course with their overbearing ideas or wish to control you. It is having the strength of character and using your Divine Feminine wisdom to free you from the confines of a situation or person which you have outgrown.

This is about having faith in yourself, creating healthy boundaries and, for once, putting your dreams first. It is about harnessing all of your inner resources in equal measure; sparking the creative flame and following through on manifesting your desires.

No matter what.

Call on Archangel Ariel to assist you in accessing your strength and courage. She’s waiting patiently to hear from you.


* Sirian Starseed Tarot Card deck, by Patricia Cori and Alysa Bartha

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Published August 28, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Shifting, from the Return Of Spirit Oracle Card deck, by Cheryl Lee Harnish

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Return Of Spirit Oracle Card deck, by Cheryl Lee Harnish: Shifting

Shifting: “Our personal and spiritual growth occurs in a series of rhythms and patterns. When we reach a certain level of experience and understanding, life will move into a holding pattern as we master it. Things will fall into a steady, reliable pattern. We come to know what to expect and how things are going to be. And because we humans are creatures of comfort and habit, we usually enjoy hanging out on the plateau where things are familiar and reliable.

This card has come to you today because you are either about to enter into or you are already in, one of those great shifts. It is a necessary part of your growth and higher learning. You are moving to a new level of consciousness and awareness. In order for this to happen, some of the old ways of life and of being, must fall away to make room for the new.

You may find yourself changing jobs or careers. Old friends or relationships may drift away as new people enter your life. You may move to a new home or have a sudden change in finances. On an energetic level, your consciousness is opening to the hidden wounds you carry. More than likely you are feeling very far out of your comfort zone, possibly even experiencing situational depression.

This shift is vital and necessary. Remain as calm as you can while the earth shakes under your feet. You will find yourself quite pleased with this new consciousness and way of being, once this shift is complete. In the meantime, try to stay open as these changes occur. It may not feel comfortable, but you will come through this as a more evolved and stale person.”*

– Cheryl Lee Harnish

I have felt a shifting over the last couple of months that seems to be culminating in the final full super moon of September. Can you feel it too? It is like being caught in a rip tide, you can’t swim against it but must keep your head above water until it subsides and you can tread water again. Once this next full moon is over, many of the frequency changes that have been taking place inside us will be complete and leave us with a whole new perspective of what is possible in our lives. This new level of consciousness, although a turbulent and trying time during the shift itself, is going to be a huge blessing to us all.

Be gentle with yourself; use compassion and grace in your self-talk as well as in your dealings with others at this time. Keep your thoughts positive and your vibration high; you are manifesting as you go, every thought of the way. Knowing what is going on gives you an advantage; although it cannot be fought or changed, at least you know what is happening. Many people do not have this knowledge, or refuse to acknowledge it. They may be feeling negatively about the way things are unfolding. Just send them love; they will figure it out in their own time. Don’t get caught up in the frustration of others as they feel the discomfort of their stagnancy being torn from their lives; they may see this as a removing of their security, but soon will see that it was only a rut they were comfortably stuck in.

Receive the blessings of the shift with open arms; and reap the benefits of the new consciousness. When you need a boost of strength or courage, call upon your angels and guides, the Archangels, Ascended Masters, Faeries and the Universe. We are never alone. Have faith that this is for the highest good of all; and know that we are surrounded by love.


* Return Of Spirit Oracle Card deck, by Cheryl Lee Harnish


Archangel Jophiel ~ Illumination

Published April 2, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Archangel Jophiel illumination

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Ask An Angel Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno: Archangel Jophiel ~ Illumination

Archangel Jophiel ~ Illumination: “Illumination occurs when light fills a space where there was once darkness. The light of consciousness spreads, allowing us to see into a space that was once the darkness and mystery of the unknown.

After the winder, the sun comes, bringing life, light and vigour to the silent, sleeping flowers of spring.

Illumination often occurs when we least expect it. When we are lost in the dark and have forgotten what the light of day looks like, up comes the sun in all its glory , lighting our way and filling us with new insight and new inspiration.

When we are in darkness we often lose sight of the bigger picture. We can easily forget that everything comes in passes. Without darkness of introspection ad the unknown, change cannot occur. The phases we experience are extremely important to growth and success in our lives.

We must always remember during winter that spring is coming, the sun will rise, no matter how long and dark the night.

The sun is rising for you now, illuminating all the dark corners of your life and of your consciousness. This is a time of rebirth, renewed life and renewed clarity and inspiration. Within the light of the sun, every colour exists, ready to bring that colour into our world.

There is unlimited potential all around you right now. You have the power to create anything you want for yourself and your life. All colour is available to you.

Pay attention to awakenings, realizations, ideas, answers and inspirations. All the answers you have been looking for are revealing themselves to you now.”*

This is a powerful message from the Angel Of Beauty, Archangel Jophiel. You are being called to see the beauty around you, sending out gratitude and love to the Earth for providing her abundance of miracles. Sending love to the planet will help her to heal from the damage done by the human race; while simultaneously grounding you in her love. We must learn to appreciate every blade of grass, tree, blue sky, flower and butterfly. We must bless the bees and send them love. We must bless the ground that grows our crops and help it to heal from the pesticides and fertilizers used. We must help our planet raise it’s vibration as we raise ours, and the keys are gratitude and love.

Using crystals to magnify your love, stand barefoot on the ground while holding a quartz crystal in each hand. ImagineĀ  bright white love and light coming down to you from the Universe above you, going through your crown, third eye, ear, throat, heart, solar plexis, sacral and root chakras and straight through you into the ground. Send love from your heart mixed with the bright white love and light from above to Gaia and all her creatures, thanking her for her abundance and asking her to heal through love.

You are a powerful being, with powerful thoughts and intentions that can nurture and heal. Our beautiful planet needs your help. You have the power to create anything you want for yourself and your life, as this card reminds you. Send love first and see joy and love return to you in abundance. As a light worker, this is part of your path.

You are a vessel for love.



* Ask An Angel Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno


Archangel Uriel ~ Seventh Chakra

Published January 25, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

archangel uriel, seventh chakra

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Energy Oracle Card deck by Sandra Anne Taylor: Archangel Uriel ~ Seventh Chakra

Archangel Uriel ~ Seventh Chakra: ” The beautiful angel Uriel – also called the Fire of God – wears a brilliant crystal crown vibrating with a passionate connection to the Divine. She brings great power to your seventh energy center, which is called the crown chakra and is located at the top of your head. This card upright indicates an open and free-flowing channel of information and inspiration from the wonderful beings in the spirit world. This could also be a time of great intuition for you and guidance from your higher awareness, so allow yourself to quiet your mind and listen.

Now is a great time to get connected . The assistance from Spirit is great, and whether it is the presence of an Ascended Master, a powerful angel like Uriel, or just a loving friend or family member in spirit, their love and willingness to assist is always there. They even open you to the Akashic Records(or Alaya Consciousness) the storehouse of all information! This connection is open now, and you will find that your own spirit and the spirit of those around you will be able to provide the answers you seek and the blessings you desire and deserve.


My seventh chakra is open to its perfect, healthy state.

Love and inspiration from Spirit – and my own intuition –

flow fully to me now.”*

Ok, I have to start by saying that I just kind of love the fact that this card portrays Archangel Uriel as a female energy instead of male. Sandra Anne Taylor sees the female attributes of Uriel and celebrates them through her interpretation. As we know, just as Archangels and Angels are non denominational, they are also without our typical idea of male and female gender; although many, like Archangel Michael, are attributed certain gender characteristics and names. This is a beautiful depiction of a powerful and benevolent Archangel, regardless of what we perceive the gender to be.

Accessing the powerful connection to our Seventh, or crown chakra, is the lifeline to accessing our higher selves, or soul, as the seventh chakra signifies illumination. This connection is vital to our higher consciousness and will provide a wealth of information on our life purpose, soul desires, and karmic lessons. To access this chakra, we must find time to connect using meditation or yoga; although many alternative healing modalities also help by balancing the chakra using crystals and various other energy healing methods. If your seventh chakra is out of balance, you may experience fear of change, lack of spiritual connection, or even lethargy or poor balance and coordination. The colours of the seventh is violet and bright white light, and access to the crown is connected through invoking the violet flame, many people use amethyst, aura quartz or clear quartz to heal and amplify the connection.

One of my favourite chakra clearing meditations is by Doreen Virtue, in her Chakra Clearing book and CD which gives both a morning and evening meditation to cleanse, balance and activate all of your chakras. Ask Archangel Uriel to help you to tune in to your crown chakra and strengthen your connection to the Divine.


* Energy Oracle Card deck by Sandra Anne Taylor


Higher Consciousness

Published January 17, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Higher Consciousness

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Healing With The Fairies Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D: Higher Consciousness

Higher Consciousness: “You are receiving guidance from your true self, your higher consciousness, which is one with Divine universal wisdom. You are listening to love rather than fear.”

“This card is a validation that your recent feelings, thoughts, dreams, and aspirations are coming from Spirit. You have been asking for Divine guidance, and your higher self has answered your prayers. Your spiritual path has helped you hear this voice because you have taken the time to listen. Perhaps you have begun a meditation or yoga practice, and this has helped you quiet your mind. Or maybe you have put your foot down to the Universe and have adamantly decided to improve your life.

Whichever route you have taken is working very well. Now, the fairies ask you to keep having conversations with your higher consciousness. This will involve carving out time away from noise and stress. You may need to take frequent nature walks, join a spiritual support group, or go on a retreat. By quieting your life and your mind, the voice of your higher consciousness becomes increasingly loud and clear. It guides you perfectly through all life areas.


I easily hear and understand the inner voice of Spirit.”*

Often we feel or get messages from the Universe in the form of dreams, recurring thoughts or feelings, or our intuition; yet we don’t always understand or trust them. We turn a blind eye to “red flags” around us, people or situations that are unsavory, getting into the rut of having to “learn the hard way.” Yet, the Angels are here to tell us that life doesn’t have to be hard at all. We are the creators of our life experiences and we draw everything to us, good and bad, positive and negative. Often we will go against our intuition, knowing full well that the decision we are about to make will not make us happy in the long run, but we are somehow compelled to experience the pain.

Getting in touch with your higher consciousness, your higher self or your soul; which are all the same, helps to guide you to more harmonious outcomes. Listening to your intuition, the messages you receive and your dreams will help you get in touch. Meditation, concentrating on your breathing and clearing your mind of your emotions and repetitive thoughts puts you in a receptive state, where you can start to allow the clear messages to come in.

Take some time to connect with your higher self every day. Around fifteen to twenty minutes is ideal, but only three minutes is better than not connecting at all. Quiet your mind and concentrate on relaxing your body, letting go of any stress or worries that are occupying you. When your mind wanders, gently bring it back to your breath; never berate yourself for not being a perfect yogi, it is a process and you will improve dramatically over time. Breathe deeply and imagine a bright white light coming down from the Universe, connecting with your crown chakra at the very top of your head. See the light connect and brighten, and see the bright white love and light illuminate a sphere of protection around you. Gently ask for guidance and still your mind to receive the answers.

When you are done your meditation, take a few moments to write down any thought that pops into your head. Write until you feel that you have expressed everything from that particular session, and put the book away, it is only for you. Repeat this every day and watch your dreams take shape with a clear direction and plan of action. Take the necessary steps to get you where you want to be. Trust in your Divine Guidance and look for miracles. Expect your dreams to come true and write them down often, focusing your mind and setting your intentions every morning when you wake up. Don’t let anything or anyone stand in your way. The only way to attain your dreams is to know that you can attain them, to know that you are worthy, and to know with all of your heart that you are unconditionally loved and fully supported by the Divine.


* Healing With The Fairies Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D


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