Daily Angel Oracle Card: Truth, from The Guardian Angel Oracle, by Chrissie Astell, published by Watkins Truth: “I hold only that which is honest and true close to my heart.” “Each of us has our own ‘truth,’ gained from our own experience and beliefs, and from the people around us. However, our views might not…

Religion And Spirituality

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Religion And Spirituality, from the Butterfly Oracle Cards For Life Changes, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D, Artwork by Garry Gay Religion And Spirituality: “Your spiritual life is shifting because you are getting in touch with your honest beliefs. What worked for you in the past does not ring true for you now….


Daily Angel Oracle Card: Transparency, from the Oracle Of The Mermaids, by Lucy Cavendish Transparency: “Honest, Authentic, Genuine, Present” The Mermaids Sing: “It is time to be very honest – as honest as you can be. It is hard to do this. Because we tell ourselves so may stories about who we are, and we…


Daily Angel Oracle Card: Seraphinite, from the Eternal Crystal Oracle Card deck, by Jade-Sky Seraphinite: “Honesty ~ Heart and Third Eye Chakras” Seraphinite: “It is time for you to be honest with yourself. Take time to identify the changes that you need to make in your life so that you can feel fulfilled and happy….