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Ace of Wands

Published May 16, 2017 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Ace of Wands, from the Shadowscapes Tarot Card deck, by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law and Barbara Moore

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Ace of Wands, from the Shadowscapes Tarot Card deck, by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law and Barbara Moore

Ace of Wands: “It is the possibility of creativity, excitement, adventure, a challenge to step forward with courage and confidence.

Plant the wand firmly in the ground and see it blaze forth with crimson light. Like a response of flint striking tinder, inspiration blooms from that illumination. The spirits and sylphs are drawn forth from their dwellings. In ordinary light they hide, indistinguishable from leaf and twig and stone and sky, but in this glow they slip out and stretch their wings. They sense that something is beginning. A spark has been lit. A challenge has been whispered. An invitation has been extended in this dawn hour.

Once lit, fire is unpredictable and difficult to control. Uncontained energy can flare into a raging wildfire. Seize this wild opportunity, and glory in the blaze.

They are beings of fire and the guardians for the wands: foxes, cats, lions. They flash with the sparks of intellect and wit, with fleet bodies that dart through the world, and with the burning flame of a fierce and strong spirit.”*

~ Stephanie Pui-Mun Law and Barbara Moore

When was the last time you experienced wild passion in your life? How often do you really let yourself surrender to the sensual pleasures of this physical plane of reality? We are so often all up in our heads, keeping track of all our responsibilities and obligations, counting our money and our debts, worrying about what others think or how we are performing our duties.

This is an invitation to step past all of that and into something wild and fun and free. It’s a chance to be fired up about something you really believe in. It’s an opportunity to put yourself completely into what you love: body, mind and spirit. It is time to make a leap into love; embrace it, taste it, surround yourself with it; be it in every way possible.

Maybe you can share this passion with another, if so, lucky you! Don’t hold back! Light a fire with the person you love and take the walls down from around your heart; let them really see you, feel you, hear you right from the heart.

You may express this firey energy creatively; in an artistic way, or in the manifestation of a certain reality that you desire. Paint this reality in your imagination first, using your inner vision to bring it from the unmanifest to the manifest plane. Paint it with vivid colours, broad strokes and luscious detail. Fill it in with sound and feeling, desire and yearning. Finish it with excitement, anticipation and courage. And the absolute conviction that you deserve all the joy, love, happiness, healing and fulfillment that the Universe can send your way.



~Archangel Oracle

*Shadowscapes Tarot Card deck, by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law and Barbara Moore

The Queen Of the Light

Published September 2, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
The Queen Of the Light, from the Wisdom Of The Hidden Realms, by Colette Baron-Reid

The Queen Of the Light, from the Wisdom Of The Hidden Realms, by Colette Baron-Reid

Daily Angel Oracle Card: The Queen Of the Light, from the Wisdom Of The Hidden Realms, by Colette Baron-Reid

The Queen Of the Light: “Illumination ~ Enlightenment ~ Celebration”

“The Queen Of the Light is a beautiful Ally and comes into your life to herald success in all your ventures. She illuminates the most important steps on your path and reminds you of your own brilliance. You are intelligent and inspired, and all your needs will be met. Remember that you are the instrument of the Divine shining through you in this world. You are on the correct path for your highest good.

The Queen also brings you insight into how you manifest your reality in the most miraculous ways. She promises that you will be shown the next right action and celebrates you as you stand brilliant, joyful and enlightened in the present time. You have worked hard to come this far. You can be proud to stand tall in your conviction that in your heart of hearts, you know the truth of your situation.

Rewards for our perseverance and willingness to learn are on their way. Gratitude and acceptance are key today.

If this card comes to you as challenger: “The Queen Of the Light challenges you to shine your light and not give in to fear. Are you hiding yourself for fear of rejection? Are you as afraid of success as you are of failure? The light of the Divine shining within you is the power that expresses through you. This, not your ego, is the authentic place of self-expression.

The Queen Of the Light also challenges you to look at how you are affected by glitter, glamour, and the superficial dreams of society. Are you mesmerized by false power? The material world is fleeting; nothing lasts forever. Make sure your intentions come from deep within you, and do not base them just on money or power or what you think love will do for you. Ask instead what you can offer, what you can give.

True wealth resides within peace, harmony and a sense of purpose. Remember that Light is not garish and cold, nor is it manufactured – it is warm and brilliant and natural. Give up the attachment to the outer goal, and if it is meant to be yours, it will surely come.”*

~By Colette Baron-Reid

You are in the perfect position to take a leap of faith as you are sure to be victorious. Do not let fear or self doubt hold you back from the opportunity of a lifetime that is about to present itself to you.

Instead, take a deep breath.


And Fly.

You got this. It is in perfect alignment with your destiny, your Soul Path and your Highest Potential. Do not let it fall by the wayside. Fears are the illusions that cause roadblocks in our path. If we let them take charge, and we start to over analyze, we miss the opportunity and have to wait until it comes back to us again. What is yours will always come to you, but do you really want to hold it off when it will create a drastically improved reality compared to what you have been living?

Surrender to the Divine Will of the Universe.

Plunge in, heart first and give it your best.



~Archangel Oracle

*Wisdom Of The Hidden Realms, by Colette Baron-Reid

Hekate ~ Illumination

Published August 6, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Hekate ~ Illumination, from the Goddesses and Sirens Oracle card deck, by Stacey Demarco, artwork by Jimmy Manton

Hekate ~ Illumination, from the Goddesses and Sirens Oracle card deck, by Stacey Demarco, artwork by Jimmy Manton

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Hekate ~ Illumination, from the Goddesses and Sirens Oracle card deck, by Stacey Demarco, artwork by Jimmy Manton

Hekate ~ Illumination: “”Examine your darker aspects. You are being shown the way forward. Your path is illuminated, and there is no need to feel lost or indecisive. Something that has been lost to you will be found.”

“The Greek goddess Hekate is one of the most mysterious of all the Greek Goddesses and one of the most loved and feared. Said to the daughter of the titans Perses (destruction) and Asteria (stars) Hekate is a goddess of witches, night, and illumination.

Perhaps the most famous of stories featuring Hekate is that of Persephone’s abduction. After Hades whisked Persephone away to the underworld, her mother, Demeter, went looking for her but, alas, she could not find her. In her grief, Demeter stopped paying attention to the fertility of the earth, causing a deathly winter. Hekate took her twin flaming torches and descended into the underworld in search of Persephone. Persephone had eater while in the underworld, so she had to spend six months of the year with Hades – with Hekate as her companion – and six months above ground with Demeter. Hekate and her torchlight guided Persephone in her underworld travels.

Hekate is a goddess of the dark underworld and, paradoxically, is a torchbearer who brings the light to this same darkness. Illuminating the darkest pathways, this magnetic goddess invites you to travel the shadows with her, but only under her wise guidance. Hekate is often depicted standing at the crossroads with a three-headed dog (past, present,future) so she is the ideal goddess to call upon if you feel lost, you do not know which direction to turn, or you are working to improve yourself.

An increasing number of modern people honor Hekate, and those who wish to learn more about the witchcraft tradition should ask her for assistance in their learning.”

Shadow Side: “Hekate is a goddess of the underworld and so a source of fear. She is of the dark, and this can be a challenging energy if you are only used to working with lighter energies. She is said to honor those who honor her, but is not particularly interested in those who do not seriously examine their shadow sides as well as the Craft itself. Hekate often teaches through tough love and challenges you to go that one step further. While you want to dig deep and consider darker things in your personality when working with Hekate, you do not want to become bogged down in this darkness. After all, Hekate is a torchbearer as well, so immersing yourself in darkness for long periods is not the key to working with her.”

Symbols: “Torches, maiden with three heads or bodies, white dress, keys, snakes, polecat, black dogs, three-headed dog.”*

~by Stacey Demarco, artwork by Jimmy Manton

What aspect of yourself or your life do you need to shed some light on to gain a deeper understanding? Are you willing to do this work? Hekate will assist those who are willing to pull up from the depths of their being what makes them most uncomfortable and illuminate it’s every detail. This is the only way to move forward; move through the discomfort and pain, acknowledge any lost parts of yourself and see what you have not been willing to see. What does your intuition tell you? What have you been hiding from, refusing to acknowledge or sweeping under the carpet?

Time to stop tucking things away to be dealt with “later” and time to bring it all up to the surface. This does not mean that we are going to wallow… it simply means that the pain will be acknowledged, learned from and released. This is the only way to move forward on a new path… illuminate the crossroads and make a decision. Focus your intention on the Light, the new chapter, the new beginning.

Bless and release the rest.

And so it is

Blessed Be Hekate


~Archangel Oracle

*Goddesses and Sirens Oracle card deck, by Stacey Demarco, artwork by Jimmy Manton

Thoth ~ Illumination

Published July 25, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Thoth ~ Illumination, from The Anubis Oracle Card deck, by Nicki Skully and Linda Star Wolf, illustrated by Kris Waldherr

Thoth ~ Illumination, from The Anubis Oracle Card deck, by Nicki Skully and Linda Star Wolf, illustrated by Kris Waldherr

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Thoth ~ Illumination, from The Anubis Oracle Card deck, by Nicki Skully and Linda Star Wolf, illustrated by Kris Waldherr

Thoth ~ Illumination: “Architect of Wisdom ~ Enlightened Communication”

“Thoth most often appears with the body of a man and the head of an ibis, although he expresses his wisdom through many forms. (He is the serpent in the Key Card and cards 12 and VII and often appears as a baboon.) Representing the highest concept of mind, he is the one who brought us language and writing. In Egypt he was revered as the patron of scribes because of the enlightened communication that he brought to every situation. Thoth directs us to the experiences we requires to grow, often with playfulness and humor. He sees the cosmic joke beyond the human experience and brings levity, even lightheartedness and merriment into our challenges and dialogs. When we align ourselves with his intelligence, we can perceive solutions to our challenges in innovative and resourceful ways. Like the moon he represents, he is the fullness of light in the darkness and reflects back to us its essential wisdom.

As the sacred Holy Scribe and Architect of Wisdom, Thoth urges us ever upward toward higher learning so that we are able to understand the deeper meaning of our lives. When we have embodied the truth of who we are and why we are here, we are able to articulate and share our soul’s wisdom authentically from an enlightened place.

If you have pulled this card, it is time to cultivate your relationship with Thoth. A new level of guidance is available to you. As you commune with Thoth, you may ask specific questions about something that has been troubling you or any difficult situations in your life. He can offer new direction or a fresh perspective. He also brings you his expertise and articulation in both speech and writing.

Allow yourself to experience Thoth’s guidance and the illumination he provides. If you are attentive, he may give you a vision or your higher self.”*

~ by Nicki Skully and Linda Star Wolf

Our invitation to connect with Thoth is a great and sacred gift and should be treated with great reverence and respect. It is a sign that we have reached a new chapter in our spiritual enlightenment; the next rung on the ladder of consciousness. He is offering us a quantum leap in our transformational process – one that could be just the shift we need in order to open beyond what we previously thought possible. Are you ready to enter this next stage of expanded awareness?

Before you go to bed, write your inquiry to Thoth on a piece of paper and place it under your pillow. Ask to receive clear guidance on this matter that you are able to understand and remember with ease and clarity. As you close your eyes, picture yourself walking slowly towards Thoth, a single step closer with every breath. In your hands you hold an offering to show your gratitude and respect. Your heart and mind are open. You are willing to accept his guidance and allow it to forever transform you. When you approach him, you bow your greeting and lift your palms to him to offer your gift. The rest is up to you….



~Archangel Oracle

*The Anubis Oracle Card deck, by Nicki Skully and Linda Star Wolf, illustrated by Kris Waldherr

Laiste, Moon’s Daughter

Published March 21, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Laiste, Moon's Daughter, from the Faeries' Oracle by Brian Froud and Jessica MacBeth

Laiste, Moon’s Daughter, from the Faeries’ Oracle by Brian Froud and Jessica MacBeth

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Laiste, Moon’s Daughter, from the Faeries’ Oracle by Brian Froud and Jessica MacBeth

Laiste, Moon’s Daughter: “Light cast in shadows, Spiritual guidance, Illumination, Riddles”

“She is the bringer of light in the darkness, yet moonlight both reveals and conceals. Her bright faery hoof prints light the path ahead of you, guiding you through the dark. She is also one of the guides at the passages between the otherworlds and this one. It is she who, with her bright light, tends the Gate of Revelation, showing us the way through by illumination, while her sister, Epona’s Wild Daughter helps guide us through the Gate of Despair. Laiste’s gate is much more fun.

Yet, in the process of guiding us, Laiste may pull a veil of cloud across the face of her mother, the moon – and three steps later we fall into a bog. “That should wake you up,” she thinks, smiling wisely. She disapproves of sleep walking, which is something that most of us humans do a great deal of the time. The night contains too much magic and beauty and wisdom to walk through it unseeing. You may find her activities helpful, you may find them frustrating. How you take them is entirely up to you, but they are intended to help you awaken. Bear in mind that she does not trip us; she merely places an obstacle or a pitfall lin our path, and we, sleep walking and unaware, step right into it. We do not have to do that. As always, it is our choice.

Lasite wants us to be open to the great unknown, to mystical (not necessarily magical) experience that teach us an expanded way to relate to the multiverse, all of the worlds and dimensions together. She is daughter of the moon, but she is also an illumined child of Unity. Where the Losgunna, the Frog Queen, wishes you to get in touch with your subconscious and find the treasures there, Laiste hopes that you will reach for your higher self, your not-yet-realized cosmic wisdom. You know far more than you know you know.

There are places in ourselves that we may have feared because they are shadowed and unknown. We may imagine them full of monsters when, in fact, they are inhabited by joyful spirits. She wishes us to explore this terra incognita because that is where much of our potential and as yet unexplored wisdom lies. Laiste reaches into our deepest minds, opening long shut doors, illuminating and revealing the uncultivated ground of our being – our hidden senses and talents. She speaks to us in the language of symbols, as faeries often do, because words are so limited. Any one symbol may speak to us on many levels of consciousness and about many different aspects of being, if we speand time contemplating it. Laiste is a sphinx, and finding the answers to her profound riddles gives us keys to the multiverse.

If you are attending to your dreams and visions and studying every day occurrences, trying to discover the deeper levels of meaning in the symbols there, you are learning the language of Laiste. That language is spoken by artists, like Brian, and poets, whose works are informed by rich symbolism. Discovering it through study, through looking within ourselves, and through interaction with faeries not only teaches us the language of Faery, of art, and of high poetry, but is also gives us keys to our own psychic abilities and to the deep levels of our own psyches, where the Singers and the creative force of Unity are most easily found.

Through revelation and the ecstatic experience of the mystic, Lasite faces and leads us into the future. She prefers to let the old stuff of the past fade away in the illumination of insight and newly accessed wisdom.

You may be finding apparently random events and ideas are falling into a pattern and beginning to make sense to you. Things may be flowing more easily than you are accustomed to, and your decisions and choices may be bringing an unusually high degree of success. Psychic abilities- hunches, intuitions, foreknowings- are becoming clearer and making more sense. Trust the process.

Lasite also brings the psychic dreams, forelighting the future and illumining the present. These dreams often speak in symbols, as faeries are wont to do.”*

by Brian Froud and Jessica MacBeth

When the realm of Faery is involved as our guides, we are reminded to expect the unexpected! Faeries take their jobs seriously, but as they do so, they love to have a bit of fun while they are at it. They love to shake things up, and make us see things from a different angle; and they love to do it in a way that we simply cannot ignore! Obstacles or challenges may actually be doors to new opportunity as we are re-routed through interesting and amazing circumstances!

Buckle up!


~Archangel Oracle

*Faeries’ Oracle by Brian Froud and Jessica MacBeth

The Ancestor Of Knowing

Published November 10, 2015 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Ancestor Of Knowing, from The Shaman's Oracle Card deck, by John Matthews and Wil Kinghan

Ancestor Of Knowing, from The Shaman’s Oracle Card deck, by John Matthews and Wil Kinghan

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Ancestor Of Knowing, from The Shaman’s Oracle Card deck, by John Matthews and Wil Kinghan

The Ancestor Of Knowing: “I am the Ancestor Of Knowing. I am the embodiment of all knowledge, and show you the way toward proper understanding of everything around you. You may think that you know a person or a situation, without having a true appreciation of their character or significance. My clear vision offers you an illuminating perspective in all directions. I enable you to see past surface features, penetrating beneath them to arrive at a truer wisdom.”

The Ancestor Of Knowing: Long associated with far sighted wisdom, the owl makes a perfect representation of “knowing” – a concept far more profound than mere knowledge. Knowing takes us to a deeper inner sanctum where we can not only perceive but also appreciate the true nature of what we are feeling or experiencing at any given time. The Ancestor Of Knowing is a key figure who directs us on our quest for knowledge – his guidance takes us to a level of perception that transcends the shallow and the superficial, helping us to access the archetypal truths of existence.

Interpretations: Clear-sightedness. The gift of transcendence. Knowledge with Understanding. Warrior insight.”*

~ By John Matthews and Wil Kinghan

This is a message about clarity of vision. It is about seeing through the illusions; those set out by society, those set by ourselves as a form of protection or acceptance, and also those which are being presented to us by those who may not want to show their true selves to us. Although there may be a hint of deception here, it is most likely that you deceive yourself in clearly seeing a particular situation or person… possibly even yourself!

We set so many crazy limitations on ourselves, and most of them are based on fears and projections from others that we have gathered over our lifetimes. We put up blocks where we feel we are incapable of things, or overcompensate by deciding we can bluff our way through without learning to move through with faith, trust, ease and grace. There is someone bluffing you now and you may have had this inkling. Is it you? Telling yourself that you are not capable of something that your Soul knows full well you are capable of? Maybe it keeps nudging you forward but you are resistant. Are you holding yourself back with illusions? Or is there someone in your life pretending to be something that they are not? Only you will know what resonates with you.

The Ancestor Of Knowing is offering you a clear lens to look through, seeing your own life and those close to you in pure truth. Trust in the deep knowing that comes to you now. Know that what you seek is truth and clarity, not judgement, not action, not anger or resentment or retaliation, just knowledge. Truth. Sit with this truth before making any decisions and see if you can find compassion for this situation. Compassion for them. Compassion for you. If you can see your part, and take responsibility, then you can release this and move forward.

With grace and ease.

And so it is.


*The Shaman’s Oracle Card deck, by John Matthews and Wil Kinghan

Skull Of Light ~ Illumination

Published October 11, 2015 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Skull Of Light ~ Illumination, from the Halloween Oracle card deck, by Stacey Demarco

Skull Of Light ~ Illumination, from the Halloween Oracle card deck, by Stacey Demarco

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Skull Of Light ~ Illumination, from the Halloween Oracle card deck, by Stacey Demarco

Skull Of Light ~ Illumination:

“We can stay in the dark

Exist only in the midnight hours

But shining the torch

The victory is ours”

“As the famous psychotherapist Jung suggested, knowing our own darkness helps us cope with the darkness of others. Taking the time to ‘know thyself’ and to seek understanding of our more destructive or shadow natures can lead to huge happiness and less anxiety.

The idea of being shown the way, in the most difficult of time and always knowing that we are never alone in the darkness are the keys to this magical element. Light is usually a comforting thing, yet, sometimes we do not really want to see the boogie man under the bed! It is too scary too big and we know not how to defeat it. Yet, by simply shining the torch upon such darkness, the victory is ours.

Should the Skull of Light enter your life, know that it is time to open yourself fully to the clarity of bright illumination. Allow yourself to be seen, to see and to act upon what is shown to you. The time has passed for hiding, for pretending and for swallowing our discomfort by accepting the status quo when it really does not suit us.”*

~ Stacey Demarco

What have you swept neatly under the carpet that is bursting to come forth? Any skeletons in the closet that need to be brought into the light? Whatever you have been hiding, for whatever reason… it’s time to come clean! As scary as it may seem, it will actually be a huge relief to finally get it out speak your truth. You simply cannot bottle up your feelings forever without creating pressure within.

It doesn’t mean you have a terrible secret… or maybe you perceive that you do. It could be old resentment, pain, guilt or shame that you have been carrying around for too long that needs to be processed and released. It may be that you have held your tongue when dealing with a certain person or situation, yet it is eating away at you. It could be that you need to express yourself creatively in some way that feels authentic to you but you fear judgement, and rejection. It could be that you feel trapped in a job or relationship, or in some drama created by someone else that you really want no part of.

This message is about shedding light on that which you have been shying away from. Something that you have been hoping would just “go away” and yet, is still here. It is about setting boundaries, stepping into your power, and standing your ground. It is about believing that you are worthy of your own opinion and self expression. It is about walking away from toxicity, negativity and drama that just doesn’t suit you anymore… even if we helped to create it.

It is about making amends, as best we can. With our shadow side.

Full acceptance.

Unconditional Love and bright white light.

From the Inside



*Halloween Oracle card deck, by Stacey Demarco

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