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Tsidoel ~ Labradorite

Published September 11, 2018 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
 Tsidoel ~ Labradorite, from the Liquid Crystal Oracle Card deck, by Justin Moikeha Asar

Tsidoel ~ Labradorite, from the Liquid Crystal Oracle Card deck, by Justin Moikeha Asar

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Tsidoel ~ Labradorite, from the Liquid Crystal Oracle Card deck, by Justin Moikeha Asar

Tsidoel ~ Labradorite: “Freewill”

The Master Crystal Deva Tsidoel: “Enter my light, accept my truths and blessings, for in the darkness of my physical form I hide the endless lights of the Universe. I am an infinite resource of all that was, is and can be. Let us reopen the doors of understanding so that you may see again that the power of change rests in your hands. Go Forth, Light the torch of Freewill and create.

Raise your hands to the bright and burning body of Ra, call if forth in a single ray that I can filter into the crown. Feel me run through you and remove outer influence, refining your focus on the ultimate goal of self. Walk with me now through the fires of purification to the great halls of times past and arise with the true purpose of your spirit firm in hand.

Extraterrestrial and Earth Solar spirits, hear my call, through me, join as one in the movement towards the ultimate goal of the supreme creator’s breath and fulfill the unified purpose.  Rebirth the ancient Atlantean way of Oneness and unite the Star Tribes so they may again shine as a single star, this time in mastered Physicality.”

Your Healing Journey Today: “The arrival of Labradorite for you today, signals the empowerment of freewill, an exciting time of change and creation, but before she can do her work, the mind must be refined and brought into unity. Labradorite is letting us know, it’s action time, so refine your focus, meditate and be sure you feel what your heart and soul need in order to go forward towards life purpose. Prepare to create with love, free from fear, and under the guidance of spirit for the betterment of all.

Labradorite also lets us know that it is time to spiritualize our surroundings and understand the purposes behind all that is in our life, even physically. All creation holds purpose, be ready to know what it is. In your news embrace there are no secretes, only truth.

Affirmation: As Heart and Mind Unite, I am, We are, All is.”*

~ by Justin Moikeha Asar

And here we are with a message of Freewill!! We are being reminded that we are free to create magic in our lives; that we are the manifestors of our own dreams. We are capable of anything we put our hearts and souls into, particularly when we enter into co-creation with the Divine. And with this comes the responsibility for everything in our current reality. If something needs to change, it is always up to us to change it. If we need to make a decision, or take action, it is up to us to do so. If we need to take back our power in order to do this, then now is the time to be empowered and move forward fearlessly.

It is so important that we understand that we always have the power within us to change that which no longer serves us, and also that which no longer serves the planet, it’s creatures or humanity. We can create the change we need in a powerful way. But we must tap into our own powerful freewill to do so. Release the distractions of the material world and delve into the deeper realms. Find the magic and mystery of the Universe. Release the outmoded social patterns and material desires; the obsession with the lives of others and the technology that can blind us to the simple yet profound rituals of life.

Simply put, turn off the technology, get outside, take some quiet time every single day. Meditate. Do yoga. Find the ancient magic just behind the physical plane.

This is where the real creation begins. This is where we can access our dreams, pulling them into the manifest realm.



~Archangel Oracle

*Liquid Crystal Oracle Card deck, by Justin Moikeha Asar

Labradorite ~ The Mind’s Eye

Published October 27, 2015 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Labradorite ~ The Mind's Eye, from the Crystal Wisdom Oracle Card deck, by Judy Hall

Labradorite ~ The Mind’s Eye, from the Crystal Wisdom Oracle Card deck, by Judy Hall

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Labradorite ~ The Mind’s Eye, from the Crystal Wisdom Oracle Card deck, by Judy Hall

Labradorite ~ The Mind’s Eye: “Iridescent Labradorite raises your consciousness to connect to mystical dimensions and the highest protective energies. It assists in safely accessing past, present and future. It strengthens your faith in yourself and aids your intuitive guidance.

Self Understanding: You are an intuitive being who has the gift of foresight and who is in touch with other realities. Keep yourself grounded. The veil between the worlds is thin for you and you could easily confuse yourself and others with your imaginings. Aim for clear insights. Hold on to your common sense – it is your most effective tool in assessing your intuitions and acting on those that are valid.

Divination: You face a temporary setback, but a sudden reversal of fortune is possible. Be careful what you wish for; it may come true. Beware psychic vampires. Ensure that you do not have a “leaky aura” that allows others to draw on your energy field. Raise your consciousness to the highest levels. Traditionally, Labradorite indicates capricious love.

Frequency: High

Chakra: Third Eye, Crown

Timing: Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius

Soul Path: Opening the inner eye”*

~ By Judy Hall

I absolutely LOVE labradorite! Every piece is special. Every flash is magical. You can literally feel the magic flowing through it’s rainbows of light. Labradorite is a portal to the Higher Realms. When you wear it, and attune to it’s high frequencies, you will notice a marked increase in the Divine signs, messages and synchronicities in your life. Labradorite works to open the higher chakras, your third eye and crown chakras in order to amplify your connection to the Divine. It is particularly helpful for those who wish to increase their extra sensory perceptions: clairvoyance (clear sight), clairaudience (clear hearing), clairsentience (clear feeling), claircognizance (clear knowing) and clairalience (clear smelling), and even clairgustance (clear tasting). It is also helpful for those who desire to study mediumship and strengthen their connection to those who have passed over, or those who do readings of any kind. It is protective at the same time as it is opening and connecting, which is the perfect combination for a stone that assists those using psychic senses.

Labradorite is an abundant stone, and can be found in all metaphysical shops and rock hound shops. It is from the feldspar family and has a rich iridescent flash. High quality forms of labradorite are called Spectrolite and are flashy and translucent at the same time, making fabulous eye catching jewelry. However, to get the magical energies of labradorite, all you need is a simple tumbled or natural stone, which would be very affordable and easy to find. Once you find your piece of labradorite, be sure to cleanse it by leaving it outdoors under the full or new moon, bathing in salt water over night, smudging with White Buffalo Sage, or one of the many various ways of cleansing crystals. Once your crystal is cleared, you can hold it in your right hand and set the intention to work together with this stone for the highest good of all. Then hold it in your left hand, close your eyes and breathe the energy in. Feel it going up your arm, and through your body. Notice how this makes you feel. Meditate with your stone regularly, for at least a few minutes a day to connect to its amazing energies. Wear it, place it in your pocket or under your pillow to keep this energy flowing as well as to form a protective energetic barrier around you.


*Crystal Wisdom Oracle Card deck, by Judy Hall



Magic ~ Labradorite

Published June 25, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

labradorite, magic

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Crystal Ally Oracle Card deck, by Naisha Ahsian: Magic ~ Labradorite

Magic ~ Labradorite: “Labradorite is a feldspar that is opaque to translucent, with a blue-gray to rainbow coloured chatoyancy. It is a beautiful stone, calling to mind storm clouds and rainbows. Labradorite is a stone used for earth magic and divination. Despite its dark outer appearance, it holds within its darnkess a rainbow of brilliant hues that can only be seen when the stone is held in the light. This effect mirrors the energy of the Ally, which enables the Lightworker to work with the unseen realms while purifying her energy in the Light.

Labradorite is a stone of strength and dualities. It acts as an Ally for those who desire to enter the void to gain information and knowledge of the unseen aspects of life. For Shamans and magicians it is a protective and powerful stone that aids in the recall of experiences that one has had in other realms and other lives.

Labradorite creates a force field throughout the aura, protecting and strengthening the energies within and preventing others from “tapping in” to your personal energy and draining you. It can be used as a balancing agent for those who wish to incorporate all of the elements into their energies. Labradorite is an important Ally to invoke when working with Elemental Allies, as it aids one in invoking those nature energies when there is a sincere desire to communicate with nature spirits.

The subtle workings of our inner selves and higher guides are often termed “magic” in our culture. The wonderful synchronicities and opportunities that arise when we are in harmony with all of our aspects create a sense of larger movement in our lives. Labradorite reflects this sense of mystery and wonder, and creates a resonance between all aspects of ourselves, enabling our total energy to work in harmony with our Divine purpose. When we are in line with our Divine purpose, our destiny unfolds before us, revealing never before considered ideas and paths to follow.

Then energy of Labradorite also aids one in penetrating the veils of the Void, where all knowledge and all possibility are held. The Void is the place of all potential, and is the source of all creation. Labradorite aids the Lightworker in accessing this place of potential, and bringing into this realm those creations which are for the highest good of all beings.

The Message: “When Labradorite appears as your Ally, it is calling you on a journey inward. The great mystery is about to open before you, and it is time to own what it is you have created. Take a look at the beauty of your life and your spiritual path. Even those things that have seemed dark and dreary are now revealed to contain bits of Light, like the energy of the rainbow.

Labradorite is here to remind you of the magic that is at work in your life. The subtle currents of energy that are shaping your present and future have created something wonderful for you that is just about to be revealed. Magic is becoming visible to you now. It is like a shining, shimmering dew that illuminates all it touches. Take a look at the paths and choices before you. Which seem to sparkle or shimmer in your mind’s eye? That may be the path of magic leading you to your dreams!

Chakra: Sixth

Affirmation: I am open to the mystery of the Universe and all of the gifts it holds for me.”*

Labradorite is one of my favourite stones. It’s blue, green, purple and gold flash makes it gorgeous, yet mysterious as you often have to  handle the stone, turning it to the light to get the maximum amount of flash. For me, this represents the subconscious mind, one that we are always trying to shed light on, and one that takes time to show it’s mystery. Labradorite is a wonderful stone to wear, and I often wear it and make jewelry with it. It has highly protective qualities for those who are already psychically sensitive; but can also help you to open your Third Eye and Crown Chakras to help your connection to the Divine.

If you have a Labradorite, take some time to connect with it, holding it in your hand and turning it to the light and seeing the flash. The flash will help to open your intuition and you can ask a question, waiting patiently for the answer to appear to you. Labradorite can also be placed under your pillow at night and will aid in dream recall while protecting your Light Body in you dream state. If you do not have a Labradorite, use this card as a meditation aid, asking to connect with the healing properties of Labradorite. Labradorite can be purchased from a reputable crystal or stone dealer for a reasonable price and comes in many forms. A great starting point would be a palm stone or tumbled piece to place in your pocket.


* Crystal Ally Oracle Card deck, by Naisha Ahsian


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