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Published May 5, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Peace, from the Wisdom Of The Oracle, by Colette Baron-Reid

Peace, from the Wisdom Of The Oracle, by Colette Baron-Reid

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Peace, from the Wisdom Of The Oracle, by Colette Baron-Reid

Essential Meanings: “Freedom from attachment; radical acceptance.”

The Oracle’s Message: “It does not get any better than this: a quiet mind, a heart fulfilled, freedom from want, and the Soul’s satisfaction. The way to peace is through radical acceptance. Everything in your world is exactly as it should be. Harmony is beautiful. Enjoy it.”

Relationship Message: “When two people are in true alignment with one another, they have an innate harmony between them. They are as two perfectly tuned instruments playing together. Sometimes it is impossible to tell who is who. Peace is yours, and it is to be savored.”

Prosperity Message: “This is one of those times when you are capable of clear vision about your work and how you create your prosperity. Whatever you are doing, keep doing it. You are called by a Presence to step into your power. Just being is enough, for you are in peaceful harmony with Spirit and it shows in your work.”

Protection Message: “Now is a time for calmness and well-being in spite of temporary conditions. Even if there are dissonant notes in the music of your life, all that means is that you must go within and fine-tune the extraordinary instrument that you are. Find harmony within yourself, and do not look to the outer world to provide certainty. This, too, shall pass, and once again your life will be filled with beautiful music.”*

~ By Colette Baron-Reid

Peace and perfection are not linked together. Yes, of course it would be great to have everything in perfect alignment in order to be able to fully embrace a peaceful life, but it may be a relief to know that is not how it works. How it does work is to intend to find peace despite, or in the face of, whatever you perceive hinders you from finding your desired peace. Peace is an agreement that you make, which allows the Universe and your Higher Self to take over and find solutions to problems which may feel insurmountable or chronic. Peace is mindful trust and faith at work, a deep knowing that we are protected and provided for no matter the current reality we are immersed in.

To access peace on a physical level, yoga and deep breathing are key. Mindfully breathing right down into your belly tells your body that you are safe, that you are out of the fight or flight mode and that you are right here, right now. Adding visualizing to your deep breathing calms an overactive “monkey” mind and allows us to watch for patterns of worry, fear and doubt which may be contributing to the creation of our present reality. When the body is calmed, and the mind is controlled, the spiritual connection can be opened and strengthened into a bridge to the Universal energies of Love and Light, creating feelings of peace and fulfillment.

Peace, like yoga, is a practice. It is a daily calling of mindfulness, of presence and of deep awareness. It is ease and grace, acceptance and balance. It is a portal to the higher dimensions, a magnet to possibility and a pure state of receptive consciousness.

I AM Peace



~Archangel Oracle

*Wisdom Of The Oracle, by Colette Baron-Reid



Published March 5, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Birthing, from the Return Of Spirit Oracle Card deck, by Cheryl Lee Harnish

Birthing, from the Return Of Spirit Oracle Card deck, by Cheryl Lee Harnish

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Birthing, from the Return Of Spirit Oracle Card deck, by Cheryl Lee Harnish

Birthing: “When we are in the process of creating something new in our life, we are actually calling on our Divine force, and mastering our gift as creators, to bring something new into this world. Trust yourself in all that you are doing at this moment. Your instinct and intuitions will guide you. The goals, projects, or ideas you are working on are important in the cosmic plan. There are many higher energies working with you, and through you, to help you complete what you are working toward.

Remember though, the process of giving birth involves going through labour. You may be feeling a lot of pressure at the moment. But discomfort during labour is natural. Do not give in, or lose hope because of it. You are doing the right thing. Do not let small disappointments or upsets lad you to thinking you are not on the right track. You are. Pain is just a natural part of labour.

You may also be feeling the urge to push, even though it is not time to. Do not allow your impatience to get the best of you. Allow everything its own time to trust the process. You do not want to start things out prematurely. Completing the gestation period is vital. So be mindful not to rush. Gestation always happens before the labour begins.

The Birthing card also comes to those who are symbolically giving birth to the higher aspects of their selves. Usually, this period involves its own set of growing pains, as you learn to move out of old ways of being, and outdated limiting beliefs. Trust that the challenges you are facing at this time are essential to this process. You are evolving, growing and changing into a more truthful version of you. Stay strong – you are nearly there.”*

~ by Cheryl Lee Harnish

The biggest transformation we will go through is the shifting of our perspective from within. It is about changing our thoughts, beliefs, and ideas about what is possible for us. It is about leaving behind the fears that we have dragged around with us for so long, those big mountains we saw as impossible challenges and blocks that were always holding us back from our happiness… when they were only ever illusions. It is time to see ourselves like the super heroes we really are, instead of wishing one would come save us! (but if one is coming to save us, I pick Thor~ hee hee)

My kids were arguing in the back seat the other day about what is possible. My daughter had decided that there were some things in this life, or at least in this reality, that were simply impossible. Not possible. My son, on the other hand, was adamant that anything is possible (yes, he may have been influenced by his mother… )

We ended the argument by deciding that anything YOU THINK is possible, becomes possible. Therefore, what my daughter thought was impossible, was in fact, impossible for her until the point in which she changes her view of what is possible. And that goes for everyone, what they believe in their heart and Soul is possible, will be possible.

So what do you believe is possible for you? What could you imagine, create and manifest into your reality?

The doors are flung wide open.



~Archangel Oracle

*Return Of Spirit Oracle Card deck, by Cheryl Lee Harnish



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