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Our Lady Of The Sacred Son

Published December 25, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Our Lady Of The Sacred Son, from the Mother Mary Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, Artwork by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Our Lady Of The Sacred Son, from the Mother Mary Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, Artwork by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Our Lady Of The Sacred Son, from the Mother Mary Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, Artwork by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Our Lady Of The Sacred Son: “My beloved son, my Christ, lives in your hearts, for you are the sons and daughters of love. The Christ is a consciousness of love that belongs to every human soul, and will awaken in those that are ready to receive it now, through my grace. I ask you to realize that you carry this divine flame of love within. For you, my sons and daughters, it is time for  a divine awakening of sacred masculine energy within you now. Just as I birthed the Christ child through love, so too will you birth enlightened, divine, masculine energy through the love and power of the divine feminine now. This is your time for sacred birth.”

“The divine Christ lives in the hearts of men and women, as divine love and passionate service of the divine light, irrespective of religious persuasion. The divine light is in whatever form we believe it to be – whether that be Allah, or God, or Krishna, or Shiva, or a guru, or the Universe, or anything else for that matter. Provided that it is love that you are serving, then the Christ consciousness, or unconditional divine wisdom, love and power, that the Hold Mother seeks to awaken with us, can live in you.

Our Lady Of The Sacred Son speaks to us of a healed masculine consciousness, of the Christ awakening in men and women. This becomes possible through the love and power of the divine feminine awakened. The divine feminine holds a space for love, for acceptance of all beings, for truth and for compassion, so that a new masculinity can emerge in modern humanity. Healed masculine consciousness is what allows us to discern and make choices, and to set boundaries. It allows us to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ based on our own values, which are not blindly adopted from our family or society, but distilled from our own innermost feelings and heart wisdom. A healed divine masculine gives us the courage to live our own life, and the strength that we need to honour our individuality in making choices that feel truthful for us. It enables us to understand that our divine gift of self is meant to be lived as authentically and honestly as possible.

A healed, divine, masculine consciousness is freed from needing approval through popular opinion, or being liked by fulfilling the expectations or conditions that others may seek to impose. A healed, divine, masculine consciousness is empowered to accept and honour the self, accepting one’s sexuality, individuality, and particular self with all its quirks. It can do this because it understands that the divine lives in all beings, and no-one is required to be the same as anyone else in order to be worthy of complete, unconditional, divine love.

The divine consciousness of the Christ is willing to live truthfully, even when it ruffles feathers or shakes foundations. It understands that truth will be preserved, even through great transformation or upheaval of change. This consciousness is willing to live truthfully even when that means letting go of lower vibrational relationship patterns that are based in fear and judgment, control or power. We let go of these patterns in order to open up to new ways of relating which are based in truth and acceptance, discernment and freedom of choice.

When we are entering more deeply into this higher consciousness, change happens. Sometimes this can be challenging as we are learning to let go of our fears and to trust without condition. Even if we are struggling, we must learn to focus on the light within, and stay present. Sometimes that struggle is actually the ego letting go and we are identifying with it. It can be very compelling and believable! Yet whilst that struggle is happening, the soul is gasping and taking in the holy breath of new life and we are thriving spiritually, more infused with holy love and power than ever before.

Our Lady Of The Sacred Son comes to us with several messages. Spiritually, you are maturing and this may give rise to growing pains, but keep them in context and perspective. Pray to her to help so that your growing pains do not eclipse the magnificence and joy of the process that is actually happening for you at a far greater level. Psychologically and physically, you are asked to place some boundaries in your life. This may require you to say ‘no’ to people, place or things that drain you, or to protect yourself thoroughly through prayer, and the following healing process, each and every day for a few moments before venturing into such spaces.

If you have been feeling a sense of love, or feeling a sense of guidance around you, without quite being able to identify who it is on a spiritual level, then this oracle comes as confirmation that it is the living Christ, in one form or another, who is guiding you now. Open your heart to unconditional love and know that you are protected and supported spiritually in all aspects of your life. Just remember to ask for help daily. You can start this now by doing the following short healing process, or even just the prayer of affirmation if you are very short on time, and learning to integrate it into a quick and effective daily routine. You will reap the benefits of doing so, but it will take all the strength of your inner masculine consciousness to make the decision to commit to that practice for yourself, and to adhere to it daily, until it becomes a natural and habitual part of your day.”

Healing Process and Affirmation: “Start with this prayer:
‘I call upon Our Lady Of The Sacred Son, upon Mother Mary and the Christ, who love me unconditionally,
and I ask for your healing, support, guidance and protection now.
Thank you and so be it.’

You see a beautiful woman in blue robes holding a child. The child is powerful, as is the Mother. Together they radiate an unbreakable force of golden light which repels anything that is not unconditional love.

Visualize that you are the child now, being held by the beautiful woman in the blue robes. A golden field of energy surrounds you, and you are completely safe.

Feel the love and power of this, and in your own time when ready, complete your healing with the following prayer of affirmation, said aloud if possible, three times:

‘The powerful love generated by Mother Mary and the Christ, lives in me.
It radiates from me in complete divine strength, power and protection,
now and always. So be it.”*

~ By Alana Fairchild

The most sacred of gifts we can give to each other is Unconditional Love, Christ Consciousness, and complete acceptance.

Merry Christmas and many blessings to you and yours.



~Archangel Oracle

*Mother Mary Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, Artwork by Shiloh Sophia McCloud 


Our Lady Of The Rose Crown

Published November 4, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Our Lady Of The Rose Crown, from the Mother Mary Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, Artwork by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Our Lady Of The Rose Crown, from the Mother Mary Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, Artwork by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Our Lady Of The Rose Crown, from the Mother Mary Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, Artwork by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Our Lady Of The Rose Crown: “You are my child and a royal divine being. I protect your spiritual deepening now, as you descend further into the living divine heart, and know all to be love. As the mysteries reveal themselves to you now, divine rapture awaits you. I shall keep you grounded and authentic, productive in the world that needs your light, even as I guide you into ecstatic communion with your holy nature.”

“No matter where we think we are on our spiritual path, there is always somewhere, and something, deeper to experience. Our Lady Of The Rose Crown appears when you are about to enter into another level of spiritual experience. This new level will be appropriate and healing for you – taking you naturally along in your spiritual progress. What might be suitable for another is unlikely to be exactly right for you. Our Lady watches over you with all-knowing tenderness and fierce protection. Only what you need, will come to you.

You have been preparing for this time, quite possibly without realizing it consciously. It can take years of preparation to be ready for the next level of spiritual awakening.

In order to be prepared, we might have to be challenged in a relationship that really stretches or breaks our heart. In that situation we are leaving to love more unconditionally, to either let the relationship go or to stay with it, depending on what is right for us. we might experience weeks, months or even years of not really knowing, with any certainty, if we are on the right path or living the life we are supposed to be living. In that continued crisis, we are learning how to remain present, to remain open and to learn to trust, even in the absence of clarity. Or perhaps everything in our life seems to be upside down; a loved one is struggling, or our own inability to resolve an issue that has troubled us deeply for some time, and is causing us to feel almost unbearable anguish.

No matter what the crisis or challenge, the way that we learned to respond and grow through it provided us with the development that we needed to be able to sustain the next level of divine experience. Love is the most powerful force in our universe. It is in everything and reveals itself in unlimited ways. To encounter this love, to be open to it, ready to receive it and be changed, illuminated, irradiated by it, takes tremendous preparation. Spiritual energy, and the presence of the Divine Mother, is very real and extremely powerful. It is, in some ways, like the energy of the sun. It can give life, but equally, it can be destructive if we do not acknowledge and manage the effect of its power upon us, for good or ill. What is loving and uplifting at one phase of our journey will not necessarily be enough to lift us into the next phase of our journey. For this next phase, perhaps we need more challenge, or more loving presence to leave behind what we thought we knew, and how we thought we needed to live, in order to allow more of the Divine to live through us, into the world.

Our Lady Of The Rose Crown comes to tell you that you have been in preparation, and now the time is fast approaching, or is already upon you, where by you are opening to more divine realization. This is a sacred and precious gift, and is happening in perfect accordance with your own spiritual growth. She asks that you drop preconceived expectations of how this will manifest, and simply be present to what is happening within you and your life now. No matter what you may initially think, what you are being shown right now is more of the Divine in its mysterious, creative, funny and unfathomable genius. Whether you can make sense of it or not, your heart and soul will be fed by it, strengthened and empowered to more fully live you divine light and discover who you truly are; a magnificent royal child of the Divine Father and Divine Mother.

If you have been wondering about your spiritual growth, or noticing that you judge others less and are able to hold compassion more easily, this oracle comes as a confirmation that, yes, ou have gone through a spiritual growth spurt, and also, more is to come. If you have been feeling as though you have been ‘tested’ spiritually with a recurring issue, this oracle comes with the guarantee of divine success and congratulations, as you are passing your spiritual test and the Mother is in celebration with you – soon you shall feel that, and join her delight.”*

~ By Alana Fairchild

What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger right? How strong are you feeling right now after everything you have been through? Are you feeling strong, or are you feeling weary. Either way, you are where you need to be on this journey, and things are going to get better as you cross the finish line with this challenge. You have passed with flying colours. Congratulations, the struggle is finally over.

Know that the biggest gift you will receive right now is found within you. You hold the key. The biggest gift is your open heart; your shifted perspective. Your understanding of the bigger picture. Your biggest gift is who you are and all you stand for. Your power. Your beauty. Your strength and courage in the face of adversity. Your Love and your pure light. That is the gift.

Find the gift and use it to help others. Use it to heal, to grow, to expand and to awaken. Use it for the Highest Good of All. We need it now, more than ever. There is no time to waste.

Heal and be healed. Love and be loved.

Be the Truth. Be the Way. Be the Light.

And so it is



~Archangel Oracle

*Mother Mary Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, Artwork by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Our Lady Of Comfort

Published August 21, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Our Lady Of Comfort, from the Mother Mary Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Our Lady Of Comfort, from the Mother Mary Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Our Lady Of Comfort, from the Mother Mary Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Our Lady Of Comfort: “Even though you may not see me, I am holding your hand. Even though you may not hear me, I am speaking through your heart. I am never far away from you. I am by your side, with love, guidance and protection, always. You are my own! I could not bear to be apart from you. receive my message of comfort and peace, now.”

“Our Lady Of Comfort brings you angels of peace. She is at your side. If you have wondered if the Divine is more real than you ever believed, if you have been in conscious divine connection, the oracle of Our Lady Of Comfort confirms this. If you have been having the opposite experience, perhaps finding it difficult to feel lightness, joy or happiness for some time, or finding it so hard to meditate or connect with yourself or your spiritual center, Our Lady Of Comfort is telling you she is still with you, and this time too shall pass.

If you have been trying to be strong, perhaps for the benefit of others who are grieving or in the stressful life situations, or if you have been feeling alone, not really held or heard by others, this oracle comes with a particular message. The Divine Mother hears you, knows you, loves you. She asks you pray to her, so that she may help you, that you may attract the comfort, connection and support that you need, not only from spiritual sources, but also in human form in the material world. You are worthy of this support too, and she asks that you do not allow your strength to isolate you, or prevent you from receiving the love that you need.

If you have been in chronic pain, either emotional or physical, and are suffering without relief, or you know of someone in such a situation, please pray to the divine Mother Mary, Our Lady Of Comfort, to bring spiritual blessing and the divine assistance or relief. The Divine Mother will offer what will most serve, with mercy and compassion, and you can certainly pray for her help for yourself and others.

If you are suffering a loss or disappointment, she comes to you specifically with this message: sometimes there is sacrifice of “what could have been” on the alter of a different future. Grieve what has not come to pass but know that there is plenty of life yet to be lived, and dreams to be fulfilled. Those dreams may be fulfilled in a way that is surprising, or may yet be fulfilled in the way that you once imagined that they would, but the divine timing is perfect and serves you. Receive her comfort and know that all is not lost.

If you have been worrying about a situation in your life, that Divine Mother asks that you imagine her soothing you gently, like a mother with a child. She asks that you know that you have more than enough strength and resourcefulness to attract to you what you will need to allow that situation to resolve itself. She is with you, helping you. Pray to her for help and allow her to help you.

Our Lady Of Comfort also reassures us that whatever is happening in our lives, whether obviously healing and supportive or not, is helping us grow spiritually. We can always pray to her for assistance and support. She will answer all our prayers. Yet we can also know that if we are struggling in some way, this is not a sign that something is wrong, or that we are being punished, or are “not getting” some lesson or other. We are just growing. Imagine a child taking their first steps. There can be a few great strides, and perhaps at least a few wobbles as well. The Divine Mother is there, with her arms open, calling you forward with delight into the next phase of your life path.

Finally, if you have been hearing loving words in a song that stick in your mind, or finding white feathers on the ground, or seeing many churches – more than usual – or seeing artwork of the Divine Mother, or feeling new sensations of love in meditation, and you have been wondering if it all means something, the oracle comes with this answer: Yes. The Divine is reaching for you and making its presence more felt, so that you know it is real, and with you always.”*

~ By Alana Fairchild

Mother Mary is here, Dear One. Breathe into her, allow yourself to feel her embrace. You are safe, you are loved, you are accepted. She is her to support you; to offer you her comfort; but also to teach you how to love and accept yourself as she does. She is always here beside you, always watching, always praying for you. Open your heart to her unconditional love, strive to match her openness; her light.

Know that you came here to anchor Divine Light into the planet and aid in the ascension of all Beings at this time in space. Know that in doing so, you are an extension of the Divine, here to experience a life of Love, Light and Service. Pour yourself into it. Leave the struggle and the suffering behind as you step onto this path. This is your spiritual journey, this is your reason for Being. And Mother Mary is your unwavering ally.

And so it is



~Archangel Oracle

*Mother Mary Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Shiloh Sophia McCloud


Our Lady Who Prevents Interference

Published July 21, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Our Lady Who Prevents Interference, from the Mother Mary Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Our Lady Who Prevents Interference, from the Mother Mary Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Our Lady Who Prevents Interference, from the Mother Mary Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Our Lady Who Prevents Interference: “You inner light is growing, my beloved, and through love you are attracting many who can be nourished by you. As the love in you blossoms, there are others, who are captured in fear, who may feel threatened by you and wish to obstruct your growth. I am your salvation and protection, for my love is greater than any fear. Place your loving trust in me. You shall not be harmed, nor shall you be swayed from your inevitable spiritual success, on my path of love. I prevent spiritual sabotage from succeeding. The success on your path through me is the triumph of spiritual freedom.”

“One of the paradoxes of the manifest world is that whilst creation flows from the one divine source of love, a the physical level of expression this does not always appear to be true. In the physical world, where the frequency of energy slows to such a point that matter can appear to be real, there is an outward appearance of good and evil, of love and fear. Polarities, or opposites, appear in this reality and we now have the sometimes challenging task of dealing with physical reality – with its love and fear – whilst also remembering that underneath this reality, sometimes hidden through always there, is only divinity.

The one divine intelligence is behind all of life. There is a spiritual teaching that this is like a beam of light that flows through a movie projector. The light shines through film and images are projected onto a blank screen. Stories come to life as motion pictures. They play out on the big screen before us. Sometimes the movies will be love stories, sometimes horror films. At other times they will be adventures or coming of age stories. These films are like our various life stories, played out during the course of our lifetime. No matter what the film may appear to be, or how it affects us, the light in the projector is always the same. No matter whether our life story is currently a romance, or a great tragedy, there is one divine light bringing it to life for us. That story will change over our lifetime perhaps, but the light is always the same. There are many on the spiritual path who find the notion that there is anything other than love, very difficult to deal with. This is perhaps because they understand that the light in the projector is what animates every film, and that is divine.

However, the Divine is all. That means it is not only the pure light, but also the stories that are played out, in which human beings are the actors. We can remember that the light behind the form is real divinity, but we can also learn to accept that the life playing out is a divine creation too, and we are meant to be loving, living and growing through that divine manifestation. Part of that life experience is that there is love, but also fear. There is much support on the divine path, but there are also those people and forces that would prefer that you didn’t succeed in love – because then their power, claimed through fear, would remain intact. These are very real forces but we do not need to be afraid of them. We only need to recognize that they exist, and that the Divine Mother protects and guides her children on the path of love, to fulfill their divine destiny. Her loving will be stronger than any interference or ill wishing. She has absolute compassion for such attempts at interference, understanding that it often comes from unresolved pain, but she does not indulge it and will absolutely defend against any obstruction to the triumph of love.

This oracle brings you a message from the Divine. One role that you are playing, in the various films of life, includes the role of spiritual being who is here to help yourself, and others, through your divine awakening. You are a holy child of the Holy Mother and together you are bringing her path of love to fruition – perhaps so there can be less horror movies and more great romances!

For now, however, the horror movies are a part of Earth’s great cosmic screenplay and we need to deal with them too. Ignoring them and focusing on the beam of light is not going to help us change the screenplays that create the films.

Through awareness we can become more intelligent. We can actively seek the divine protection that is reaching to us through Our Lady, and we will not be so affected by any negativity around us. Then we can shine our light and use our contagious divine love to help others to also let go of negativity. Love flowing through a being that is sure of his or her divine protection is a powerful force. No wonder those forces that want fear to dominate actively seek to interfere with our spiritual growth. Fortunately for those of us on the path of love, remembering to pray daily is enough for us to be brought under the Divine Mother’s hold protection. Even if you pray for just several seconds to ask the holy ones, who love us unconditionally, to be with us and protect and assist us this day, you will be under their protection.

From this place of love and protection, the forces of fear cannot undermine our inner spiritual connection. We can prevent ourselves being triggered through our fear impulses and avoid directing our energy away from divine trust. Interference with our well-being, finances, life path, happiness, relationships, or any other part of our life, can be prevented.

There is no need for fear here, just for understanding and intelligent use of power of protection that is available to us. Simple, effective and healing, the following process will assist you in accessing that now, and each and every day. The Divine Mother has brought this oracle to you because she wishes for you to come even more deeply into her protective field of love, and to thrive.”*

~ By Alana Fairchild

Mother Mary, our Divine and Holy Mother is here to shield and protect us with her Divine Light and Love. We are free within this light to explore our ascension; to awaken; to expand our awareness and our consciousness. We are free to open our hearts without fear, taking down the self-made walls and barriers we used to protect ourselves from pain. We can break through limitations, embrace new belief systems, see the connection between us and All That Is without fear holding us back.

As we expand and step into the glory of this new reality, we realize that our most powerful ally is Divine Love; for with it, anything and everything becomes truly possible.

Take a few moments of silence each morning before starting your day to connect with the radiant Light and Unconditional Love of our Holy Divine Mother. Allow yourself to bathe in her protective embrace. Know that you carry this protection always; that it will always shield you, always buffer you from the outside world which may hold those who are not yet ready to embrace their own expanded awareness. Know that it is safe to open your heart and activate your higher heart.

For the Highest Good of All.

And so it Is.



~Archangel Oracle

*Mother Mary Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Shiloh Sophia McCloud


Our Lady Of Quiet Blossoming

Published June 22, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Our Lady Of Quiet Blossoming, from the Mother Mary Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, Artwork by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Our Lady Of Quiet Blossoming, from the Mother Mary Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, Artwork by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Our Lady Of Quiet Blossoming, from the Mother Mary Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, Artwork by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Our Lady Of Quiet Blossoming: “I hear the inaudible, see the invisible, and feel the intangible. I sense the signs of growth before you can do so, beloved. So believe me now as I say to you, you are growing, and you must trust, for the seed needs all its strength to push up into the weighty soil that provides nourishment. It must find its way with absolute intent. Even with the most loving gardener tending to it, great focus is required for the seed to burst open so that the plant may grow.”

“Signs of spiritual growth are subtle at first and yet, eventually, evidence of our inner work becomes so obvious that our world is transformed. Before the transformation bears fruit, however, we must labour with great trust when we have no sense of our growth happening. We may indeed worry that we are deluding ourselves about any progress being made at all. We might fear that our spiritual practices, prayers, meditations or study might be little more than a passing fancy or a foolish hobby. Do not let such sabotage enter your heart, beloved. The Mother brings you a message that you are, indeed, growing and you must guard your faith vigilantly. It is one of your most powerful assets on the spiritual path.

It is during those times when we are yet to see evidence of our growth in the physical world, that we can feel most uncertain, most tested – yet we must, we simply must, choose trust and faith, no matter what. It may be weeks, months or years before we feel we have enough proof int eh physical world to justify our spiritual beliefs, but this matters not. What matters is trust. The Divine Mother comes to you  in this oracle telling you that she can see, hear, and feel your growth. She knows you are going to succeed spiritually, and you can trust her, when you cannot trust your own senses.

In time, your growth will have demonstrated itself in the world through your manifestations, and this will inspire you with even more trust to continue on the path. For now, have faith. Even the greatest creations stared as a single seed of thought.

This oracle comes with a special message. Do not give up. Do not let go of your dream. Stay at it. Keep working on yourself. If you are struggling to have faith, do the healing process for this oracle at any time. Soon enough, your uncertainty or tentativeness will be replaced with great confidence, certainty and knowing. Until that moment, and even then, trust without condition.

The oracle also brings this message to you: you are asked to trust in your inner senses or feelings about a person, opportunity or situation. Sometimes what doesn’t seem that promising on the surface of things, can hold tremendous promise and will be the foundation for your divine success. Likewise, sometimes what appears to be wonderful is actually not much more than a glossy surface, which will do little to support or nourish you, in actual fact. You are being asked to have the courage of your inner convictions, and to trust your own sense of intuition about what is happening in your life, or soon will be.

It takes a brave soul to rely on the feelings of the heart to guide the way, rather than relying on logic, the opinions of others, or the expectations of how things “should” be done. Do not be afraid to trust the quiet voice within, that may tell you to wait where others say to jump, or may tell you to dive in, where others say “that cannot be done.” Trust your heart and pray. Through your faith, the way will be shown and your blossoming will be protected and nurtured, through the Divine Mother’s grace.”*

~by Alana Fairchild

If you are stuck trying to make a decision, look within. What does your heart tell you? Mother Mary will speak to you through your Divine heart, and her counsel will always be wise and true. Do not take things at face value, but look beneath the layers; feel into it. How does it feel? Does it feel Light, easy and flowing? Or does it feel like a struggle? What is your heart whispering to you?

Rise above the desire to control the outcome and look at this from another perspective. Does this decision, opportunity, or person feel in alignment with your Highest Good? Does it feel in alignment with the Highest Good of All? This is key. You cannot force things to go the way that you want or wish them to go; for when we do this we meet obstacle after obstacle. We are dealing with projections rather than truth. If the Universe is showing you red flags, heed them. If the Universe is giving you a big green light, go for it! Feel into it. Know that when you decide from the heart, you cannot go wrong.

And so it is.



~Archangel Oracle

*Mother Mary Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, Artwork by Shiloh Sophia McCloud


Our Lady Of The Resurrection

Published June 13, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Our Lady Of The Resurrection, from the Mother Mary Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, Artwork by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Our Lady Of The Resurrection, from the Mother Mary Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, Artwork by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Our Lady Of The Resurrection, from the Mother Mary Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, Artwork by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Our Lady Of The Resurrection: “The eternal light dwells in my heart and as you enter into my heart, held safe in my love for you, that light becomes visible to you. It will show you the way through any darkness, and help you understand the purpose of past suffering, so that you can let it go and be at peace, free from confusion, shame or doubt. There is divine purpose within all that is. You have been struggling and now it is time for rest. Step into the light of my heart now, beloved, and let the darkness go. The time is drawing near for your resurrection and release.”

“It is a strange paradox that when we are truly open to life, we must be prepared to die many deaths before it is time for our physical life to end. We might suffer deaths before it is time for our physical life to end. we might suffer deaths of relationships, of ideals, of identities, even of certain hopes and dreams. If we can mourn these deaths, give them proper attention and due acknowledgment, grieving in whatever way is respectful and truthful, then those deaths become sacred sacrifices on the altar of new life.

If we try to rush past these many deaths, pushing them to one side out of fear that they may mean something terrible or frightening, then we will suffer more than needs be. Perhaps we become fearful if we feel that we are not in control of life and cannot prevent its powerful unfolding, because we do not trust where life is leading us. Then too, we miss our chance to make a sacrifice and feel more connected with life, and with death as a natural part of life, we don’t have to be scared of these deaths, as painful as they may be. We can accept that they are signs that we are growing and life is flowing. We can eve use them to gain confidence that a new direction, a new life, is calling us. There is always so much more to come. Always. No matter how old we may be, or how jaded we may feel at times, there is always boundless life awaiting us. All that is needed is a willingness for us to be open to receiving it.

The oracle of Our Lady Of The Resurrection is about discovering the light after the struggle; about life after death. Perhaps the deaths you have encountered have been literal and you have lost a beloved through death, or perhaps by a parting of ways through separation of some kind. Perhaps your endings have been more subtle, internal or symbolic. Perhaps you are going through that experience right now. Whatever the case, the Divine Mother speaks to you now about the promise of her light, about the resurrection, about the fact – decreed by her – that you shall indeed rise again.

As you await the grace of her light to permeate your consciousness, and help you rise up out of the ashes of your own suffering, reborn, you are asked to take a moment and connect with the wisdom of the owl. This nocturnal creature can help you ascertain what it is that the darkness of death, the night time of the soul, has brought to  you. Sometimes it is only in letting go that we are able to open up and receive. Sometimes the death opens us to new life in a way that no other situation could do. The blessing hiding in the death doesn’t make it easier to bear – we must grieve honestly – but it does bring another perspective. One of hope, of emerging light, of the realization that just as the sun breaks through the darkest nigh tat the dawn, so too will Our Lady Of The Resurrection lift us from even the deepest sorrow and gently urge us into new light, new understanding and new life. Take heed, beloved, your time of darkness is swiftly drawing to a close and a new day is soon to be upon you. The Holy Mother is with you and together you shall celebrate.”*

~ by Alana Fairchild, Artwork by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Mother Mary is here to guide us through the death of our old ways. Our old life has come to an end. It may have been a struggle. We may have had ideas that we thought we could force into manifestation. And yet, it was always so much harder, more challenging, than we felt that it should have been. It just wasn’t fair!!!

Take a step back now, Dear One, and realize that maybe, just maybe, you have been the toddler in the sandbox for too long. Playing tug a war with the bucket. You and the Universe. The Universe may have been urging you to drop the bucket and move on to bigger and better toys. But all you could see was that bucket. Mine! I must have it! I cannot be happy without it!!!!!!! Give it to me NOW!!

Look at your hand, curled up in a tight fist. That death grip around that old, faded, cracked plastic bucket. Take a closer look. Suddenly it comes into sharp focus; this endless struggle… The sand is running through the bucket, so many holes in it’s sides. The handle is on it’s last legs, about to be ripped off. In fact, do you even remember what was so great about it to begin with? What if, finger by finger, you just release it? Just let it go? And look up and around you. How blue the sky is, how golden the sunlight is, how brightly coloured the flowers are. Get up and brush yourself off and….

Step out of the sandbox.

There’s a whole, bright, beautiful world out here!

Full of magic and possibility!

And our Divine Holy Mother Mary is here to guide you. Support you. Love you into your next level of Being, as you learn to love yourself.

Welcome, Dear One, to the next chapter of your life.



~Archangel Oracle

*Mother Mary Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, Artwork by Shiloh Sophia McCloud


Our Lady Of Soul Birth

Published May 14, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle


Daily Angel Oracle Card: Our Lady Of Soul Birth, from the Mother Mary Oracle, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Our Lady Of Soul Birth: “You and I have never been separated, though you may fear it to be so, my beloved one. Yet as you grow, I grow. As you suffer, I suffer. As you celebrate, I celebrate. When you rage and grieve, so too do I rage and grieve. Your journey upon this planet is held within my loving embrace, and is my journey too. I am with you always. We cannot be parted. I accept all parts of you and all parts of your journey. There is nothing to hide from me, for I am in your life with you. When you reject parts of yourself, you reject me. When you love yourself, you love me. Love me, dear one, love yourself, and your radiant soul grows into life, into light, upon the earth.”

“The journey of the soul is a gritty one. It entails encounters with realms of light, with pure love and heavenly rapture. It also entails encounters with negativity, fear, doubt, shame, guilt, grief, anger and suffering. Such is the mysterious experience of being a divine human in the making. We encounter bliss and despair in order to become whole. It is through our wholeness that we are capable of allowing the divine presence to manifest through us as it wishes to, according to a higher plan. The more open we are to life with acceptance, especially when we don’t  understand it, the more we can allow our soul to lead us through life into our divine destiny. When our soul leads us, we avoid the obstacles created by our mind. With the mind’s tendencies to reject and judge, we would inhibit the flowing assistance of our soul.

The heavenly Mother wants your soul to blossom, understanding that it is the lotus flower that is fed by mud, and that this is just the nature of being a divine, soulful human. The Mother is not interested in perfection, she is interested in love. That is her way. She knows that the dark and the light are in sacred play upon the earth, and that the divine presence is in all things. It is not only within the light, but also even within the greatest darkness, though it may seem harder to find there. She understands that to grow and blossom, the soul needs honesty more than it needs pleasantness. She understand that we need the light of joy, and also the darkness of anger, rage, grief and sadness, channeled into healing consciousness so that we can grow and become all that we can possibly be.

She understands that becoming a divinely awakened human being is a raw, wild and beautiful path, often with great suffering, and she feels great compassion. So she empowers us, through her wisdom, to take the journey with a fearless faith in her divine protection and guidance when we are in need. The Mother wants to experience her divine children as succeeding in their spiritual destiny. This requires an acceptance even of the emotions that may not seem spiritual at first, and of the life experiences that seem to be challenging and take us into darker, unknown territory. When we understand that the Divine is in all experiences, and we draw to us what we need, when we need it, and that the Divine Mother protects us when ever we call upon her, we can trust. We might not always understand, but we can still choose to trust.

Through understanding her teachings of the necessity of light and dark for the heart to become truly powerful, we can accept ourselves and our lives more readily, and in doing so, our soul begins to open up. Our heart becomes powerful! When we can learn to love more completely, starting with ourselves, we become capable of being instruments for her love in the world in other ways – through our relationships. our passions and interests, our chosen professions, and how we live from day to day. When the soul is allowed to live, rather than the mind trying to squash it down and only allow the logical, understandable parts to see the light of day, miracles can occur. As the heart opens to life without restraint, the miraculous love of the Mother can flow through us. We become the instruments of her grace.

This oracle comes with a special message for you. Somewhere in your life, in your relationships or within yourself, you have been holding back. You have been doing so because you were worried that what wanted to come out was not acceptable, or that you would be shamed. Mother Mary tells you that she loves you and wants you to blossom. Don’t try to stop the flow of love. Allow yourself to take the steps forward that you have been questioning. Don’t be afraid, beloved. There is only your great connection to the Holy Mother to discover, and your own soul to grow. The Holy Mother is within you, is within your soul that longs for divine fulfillment. You have her permission to discover, and be yourself, completely and freely. Do not hide yourself away, even from the darkness. There is nothing to fear, there is only love that is growing.”*

~by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Again Mother Mary comes to us with her gentle message of Divine Love and Light. She encourages us to fully step into ourselves, loving every aspect, shedding light into the shadows of our deepest depths. What is it that you have been hiding from the world? What aspect of yourself do you have trouble accepting? It is time to bring all the scattered pieces of your heart and soul together as One.

Body, Mind and Spirit in one magical, breathtakingly honest You.

Mother Mary holds no judgment; she loves you no matter what. She loves the aspects of yourself that you have not loved, and she loves the parts that are so long lost they are almost forgotten. Let her lead you back to You with the expression of this Love. No fear, no doubt, no judgment, only Love.

Pure and Unconditional.

And so it is



~Archangel Oracle

*Mother Mary Oracle, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Shiloh Sophia McCloud


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