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Published January 10, 2018 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Cultivation, from the Whispers Of Lord Ganesha, by Angela Hartfield, artwork by Ekaterina Golovanova

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Cultivation, from the Whispers Of Lord Ganesha, by Angela Hartfield, artwork by Ekaterina Golovanova

Cultivation: “Listening to music can heal, encourage, and nurture your soul.”

“Your spirituality is an essential part of who you are, and it forms the framework of your world. Music resonates with the human spirit. At the heart of humanity is the song of the soul. Music has the power to unite communities, cultures, and civilization. Listening to music can heal, hearten and support your soul.

Studies have found that musical tones communicate with and have an energetic impact on the cells and organs of the human body. It is believed that the cells vibrate and essentially have their own musical intonations. Listening to music can help heal and uplift your energy. You may find that by tuning into uplifting or calming music, you create space for greater contemplation and, in turn, gain more clarity about what you are creating in your life. It can also bring about a stronger connection to your higher self or to oneness.

Music cultivates community as sound fosters communication and greater unity. Cultivation is a continual process that develops, encourages, and nurtures. There is a spiritual connection that forms between the music and the listener. Ganesha is inviting you to incorporate music into your life in a way that will augment your spiritual expansion. Listen to soothing music while you prepare for your day. Move away from the noise of excessive electronics and digital images and back to a more melodic existence. Take time to sit and listen to music. Doing this can shift your energy to a clearer and more receptive state.”*

~ By Angela Hartfield

Music has always been a vital part of our many civilizations across the planet. Music is a way that we can bridge the gap between cultures. Music can bring us together emotionally, triggering in us deep emotional release. Music is an integral part of marking a celebration, or honouring those who have passed. Think about the importance of music in movies, as it can get your heart beating fast when the killer is about to strike or tears flowing when lovers reunite.

Music has incredible healing properties that we are only just beginning to understand. The power of sound vibration can be used to kill diseased cells, promote growth in healthy cells and create the perfect balance within the energy centers or chakras of the body, promoting health and well being. 

Music can calm or stimulate the mind, assisting us in meditation, greater memory retention, and better connection between the logical and emotional parts of the brain. It can actually assist us in dealing with trauma and heal lingering emotional pain. It is proven that making music assists in the creation of new neural pathways; opening parts of the brain that would otherwise lay dormant. Yes, that means it quite literally makes you smarter.

But not all music is created equal. If you want to amplify the benefits of healing, bringing together the body, mind and spirit, it is suggested that you listen to Solfeggio or Binaural beat music,  based on the principle of Entrainment, which coaxes the brain to match the vibrational frequency of the music, promoting healing, sleep or altered states of consciousness.

Bring music into your world today. Get intimate with it. Put in some headphones and listen to the Solfeggio frequencies, there are many free on Youtube. Experiment with using this music to assist you in calming the mind, releasing stress, and healing the body. Let it move through every cell of your body. If you are able to experiment with making music, or participating in listening to or participating in a live music session with gongs, crystal bowls, hand pans, drums or any of the other magical instruments of the world… even better.



~Archangel Oracle

*Whispers Of Lord Ganesha, by Angela Hartfield, artwork by Ekaterina Golovanova

The Piper

Published January 26, 2017 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
The Piper, from The Faeries' Oracle, by Brian Froud and Jessica McBeth

The Piper, from The Faeries’ Oracle, by Brian Froud and Jessica McBeth

Daily Angel Oracle Card: The Piper, from The Faeries’ Oracle, by Brian Froud and Jessica McBeth

The Piper: “Music, Order, Harmony, Seduction, Empathy”

“The secret melody of the Piper drifts through our lives, offering us a means to communicate from the heart and without words. His music conveys our emotions to one another, emotions that are audible only in the listening ear of our hearts. His approach to us is gentle and wordless. He may send us his melody through the whisper of leaves, the rustle of grass, the song of a bird, the hum of city traffic, the buzz of a refrigerator, or the whirr of a computer. He asks that we listen to the world around us, especially to the unspoken words of others, humans and faeries, plants and trees.

Among the other things the Piper offers us is the ability to bring him our sorrows and pain in the form of music so that he may help us to heal them. Sing a sad song to this faery and he will add it to the energy of cleansing and healing, if we are open to healing. His natural music also offers us tranquility, if we take the time to be still and listen to it.

The Piper’s music can be seductive and attractive – even magnetic. He lures us with our won daydreams. Sometimes, we allow the music of the Piper to enthrall us into illusion, especially the illusion of control over that which we cannot control. However, if we use that illusion (our own self-deceit) to break through into greater truth, it has served its real purpose.

He calls to us, asking that we listen – listen to him, listen to the faeries, to each other’s hearts. His piping may seem elusive, hard to hear, diffused, yet it is very clear and it brings us the meaning of our lives.

Working on developing more order, harmony, and beauty in your life? Then you are singing to the tune of the Piper – and becoming more like him as you do.”

Starter Reading: “To get what you want, the Piper recommends that you try polite requests and gentle, patient persuasion – and then wait, quietly welcoming, for it to come to you. Seek harmony and tranquility in yourself and in the world around you. Use tenderness and gentleness. This card speaks of a time of harmony, creativity, and increasing order. It tells of communication without words – the music of empathy and the awareness of the feelings and concerns of others. This is a time to pay attention to the subtlety of others’ expressions of feelings and ideas. Look past the surface and listen as you would to a beguiling melody on the very edge of hearing. He also plays melodies in our dreams, which may be filled with meaning and importance, and then he leaves it up to us to understand what they mean.

This may also be a good time to be aware that others may be listening to us with sensitivity and clarity – so much so that they may hear what we are truly saying more clearly than we do ourselves.

This card may also signify musical talent or ability, or it may be suggesting that the use of music is in some way important at the present time.”

When This Card Comes As Challenger: “When we have blocked out the melody of the Piper we can be like someone mesmerized, lost in a dream, stagnating. Alternatively, this card may represent people so vague and diffused that they are insufficiently earthed to be able to keep commitments – or even to remember that they have made them and it wasn’t just another fantasy. Self-absorption, moodiness, and self-deceit can be problems. Altogether, unreliability and untrustworthiness are a real problem. Look at the other cards to see if anything can be done to rectify this or if you just have to take this into account and make your plans accordingly.

When the power of the Piper is twisted, it becomes manipulative and may be aimed at seducing others into something against their judgment or ethics. It becomes like a spider waiting at the center of a web to entrap someone.

One of the worst abuses of this energy is to use our empathic understanding of the needs, hopes, and dreams of others to attempt to lure them into self-destructive ways, especially by playing on their illusions, delusions, and confusions.”*

~By Jessica McBeth

Can you maintain inner peace and patience when you are reaching out for something in your life? When you are in the process of manifestation: when you are creating through intention, visualization, dreaming and action, is there peace? Or is there an empty space longing to be filled? A space that calls out to you, moment by moment like a starving baby waiting to be fed? When this space stays empty for a while, and the manifestation has not yet come to fruition, how do you deal with that? Do you have faith in the process and remain calm? Or do you fret, wondering where your manifestation is, why it’s taking so long, and what is holding it up?

When we hold on to the feeling of not having what we want, we actually slow down the process… I know, it’s annoying, but it is true. Basically, because we are sending out the energy of “it’s not here, where is it, why isn’t it here?” instead of “it will be here, I can’t wait to see it all play out, I have complete faith.” Big difference huh? But we love to control outcomes, and we feel like we are in control when we are telling the Universe to hurry up already, where the heck is it?!?

The Piper asks us to find our inner peace. He asks us to slow down and listen to the subtle whispers of the Universe… maybe there is a hint in there? Maybe we are missing something important in our haste? Maybe if we slow down and savour the moment, we might actually learn something about ourselves.

Breathe. Listen for the music of Being. It is in every breath, every heartbeat, every movement, every aspect of creation. Let it wash the illusions away and reveal your truth to you.



~Archangel Oracle

*The Faeries’ Oracle, by Brian Froud and Jessica McBeth


Three Of Cups

Published June 23, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Three Of Cups, from the Tarot Of The Hidden Realm, by Barbara Moore, Artwork by Julia Jeffrey

Three Of Cups, from the Tarot Of The Hidden Realm, by Barbara Moore, Artwork by Julia Jeffrey

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Three Of Cups, from the Tarot Of The Hidden Realm, by Barbara Moore, Artwork by Julia Jeffrey

Three Of Cups: “”Bright notes and sparkling melodies fill the air warmed by the sun. The energy seems to dance, beckoning all comers to take part in the spontaneous celebration of life. Laughter, giggles, and smiles fill in any blank spaces, completing the tapestry of joy. Three young, beautiful fey seem to be at the center, dancing together. While complete in each other’s company, they are open and welcoming to others wishing to add to and share in their merriment.

Against such a background, it is impossible to be anything but happy. Cups are filled and then lifted, toasting the health and happiness of everyone, present or absent, living or dead. It matters not to these giddy souls.

A passerby who did not become part of the party – although it is impossible to imagine such an occurrence – would be hard pressed to guess the reason for the celebration. If he were to stop a reveler and ask, the reveler would probably stop for a moment, puzzled, and say he really did not know what it was about or how it even started. “It just is, because life is wonderful, is it not?” And with a smile and a toast, the reveler would dismiss such unnecessary questions and rejoin the dance.”

Divinatory Meaning Of This Card: “Life is full of planned or formal celebrations – such as weddings, birthdays, and holidays – which have a certain joy. Life is also sometimes sprinkled with moments of unbidden celebration, and these moments have a different kind of joy. They are spontaneous and, refreshingly, lack expectations. Perhaps this is why they are so magical. The Three Of Cups represents a moment such as this one. It promises a happy intersection of people, time, and energy that have come together to create sweet and lively connections that simply make you happy to be alive for no specific reason except that, in that moment, life is good, and that is all that matters.”*

~by Barbara Moore

This message is all about spontaneity. Serendipity, synchronicity, pleasant surprises and unexpected encounters are on their way to you now. Fun, freedom, last minute plans, blessings, gifts and opportunities will present themselves to you over the next few days, be sure to take them as they will appear and disappear just as quickly. Such is the way of Faery. Do not over think or second guess yourself, just go with the flow and enjoy this window of fresh new life on offer. Like the sun breaking through the clouds after days of rain, or waking up to flowers in full bloom, nothing lasts forever, you must dive in and seize the day.

Do not overschedule yourself right now, give a little wiggle room. Eat outside, invite friends for a casual meal, decorate your home with fresh flowers. Invite adventure and fun in. Stir up the energy. Break out of routine.

Leave an offering of gratitude for the Faeries.



~Archangel Oracle

*Tarot Of The Hidden Realm, by Barbara Moore, Artwork by Julia Jeffrey

The Shaman Of Song

Published November 22, 2015 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
The Shaman Of Song, from The Shaman's Oracle Card deck, by John Matthews and Wil Kinghan

The Shaman Of Song, from The Shaman’s Oracle Card deck, by John Matthews and Wil Kinghan

Daily Angel Oracle Card: The Shaman Of Song, from The Shaman’s Oracle Card deck, by John Matthews and Wil Kinghan

The Shaman Of Song: “I am The Shaman Of Song. I sing from the hollow places of being; and the sounds I produce reach out to the edges of creation. When I sing I bring healing, energy, peace, strength, joy – all these transcendent aspects of being are in my songs. Whether I sing for you or for others, my song is beneficial, and opens ways that might otherwise be closed.”

The Shaman Of Song: From the earliest times shamans used the power of song to bring healing to those in need, and to feel their way into the heart of Spirit. The song itself represents energy and life, and transcends time, place, mood and emotion, bringing harmony in times of stress. We may not be singers but we can sing in our hearts. The resonance of song touches all things, brings us closer to Spirit, and teaches us to see beyond the personal into the infinite. The Shaman Of Song uses this power to help us to discover and travel along our true path and to bring us clarity in times of confusion.

Interpretations: Harmony ~ Cleansing the path through song ~ Raising joy ~ Calming agitation ~ Restoration ~ Food of the spirit ~ Energy ~ Light ~ Awareness of invisible matters”*

~ by John Matthews and Wil Kinghan

There is so much healing in the power of sound, and one of the most powerful ways to release toxic old energies from the body, particularly those of old unexpressed emotions, is to open your throat chakra and Sing! Repressed emotions, words that were held back, tears that we not cried, emotional pain and trauma that was not expressed, they all create stagnant and blocked energy in the chakras, or energy centers of the body. These can accumulate over time and become physical manifestations of dis-ease. They can also become blocks that create fear and doubt, holding us back from our true life’s purpose.

It is not just singing, but chanting that has enormous power to move energy. And with practice in incorporating breath work into chanting, magic is made. Divine channels are opened up through our bodies, creating space for the Light and Love of the Universe to fill us, to connect us. Above and below. The grounding energy of Mother Gaia and her green healing power; the rainbow of white Love and Light from the Cosmos, the Universe… the connection to All That Is.

Pure. Profound. Healing. The perfect balance of giving and receiving.

Start with Om. The single note of the Universe. Om is everything, it embodies the very essence of creation; the most sacred mantra. Om is a representation in the language of sound of the entire expansive consciousness of the Universe in one single note. If you sing nothing else… open your heart to Om. Open your throat to Om. Bring it up from your root chakra, right up your spine, through all your organs and up through the top of your head, even as it is released from your throat.

Repeated regularly, it will change your vibration… your consciousness. Total transformation.

If you are into that kind of thing…



*The Shaman’s Oracle Card deck, by John Matthews and Wil Kinghan

The Bard

Published September 6, 2015 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
The Bard, from the Wisdom Of Avalon Oracle Card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid

The Bard, from the Wisdom Of Avalon Oracle Card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid

Daily Angel Oracle Card: The Bard, from the Wisdom Of Avalon Oracle Card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid

The Bard: “Music, poetry, myth, history, the enchantment of storytelling.”

The Messengers Of Avalon

“This card represents music, storytelling; and the passing of truths, myths, and legends from generation to generation through the spoken word or song. In ancient Avalon, the traditions and stories of the people were gathered on leaves that served as letters in a living alphabet and were tended in vast, long houses. Here the Druids and priestesses came to read and weave the stories of magic and the scared relationship to the God and Goddess and the Mystery.

Those schooled in the art of music and storytelling were given the task of informing their world and keeping the stories of their culture alive. They were given the name of Bard.

When the Bard appears, you are asked to seek answers in your personal history. Go back into your own story and find the threads of the patterns in your reality, and trace their length back to the present. Perhaps you will be surprised by how much of your past, or that of your ancestors, still weaves its influence on you today.

When the Bard appears, he asks you to retrieve the stories woven in the past. Perhaps you need to learn about the history of someone, or something important to your inquiry. The seeds of the future are always hidden in the soil of the past. It is time to dig a little to find the clarity you need. Do not be afraid to learn the patterns of history. The only way to honor them or change them is to know them.

Perhaps it is time to listen to music and allow yourself to be carried into the land of memory and listen for its messages as the strings of your soul are strummed by the hand of the Divine.

Remember that the Bard appears to help you stay in tune with the All That Is. You are music, and your story is sung in the Heavens.”*

~ by Colette Baron-Reid

What patterns are repeating themselves in your life? Have you fallen into the same relationship pattern over and over, but with different partners? Have you found yourself suffering the same type of boss at different jobs? Have you found landlords particularly difficult to deal with? Or is there family matters that keep coming at you, over and over again

Patterns are repetition of learning opportunities. They are directly linked to our karma, and are a vital part of the reason we came here. And most importantly, whether we like it or not, patterns are us, refusing to learn the lesson, over and over and over again…. get it?

Once we get the lesson, we don’t have to learn it again, we can move on up the ladder of consciousness in new and expansive ways. We can shift our perceptions permanently. We can access the deep resources of creative manifestation to more peaceful circumstances. We can set ourselves free of the frustration and heartache.

So, what lesson needs to be learned? I will give you a hint: It is most likely about self worth. That’s a biggie! It comes in many forms. Whether it is linked to being “deserving” of love, of money, of material stuff, of a boss who sees you as capable or a partner who sees you as equal and worthy.

First, it comes from how we see… and LOVE ourselves.

How much do you, love you?

Unconditionally? Warts and all? Darkside too? Complete acceptance, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude?

Get there and anything is possible.

And I mean anything.


*Wisdom Of Avalon Oracle Card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid


Published October 14, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Music ~ from the Return Of Spirit Oracle Card deck, by Cheryl Lee Harnish

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Return Of Spirit Oracle Card deck, by Cheryl Lee Harnish: Music

Music: “Music plays a very important part in our energetic and physical well-being. Music, and certain binaural rhythms have the ability to aid us into altered states of consciousness. Music can calm us down, rev us up, and affect our mood in many ways. It can assist in the physical release of disease and alter our cellular frequencies. It can also affect the vibrational energy patterns within a space.

Your guides are asking that you start to integrate music more into your everyday life. It is important to help shift and move energies within your physical body and auric field. Take time to move,  flow, and dance to the music. It does not matter what kind of music it is, just as long as you feel good when you listen to it. Music plays a more important role in your well-being than you may be aware of right now.

This card also comes to those who have musical gifts, talents, and abilities. Firstly, Spirit is acknowledging your gifts. They are also encouraging you to continue to grow and develop your talent, and to be open to sharing your sound with the world. Whether you are a musician, singer, or sound healer, it is important that you do not give up on yourself or your gifts. Time to stop holding back or doubting if this is what you are meant to do.

Music is a universal language and physical manifestation of Divine energy in full expression. It is time to turn up other radio or dig out your mp3 player. Sing out loud like no one is listening, dance free like no one is watching. Get a little crazy and wild. Have fun and enjoy it. Make music a part of your everyday routine and watch your energy, mood, and creative force blossom!”*

– Cheryl Lee Harnish

Writing a blog about the healing qualities of music is actually challenging! This being a subject that many books have been written about, and for a very good reason. There is really nothing quite as satisfying, healing, exhilarating, humbling, or more nostalgic than music. Music is the quickest fix there is, even in today’s society. It can lift you up, soaring like nothing else, and it can bring you to tears in seconds. It can calm babies, create new neural pathways (basically it makes you smarter!) and raises your vibration almost instantly. Music is a miracle unto itself. Note the hearts in the photo on the card, music is love in sound vibration!

The Universe is music, and there is a sacred connection between music, math and sacred geometry (I’m no expert, as much as I know this fact with conviction, I have not figured it out… yet!). Sound vibration can heal people, plants and animals alike. Archangel Sandalphon is the angel of music, and he is also the angel who delivers our prayers to heaven/the Universe/Source for us. If you are being called to music, you are working with Archangel Sandalphon.

Taking music one step further, if you participate in the creation of the music, by singing, chanting, or playing any instrument, you take the healing capabilities of music to a whole ‘nother level! And moving to the music opens and balances your chakras, so it helps the connection between body, mind and spirit. Different tones of music can be played for balancing and activating each of our chakras, and there are movements that also help to maximize the benefits.

Since I couldn’t possibly explain it better than that, here is an awesome video from TED that explains just how awesome playing music really is for you; perfectly and precisely in under 5 min!

Consider adding some biaural beats to your daily regime, some Tibetan Chants, some cultural music. Explore and find what works for you; what lifts you up when you are feeling down, what calms you after a stressful day, what you can work out to and what you can go to sleep to. It’s a very personal choice but it’s so much fun to discover what moves you. Then consider learning to play, sing, chant or dance right along to it. The results just might amaze you!


*  Return Of Spirit Oracle Card deck, by Cheryl Lee Harnish


Music ~ Harmony

Published December 14, 2013 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Music Harmony

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Earth Magic Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer: Music ~ Harmony

Music ~ Harmony:

“Ah music! What would life be like without it? It is not something that we humans invented; rather, music has been around since time began. Subtle and dramatic textures or sound have existed as long as there have bee beings that could hear them. For our ancient ancestors, paying close attention to sounds, rhythms, and vibrations from the environment helped them to survive. Of course, it has also been compelling for humanity to create music through our own voice and musical instruments.

As we have evolved, so have the instruments we have created, some of which when played mimic the music of the natural world. Where there is more than one instrument played or two or more people singing, the resulting harmonies blend into one unified sound that is pleasing to the ear. If the notes are out of sync, there is a notable dissonance that can be disturbing.

Here, we see two women with stringed instruments creating a harmonious blend. They are so absorbed in their playing that they appear to be in a trance, as if they are simply allowing the music to flow through them.

This is a time of considerable harmony for you, one where the various elements in your life are flowing together smoothly. Just as in musical harmony, it is the interface of these elements that merge into a cycle of symmetry and balance that evokes feelings of harmony. The challenge is to sustain this inner accord even when there is considerable dissonance outside of your own mind, heart, and body.

Note the sensations, emotions, and thoughts you experience when everything seems to be moving along well. Take three deep breaths, and let your breathing be the anchor that reminds you of this state of consciousness. Whenever you perceive chaos around you, know that it is a mirror of your inner turmoil. When you recognize this, take three or more breaths to bring forth  the memory of those moments when your life was like a symphony. Then every time you exhale, you are releasing the energy of your internal state of harmony into the world, and it will have amazing effects.”*

Again, I have to acknowledge the synchronicity between my posts, yesterday being Manifesting With Music. This is definitely a theme; and what better time of year to use music as a tool to raise our vibrations and attain harmony and balance in our lives than Christmas. The holiday season is a time of excitement, socializing and togetherness; it can also a time of year for stress, overwhelm and financial concern. Music can help you to ground yourself in the now. Play your favourite music and take some time to look at your life and feel gratitude for the blessings of abundance all around you. Abundance comes in many forms, and sometimes we are so busy trying to manifest what we think we want, that we don’t see the silver lining of the blessings, signs, and synchronicities already around us. By acknowledging and appreciating the simple graciousness around you; you draw even better opportunities, situations and abundance to you.

So take those deep breaths, feel the gratitude coursing through you, send thanks to the Divine for the infinite love and blessings in your life and become a magnet to a miraculous life. Your miraculous life.


* Earth Magic Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer


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