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Archangel Sachiel

Published January 6, 2019 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Archangel Sachiel ~ Good Fortune, from The Oracle Of The Angels, by Richard Webster

Archangel Sachiel ~ Good Fortune, from The Oracle Of The Angels, by Richard Webster

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Archangel Sachiel ~ Good Fortune, from The Oracle Of The Angels, by Richard Webster

Archangel Sachiel ~ Good Fortune: “Sachiel is generally considered an archangel. He looks after the planet Jupiter. In astrology, Jupiter is a positive, expansive, jovial planet that provides good fortune. Saciel is interested in justice, wisdom and abundance. Sachiel enhances intuition, and provides support for Sagittarians. (The man of a horse aiming an arrow at th estars symbolizes the sigh of Sagittarius.) The Essenes, a religious sect that was active one hundred years before and after the life of Jesus, considered Sachiel to be the angel of water. Consequenly, he is usually depicted close to a body of water, such as a lake. He wears green robes, and his wings are tinged light blue.”

Challenge: “You have drawn this card as good fortune is smiling on you. Now is the time to ask for a promotion, to make an investment, to take a vacation, or to try something you have not attempted before. Good fortune comes and goes, so make the most of this opportunity.”*

~ By Richard Webster

Imagine a stargate portal opening up and you can see your dreams. It is like a time traveling machine, a wormhole. If you step through it now, you take a short cut to manifesting the reality you have been desiring for quite some time now. But yet maybe you hang back, nervous, wondering if it’s safe to step through. You have never been through a portal before, what if something scary happens? What if you are not prepared? What if it’s not what you expect when you get there? As you stand conflicted, frozen in fear and doubt, the portal slowly starts to close. Do you step forward boldly into the unknown? Or do you play it safe? Stick with what you know?

Only you can decide.

Today is the first new moon of 2019 and it also holds the energies of the first solar eclipse in Capricorn. Think of the solar eclipse energy as jumper cables for your new moon energies! Take this opportunity, this portal of manifestation and run with it; get really clear on your short and long term goals, dreams and ambitions. Write them down, add them to your God Box, do a new moon ritual to breathe your desires to life.

Archangel Sachiel is here to gently nudge you forward. He is asking you to trust your heart, to aim for the stars. He urges you to step forward and do not look back. Your past is not your future. This is all new. Everything you need awaits you. Even if it doesn’t at first seem as so.

There may be a curve ball headed your way, but it is only to reroute you. Will it come if you stay paralyzed? Probably. Will it come if you step forward fearlessly? Possibly. But it is simply the Universe’s way of recalibrating your GPS. Do not let your emotions overtake you; do not let your ego persuade you to stay stuck.

Breathe deeply and connect to your heart center. You may place your hand on your heart, just as Sachiel is doing above, this will help to direct your attention to this area. See your heart center opening and aligning with Sachiels heart center. Know that he is giving you the strength to move forward. Know that he will always be by your side, and that all you have to do is say his name, aloud or in your head, and place your hand to your heart to invoke him. Ask anything of him and he will assist you. But promise him that you will move towards your Soul path. One little step at a time.

Take the leap, knowing that Good Fortune awaits you.



~ Archangel Oracle

*The Oracle Of The Angels, by Richard Webster

Rehael ~ Self Respect

Published December 30, 2015 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Rehael ~ Self Respect, from the Oracle Of The Angels, by Richard Webster

Rehael ~ Self Respect, from the Oracle Of The Angels, by Richard Webster

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Rehael ~ Self Respect, from the Oracle Of The Angels, by Richard Webster

Rehael ~ Self Respect: “Rehael is the angel of self-respect and works tirelessly to inspire respect for one’s parents. He also works hard to promote humanitarian ideals. Rehael works with both the mind and the body, and promotes health and longevity. As Rehael belongs to the order of Powers, he wears armor and holds a sword.

Challenge From Rehael: “You may have a need to value yourself more. Think of your achievements and contributions to family, friends, and colleagues. Stand up for yourself, when necessary, and make sure your contributions are valued. Keep an eye on your thoughts and try to keep most of them positive. As well as your mind, you need to look after your physical body. Choose a form of exercise that you enjoy and make time for it on a regular basis”*

~ by Richard Webster

Look at the stance of angel Rehael. Note how powerful, direct and uncompromising his gaze. He holds his sword with both hands; observe that the hilt is bright red, the colour of the base chakra signifying safety, security, trust and belonging. See how he is protected by his armor, reminding us to create healthy boundaries that suit our levels of sensitivity and honor them as sacred. His indigo cloak reminds us of the importance of using our third eye, fearlessly seeking the truth through our own intuition and deep inner wisdom.

Rehael is encouraging us to release any shame, guilt and limitations that have previously held us back, and step boldly into our truth. He reminds us to see our own true value and connection to the Divine. He is asking us that we see our own true power, that we use it wisely and with respect. This is not about arrogance, there is no power trip; it is about confidence and strength of character. It is about seeing everyone as equal, removing the hierarchy and seeing the connection to everyone and every being in the Universe. This is true strength.

When we dis-empower ourselves, we deny the light which resides within us. When we tell ourselves that we are not worthy, we are turn away from the Divine spark of our Soul. When we see ourselves as less than another, allowing them to take control of our lives or make our decisions for us, we are moving away from alignment with our higher selves. Giving away our power is not selfless, it is detrimental to our sacred journey on our Soul path.

Rehael is here to guide us back into alignment with our Higher Selves, our Souls. He is asking that we trust in our intuition, and follow the guidance of our hearts. He is asking us to work with our physical bodies, moving the energy and creating a sense of balance and well being. He is reminding us to celebrate our achievements, focus on our victories and acknowledge what we are capable of. Keep our thoughts positive, and know that anything, in this mindset, is possible.


*Oracle Of The Angels, by Richard Webster


Published December 10, 2015 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Raphael, from the Oracle Of The Angels Oracle Card deck, by Richard Webster

Raphael, from the Oracle Of The Angels Oracle Card deck, by Richard Webster

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Raphael, from the Oracle Of The Angels Oracle Card deck, by Richard Webster

Raphael ~ Healing: “Raphael is usually depicted as a traveler. He wears light yellow casual robes and sandals. He carries a long staff in one hand and a fish in the other. He has a canteen attached to his belt. Raphael has long, fair hair. Around his shoulders he has a violet cloak. Raphael has been called the angel or the sun. Consequently, the sun is usually visible in he background whenever Raphael is depicted. Raphael is one of the guardians of the Tree Of Life in the Garden of Eden, and part of this garden can be seen behind him. Raphael is associated with healing for many reasons, but mainly it is because he restored the eyesight of Tobit using gall from a huge fish. Raphael also instructed Noah (and according to Jewish legend, gave him a book) on medicine. Raphael also helped Solomon build his great temple. He is also believed to be the angel who “troubled the water” at the pool at Bethesda. The first person who stepped into the pool after the troubling was cured.

Challenge: “You need physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual healing. You may not be aware of this, but it is important you allow enough time for your body, mind and spirit to restore itself so that you can work at your very best. A walk in a park or some quiet time in which you nurture yourself will pay big dividends.”*

~ by Richard Webster

This is a very busy time of year, and brings about many extra stresses which can quickly lead to overwhelm. We must spread ourselves thin in many ways; socially, financially, personally… there’s just not much left over for our health and well being. I know myself that I often throw away any thoughts of healing out the window in December, thinking I will catch up with it all in January… with the masses!

But what Archangel Raphael is here to tell us, is that a very vital part of health and healing is preventative medicine. We simply must eke out a little “me time” … a little destressing and some much needed time to reconnect with ourselves and Mother Nature… it’s for our very sanity! If you can’t make it to the gym, or to yoga, and your routine has gone out the window, then promise yourself a few minutes outside, no matter the weather, to breathe in silent gratitude. If you are lucky enough to live somewhere down south where it’s warm in the winter then make it at least 20! If it’s minus 50 where you are at… then you will have to settle for under three, but you get the idea.

If this is not possible for any reason, then use the elements available to you. Find a comfortable position, take a few minutes to just breathe in silence; invoking the powerful element of Air into your life for wisdom and healing. Light a candle and work with the element of Fire as you softly focus or close your eyes, finding your center through your breath. Take a sea salt bath (by candle light… even better!) incorporate the deep breathing and you have three amazing elements to work with. Work with the Earth element by doing a simple plant sit with one of your indoor plants… remember that you invite the elementals into your home when you have house plants, and they are incredible ally’s! Lastly, incorporate the fifth element into each exercise… the element of love. Learn to cultivate your deep connection to this profoundly healing element by focusing on your heart center and radiating white light and love out, into and around the world and right out into the Universe holding the intention to give and to receive.

Know that Archangel Raphael will assist you in any way that you ask. Note his chest of treasures that he has brought to you, full of wonder and abundance. No healing too big or too small.


*Oracle Of The Angels Oracle Card deck, by Richard Webster

Inner Calling

Published November 21, 2015 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Inner Calling, from the Oracle Of The Angels Oracle Card deck, by Mario Duguay

Inner Calling, from the Oracle Of The Angels Oracle Card deck, by Mario Duguay

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Inner Calling, from the Oracle Of The Angels Oracle Card deck, by Mario Duguay

┬áInner Calling: You can choose to see your biggest challenges as your best opportunities for inner change and growth. The trials and ordeals we experience in life are actually necessary for our soul’s evolution. Take a moment to reflect back on past difficulties and identify how those experiences have made you stronger and wiser. Now, turn your attention to the present and remind yourself to take the drama out of your challenges and try to see how they are serving you.

“I choose to see challenges as ideal opportunities to work on my inner self. I look for the blessings in all situations, past and present. I am connected to the positive aspect of my experience.”*

~by Mario Duguay

It’s much easier to face our obstacles if we can detach from them and gain a higher perspective. This requires taking things out of the personal perspective and seeing them objectively; particularly if we are stuck in a victim mentality. We must take time to center ourselves, breathing deeply and allowing ourselves to release the tendency to be reactive and emotional; focusing instead on the clarity provided by quiet contemplation. Looking for patterns in our lives can provide us with invaluable data.

When we realize that we have, in fact, been repeating patterns over and over again, we can finally allow ourselves to acknowledge that there is a big lesson here which simply will not go away until it is learned. This could be a lesson in self love, acceptance and worth which presents itself usually as quite the opposite! If you are finding yourself treated badly in a relationship; feeling unappreciated by family and friends; or your talents unacknowledged at work, take a close look at how you view yourself. If you truly love, accept and respect yourself, you cannot tolerate this poor treatment and a decision may need to be made in order for this dynamic to change. We must have a hand in this change, taking the steps and doing the work that needs to be done in order to move forward. We must decide that we are worthy of more, set the intention to surround ourselves with healthy situations and positive people who are supportive of our highest good and decide that we are capable of returning this support in turn.

It is time to look deeply within ourselves and see the gifts and talents that are uniquely ours to share with the world. Know that by sharing these precious gifts, we can step into our true authentic selves. We are healers and we are lightworkers, the world needs us now and we are here for a reason. The challenges we are facing in our day to day lives must be resolved simply and directly in order to allow us to do what we are actually here for; otherwise they distract us from our life’s purpose while draining precious energies that would best be used elsewhere.

Heal thyself (and the drama…) and the dreams will follow.


*Oracle Of The Angels Oracle Card deck, by Mario Duguay

Angel Asmodel ~ Patience

Published October 24, 2015 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Angel Asmodel ~ Patience, from the Oracle Of The Angels by Richard Webster

Angel Asmodel ~ Patience, from the Oracle Of The Angels by Richard Webster

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Angel Asmodel ~ Patience, from the Oracle Of The Angels by Richard Webster

Angel Asmodel ~ Patience: “Asmodel governs the month of April and is responsible for people born under the sign of Taurus. He is cautions and helps people steadily increase their net worth. His robes are dark green and turquoise. He appears relaxed ans is seated whilst reading a scroll.

Challenge: “You might be seeking instant results. You need to allow whatever time is necessary for your plans to develop. It is hard to wait when you want to act, but patience can be a source of strength. Use this time to think, learn, and plan, so that you can move ahead quickly when the time of waiting is over.

Be patient with little things, too. We all experience small annoyances every now and again. If you learn to handle them in a calm manner, you will also be able to handle bigger problems with the same degree of patience.”*

~by Richard Webster

Sometimes we need to proceed step by step with out reward. We must have faith that the harvest will come, even if there is no sign of it right now. Think of the farmer sowing his seeds, he puts the seeds down and trusts in the soil and the elements to do the rest. He cannot hasten the harvest, no matter how much he wants the end result. There may be too much rain, or not enough. Birds might eat some of the seeds, and animals may nibble the tender shoots. But the farmer knows that ultimately, this will not affect his harvest. He has faith. In the end, he must know that his harvest will always bear fruit. Yes, there may be unforseen setbacks, but he must be patient and surrender to the process.

This is a metaphor for your process right now. There are ebbs and there are flows. Just when you think all the stars are in alignment, and that you are sure to harvest, there may be a set back. Yet, this set back is only as large as you perceive it to be. Only as large as you let it be. Only as small and insignificant as you allow it to be. Maybe it is not a set back at all, but a calm before the storm. Maybe what you desire so much is actually on it’s way to you right now, and as much as you cannot hasten the harvest, you are about to receive regardless of what may be going on.

Take this time to breathe! Take a little reprieve. Realign your focus, gather your strength, tie up loose ends. Get the little stuff done so you can tackle the big stuff that is coming. See this as a gift, like getting off work early for a long weekend! Celebrate the victories and don’t let the little blocks get you down. Ultimately, you are on your way to greatness and nothing and no one can hold you back!


*Oracle Of The Angels by Richard Webster



Published August 20, 2015 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Energy, from the Oracle Of The Angels, by Martin Duguay

Energy, from the Oracle Of The Angels, by Mario Duguay

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Energy, from the Oracle Of The Angels, by Mario Duguay

Energy: “Our thoughts and feelings are energy. Everything we think and feel flows out into the world like radio waves. Whether we intend to broadcast our feelings and thoughts does not matter, as it happens automatically. Human consciousness is like the World Wide Web. We transmit and receive information (energy). All in life is energetically interconnected. You may be missing someone who is a long way from you, or you may be saddened by a loved one’s passing. Through this card, this person wants to make their presence felt. They want you to know that they have not left you and will never leave, for you are forever connected by invisible threads of love”.

“Love is energy. Love transcends time and space. There is positive energy all around me. I am spiritually connected to those I love. Time and space does not exist within my Soul.”*

~ by Martin Duguay

We can put on a happy face and fool those around us… to a point. If they are intuitive, they may sense something is amiss, yet they must truly be in tune to follow their own instincts rather than take us at face value. For most of the time, even if we do have an issue or are feeling low or down for whatever reason, we are masters of disguise. We hide our shadow selves, afraid that showing these perceived negative emotions make us less likable or even lovable. We fear being labled or judged or compared to those who seem to have it more together. So we stuff the feelings deep down, paste a smile on our face and get on with life.

Yet, these stuffed feelings have a way of catching up with us. They can even cause havok on our health over time. They can cause resentment, anxiety and depression. They can hold us back as we use them as filters to see our futures. We must acknowledge them, feel them and allow them to be processed before we can release them. In releasing them, we make space for new energies; and this is what makes all the difference.

The Universe is not fooled by our happy face, it only goes with how we are feeling. The emotions that we put out are the radio signals that work as magnets. This however, does not mean that we cannot create an amazing life for ourselves if we are having a bad day, missing someone, or have circumstances beyond our control that have let us down. What it means is being true to what you are feeling means that you must feel it. Move through it and past it, knowing that it will always get better, that the future is brighter. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Always. No exceptions.

If you are experiencing stuck energies, shake things up! Move it through your body by allowing it to surface and wash through you. It’s OK to be angry or sad. Feel it and release it. Say a prayer of forgiveness for yourself. Practice yesterday’s simple act of self love breathing technique. Then move forward fearlessly.

We are all energy. We are all connected. Love is the thread that weaves us together.

You are loved.

You are love.


*Oracle Of The Angels, by Martin Duguay

Higher Consciousness

Published August 7, 2015 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Higher Consciousness, from the Oracle Of The Angels, by Mario Duguay

Higher Consciousness, from the Oracle Of The Angels, by Mario Duguay

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Higher Consciousness, from the Oracle Of The Angels, by Mario Duguay

Higher Consciousness: “Your connection to the Higher Consciousness is activated and very strong at this time. You are currently able to experience your life and the world around you from a higher perspective than you have been used to. This is an excellent time to reflect on your life and your desires for the future. Feel your interconnectedness with all things and seize the potential of of this moment to realize some of your greatest spiritual dreams.


I let go of the material world and open to my Higher Consciousness.

I become aware of my greatness and my importance within the Universe.

I believe in myself. I accept myself and I love myself completely.

My mission is important and I live it fully.”*

– by Mario Duguay

We are part of an intricate web of life that connects every cell of life across the vast Universe. This connection comes through the fifth element, the Ether, or Spirit of every living being. We are all made up of stardust and energy; light and love. What we see is only a fraction of what we are, and what we are capable of in our thoughts and energies is far greater than anything we can comprehend in this limiting physical plane of existence.

However, as our consciousness expands, and we are able to see the connection between All That Is, and our integral part of it, we stretch our minds and up to meet our hearts. This is when our true potential is unlocked. When we can lead with love instead of guarding with fear. When we let go of lack and settle in to knowing. When we slow down and stop scavenging and start expanding. That is when we truly step in to living.

Living without feeling like something is missing. Living from the heart, sharing and learning. Finding peace now instead of waiting, putting it off until perfection is achieved. Seeing that the perfection lies deeply within the imperfection of each of us. Accepting it wholeheartedly from the inside out.

Everything can change with a simple, but profound, shift in perspective. Things can align and take off in new directions. If we let them. If we let go of what we thought was important, reconnect with the Earth, follow our hearts and accept ourselves as powerful beings of light who are here to change the future of our planet. Simple really!

Take some time right now to reflect on what is truly important in your life right now. Where is your joy and where could you cut loose from the drama. Where can you find freedom? What can you release to unburden yourself? How can you use your thoughts in a different way than you have been to create a reality that you love from all angles?

Now make it happen.


* Oracle Of The Angels, by Mario Duguay


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