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Published December 15, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Grace, from the Tao Oracle, by Ma Deva Padma

Grace, from the Tao Oracle, by Ma Deva Padma

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Grace, from the Tao Oracle, by Ma Deva Padma

Grace: “Ancient cultures throughout the world revered those who were exceptionally gifted or beautiful as manifestations of God’s grace on earth – a link between the divine creator and humankind. Today we call such people “stars,” but what we really revere is their celebrity and fame rather than their individual qualities. To be a true star, however, is to radiate well-being and an attitude that says “I feel at home with myself and with the world.” Everyone, in this sense, has the potential for stardom; it is our birthright, regardless of our physical appearance, social standing, abilities, or the whims of fashion.

Despite what the cult of stardom would have us believe, real beauty and the grace that surrounds it is never contrived. It is a luminosity that emanates from within, ephemeral and ageless, a natural glow that arises from living a balanced life. Like the lotus blossom that appears above the muddiest of waters, the lifelong challenge we face is to transform the dark and the difficult into light, fragrance, and ultimately, the flower of consciousness.

Beauty and our perception of it manifests in myriad ways. For a scientist, it might appear as a flash of clarity when one of the mysteries of the universe reveals its hidden design. For a painter, it could be in the interplay of shifting color or light and shadow in the landscape. A composer might hear music in the night sky or in sunlit waters. The creative impulse in us springs from those moments of grace when all the divergent elements of life seem to harmonize perfectly; when, everywhere we look, we perceive the brilliance and mystery of a masterwork that transcends the knowable. Our expressions of creativity are essentially an homage to the Tao.

Awareness of beauty is inextricably bound with a sense of impermanence. Everywhere in nature beauty is born, fades, and returns again to beget beauty, in a continuous, creative unfoldment. We create many problems for ourselves by wanting to demystify and possess beauty and grace, to reproduce an essentially ephemeral experience and make it permanent. When all efforts fail, as they inevitably must, we become stuck in an impossible longing to re-create what was lost through some contrivance of our own. If we can manage to withdraw from this desire to grasp and possess, the experience of grace becomes a source of inner nourishment that deepens our aesthetic pleasure and joy in life.

Learn simply to greet beauty when it comes, to reflect upon it and become one with it, with no demands or expectations. Contemplate beauty and allow it to infuse your life; you will be beautified by it, and an aesthetic sense will naturally arise within you. Recognize that beauty is fleeing; meditate on the transitoriness of all things, which will kindle in you the desire to be aware in every moment and to give life’s beauty some form of expression. This moment is an invitation to shine and to give of your best, graciously and wholeheartedly. Let your model be Mother Nature, whose elegance and generosity knows no bounds, and whose capacity to beautify is never less than perfect. The beauty of nature is love.”*

~ By Ma Deva Padma

Are you seeing the beauty around you in everyday life, starting with your own? Or are you putting it off, waiting for the stars to come into perfect alignment first, waiting until you lose weight first, waiting until you meet the love of your life first? What if you committed instead to seeing every tiny detail of beauty in every aspect of yourself and your external life? What would that look like? What could that feel like? How would it change your life to feel gratitude and peace whenever witnessing the grace of the Universe and Mother Gaia?

When you train yourself to mindfully see the abundance of beauty around you, and its ultimate vulnerability, you start to cherish its tenuous delicacy and elegance. You start to appreciate it more. You slow down and enjoy it’s allure. It feels like a gift… and rightfully so.

On the contrary, if you take all the exceptional beauty around you for granted, and refuse to see your own unique beauty, you block yourself from receiving the Love that you deserve. Life becomes two-dimensional, black and white. There is less to look forward too, less to linger on, less to appreciate. When we shift that perspective, and focus on what is beautiful and wonderous in our lives… that is when we attract more magic.

See and Be the beauty that stars in your own life.

Be the grace that you are.



~Archangel Oracle

*Tao Oracle, by Ma Deva Padma


Published August 3, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Sylvanius, from The Faeries' Oracle, by Brian Froud and Jessica MacBeth

Sylvanius, from The Faeries’ Oracle, by Brian Froud and Jessica MacBeth

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Sylvanius, from The Faeries’ Oracle, by Brian Froud and Jessica MacBeth

Sylvanius: “Truth, Cutting Through Deception, Clarity”

“Brian called this painting ‘The Mask Of Truth, True Dreaming’. Sylvanius, who holds the Mask Of Truth, is lord of the woodlands, his crown of antler branches signifying his authority. He presents the mask to us, supported by the Faery of Aspiration, as she welcomes us to our own potential. We wear the mask to look inward, seeing our true selves – not our false and fearful selves, but the beings of light that we truly are and what we have the potential to be. It becomes very difficult for us to make excuses and blame others for our failures and fears once we have seen what we could be if we were willing – what, in fact, we already are but are not quite living up to.

I thought is was very odd that there is a Mask Of Truth. It seemed to me that we use masks to hide truth rather than to reveal it.

“Oh, no!” Sylvanius assured me. “First, you put the mask on and hide, and then you take it off to reveal the truth.” Very faery.

“I see,” I said, not certain that I did, but not sure I wanted to either.

“Besides,” Sylvanius continued, “Your face is not your Truth. Sometimes faces need to be hidden so Truth can be seen. Or sometimes you need to make a crack in consciousness – an aha! moment – in order to see a truth you have been blind to.”

From before the time we were born, people have been projecting their ideas, hopes, fears, and confusions on us. As we grow up, we accept many of these untrue projections as our reality – our partly false, partly true picture of ourselves.

Brian wrote: “The faery, Kundrun, holds one of the many sacred swords of Faeryland. This one, forged long ago by mysterious Dwarves, is laid across the cliff of the otherworld as a bridge to Faeryland. The two-edged sword symbolizes the union of the human world with the world of Faery, as well as the union of the outer world of nature with the inner world of the psyche. It is the sword of clear-cut understanding and sharp perception. But once we cross into Faery, it becomes the sword of courage and noble service.”

Starter Reading: “At this time you are discovering new truths about yourself. They are essential for you to know in order to create relationships based on mutual respect, affection and trust. These things can only work if we see ourselves and others as we are. Currently, both Faery and this world are functioning as a giant mirror in which we see ourselves in many surprising ways. People tend to dread this because we assume that we are worse than we think we are, but this is far from necessarily true. Now it a time for finding our the false and misleading beliefs you have accepted and discovering that you are a better person than you thought – and have the potential to accomplish more than you believed you could. If someone says you are better or simply different than you think you are, don’t automatically reject this. Think it over carefully. You have more to give and more to enjoy than you have been giving yourself credit for.

If This Card Comes To You As Challenger: “Sylvanius, Kundrun, and the Faery of Aspiration have ganged up on you. They are creating cracks in your ideas about yourself so that the light of truth may shine in. Mirrors jump out at us with unexpected reflections. The trick is learning to distinguish the distorted reflections of others’ masks of untruth from the clear reflection of the Mask Of Truth. Beware of the reflections that others cast upon you and look within for your own truth. Whenever someone says, “Oh, you are so…,” stop and ask yourself if this is really true. It might just be their stuff, their projections, and have nothing to do with you at all.”*

~ By Jessica MacBeth

The Faeries want you to know that you have been holding on to some aspects, characteristics or perceptions of yourself that simply are not true. They wish to hand you the Mask Of Truth so that you can truly see yourself for the gift that you are. Someone, somewhere along the way convinced you that you were “less than” and you believed it! You have been carrying this around and it doesn’t belong to you. It is time to let it go. See the large sword right in the front of the illustration? Use that to cut away any old, outmoded beliefs and limitations that you have locked yourself into. Know that whether someone projected these on to you because they were trying to hurt you or protect you makes no difference. They still must be cut away to reveal the truth.

This could possibly be a radically transormational moment… if you let it. Imagine what you can be…. what you, in actuality ALREADY ARE… without that old crap weighing you down! You could, right now, experience an all new lightness of being. You could discover that you have been living with blinders on, with a huge ball and chain attached…

And now, quite suddenly, you are free. Liberated from the prison of your misguided perceptions.

Free to be You, finally.



~Archangel Oracle

*The Faeries’ Oracle, by Brian Froud and Jessica MacBeth

Mythic Reality

Published June 19, 2015 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Mythic Reality, from the Magdalene Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno

Mythic Reality, from the Magdalene Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno


Daily Angel Oracle Card: Mythic Reality, from the Magdalene Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno

Mythic Reality: “Something is causing you concern at present because you are viewing the situation from only one perspective. Look with an open heart and mind and you may see that a positive side also exists. Things may very well turn in your favor if you let go of preconceived ideas and rigid views. There are at least two perspectives from which to view every situation. What you see at present is only part of the picture. Often, what seems real to us may not necessarily be what is actually occurring. The true purpose of many of life’s events is often unclear because of our false assumptions, fears and misconceptions.

There is no need for concern; just allow things to naturally unfold and all will become clear to you. Remember, you may not have the power to change the world or many of the events in your life, but you have the power to change your perception of them.

~ All becomes clear when I view it from a higher perspective”*

– Toni Carmine Salerno

Many of us think that by imagining the “worst case scenario” we are somehow either preparing ourselves to deal with it, or better yet, protecting ourselves from it happening. We build things up in our mind as if they are much larger, tougher and bigger than they actually are. We base our thoughts on our past experiences of hurt, pain, fear and rejection rather than deciding to expect the best. It is time to shift this mentality, as it is no longer necessary to think from the worst angle forwards!

Something you perceive about a certain situation in your life is holding you back. It may be someone’s reaction, it may be fear of rejection, or it could even be fear of success leading to making someone you are close to uncomfortable. Maybe it is the idea of inevitable change that holds you back. Maybe it is knowing that you will have to stand on your own two feet that is holding you back. Regardless of what it is, it is simply a detail and a metaphor for where you are at in your life right now.

It’s time to give yourself permission to move forward with grace and ease. Let the scary stuff stay behind, you don’t need it anymore, of course you will realize you never really did!

Faith is required at this time to step around and away from your “worst case scenario” and decide that you will trust in the Universe to guide you to exactly where you need to be in order to progress. Surrender. Trust. Receive. Know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are capable of taking on whatever comes you way.

Look at the picture in this card. The path is lit but the journey seems dark. Yet there in the distance, is a brilliantly lit castle or structure. A bright rainbow and a starry sky. It speaks of trust, of treasure and of a bright future. Of support from your angels and guides.

But you must decide now to place one foot in front of the other, and walk your path.

All the way to the light.


* Magdalene Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno




Published April 20, 2015 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Falcon, from the Messages From Your Animal Spirit Guides Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer

Falcon, from the Messages From Your Animal Spirit Guides Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Falcon, from the Messages From Your Animal Spirit Guides Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer

Falcon: “Act on the opportunity that is before you, and commit to it without equivocation.”

“Providence is on your side, and the new opportunity that has been presented to you is congruent with your soul’s purpose. Even if you do not feel fully prepared or have doubts in your ability to manage the complexities that are inherent in tackling this venture, dive in anyway. You will be pleasantly surprised by the support¬† that will come to you in unexpected ways. All it takes is the willingness on your part to continue on a steady course wholeheartedly, while at the same time being open to changes in the direction that the winds are blowing.

It is important to stay focused on the goal that is ahead of you, while also remaining mindful of the purpose of your mission. Commit to your mission one hundred percent, and fulfill that commitment to the best of your ability. This is not a time for analysis, introspection, or retreat, but a time for action. As you respond to the opportunity that is before you, be willing to adjust your course of action as the need dictates, while at the same time moving steadily forward toward your goal. You can deal with whatever concerns come up without being distracted by them and without straying from the path you are on.

Associations For This Card:
Focus; Speed; Agility; Gracefulness; Observation; Vitality; Enthusiasm; Precision; Adventurousness;¬† Passion; Opportunity; Perceptiveness; Fluidity”*

– Stephen D Farmer

Our reprieve is almost over, and the time to take action is upon us. Opportunity is knocking and it is time to open to it, receiving the Divine assistance you need to maximize the experience. When you are presented with the opportunity at hand, embrace it wholeheartedly, for as you do so, you will unlock the abundance of the Universe.

When we feel fear going into the new, we start to block ourselves. When we decide that we can face the challenge with faith and trust, we fly! It is no coincidence that this message is from Falcon, it is perfect synchronicity! With Divine grace we will literally fly in the right direction, knowing that even if there are some simple challenges along the way, they will not stop the progress.

Breathe your way into and through the old fears, coming out in the new. Breathing deeply and taking the time to center yourself will be your most valuable tool in this busy and amazing time. Breathing deeply connects you to Spirit, while calming your physical body, literally telling it that everything is going to be just fine!

Don’t be surprised if there are more than one unexpected opportunity in the offerings! Like a domino effect, once you accept the first, many more will come your way; each more fantastic than the last. All you have to do is surrender, receive and….



* Messages From Your Animal Spirit Guides Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer


Goddess Of The Shadows

Published August 8, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Goddess Of the shadows

Goddess Of the shadows, from the Angels, Gods and Goddesses Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Angels, Gods and Goddesses Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno: Goddess Of The Shadows

Goddess Of The Shadows: What you perceive to be your dark side holds a hidden treasure.”

“Realize that any perception of belief you have about yourself or others is actually a deception more than it is a perception. What you perceive to be your dark side or shadow self holds a hidden treasure. As humans, we rarely see the full picture in any situation because we are forever stuck in the illusion of good and bad. You judge your positive and negative qualities and strive to be more of what you perceive to be positive while attempting to disown or neglect those aspects which you consider to be negative. By holding this belief, you fail to realize that all serves a purpose and that all benefits you in some way.

Everything is our world is made up o positive and negative charges, which together make a whole. You have been guided to choose this card by your soul, because you are ready to move to the next level of conscious awareness. Over the coming months you will find yourself questioning many of your long-held beliefs and you will realize that many of them are simply illusions that only serve to keep you feeling small, inadequate or restricted. This card heralds the start of a wondrous and empowering period of your life which brings to the surface many beautiful experiences and opportunities, which in the past, you never thought possible.”*

– Toni Carmine Salerno

Embrace every aspect of who you are; as you are Divine; you are a part of All That Is. There is no right or wrong; and you lack harmony, Dear One, when you stifle parts of you that you have been told are not proper; too selfish; or create feelings of “not fitting in.” You have compromised your beautiful self, and it’s time to break free of the restraints and shine your light on the world; knowing that once you have this freedom to shine, everything else will gracefully fall into place. The things that seem to be lacking in your present circumstances are due to the blocks you have created within yourself. Take down the walls, brick by brick. Bless and release; forgive and move on. When you can do this, you will finally be free.

The world needs your gifts, you came here for a reason. Not everyone will understand and that is OK. When you are following your life’s path and living your Soul’s purpose; you will inspire them to live theirs. There is nothing and no one who can hold you back but you. Breathe.

Take some time, preferably outdoors if possible and find a safe and secluded spot to meditate and contemplate the abundance of Mother Gaia. She does not apologize for any of her creations; the wasp is as perfect as the lotus flower. There is no good and bad in nature; only perfectly timed cycles. Consciously breathe in to every cell of your body, one at a time; and as you do so, send blessings of gratitude and love and light. Bless and release any blocks, raising the vibration of every cell, every part of your body. Age doesn’t matter; looks don’t matter; you are perfectly who you are and it’s time to love this person unconditionally. Every cell, every aspect, everything that makes you… YOU! Breathe, receive, love. Bask in the presence of the Divine within you.



* Angels, Gods and Goddesses Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno


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