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Published January 6, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Worthy, from the Return Of Spirit Oracle Card deck, by Cheryl Lee Harnish

Worthy, from the Return Of Spirit Oracle Card deck, by Cheryl Lee Harnish

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Worthy, from the Return Of Spirit Oracle Card deck, by Cheryl Lee Harnish

Worthy: “You are one of the loving spirits who has come to be in service to humanity this life time. This strong desire and need to give to your fellow man is embedded deep within your soul’s blueprint. You play an important role in the cosmic plan. This card has come to you today as Spirit’s way of giving you a much needed reminder – that you hold a great worth and value.

You can no longer question whether you are worthy or if you have value in this world. We all look to our physical world for this confirmation. We question whether we are good enough, wanted, and needed. We want the world to tell us that we are doing well and that it wants what we have to offer. But your value and worth cannot come from anyone or anything outside of you.

Just as you are, right now in this moment – you are enough. It is time for you to begin to understand you own worth and value. Spirit is asking that you start now, to understand just how important you are. Begin by asking yourself: How much would you value someone who was as kind to you as you are to others? If you met a person whose inner heart was as caring and loving as yours, would you value them in your life? If someone gave to you, as you give to others, would you value it? Of course you would.

You need to see yourself. See just how valuable you really are. Your worth does not come from what you do or how¬† your behave. You are worth comes from the fact that you are part of the God-Source. Once you fully realize this, you will play an invaluable role in helping others to discover their own worth too.”*

~ By Cheryl Lee Harnish

You are worthy. You are worthy. You are worthy.

Your turn:

I AM Worthy. I AM Worthy. I AM Worthy.

Breathe it in and hold it for a moment.

You are worthy. I AM Worthy.

How does that feel to you? Does it resonate deeply within your heart as your Soul cheers you on? Or does your ego jump in and point out several reasons that you may not be worthy just yet? How are you to handle that when it happens?

Do you remember the magic words?

I Love you Unconditionally. I Love YOU Unconditionally. To yourself. Repeated as necessary to shut that annoying ego self up and give you some room to make the necessary changes.

Transformation is so much easier when you believe you can do it. When those old broken records are finally put to rest. Then you can see with clarity the path that lies before you.

And move forward. With Grace and Ease. To embrace that which you are, and all that is on offer to you from our benevolent Universe.

Because, you are worthy.



~Archangel Oracle

*Return Of Spirit Oracle Card deck, by Cheryl Lee Harnish


Published January 29, 2015 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Divinity, from the Return Of Spirit Oracle Card deck, by Cheryl Lee Harnish


Daily Angel Oracle Card: Divinity, from the Return Of Spirit Oracle Card deck, by Cheryl Lee Harnish

Divinity: “You are a beautiful, wise and loving soul who has braved the perils and difficulty of incarnation to be here on Earth and in service to humanity. You uplift the energy and consciousness of others through the work that you do, whether you are aware of it or not. There are billions of souls residing on the planet at this time, yet only a small number of them are here to help humanity evolve to its fullest potential – and you are one of those souls. Who you are, is a gift to this world. Even at the best of times it can be difficult to remember this; especially when being human feels so real.

Your connection to Spirit is much stronger than you think. You are a living, breathing channel of the Divine. It moves through you in all that you do. It flows through the words that you speak, even when you don’t intend it to. In every situation, you are a transmitter of the higher cosmic energies and wisdom.

It is those who have the greatest gifts who most often face the biggest challenges in life. Hold your head up and keep your faith. These challenges are the means to seeing and understanding the strength, wisdom, and compassion you hold within yourself. On a higher level, your soul chose to have a direct experience of the trials you have faced. Through each event, you have become better equipped and skilled, so that you in turn could help others.

You are a very special soul, with an important part to play in the healing and betterment of the people on this planet. You are born to be in service to humanity through the Divine gifts and knowledge you have carried with you into this lifetime. You are here to ignite the Light in others, to realize their own Divinity.”*

– Cheryl Lee Harnish

This card is the perfect message! This is exactly what we need to hear; that although we are an important part of All That Is, it doesn’t mean this life is an easy ride, there are still bumps along the way. Often when we face obstacles or challenges, we take them personally, and allow them to put us off our course. We give up on our dreams too easily as we perceive ourselves as unworthy rather than seeing it through to the end.

This card is asking you to take heart and see the Divinity within yourself, for when you do this, you also see the infinite possibility open to you now. When you raise your vibration, you help to heal the pain and suffering on the planet. When you share your gifts with the world, you give hope and inspiration to others. You are a gift just as you are. Your energy, your kindness, your thoughtfulness, your love is a healing force; powered by the Universe.

Even your smile makes a difference.



* Return Of Spirit Oracle Card deck, by Cheryl Lee Harnish


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