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Six of Pentacles

Published May 18, 2017 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Six of Pentacles, from the Tarot of the Hidden Realm, by Julia Jeffrey and Barbara Moore

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Six of Pentacles, from the Tarot of the Hidden Realm, by Julia Jeffrey and Barbara Moore

Six of Pentacles: “This is their favorite time of year, and what better way to spend this gift of a day than with their favorite tree? The playful breeze of warm air with a whisper of coolness lifts a curl that came loose from its ribbon. sunlight dances among glossy green leaves and shiny red fruit. The scent of sweet ripeness perfumes the air. She picks a perfectly ripe apple. Even just holding it in her hand, she can practically taste the crisp juiciness hiding just under that russet skin.

No, not yet, her soul sister reminds her. It is their tradition to gather the first basket of apples together. They spread a cloth on the ground and remember all the blessings of the past year. When they finish, they share the cores with whatever woodland creatures have decided to join them. Then they make their plans! Besides simply eating many of the apples, what else will they do? Cakes and pies and butters flavored with spices will become gifts for kin; this is their favorite way of sharing their love.”

Divintory Meaning Of The Six of Pentacles: “Although it seems counterintuitive, one way to increase abundance is to share what you have. The energy of earth, when mixed with the caring and generous energy of water, always seems to expand. Whether this actually creates more or just makes what you have better is unclear, but either way, it is a good thing. The Six of Pentacles lets you know that there really is plenty to go around. If you have some to spare, share it. If you need a little extra, someone nearby is sure to oblige. Any needs or perceived needs are just temporary, for your situation is a harmonious blend of need an d abundance. Whether giving or receiving, everyone involved gets to feel good.”*

~ By Julia Jeffrey and Barbara Moore

Here we are encouraged to share what we have in order to create more for all. We were asked to use all of our resources yesterday, all of our magic, all of our prayers to help others and the Earth herself. This is more of the same, but on a more individual and personal level. What do you have enough of to share?

One of our most valuable resources is our time… and of course equally would be our undivided attention. Who could benefit from more time with you, one on one? Who would be uplifted by your presence or healed by your support? Sometimes we only need to lend an ear. Sometimes we can pray for someone who needs it. Sometimes someone just needs to be seen, acknowledged, respected and accepted; we can do that for someone in need.

If you have more to give than this, even better! Volunteer; purchase items and donate them to a shelter, school, or person in need. Teach someone something that they can take with them, something that will improve their quality of life over time.

Give what you can and give with no agenda or expectation. Know that just by giving you will get back. Maybe not this moment, but it will all catch up with you. When you need it most.



~Archangel Oracle

*Tarot of the Hidden Realm, by Julia Jeffrey and Barbara Moore

Gaia’s Garden

Published January 15, 2017 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Gaia's Garden, from the Wisdom Of The Hidden Realms Oracle Card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid, Artwork by Jena DellaGrottalia

Gaia’s Garden, from the Wisdom Of The Hidden Realms Oracle Card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid, Artwork by Jena DellaGrottalia

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Gaia’s Garden, from the Wisdom Of The Hidden Realms Oracle Card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid, Artwork by Jena DellaGrottalia

Gaia’s Garden: “Fruition, Abundance, Reaping What You Sow”

“In Gaia’s Garden, you have everything you need to make your dreams come true. There is no shortage of anything, and you are constantly reminded of the Law of Supply. Gaia is the infinite Spirit manifest in all tanglible things. She represents the abundance of Nature. When she comes to you as your Ally, she invites you to partake of all the blessings of Life. There will always be enough for everyone. Success comes to you from the fruits of your intentions, and all is well with the world as a result.

This is also a sign to remind you to give thanks and maintain an attitude of humility and gratitude as your greatest good now manifests for you. Gaia’s gifts are sweeter when you share them with others.”

When This Card Comes To You As Challenger: “When Gaia appears as a Challenger in her Garden, she gently points out that you have forgotten to give back to the world. Or perhaps you have become lazy, expecting fruit to fall from the tree while you rest below its leaves. Gardens require tending, water, and food for the soil. Everything you have within you is needed in the world, so do not underestimate the power of what you have to offer.

Timely effort is called for when Gaia challenges you to help in her Garden. So ask not what you will get, but what you can give. You will be pleasantly surprised by this change of perception. Be careful not to procrastinate too much of the window of your current opportunity might close. Yet even if you do miss this one, as long as you are willing to help in the Garden, you will most certainly see another.”*

~ By Colette Baron-Reid

Gaia’s Garden is within us as much as it is outside of us. We must make time to connect with her daily, no matter the weather, no matter how busy we are or what else is going on. She is offering us the blessing of Grounding and of abundance. She is offering of her Horn of Plenty, which is a tribute to her creations, but it is also a reminder of the power of our own thoughts, feelings and intentions.

In Gaia’s Garden, anything is possible. Magical portals are everywhere, if you choose to take the time to find them. Colour and sound and Light and scent and touch are all on offer.

Here is a clue for you on your journey: Make time to be outside each day, no matter what. Ask for your animal spirit guides to send you messages. Ask for magic. Breathe. Believe. See your Connection. Set your intention. Send gratitude. Create. Share. Connect.

And never forget to give back to her, our Great Mother. Give of your time, of your energy, of your healing intention. Know your power and use it wisely. Protect her. Put her first.



~Archangel Oracle

*Wisdom Of The Hidden Realms Oracle Card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid, Artwork by Jena DellaGrottalia

Follow The Leader

Published December 11, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Follow The Leader, from The Enchanted Oracle Card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid artwork by Jena DellaGrottaglia

Follow The Leader, from The Enchanted Oracle Card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid artwork by Jena DellaGrottaglia

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Follow The Leader, from The Enchanted Oracle Card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid artwork by Jena DellaGrottaglia

Follow The Leader: “Every life is a teaching tool for other. Your authenticity and honesty are an example to those around you.”

“You are being called to lead others by example. Your wisdom has been earned as a result of your bravery in the adventure of your life. The experiences of battles won and lost, places discovered, tears shed, and joy revealed have placed you in a unique position to be of service to others.

Your suffering has been crystallized into a talisman of wisdom. Now you must share it. By being fully authentic, you will lead others into the light. You will be required to divulge some things about your past so that you may help someone else. Lead with love. There is another message here as well. Look to those whose great character and accomplishments you admire. Emulate the leaders you respect. You will then in turn have more to offer.

If This Card Comes To You As Challenger: “As Challenger, the Follow The Leader card offers a gentle push to get up and take the lead. In a relationship or partnership, be the one to voice what must be said. Muster your courage and speak your needs aloud. Affirm what you like and what you feel. Do not just hope for someone else to fix the problems  you see.

If your inquiry is about a career or project, you must take the initiative to draw up a proper plan; and if it is about a personal relationship, you must be very clear about your intentions and desires. Boldly begin a discussion about how things really are and how to make the situation work for the highest good of all. Do this as soon as possible. You may be pleasantly surprised by the results.”*

~ By Colette Baron-Reid

You are being called to inspire! Your gifts are much needed at this time, it is time to share your light with the world. You should be proud of how far you have come, and you can use this knowledge to help others to find their way. Do not hold back.

There are aspects of yourself or your past which you may consider shadows. Maybe you have hidden them away from the light out of fear of being judged or made fun of. Maybe there are things you have lived through that have been traumatic, or decisions you made that you are not proud of. Maybe there is something that you long to do but fear rejection or ridicule. Put all those fears aside, you are being called to bring the shadows out into the light and be honest and clear. Shedding light on them will not only take away the power you have given over to them, but it will also pave the way for others to do the same. This also, is the only way to be truly authentic in the world. Honesty is key.

What you have been through, or gone through, is what brought you to where you are, right here and now. You survived it. You are brave and courageous and all the wiser for it, painful as it may have been. How can you help others do the same? How can you share your story?

Be gentle with yourself. This may take a little planning, a little contemplation. It may be so deeply hidden that it will take a while to bring it all out into the Light. But it is safe to do so, if you can stand in your power while you do it. This is about empowerment, not giving your power away.

Believe in yourself and move forward fearlessly. Others will follow.



~Archangel Oracle

*The Enchanted Oracle Card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid artwork by Jena DellaGrottaglia

Quetazcoatl And The Priestess Of Time

Published June 29, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Quetazcoatl And The Priestess Of Time, from the Oracle Of The Shapeshifters, by Lucy Cavendish, Artwork by Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Quetazcoatl And The Priestess Of Time, from the Oracle Of The Shapeshifters, by Lucy Cavendish, Artwork by Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Quetazcoatl And The Priestess Of Time, from the Oracle Of The Shapeshifters, by Lucy Cavendish, Artwork by Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Quetazcoatl And The Priestess Of Time: “The time has come. The time to act is now.”

About Quetazcoatl And The Priestess Of Time: “The feathered serpent Quetazcoatl (ket-sahl-koh-AHT-l) is at the heart of the Mayan people’s traditions, and he is a timekeeper. His return is now, and thus this is the time of most rapid transformation, of the clarity of a thought that can manifest into reality immediately. We are in the most challenging and fantastic times ever on this planet, and Quetazcoatl heralds a shift between worlds of consciousness. He and his influence are now the new reality, and those who refuse to step up and embrace and incorporate the new energies will find themselves deep in struggle and unhappiness over and over again. Instead, it is time to refuse to allow fear to corrupt your courage and to do what must be done!”

Quetazcoatl And The Priestess Of Time Speak: “It is the right time in this moment. Now. There has been so much pouring over of star maps, hunting for the correct auspicious moment, contemplating the right time, staring into the heavens, and asking for sacred dates – but what we wish to say to you now is that you must act. The right time will unfold as it is meant to. For too long you have used this idea of “right time” as a tactic to delay and procrastinate, because you are afraid of what the change will bring. The change will alter everything. Your ideas will fall away one by one and shift, change, and rearrange. Everything will transform and nothing is certain, because we are in the time of prophecy. Stop waiting for the right time, because it is now that this action must take place.”

Divination: “Will you shift your consciousness – will you change deliberately, despite the fear and the others who tell you that you are wrong? Will you move away from fighting, opposition, the either/or mentality, and shift into a being-ness that allows for a much greater reality? The time is now. That is all you need to know – but there is much that you must do. A deliberate effort to move away from navel gazing and procrastination will transform into a determination to become through doing, thinking, being, sharing, and insisting on the new reality’s truths for you. It is time to embrace a new standard of excellence and o make that your creed. Do not wait another heartbeat.”*

~by Lucy Cavendish

The New consciousness is a choice. It is not something that is going to descend upon you, and it is not something that you will be forced into. It is not a snowstorm that you are caught in, and it is not something that may feel tangible to many. It is a shifting of perception. It requires action and commitment. It is deciding that We are capable of making a difference in this world and not getting sucked into the downward spiral. It is choosing joy over suffering; in the face of that very suffering. It is Trust and Faith that the Universe is abundant and that it will Always provide. It is knowing that we are worthy of this shift, and that the Earth needs us as much as we need her to complete the ascension of our Being.

The fifth dimensional consciousness is an opportunity to awaken to the illusion we have been trapped in. It is a way to shed the limitations put upon us many lifetimes ago. It takes courage and strength to make the decision to move forward fearlessly.

Become the Truth.

Become the Way.

Become the Light.

Welcome to Christ Consciousness, Dear One. The time is Now.



~Archangel Oracle

*Oracle Of The Shapeshifters, by Lucy Cavendish, Artwork by Jasmine Becket-Griffith


Angel Of Jupiter Awaken

Published March 8, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Angel Of Jupiter Awaken, from the Journey Of Love Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, Rassouli and Richard Cohn

Angel Of Jupiter Awaken, from the Journey Of Love Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, Rassouli and Richard Cohn

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Angel Of Jupiter Awaken, from the Journey Of Love Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, Rassouli and Richard Cohn

Angel Of Jupiter Awaken: “Beloved, within you there is magnificence, greatness and the ability to live bolder, larger and more exuberantly than you may have ever imagined! Awaken that keen spirit, hungry for adventure and new experience. The Angel Of Jupiter, the spirit of bold expansion and divine generosity lives within you. Your spirit cannot be made small, but must be free! Start now. Feel the endlessness of your own heart. What can be done today to live bigger? A smile? A ‘yes’ to that offer of adventure? Sharing vulnerability without fear? Taking a step forward into the unknown? Daring to imagine that the Divine does not just happen to you but happens through you, as you? Embrace the courage of your own open heart and dare to dream, beloved, the bold divine nature within you is calling you to great things. Now is your time to awaken.

This oracle holds a message of guidance for you – you are being given an opportunity that can change your life. Do not hesitate to accept it. If you are acting with more assertiveness, more generosity, more playfulness and more spiritual authority than usual, this is confirmation that this is coming from a genuine place within you. If you are experiencing some havoc in your life, or a sense that things are changing, this oracle comes as affirmation – yes, there is change, and yes, you are out growing what once was, so you will be prepared to receive that which is more suited for your next stage of growth.

Awake in your arms

I wait to stop time

Savoring each moment for an eternity

Like an angel, you light the room

your live giving life

To the love I’ve held within

Unbridled and free

Our dream unfolds

And we are forever changed”*

~ by Alana Fairchild

There is so much Love coming through right now, can you feel it? It’s beautiful and abundant; dizzying, uplifting and exhilarating. It simply cannot be ignored! Each day there is incrementally more than the previous day. Each day we are infused with as much  Light as our physical bodies can handle. Stop for a moment, close your eyes and breathe this Universal Love in. See or feel the Light come down and enter right through your crown chakra at the top of your head. Feel it move down through your etheric and physical bodies, filling every cell with Light, burning away any stagnantcy, blockages or old dense energy. See the light go straight out through your feet and into Mother Gaia. See this very same channeling of light come down through each person, creature, plant and tree until we are all connected by the Light. As this is our destiny, to be one with the Universe and one with the Earth; one fragment of Light connected to All That Is.

When we connect in this way, anything becomes possible. Manifestation is no longer a struggle as everything becomes within reach. The portals of light opened between us and the Universe removes the veil of The Big Forget. It allows us to remember our power, our Path. We can then reach, with our body, mind and spirit; thoughts, emotions and breath; into the unmanifest realms and create anything we wish to create.

Opportunity is here; embrace it with your wild imagination.

See the magic everywhere.

And so it is.



~Archangel Oracle

*Journey Of Love Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, Rassouli and Richard Cohn

Timber Wolf

Published February 21, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Timber Wolf, from the Animal Voices Oracle Card deck, by Chip Richards

Timber Wolf, from the Animal Voices Oracle Card deck, by Chip Richards

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Timber Wolf, from the Animal Voices Oracle Card deck, by Chip Richards

Timber Wolf: “Instinct ~ Guidance ~ Belonging”

The Gift: “Native Americans honor Wolf’s great instincts and cooperation because when Wolf hunts and gathers food for his pack, he also shares with other animals in the forest – with fox, coyote, and raven – who often follow closely behind! Every pack of Wolves has an “alpha” male and female who are the leaders of hunting, feeding, protecting and training pups. Only the Alpha wolves mate, but aunts and uncles often compete for the chance to babysit the pups!”

The Message: “Wolf is one of the most powerful guides because he teaches us how to trust our instinct. Your instinct is the feeling that you have when you know deep down that something is right , even if you do not know exactly why. Sometimes Wolf starts running in a direction just because of a feeling inside that he trusts. Wolf invites you to trust that quiet feeling inside of you that might call you to try something new. At first you might have to step out on your own, but soon you will find that you are joined by others in your “pack.” Do not be afraid to ask for guidance and help… or to offer it to others. When we come together for a common dream, there is great power in numbers!”

The Call: “One of the things that help us hear and feel the voice of our instinct is by cleaning up messiness from our life. This week, Wolf calls you to discover a sense of freedom through order… and you can start by cleaning your room! Clear away any clutter and create some extra space around you this week so that you can hear the quiet “call of the wild” inside of you… and know how to answer it!”*

~by Chip Richards

Wolf is a powerful Ally when we are finding our way to our Soul path. When we waiver or lose confidence, wolf is there to lead us forward fearlessly, and back to the protection and security of the pack. If you have been feeling like a “lone wolf” lately, ask Wolf to lead you to your pack; your Soul Tribe. This is a powerful time to co-create with others who have the same focus and intentions as we do. What we could create alone can be amplified with the powerful energy of a group of focused individuals.

It is important for us as humans to feel that we belong, and this is the perfect time as the veil of separation is slowly lifting away. If you have been feeling lonely, frightened and like you don’t fit in, that is all about to change…. if you allow the change to take place. Watch for like minded people, as they are coming your way in the very near future; use your instincts and intuition to recognize them. 

In the mean time, take the advice of The Call of the Wolf! Clean, reorganize and declutter your world. Out with the old, making space with the new. And don’t forget to discard all those old belief systems while you are at it!



~Archangel Oracle

*Animal Voices Oracle Card deck, by Chip Richards, artwork by Susan Farrell



Published February 9, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Moose, from the Medicine Cards, by Jamie Sams and David Carson

Moose, from the Medicine Cards, by Jamie Sams and David Carson

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Moose, from the Medicine Cards, by Jamie Sams and David Carson

Moose: “Self-Esteem”

“Moose is found in the North of the medicine wheel, as is Buffalo. North represents the place of wisdom. Self-esteem is the medicine of Moose because it represents the power of recognizing that wisdom has been used in a situation and that recognition or a pat on the back is deserved.

Moose is the largest member of the deer family and has great strength. The call of the male Moose is an awesome thing to hear on a musky spring night. His pride in his maleness and his desire to share his seed with a Moose cow are displays of his sense of self-esteem. The bellow of a male Moose can be viewed as a positive force, since it represents his willingness to “tell the world” about his feelings.

This “tell the world” trait contains a joyfulness which only comes with a sense of accomplishment. There is no greater joy than a job well done. This trait is therefore not a seeking of approval, but rather an enjoyment of sharing because of the spontaneous explosion of joy that comes from the deepest part of one’s being.

The wisdom woven throughout this scenario is that creation constantly brings for the new ideas and further creation. Moose is telling us that joy should be shouted with pride. The wisdom in doing this shouting is that the joy is “catching.” In a sense, the bellowing is a way for all of us to lighten up and give ourselves or each other a “well done!”

Moose medicine people have the ability to know when to use the gentleness of Deer and when to activate the stampede of Buffalo. They understand the balance between giving orders to get things done and having a willingness to do things themselves. The wisdom of Moose medicine is akin to the Grandfather Warrior who has long since put away his war paint and is now advising the young bucks to cool their blood.

Moose medicine is often found in elders who have walked the Good Red Road and have seen many things in their Earth Walk. Their joy lies in being the teachers of the children, and in being the first ones to give encouragement. This is not to say that Moose medicine people do not use their wisdom to warn as well as to give praise, because they do. Moose medicine people know what to say, when to say it, and to whom.

The elders are honored in tribal law for their gifts of wisdom, for their teaching abilities, and for the calmness they impart in Council. If you are wise beyond your years and have the gift of Moose medicine, use this gift to encourage others to learn and grow. There are man facets to the wisdom of Moose medicine.

If you have chosen the Moose card, you have reason to feel good about something you have accomplished on your journey. This may be a habit you have broken, a completion of some sort, an insight on a goal, or a new sense of self that you have fought hard to earn. It is a time of feeling harmonious pride, and of recognizing those who aided you in the process.

One good exercise in Moose medicine is to write down things that you can love about yourself and your progress in life. Then apply these same things to friends, family, coworkers, and life. Don’t forget to share the findings with others. They need the encouragement as much as you do.”*

~by Jamie Sams and David Carson

Moose is calling you to celebrate a recent victory; to acknowledge your success and ground your energy down through it. This is a celebration of gratitude and accomplishment, there is no need for ego or bravado, it is simply an acknowledgment of truth. A job well done!

Know that this is actually a doorway, should you choose to walk through it. It is simply a new beginning; one of self-love and acceptance leading to a new levels of confidence in Being. You are proving yourself to yourself; there is no one else to impress. This is about shattering all the old blocks and limitations; passing by them with your head held high, knowing that they were merely stepping stones.

You are free to explore this big, abundant Universe in a way that you were too sheltered, too fearful to do before. Now you can do it with ease and grace, gusto and faith.

Anything is possible.

Go forward fearlessly.



~Archangel Oracle

*Medicine Cards, by Jamie Sams and David Carson

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