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Published February 27, 2017 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Nurture, from the Whispers Of Lord Ganesha Oracle Card deck, by Angela Hartfield, artwork by Ekaterina Golovanova

Nurture, from the Whispers Of Lord Ganesha Oracle Card deck, by Angela Hartfield, artwork by Ekaterina Golovanova

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Nurture, from the Whispers Of Lord Ganesha Oracle Card deck, by Angela Hartfield, artwork by Ekaterina Golovanova

Nurture: “Focus on creating a calm and balanced life for yourself.”

“Ganesha asks you to maintain a compassionate, nurturing, realistic and down to earth attitude when it comes to collaborating with others and your present conditions. You can benefit from being more resourceful and practical. This is a time of slowing down and biding your time and resources. Deal with any issues as they arise, and brainstorm practical and easy solutions that will fix the problem with minimal drama.

Be careful of giving too much, without regard for your own needs. If you have been feeling exhausted or have been prone to illness, you are invited to stop doing so much for others and do more for you at this time. Do not seek empowerment by doing for others from a place of needing acknowledgment. Empower yourself by nurturing yourself and then, from a healthy place, help others.

Learn to nurture and to create occasions for others to grow by offering a safe, accommodating energy. This energy is the energy of the heart chakra. As your life comes more into alignment with your soul purpose, you bring this nurturing and unconditional love beyond your immediate surroundings and out into the world.

The female figure in this card is Ganesha’s mother, Parvati. She represents a strong female figure in your life that you may look to for extra support and guidance. this could be any female role model, friend or acquaintance that you find yourself drawn to at this time. Alternatively, Parvati can represent a part of yourself, especially when much of your time is spent focusing on the nurturing and caring of others.”*

~ By Angela Hartfield

If your energies are feeling scattered, or you are feeling stretched in too many directions at once, it is time to pull back in. We take on too much, we look after every one else’s needs and put them before our own, and we end up feeling exhausted and depleted. Sometimes we do this because we are trying to avoid conflict, sometimes we are seeking approval through making others happy, and sometimes we have just taken on too much responsibility. Maybe we are using looking after others as a distraction so that we don’t have the time or energy to deal with what is going on in our own lives. Maybe we are using it to heal guilt or shame. And maybe we simply find ourselves in that certain stage of life at this time… having young children, aging parents or a new business that just takes up all our time and energy.

If possible, take some time for self-care. Take a break from all that you have going on in your life; and from the worries and stress these people or issues may create. When we take a little break, it not only assists us physically and emotionally to recharge our batteries and build up our strength and energy stores; it also helps us to shift our perspective.

Seek the counsil of a a “wise elder,” someone who has been through what you have been through, and can either help you or give you some sage advice. Accept help when it is offered, and do not feel guilty for needing assistance. Do some research and see if you can find a simple solution to streamline any challenges without allowing them to throw you too far off track.

Ganesha is the breaker of obstacles and he is here to assist us in finding a simple, accessible path on our journey. Ask him to stay by your side and show the way.



~Archangel Oracle

*Whispers Of Lord Ganesha Oracle Card deck, by Angela Hartfield, artwork by Ekaterina Golovanova

Be Candid

Published February 15, 2017 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Be Candid, From the Whispers Of Lord Ganesha, by Angela Hartfield, Artwork by Ekaterina Golovanova

Be Candid, From the Whispers Of Lord Ganesha, by Angela Hartfield, Artwork by Ekaterina Golovanova

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Be Candid, From the Whispers Of Lord Ganesha, by Angela Hartfield, Artwork by Ekaterina Golovanova

Be Candid: “It is essential to express your truth even at the risk of standing out.”

“The situation at hand is asking you to express your thoughts. In the past, you have tried to maintain peace by staying quiet or swallowing your words. Have faith that open and honest communication can bring resolution to the situation. If you are not sure where you stand; ask. since this card is about communication, it may indicate someone’s words have created a moment of clarity. Be willing to communicate your concerns clearly. Remember to be open to others’ point of view or arguments. Let your emotions flow without trying to block them while looking at decisions and solutions.

Ganesha prompts you to be wary of coming across as rough or uncaring when you communicate your concerns and ideas to others. Before you express yourself, take a deep breath and think of what you are going to say. Convey your thoughts in an understandable, brief and well thought out manner.

Teal represents the throat chakra, which represents both speaking and listening. The throat chakra is the gateway for the higher spiritual realms. When your throat chakra is activated and balanced, there is a diminished chance of miscommunication and misunderstandings. You are able to express yourself as a spiritual being. You are a good communicator, speaking honestly and from the heart, as well as being a good listener. You are able to ask for what you want and need from others. You are able to express yourself individually and creatively. Your relationships are based on truthful communication and true intimacy. This card invites you to create emotional balance and stability in your life.”*

~ By Angela Hartfield

Again we are met with the Truth. The importance of being candid, honest, of not staying quiet, not stuffing our truth. This will become part of the collective consciousness, this need for Truth, it is part of the Great Awakening. We will find our Truth and stand together. We will not back down.

Our Great Mother Gaia needs us to stand in the Truth for her, and we need to do it for ourselves too. It will quite literally divide us. It will become a matter of Life and Death, of ascension and of staying in the third dimensional consciousness. The Truth will remove the veils. The Truth will give us the strength to stand peacefully yet powerfully for what we believe in. We must embrace it, not cower from it. We must demand it as we freely give of it. There is simply no other way.

Ganesha is the breaker of obstacles. He is here to assist us to discard anything that is not in our absolute Truth and bring us back to pure authenticity. It may mean getting uncomfortable for a while, until all the Truth comes out. But then, it will be so transformational, we will wonder why we did not embrace the Truth sooner.



~Archangel Oracle

*Whispers Of Lord Ganesha, by Angela Hartfield, Artwork by Ekaterina Golovanova


Quan Yin ~ Let It Go

Published December 28, 2015 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Quan Yin ~ Let It Go, from the Ascended Masters Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D

Quan Yin ~ Let It Go, from the Ascended Masters Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Quan Yin ~ Let It Go, from the Ascended Masters Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D

Quan Yin: “Let It Go”

“It is time to stop struggling, pushing, or forcing things to happen. Such actions push against the universal flow and lead to frustrations and blocks. When you let the situation go to Spirit, you automatically open supportive doors that will bring solutions and an outcome exceeding your expectations. Let go of struggle, anger, unforgiveness, or anything else undesirable. Trust that the Universe is on your side.”

Additional Meanings For This Card: “Let go of an argument, judgments, or long term hurt. Have compassion for everyone involved in this situation, including yourself. Be gentle with yourself. Forgive yourself for what you think you have done or not done.”

“Quan Yin is the beloved Buddhist goddess of compassion whose name means “She who hears all prayers.” At her mortal death, Quan Yin was eligible for Buddhahood, yet she decided to stay close to the Earth and help all humans until everyone became enlightened. You can call upon Quan Yin for help with forgiveness and compassion and to have your needs met in gentle and loving ways.”*

~ By Doreen Virtue, Ph.D

Here Quan Yin comes to remind us that we need not force things to have them happen in our lives, that although we are guided to use clear intention and take steps towards what we desire to manifest, we need not use brute force! There is no hastening the river! Sometimes we must complete a cycle before starting on the next; tie up loose ends before starting on the next chapter. We also must let go of the need to control, and to have things look exactly as we want them to look.

Does that seem contradictory? Focus on what you want, but don’t get all caught up in the expectations… hmmm how do you process that? One of the most powerful tools I have used is to ask the Universe for “this or something better,” which allows some space for my socks to be blown off in the process! We are such limited thinkers, us humans! And we try so hard to colour in the lines that we sometimes lose the magic in the process. What if you were so busy colouring in the lines on your little printed out mandala, and the Universe brought in a mural the size of a bill board! That is how fast things can happen and sometimes we think we know what’s best, but we really just want the feeling that goes along with it.

So, when you set your intention and start taking steps towards creating your dreams, always leave some wiggle room for surprises, miracles and gifts from the Universe along the way. Keep in mind that the journey itself is where the magic of the lesson lies. And that no matter what you think you want, the Universe can conjure up something even better!


*Ascended Masters Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D

Look Inside Yourself

Published September 5, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Look Inside Yourself

Look Inside Yourself, from the Healing With The Fairies Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Healing With The Fairies Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D: Look Inside Yourself

Look Inside Yourself:  “You have been trying to find satisfaction through outside sources such as material possessions or relationships. You are also looking for help from other people. The fairies ask you to look within for the answers you need.”

“Sometimes when you feel empty, you first reaction is to try and fill up the emptiness by acquiring something or someone. You may fall in the trap of thinking, I will be happy if or when I have (a new lover, an advanced degree, a better wardrobe, etc.). Then, when you get the new acquisition, you only feel satisfied for a little while. The fairies remind you that the only source of true fulfillment is by connecting with Spirit within. Have a mental conversation with your Creator, and feel yourself filled with Divine Love.

The same holds true if you are searching for answers from outside authorities. ow there is nothing wrong with seeking counsel from wise friends, especially if their advice echoes what you know to be true. But perhaps you have been asking your friends, mentors, or psychics for solutions, and you feel confused by conflicting advice. So, if everyone is telling you different solutions, you will need to meditate on what your inner guidance is telling you.


I have great beauty and light

Inside of me right now. I tap in to all of the knowledge

of the Universe.”*

– Doreen Virtue, Ph.D

When we want to hear a certain answer to our question, even though we know deep within us the answer, we often confuse the situation by asking for advice from many of our friends, family and associates until we hear the answer we would LIKE to hear. This is not necessarily the correct answer, it is merely the easy way out. We want our actions to be justified in some way, and maybe, just maybe we are avoiding taking responsibility for our own actions. When this is the case, we only confuse ourselves and those who are trying to help us.

When debating over a solution to a problem, instead of looking out, we must always muster the strength and courage to first look within. It is harder to look inward; there are no bending of details, no pretty pictures, only truth…. and that’s not always what we are prepared to deal with if we are being totally honest here!

Start by asking yourself, is my desired outcome for the highest good of all concerned, including myself? Is there anyone who is being compromised, or hurt unnecessarily? Is there a lesson here that I am willing to acknowledge and move through? Can I surrender to the Universe, trusting that my angels and guides will show me the best path out of this situation?

Often we have built something up in our minds to be too scary to face; and often our imaginations and anxieties get the better of us. Could it be that if you surrender to the Divine, for the highest good of all, and trust that you can move through this that everyone concerned will be Ok… that it may actually go much more smoothly than you can possibly imagine?

Maybe now is a good time to look within, you may just be pleasantly surprised at just how resourceful you are.



* Healing With The Fairies Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D


Archangel Zadkiel: Solutions

Published November 20, 2013 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

archangel zadkiel solutions

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Archangel Power Tarot Cards, by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine: Solutions

Archangel Zadkiel: Solutions: “Success that comes from objective compromise. Self control and patience. Forgiving and healing energy.”

“Archangel Zadkiel is working with you to find the perfect balance! The key to success right now is in moderation and compromise. If you are feeling stressed out, this card counsels you to take a deep breath and ask you angels and guides for assistance. Self control and patience as called for in order to create the successful outcome you are hoping for.

Consider the ideas of others, and try to see their point of view. Diversity of thought can bring forth the strongest possible course of action. Reconciliation of opposing viewpoints is very likely now if you approach all parties with a forgiving and fair attitude.

Additional meanings of this card: A balanced approach. Perfect orchestration. Creative solutions through compromise. Healing energy.

Archangel Zadkiel is the angel of memory. He can help you remember facts or aspects of situations that you may have forgotten. He is also the angel of forgiveness. Call upon Zadkiel to help when you need to regain a balanced point of view regarding others or your own past experiences.”*

One of the fastest ways to unblock our energy and attract abundance is through forgiveness and gratitude. I have mentioned this many times before, but it is such a profound message that I am guided to mention it here again. If we cannot forgive our past mistakes, we cannot move past them and get stuck dragging all that low vibrational energy around with us. It blocks us from manifesting the life of our dreams; it stands in the way of our relationships deepening, and it blurs our perception of ourselves.

Whenever we work through our past and truly forgive, we raise our consciousness by raising our vibration. Starting with ourselves is essential, as we hold on to the anger towards the other situation or person, but yet we always have the sinking feeling that “if only” we had done something differently, the situation could have ended differently. When we forgive ourselves and make the conscious decision to fully love and accept ourselves; we can move on to forgiving others. When we have worked through forgiveness, the second step is always gratitude.

Gratitude tells the Universe that we are happy with what we have, and would like more of that (by the way, worrying does the same, how scary is that??) Wayne Dyer says that worrying is like praying for what you don’t want, or ordering everything in a restaurant that you don’t like! Gratitude is the opposite of worrying! It is full of hope and receptivity! Gratitude is the elixer of happiness and good vibrations; but of course there is a catch!

Gratitude must be performed daily, hourly, minutely… you get the picture! Gratitude is a permanent state of mind; it is the golden path of silver lined clouds and rainbows. Do you have any doubt about this? Then you must give it a try!

Affirmations of Gratitude:

Thank you Angels for making your presence known to me today and every day.

Thank you God for my perfect health.

Thank you Universe for the constant flow of abundance in my life.

Thank you Angels for your constant love, protection and guidance, for myself and my loved ones.

Thank you Angels for showing me beauty every day.

Give it a go, live from gratitude, tie in unconditional love and receptivity and experience living a miraculous life!



Archangel Power Tarot Cards, by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine

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