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An Invitation To Connect

Published July 15, 2017 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

An Invitation To Connect, from the Lightworker Oracle, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Mario Duguay

Daily Angel Oracle Card: An Invitation To Connect, from the Lightworker Oracle, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Mario Duguay

An Invitation To Connect: “Love exists throughout our Universe. Many loving beings that do not belong to the human race exist in worlds beyond the earthly realm. Among these are those who are aware of the spiritual plight of humanity and are willing and able to help us to move forward. Unlike those who close their minds because they fear the unknown, you have an open mind and an open, receptive heart. Beings from other worlds recognize you as a receptive channel for their unconditionally loving assistance in this world. You will both benefit from this individually and help the planet – so you are being offered an invitation to connect.”

“There are many dimensions to existence. For those who are developing evolved sensory perception, the senses will not be restricted to being impressed upon by the physical dimension. There are higher dimensions that the psychic or emotional nature can recognize – and even more refined dimensions that the higher mind can recognize. Beyond that, there are dimensions that the mind, even in its most expansive state, cannot grasp, but the spirit knows to be real. The more your sensitivity to subtle energy evolves, the more aware you become of these worlds beyond this world. For some, this will be easy to accept and will inspire interest in learning more. Others may be tentative about exploring connections with non-earthly beings.

Great peace can grow in the heart of those who are unafraid, who are open to the idea of beings that are aware of humanity, but not human themselves who want to help humanity evolve and have the spiritual power to be able to do so. No matter how mixed up and consumed by darkness the world may seem at times, there are so many powers of light working to see the earth and humanity through this most interesting time, to see us into the new age of spiritual enlightenment. It is all part of this divine experiment of life – and there are many forces invested in the successful and loving evolution of humanity.

If you have been contemplating life beyond the earth, perhaps talking to the stars or gazing wistfully at other planets – if you have been intrigued by the mysterious codes of light and sound you are sure are embedded in crop circles, or simply have a feeling that you would like to work with beings who are more spiritually evolved than humanity at present – then you are being given a clear message with this oracle. there are beings in other worlds that are very aware of your open, loving attitude and the work you are doing. They are actively responding to your thoughts and feelings. Since we live in a free-will zone on Earth, we must extend an invitation to receive assistance. Because you are unafraid and resonate from a place of peaceful curiosity and higher-level awareness, you are capable of issuing the needed invitation to those that can assist humanity from a place of unconditional love.

Of course, there are forces in the broader Universe, just as there are forces in the natural world here on Earth that would not be so helpful to the triumph of love on this planet. Therefore, we must issue our invitation to the forces of light with a peaceful heart and a wise mind. The invocation below has been carefully crafted to attain that purpose. You are asked to use it whenever you feel the need to do so, knowing that you are part of a bridge between humanity and other loving worlds that want to assist life on Earth. They thank you now and offer their blessings to you, and to life on Earth, in all ways possible.”

Invocation: “As a member of the human race, through my own free will and for the greatest good, I call upon all beings that resonate with the quality of unconditional love and wish to assist humanity and Earth to evolve on the path of Divine love. I ask for the unconditionally loving ascended masters that serve Christ Consciousness to be the gateway through which permission is confirmed for these beings to enter Earth’s field and assist humanity according to divine will, grace and love. May all beings be happy and free.

So be it.”*

~ By Alana Fairchild

When I talk about death to my kids, I tell them that we are all going to a place that looks just like Hawaii, but even better (mostly because that is their favourite place of all time, having been there once about 6 years ago when they were pretty little). I tell them that we are all going to Hawaii, but we are all taking separate planes. When someone leaves this material realm, they go to another, better and lighter realm of existence. There, they are happy and light and beautiful and free. They are filled with the Light and Love that connects them deeply to Source, to the Universal Divine Consciousness and the Great Central Sun. They are completely at peace, inhabiting their light bodies. It’s us, stuck here with our blinders on who suffer deeply without their physical presence. If we all knew just how fantastic of a place we were headed, maybe we would be tempted to leave early, yet that is not part of the Divine plan. We leave when we have completed our mission here, should we choose to accept it. We came for a reason. That is our life path. We must remember; we must come into service and do what we came here to do.

The veils between the realms of existence are diminishing for many. The Lightworkers can feel a palpable change in the frequencies they experience throughout the day. You can physically see, with your eyes, what dimension of reality someone is experiencing, if you allow yourself to see it.

Changing dimensions means matching frequencies to the next level in order to experience it, that is the only way. It is like changing stations on a radio or tv… you cannot watch channel 5 if you are stuck on channel 3, you must physically change channels. When you do, you can experience something totally different. Lighter, freer, more expansive, more loving and more abundant.

This is a very personal invitation to explore the dimensions. From the inside. From your inside. There is no guru, no course and no quick fix to get you there. Yes, you can amplify your energies through crystals or different healing modalities, but no one can do this work for you if you want to fully experience it yourself. They may be able to facilitate for you, or guide you to the portal, but you cannot depend on them to pick you up and carry you through it and into to the next dimension.

You must tune in and step through yourself, when you are ready.

Are you ready?



~Archangel Oracle

*Lightworker Oracle, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Mario Duguay


Fire Keepers

Published October 9, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Fire Keepers, from the Sacred Geometry Cards For The Visionary Path, by Francene Hart

Fire Keepers, from the Sacred Geometry Cards For The Visionary Path, by Francene Hart

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Fire Keepers, from the Sacred Geometry Cards For The Visionary Path, by Francene Hart

Fire Keepers: ” Sacred Responsibility, Service”

“Fire is historically the source for protective warmth, light in the darkness, and heat for cooking and was essential to the survival of the original peoples. Fire keepers hold a sacred responsibility both for the physical survival and the ceremonial spiritual protection of the community. Theirs is an essential and esteemed service.

Triangles represent Spirit, divinity, life, strength, harmony, and completion. The upwards facing triangle is traditionally associated with fire, action, and the masculine.

Three fires warming many hands invite you to warm to the understanding of these three levels of conscious personal mastery: physical awareness, mental intention, and spiritual evolution.

*You are invited to become aware of the effect your actions have on this physical plane. Are you living your bliss through your chosen vocation? Does your “job” contribute to the welfare of those around you as well as your own needs?

*Engage your mind and reflect on how the responsibilities you have chosen contribute to the whole of humanity. How might you more effectively engage your intentions to set in motion your vision of the future?

*Explore your connection to Spirit and request to be of greater service to divine will and the evolution of consciousness.

This is a card of action. Recognition of your sacred responsibility will help to bring you into alignment with the purpose of your soul.

If This Card Comes To You As Challenger: “Has your enthusiasm grown cold of late? Consciously revitalize the fire of your vision.”*

~ By Francene Hart

We are being called together, this is ascension. It is seeing that we are each individual and unique expressions of the Divine, and yet we are also connected to every aspect of the Universe and it’s creations. We are the Light, and coming together just makes us shine more brightly. We need each other. The illusion of separation is dissolving and we are banding together to heal and grow as One.

It is time to step into our gifts; our Sacred Service, the reason why we incarnated here. It is time for us to share what we came here to share. Each one of us is a piece of a much greater puzzle, each just as important as the next piece. A puzzle cannot be complete if there is even one piece missing. You are that one piece.

The key is joy, passion and zest for life. Follow that feeling and do what brings these wonderful emotions to you. By being in your joy, you raise your vibration. When you raise your vibration, you heal yourself, others, and the planet. Yes, really, you do! When you are joyful, truly passionate and living with your heart open, you are a healing force of Love and Light. That is your path. That is why you came. And you are such a powerful healer, we can’t do it without you.

Find your joy. Live your passion. Light up those around you with your fire.

This lifetime is too short to hold back any longer.



~Archangel Oracle

*Sacred Geometry Cards For The Visionary Path, by Francene Hart

Turquoise ~ True Riches

Published November 7, 2015 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Turquoise ~ True Riches, from the Crystal Wisdom Oracle Card deck, by Judy Hall

Turquoise ~ True Riches, from the Crystal Wisdom Oracle Card deck, by Judy Hall

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Turquoise ~ True Riches, from the Crystal Wisdom Oracle Card deck, by Judy Hall

Turquoise ~ True Riches: “A copper based stone attracting good fortune since antiquity, Turquoise was popular for protective amulets. Sacred to Hathor (Venus) in Egypt and to Buddha, it linked earth and sky and made it a potent love charm.”

Self Understanding: “Your pathway is one of self realization. Qualities you cultivate now drive your spiritual evolution forward, but you can also draw on your karmic wisdom and past life skills. These same qualities attract good friends and mentors to you. You need to release vows that no longer serve you and speak what used to be unspeakable.

Divination: Brilliant success and happiness are coming your way. Fortune favours you. The riches at the end of the rainbow are yours. You navigate the way forward with sure footed confidence, but watch your personal safety and deal with problems immediately. Good friends accompany your journey. You are in the spotlight and others rely on you. Watch your health and avoid polluted environments.

Frequency: Medium to high

Chakra: Throat, third eye

Timing: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Pices

Soul Path: Attuning to inner riches.”*

~ By Judy Hall

Everything you have been working so hard to create is culminating in a wonderful vortex of success, prosperity and abundance. Congratulations! Victory is imminent, keep your thoughts positive and attuned to what you desire to manifest. Remember to leave some wiggle room for the Universe to pleasantly surprise you, you just never know what it might have in store, and you certainly do not want to delay any miracles coming your way with your own limiting thoughts! Keep your heart and mind open; receptive to whatever comes, and mindfully stay in the flow. This is not a time to force things, it is a time to enjoy the harvest, picking the ripest of the fruit and knowing that there is enough for everyone to partake.

A little energetic protection is not a bad idea, and wearing turquoise is not only beautiful, but it will put up a barrier against any toxic or negative energy you come into contact with like a shield of light all around you. Although you are keeping yourself positive, there is a possibility that you may come into contact with someone who is envious of your success, and may wish to take some for themselves; or attempt to bring you down to their level where they are more comfortable with you. Do not let this get you down. Hold love in your heart and compassion for what they are going through. Know that there is nothing that they can think, say or do that will change your success. Then send them love and get on with your own life. Never compromise your dreams or make yourself small to save someone else the discomfort of seeing you succeed! Know with absolute conviction that there is always way more than enough to go around.

The Universe is boundless, resourceful and truly magical and you are about to witness is all unfold in a myriad of ways.

How can I love more?


*Crystal Wisdom Oracle Card deck, by Judy Hall

The Temple Path

Published March 3, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

The Temple Path

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Energy Oracle Card deck, by Sandra Anne Taylor: The Temple Path

The Temple Path: “Spiritual Purpose and Support.”

“Receiving this card represents your own spiritual evolution. The winding path you are on leads to a blessed temple in a lovely garden, symbolizing the spiritual destiny your soul has had in mind for this lifetime. This card upright is here to tell you that what you are going through right now is all part of your soul’s process. You are on your karmic path and heading in the right direction, and the choices you make now are important for your personal growth and life lessons.

The lights around the temple represent the spirit world – your family members and friends, angels and guides – all the loving spirit helpers who long to assist you. Call upon them to be open to their wisdom and inspiration.

This is a wonderful, life-expending time, so keep in mind your personal priorities as well as your spiritual connection. Following your higher intentions will help you move your life forward in dramatic ways, and connecting with spirit – and your higher self – will have a wonderful influence on all that you experience.


I open my heart to my spiritual truth and a

deeper connection with spirit.  Guidance and

inspiration come freely and easily to me.”*

Your dedication to raising your consciousness is paying off, can you feel it? You have been working diligently on raising your vibration with positive thought and change is taking place. Do not get caught up in “how” things can change in your life; instead, know that they are in the process of changing right now. When you start down this path, you don’t go back, you keep going, whether fast or slow and every little movement is progress. Can you feel the difference? Are  you able to pull yourself out of a low energy mood a little, (or maybe even a whole lot) faster than you used to? Do you find that you can keep things in perspective and not fly into a stressed or overwhelmed state quite so easily? Are you aware of your thoughts, and able to put out more positive than negative? Are you working on your affirmations; connecting with your angels and guides; listening to your intuition? All of these are steps in the right direction, and even the fact that you are drawn to this blog is a sign that you are open to change in a positive and uplifting way! This is awesome news!!

When you work to consciously raise your vibration, you also raise the vibration of those around you… without even trying! Your positive energy is a magnet for everything you desire. I know that I have said this before, but it is important enough to repeat; be a magnet (energetically and vibrationally) for your desires and they will come to you. When you are working on yourself, constantly working to improve your attitude, outlook and spirit, it will all come back to you.

Take a moment to open your heart in appreciation for the blessings you have, and welcome the ones heading towards you right now.


*Energy Oracle Card deck, by Sandra Anne Taylor


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