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Labyrinth ~ Spiritual Path

Published November 2, 2018 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Labyrinth ~ Spiritual Path, from the Sacred Geometry Oracle Card deck, by Francene Hart

Labyrinth ~ Spiritual Path, from the Sacred Geometry Oracle Card deck, by Francene Hart

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Labyrinth ~ Spiritual Path, from the Sacred Geometry Oracle Card deck, by Francene Hart

Labyrinth ~ Spiritual Path: “The labyrinth is an ancient design found in most cultures; some examples date back more than four thousand years. Labyrinths have probably always been used as spiritual tools. A labyrinth has only one avenue. Its geometry combines the circle and spiral into a purposeful meandering path. The way in is the way out. There are no blind alleys. A profound tool for meditation, the labyrinth is a metaphor for your spiritual path. Also a feminist Christian icon, the labyrinth embodies inspiration heightened awareness and can serve as a psychological and spiritual tool for self exploration.

Approach this card as you might walk a physical labyrinth: From a passive, receptive mind set, allow activation of your intuition and inner knowing. As you view this card in relationship to your inquiry, open to any messages you may receive and feel how your emotions respond to these insights. Move from your outward point of inquiry to the place of inner knowing. Sit in your sacred center, giving thanks for the gifts you have received; and then move outward, where this guidance can become your truth.”*

~By Francene Hart

There is only one path available to you right now, and it will deliver you right into the heart center. We love to skirt around things, avoid our problems and keep ourselves busy with drama and distractions. Yet this time, the message is clear, the path is one to be traveled alone, right to the center of your Soul. This may be in preparation; to meet the level of growth; to complete a stage of transformation; or to catch you up to where you need to be. Whatever the reason, the Labyrinth awaits you, and it must be faced before you can move on.

Know that the Labyrinth must be approached with reverence and sacred ceremony. It is to be navigated with curiosity; openness and receptivity. It cannot be rushed, it is a journey in and of itself. It must be undertaken with commitment; an agreement with self to enter and see it through. Yoga, meditation, contemplation, silence and the breath are all tools that can be used to guide you through. You may not find the center the very first time you try, but you must go back again and again until you do; fully devoted to finding the wisdom within.

Although you will undertake this journey alone, your angels and guides will always be by your side, and can provide valuable knowledge and encouragement along the way. They will lift you up when you are flagging; and they will cheer you on when you are heading the right way. They will answer you when you call, and give you clear signs and messages when you open your awareness to them.

See this time as a gift rather than a challenge, and know that when you reach the center of the labyrinth; you will find everything you seek.

The Universal Wisdom; hidden inside you all this time is yours.

You are, and you have, everything you need.

You just have to uncover it.

Find your true heart center.

Follow the path of the Labyrinth.



~Archangel Oracle

*Sacred Geometry Oracle Card deck, by Francene Hart

Himalayan Passage

Published February 15, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Himalayan Passage, from the Sacred Geometry Oracle Card deck, by Francene Hart

Himalayan Passage, from the Sacred Geometry Oracle Card deck, by Francene Hart

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Himalayan Passage, from the Sacred Geometry Oracle Card deck, by Francene Hart

Himalayan Passage: “Rebirth”

“Certain times and occurrences within each life transform that life transform that life forever. Sometimes they occur in quiet moments. Sometimes they happen as a result of challenging or traumatic events. This card explores your connection to such events and asks you to take a fresh look at how they may have influenced what is presently transpiring in your life. Within the triangles are the four mountains of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. The symbol in the center represents the AUM.

Hold a significant event or insight – past, present, or future – in your awareness. Sense where is sits in your physical body. What does it feel like in your emotional body? What information does it bring to you mentally? How does it affect your spiritual knowing? Each of these insights offers guidance surrounding the lessons you have been gifted. Each provides a means to a deeper understanding of events that transform your life and offer you rebirth.

Thank Spirit for the opportunity to learn, grow and change. Know that the ultimate gifts are healing and transformation. Use the sound of the AUM to release any trauma and incorporate these insights into your present.

You are in the midst of a transformational phase of your life. Trust the universe and your inner guidance to move you through this dangerous passage and into a place of light and rebirth.”*

~by Francene Hart

The Himalayan Mountains are full of magic and mystery, but they are not without challenges. I takes planning, preparation and hard work to climb them; and many life lessons learned along the way. They are a place of deep peace and tranquility; and they are a place of harsh elements and the wrath of Mother Nature. A metaphor for your life’s journey right now.

There have been challenges, and there has been magic. Learn the lessons and embrace the mystery. Know that the view at the top of the summit will be worth every ounce of pain and every previous setback.Know that your perseverance has paid off in ways that are yet to show themselves to you.

Use the sound of the Universe, OM or AUM to clear and heal your energy body, aligning your chakras and opening your crown to the Universal energies and transmissions. Use AUM to help you release old, stagnant blockages and any stuck lower vibrational dense energies. These energies may present in the form of thought patterns and belief systems that must be removed one by one to make room for the new. In order for a complete transformation to take place, you must trust in the Universe that what is yours is coming to you; that there is no more struggle, all is possible, with grace and ease. Breathe that in and hold it.

You are part of the magic of the Universe.

You, and your unlimited potential.



~ Archangel Oracle

*Sacred Geometry Oracle Card deck, by Francene Hart

Jack-O’-Lantern ~ Protection

Published October 31, 2015 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
 Jack-O'-Lantern ~ Protection

Jack-O’-Lantern ~ Protection, from the Halloween Oracle card deck, by Stacey Demarco

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Jack-O’-Lantern ~ Protection, from the Halloween Oracle card deck, by Stacey Demarco

Jack-O’-Lantern ~ Protection:

“Oh Jack! Oh Jack!

Let me carve my protection

Shine your fire outwards

Evil rejection and reflection”

“Halloween wouldn’t be the same without the carving of pumpkins into scary jack-o’-lanterns. Glowing menacingly from porches, dinner tables and doorsteps everywhere, Jacks actually have a rich history and a spiritual bent.

The original term for a jack-o’-lantern was a will-o’-the-wisp, an old British term. The will-o’-the-wisp was a small bundle of sticks used as a flame or torch. The Celts, the Irish and those living in the Scottish Highlands all carved winter vegetables – not just pumpkins but also parsnips, carrots or beets. The time around Samhain (Halloween) was of course when the Fae and goblins were said to be roaming wild and so the lanterns were intended to be both scary (scaring off the undesirable) and to light the way in the dark.

Today, carving pumpkin jack-o’-lanterns has become an art in itself and a true icon of Halloween. Intricate designs both scary and funny can be found in almost every home that celebrates the holiday. Both electric light and candles now illuminate the inside of the lanterns.

Know that you are protected and that you are capable of creating the life that you want, and that the Universe supports you in this should Jack shine his light upon you. Boundaries are important to teach people how to treat us and drawing this card indicates that you may wish to renew the ones you have or to establish new ones.”*

~by Stacey Demarco

Who can resist the magic of the pumpkin on this day of Samhain, when the veil between the realms is at it’s thinnest. Pumpkins at your doorstep or entryway will scare away the evil spirits and protect you and your family. Yet this is a day of fun as well, of costumes and candy and running through the night.

There is nothing evil about today, nothing truly scary. It has become commercial just like everything else; but it is a day of powerful magic and a wonderful day for meditation, contemplation and connection between the Earth and the Universe. Get outside if you can, walk through the forest and admire the changing leaves, the misty air and the damp earth… or whatever environment you happen to live in! Tilt your face to the sky and present your palms to the cosmos; take in the energies of the stars and the moon. Feel the amplified connection to the higher dimensions and use this opportunity to connect to your angels and guides, the ascended masters, and all higher beings. State your intention clearly, and make it for the highest good of all involved. Breathe the magic of the day in.

Light a candle and create some sacred space in your house today with flowers and leaves. Celebrate the harvest season and send gratitude. Connect to your pets, spending some special one on one time, helping them to feel safe and secure during the chaos of trick or treating. Set some intentions towards the relationships in your life right now; is there anything that needs to change? Commit to making those changes first within yourself; allowing others to follow suit.

Blessed be this day of Samhain.

Happy Halloween.


*Halloween Oracle card deck, by Stacey Demarco

Compassion ~ Kuan Yin

Published August 22, 2015 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Compassion ~ Kuan Yin, from the Universal Wisdom Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno

Compassion ~ Kuan Yin, from the Universal Wisdom Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Compassion ~ Kuan Yin, from the Universal Wisdom Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno

Compassion ~ Kuan Yin:

“You are a jewel.

Even though you may not see it,

All that you consider to be imperfect

Allows for greater light to shine through.

Even in darkness you are eternally bright.”

“Kuan Yin is known in Buddhism as the goddess of compassion and mercy. She views all of life with compassion and has shown up in your reading today to ask you to be compassionate towards yourself. Kuan Yin asks you to reflect on the many times you have critical thoughts about yourself. Make an effort to reflect on the many times you have critical thoughts about yourself. Make an effort to replace these negative thoughts with positive and loving ones. Your spirit lives always in perfection, even though from the physical plane you may perceive that you are less than perfect. Perfection exists in all things, even though we may not always see it. All is perfect and all is sacred.

Remember that you are simply spirit clothed in matter in this journey of life. From a spiritual perspective, life is a game and its sole object is for you to remember who you truly are. You are an eternal being and you hold enormous power. Your mind may see imperfection in many things, yet in reality there is no such thing.

The mind is bound by logic and judgment and therefore lacks spiritual awareness and compassion. What matters to your spirit is not that you strive to perfect your flaws, but that you accept them and view everything through compassionate eyes. Compassion sees through all veneers and recognizes the beauty in everything. Accept all of who you are and you will begin to see the beauty that surrounds all of life. Be compassionate towards yourself and you will see all the beauty that you are.”*

~ by Toni Carmine Salerno

I saw the most interesting article today. It was about the selfie phenomena. I have to say, I’ve never been a big fan, I really saw it as self indulgent and often kind of life bragging… especially when dealing with social media. But today I had a big realization. That selfies are a way of teaching us self love! How amazing and cool is that? What if selfies are all about us seeing ourselves in a whole new light? It may be self indulgent, but it may also be a tool for us to start to see the best in ourselves, letting our light shine through. Food for thought anyway!

We are so hard on ourselves. And really up until now, we have used mirrors as tools to point out all of our physical flaws or imperfections, compare ourselves to others and generally feel badly about ourselves. Is it now possible that we could undo some of the past damage with cameras? Most people have a much longer list of things that they would like to “fix” about themselves than the aspects of their own uniqueness that they celebrate. However, we must learn to see ourselves (and others!) as whole just as we are, a perfect reflection of the Divine. This does not mean living from ego, being arrogant or conceited or feeling above others.

It means living in gratitude, appreciation, acceptance and compassion.

For ourselves and all other beings.


*Universal Wisdom Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno

Power Animal

Published February 14, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Power Animal

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Angel Therapy Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D: Power Animal

Power Animal: “Your animal spirit guide is a guardian to you and is helping you with this situation.”

“This card is a message for you to work with animals – both physically and spiritually – for they are reaching out and attempting to communicate with you. In order to hear these benevolent beings, you will need to listen with your heart and inner ear without judgement. Once you open your mind, you will clearly hear their loving voices and messages.

you also have specific animals with you as guides, which may include a special pet. These ‘power animals” are like angels who are very connected with the earth.

Action Steps:

Go to a locations where there are trees or plants so that nature can help you with your journey to meet your power animal. Then close your eyes and breathe deeply as you hold the intention of connecting with the animal who serves as your spirit guide. Imagine yourself in a magical forest calling to your power animal, without specifying what type of animal you are expecting. Let yourself see and know the animal who is your guide, and then ask this spiritual being any question you would like – especially about your connection to nature and the environment.”*

Connecting to nature, through your animal spirit guides or through spending time in the forest, at the beach or even in your garden, is an important step in balancing your energy and grounding yourself to Gaia and her Earth energy. With all the electro magnetic frequencies, noise and pollution and technology in general that we are bombarded with every day, from computers and WIFI to artificial lighting and recycled air, it’s easy to lose your vital Earth energy connection. Getting outside it absolutely crucial, weather permitting of course! Although even a few deep breaths of fresh air will help, spending some time outside in the trees, feet planted firmly in the present, will do wonders for your mood and your vibrational energy.

Your animal spirit guides can call you in your dreams, letting you know that your connection to nature needs some attention, they can also point out areas you may need help in, such as following your intuition, or looking at life issues from a different perspective. Depending on the situation, and the animal itself, you can glean information from the dream to use in your current life situations. Dreaming of dolphins, or swimming with dolphins in the wild, for me signifies that I need to lighten up, that I am taking things too seriously and I need to play, have fun and enjoy those close to me. Basically, I need to get out there and have some FUN! Dreaming of a raven or an owl tells me that I need to look to my higher self for wisdom, that I need to get in touch with my intuition and trust my gut feelings. If I am flying, I feel that I need a broader perspective on things in my life, and that I may be feeling unnecessarily constricted by my responsibilities.

There is a great book, by Stephen D Farmer, called Animal Spirit Guides: An Easy-to-Use Handbook for Identifying and Understanding Your Power Animals and Animal Spirit Helpers , and I also use his cards, Messages From Your Animal Spirit Guides, which I am sure you have seen here in previous posts. I would definitely recommend the book, especially if you are wanting more clarification on the animals that visit you, in your daily life or in your dreams. These animals are here to help you raise your consciousness and teach you to live your life in the present, appreciating your surroundings and the abundance of our beautiful planet Earth.


* Angel Therapy Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D


Twin Flame

Published January 20, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Twin Flame

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Angel Therapy Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D: Twin Flame

Twin Flame: “The answer to your question involves a spiritually based romantic relationship.”
“You drew this card because your twin flame is intricately involved wiht the answer to your question. A twin flame is a romantic partner who originated from your spiritual soul group – that is, he or she is “the one” in terms of soul mate relationships.

Often, twin flames incarnate together during their last lifetime on Earth – after the reincarnation cycle has been completed, and all karma has been balanced. Until that lifetime, however, twin flames usually do not incarnate simultaneously but instead volunteer to function as one another’s spirit guides. So your twin flame could be guiding you from the other side, helping you with every area of your life, including romance with a soul mate.

Action Steps:

Write a letter to your twin flame’s guardian angels. Begin the letter with “Dear Guardian Angels of my twin flame,” and then express all of your feelings, thoughts, and questions about your love life. End the letter by asking these angels to prepare you to meet your twin flame or soul mate and to also arrange this visit. You will recognize your twin flame or soul mate immediately, and there won’t be any doubt in your heart or mind when you are face to face with him or her.”*

We put a lot of emphasis on finding “the one” in our lives, and often we end up compromising ourselves or our dreams when we meet someone who seems to fit the criteria. We have lessons we are here in this physical realm to learn, and we may get sidetracked along the way, particularly by romantic relationships, and not all of them healthy for us. Our society forces us to believe that the ultimate dream is to be united with our soul mate, and that we must strive to find this person above any and all else we want in our lives. Single women especially are frowned upon after a certain age; as if there is something wrong with them if they haven’t located a husband and created a family. Often, it is still thought that a woman would be better off settling for a satisfactory marriage than choosing to go it alone. Society is fascinated by people who choose to remain single, or who refuse to have children, yet in this day and age, on this already very, if not over-populated planet… shouldn’t we have the choice?

When you think about your twin fame, you think of someone who completes you; yet is there any point in reuniting with this person if you are still not complete in yourself? If you can’t value yourself, and unconditionally accept and love every aspect of yourself, is it fair to seek that outside yourself, or should we be encouraged to do some soul searching before we leap into soul mate searching? When we can truly experience love, from the inside out, instead of searching for acceptance, that is when we are truly ready for our twin flame. If you are already there, that is wonderful news! If you are not, then take some time to be introspective. Start by loving you and work up from there. You are worth it… aren’t you?


* Angel Therapy Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D


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