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Published August 6, 2017 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Reflection, from the Sirian Starseed Tarot Card deck, by Patricia Cori and Alysa Bartha

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Reflection, from the Sirian Starseed Tarot Card deck, by Patricia Cori and Alysa Bartha

Reflection: “In this first cycle of earthy reality, Starseed has learned the essentials of existence in form:
~The magic of manifesting form
~Higher self and the inherent wisdom we bring through our karmic record
~The flow of energy in all its boundless expression
~The importance of structure in the creative stream
~Spiritual guidance
~The giving of one’s self to love
~The power of right mind over the senses
~The meaning of true strength

At the end of this first cycle (I-IX), it is time to rest and reflect on all that has been learned. It is time to ruminate on the wisdom of Starseed’s passage thus far.

To achieve the silence to contemplate such important lessons, Starseed is guided to go into a sort of hermitage, far from the distraction of people and events, and back to the quiet of nature, where the greatest truths lie.

At a time when human kind is bombarded with all manner of noise and distraction via our personal interactions, technology, and media, the path of the hermit can be the remedy to restoring peace in the mind and soul.

Associated with Reflection are the words hermitage, silence, contemplation, meditation, stillness, and peace.

When Reflection appears in a reading, the querent might consider the following: ‘Am I able to silence my mind and reflect on the situation at hand? How am I quieting my mind to contemplate the higher truth? Am I able to be still and listen to my inner voice? Do I need to get away, to find the guidance I need in the situation? Have I matured from what I have learned? How am I behaving like a hermit to those who seek my attention or guidance?”*

~ By Patricia Cori and Alys Bartha

The transformation you are going through may create some friction in your life. You may find that you are no longer in alignment with certain relationships, occupations or lifestyle choices. Things that once appealed to you no longer hold your attention, and truths that you may have chosen to ignore are now too glaringly obvious.

This can cause fear and discomfort. It can cause people who are close to you to object. It may cause judgment and it may even cause rejection. Try not to take it to heart, it is all part of the process.

It is time to reflect back on whether there were times in the recent past that you saw evidence that you had outgrown a particular situation and yet felt unable to deal with it. Maybe you were afraid to hurt someone; or you were afraid your financial situation wasn’t strong enough for changes to be made. Maybe you felt obligated to someone or something. Or maybe you just chose to ignore it out of fear of the new, the unknown.

But now you do know it, and this knowing comes from deep within. There is no hiding from this knowledge. There is only opportunity for change.

Use the reflection to see the truth. Use it to make positive changes; necessary changes.

Use it to change your external world to match your internal world.



~Archangel Oracle

*Sirian Starseed Tarot Card deck, by Patricia Cori and Alysa Bartha



Published March 23, 2017 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Sanctuary, from the Sacred Geometry For the Visionary Path Oracle Card deck, by Francene Hart

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Sanctuary, from the Sacred Geometry For the Visionary Path Oracle Card deck, by Francene Hart

Sanctuary: “Refuge and Renewal”

“This green cathedral is offered as a sacred space and refuge from the world for a time. It evokes the energy of deep connection with nature and represents a place of rest and renewal. DNA spirals connect the peace dove above with the place of heart that dwells within every one of us. The double helix of our DNA spins a remembering of our divinity and accelerates our participation in conscious evolution.

You have much to do upon the Earth. Realize that however in tune you are with evolving purpose, however fast you are shifting paradigms, there will be times when it is necessary for you to retreat in order to renew your vitality and reconnect with your sacred center.

Set aside time for stillness. Allow a sense of peaceful tranquility to pervade your consciousness. You may want to walk into the forest and listen to the voices of nature. Sit quietly in that energy and feel how your mind is calmed and your Spirit renewed. Listen to the messages that you receive in this meditative interval. Allow that simply ‘being’ is at least as important as all the doing that consumes most lives. If you are unable to be in nature, find a place of sanctuary in your home, church or city. Use this card to symbolically assist you in evoking a sense of renewal and equanimity.

Remember that the emotions of love and compassion influence the harmonics of the heart and the renewal of life force. Mindfully honour the sanctuary of quiet moments.”

Sanctuary as Challenger: “You are moving so fast that you are at risk for accidents. SLOW down.”*

~ By Francene Hart

Yesterday we were asked to take stock of how busy our lives are, how we are spending our time and where our stress levels are at. Today, regardless of whether you fall into the category of “everything’s under control” or “totally stressed” we are being asked to take a breather and reflect on where we are and the process that got us here, and where we are headed next.

Globally, we are undergoing a massive shift of consciousness, and no matter what is going on for each of us on a personal level, we must honour this collective process. The best way to do this is to get outside and get grounded back to our Great Mother, Gaia. Breathing in some fresh air, connecting with the trees, the plants, the birds and the animals brings us back to the present moment. It helps us to detach from any drama and put things into perspective; it also helps us to remember our part in the bigger picture. This should be a regular ritual for you, going into the forest or to the beach to reconnect and take some time to reflect and recharge your energy.

Know that by doing so, you will be able to meet your life fully present, with clarity, balance and peace.

And so it is



~Archangel Oracle

*Sacred Geometry For the Visionary Path Oracle Card deck, by Francene Hart

Hanging Man

Published September 11, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Hanging Man, from The Sirian Starseed Oracle Card deck, by Patricia Cori and Alysa Bartha

Hanging Man, from The Sirian Starseed Oracle Card deck, by Patricia Cori and Alysa Bartha

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Hanging Man, from The Sirian Starseed Oracle Card deck, by Patricia Cori and Alysa Bartha

Hanging Man: “Like a pre-born infant in the womb, reversing itself to prepare for passage out of the state of suspended animation of one world and into the next, Hanging Man is observing reality from an inverted perspective. He is the stilled pendulum, at rest: a potential energy disengaged, floating, meditating, surrendering.

Starseed is confronted with the possibility that there will be times on the path when she or he will need to look at things from a different perspective. There will be epiphanies, when reversals will bring opportunities to be reborn. Sacrificing one’s position on an issue and looking at it from another direction may bring enlightenment.

Hanging Man appears to be waiting to be reborn, as many of us describe it, into a new spiritual consciousness. He (or she) is on a vision quest, opening to an altered state of awareness, experiencing new insights.

This key is associated with meditation, selflessness, new perspectives, reversal of ideas, silence, stillness.

When a querent works with this key, the questions that arise might be the following: What do I need to meditate on? How do I need to look at things in a different way? What am I waiting for clarity on? How am I feeling suspended in time – on hold? How can I let go of any desired outcome in the matter and just relax? How am I stuck?”*

~ By Patricia Cori and Alysa Bartha

We have been working hard on ourselves, particularly over these last few days. We have been bringing the shadows into the light. Shedding all the those old layers. Building ourselves back up with more love and light than we ever thought possible. We are surrendering to the Divine plan. And now, we are being asked to throw away the remnants of all of our outmoded belief systems. This includes releasing all vestiges of old limitations that we may have set up to protect ourselves, or we may have had projected upon us by others and have continued to honour unnecessarily. We no longer need to be protected from ourselves. We must move forward with a new perspective about what is possible.

Every morning and every night ask that you be filled with as much light as you can possibly hold in your physical body at this moment in time. By doing this, you allow your cells to be flooded with Light. Each time you ask, you will receive. Each time you will receive more than the last. You will raise your vibration and you will change your physical form as you do so. You will literally become Lighter. You can also ask to be filled with the high vibrational resonance of joy, love and happiness, even ecstasy. By the Grace of the Universe.

Turn off your television and step back from the drama to heal yourself for as you do so, you heal those around you and the planet. Take time to meditate. Take time to incorporate deep breathing into your day as this is the bridge to the higher dimensions. Drink more pure water. Eat Lighter, plant based foods. Get outside every day. Incorporate music for the purpose of healing and uplifting.

These rituals will assist you in shifting your perspective. They will purify you, body, mind and spirit and quantum jump you into ascension. With a brand new perspective of just what is possible.



~Archangel Oracle

*The Sirian Starseed Oracle Card deck, by Patricia Cori and Alysa Bartha

Lake ~ Stillness

Published June 27, 2015 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Lake ~ Stillness, from the Earth Magic Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer

Lake ~ Stillness, from the Earth Magic Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Lake ~ Stillness, from the Earth Magic Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer

Lake ~ Stillness: “The subdued pastels of the early morning light quietly announce that the night is over and the sun is rising. The lake itself has not awakened from its rest and remains still and undisturbed. It welcomes the coming day, ready to respond with grace and fluidity to whatever currents and movements appear in its belly or upon its skin. The surrounding vegetation thrives from the abundant water near the shoreline, and the unoccupied boat lies in wait for its next passenger. All is at rest in this scene.

It is in the deep, internal stillness that we find our Being and come to know that we are intimately united with all of Creation. To achieve this mindset, we must slow down once in a while and get away from the surroundings that interfere and distract our inner tranquility. When we do so, this profound stillness is available at all times, regardless of the environment. We can experience this sensation with steady, conscious breathing; or we can simply pause for a few moments and be still.

The tempo of life these days has sped up considerable, and there seems to be no end to this quickening pace. Immersed as we are in the technological whirlpool, there seems no escape. However, there is no need to be a prisoner to the “hurry up” syndrome, nor is there a need to feel trapped by the awareness of the collective intensities that massive numbers of humans are experiencing these days.

No matter if the noise is from your environment or your seemingly nonstop thinking, it is critical for you to seek stillness. Find it in your world, whether it is a special place in your home or a place in Nature that is far from human made noise. Of particular importance is finding it inside yourself, which can be made easier by being in a quiet place in a natural setting. Doing so not only relaxes your mind, but also heightens your awareness and senses.”*

– Stephen D Farmer

Water symbolizes the emotions and a lake, to me, could symbolize deep emotions, but also a large surface area. You may be feeling bombarded from every side right now. Trying not to spread yourself too thin, yet so much to do and each moment seems accounted for before it even happens. This is when overwhelm kicks in and we can find ourselves feeling overemotional… about things that we may not normally feel emotional about.

It’s vital right now to commit to carving out some time to just Be. Just breathe. Take a break, even for a few moments at a time to put things in perspective. How many of these issues are just drama, and what is the root of it all, way down in the depths?

Take a few breaths and imagine yourself, barefoot, at the edge of the lake in the picture above, or your favourite lake. Close your eyes and breathe in the smell of the lake; misty, dewy and fragrant. Feel the trees, the plants and the animals all around you, lending you their strength and stillness. Take a step forward and put your feet in the lake, feeling the cool, crisp, invigorating water all around your feet. You might decide that you want to keep walking and eventually swim, or you may contemplate your reflection in the lake, asking it what you need right now, using it as a window to your higher self. Whatever feels right to you. If you are swimming you could dive down into the surprisingly clear water, feeling young and free and energized. Amazed at how long you can hold your breath for, or maybe finding that you can breathe under this water, you swim deeper and deeper, feeling completely safe and secure. Down at the bottom of the lake, there is a message written in the sand, just for you. As you get closer you can read it as the sun beams right down into the water. What is your message? Send a blessing to the lake, and gratitude for the message, and begin to leisurely swim back up to the surface. As you swim up to the surface, you realize how much lighter you feel, for with each kick and each stroke, you shed some of the stress and worry that has been weighing you down lately. All transmuted into the lake, in exchange for this new lightness of being. You break through the surface feeling like a completely new person. Revitalized, replenished, capable, strong and liberated. As you reach the shore, you know that this lake is always here for you, always willing to assist you to process any of the emotions that feel heavy or dense. Looking back at the lake, you lift your palms to the sky and take a few more long, slow, deep breaths. Knowing in your heart that this you are transformed.

Smiling. From the inside, out.


* Earth Magic Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer



Published April 18, 2015 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Feline, from the Return To Spirit Oracle Card deck, by Cheryl Lee Harnish

Feline, from the Return To Spirit Oracle Card deck, by Cheryl Lee Harnish

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Feline, from the Return To Spirit Oracle Card deck, by Cheryl Lee Harnish

Feline: “Perhaps it feels as though nothing is happening for you at the moment. Life does have its lulls and downtime. The Feline card has come to let you know that in just a short time, the action is going to kick in. Get ready for it.

The energy of the cat is strong within the fractal image. And the cat has a strong message for you as well. While it may feel as if you are not making any progress in your life at this moment, everything is in its perfect order. Cats love their sleep, and this is a cue for you to take this time to really rest.

The Feline card might also indicate a need to have a massage or body work. Being rubbed and touched by a set of caring hands can do wonders for your body, and spirit as well.

Another aspect of cat energy is play time. The Feline card is asking that you get plenty of it. When you do go out, make sure that you do the things which really bring you joy. Have fun and enjoy this quiet period in your life.

Things are not going to remain still for much longer. You are about to take a giant leap forward in your life. Just as a cat sits perfectly still in the grass as it watches its prey, you are also being asked to allow the stillness. When everything aligns and the timing is right, your instincts are going to tell you it is time to leap. And when you do, you will bound higher and farther than you ever thought you could. Your aim will be precise, landing you directly on that which you have had in your sights.

So take the time now to play around. Enjoy the quiet as you mentally focus on where you want to go in your life. The next big burst of energy is going to take you there in a single powerful leap!”*

– Cheryl Lee Harnish

It’s the calm before the storm, and you are being given a reprieve. Take this time to process and assimilate all the intense cosmic energies that have come our way since the very beginning of 2015. Things are about to really take off. This is a time to align your desires and your vibration. It is a time to release any residual low vibrational density in your thoughts, your body, your belief systems. There is simply no room for fear and doubt, and these emotions will only hold you back!

Have you ever stood on the edge of a rock, getting up the courage to jump into a lake or river? Stood on the edge of a high diving board and wondered if you had the guts to jump? Imagine in these circumstances if you had a chance to do a meditation first. Taking a few moments uninterrupted to remove the fear of the jump. You could visualize yourself walking calmly to the edge, taking a deep breath, and jumping. Surrendering to the freedom and exhilaration of the moment. Knowing you were fully supported and safe. Having FUN!

Right now is your moments to release the fear of jumping off the cliff into the water. It is the time to steady yourself, believe in yourself and set all those old doubts and self limiting thought patterns free. Forever.

Don’t over analyze, don’t fret. You will know when you are ready to jump. The energy is about to shift and you will know without a doubt.

For now? Breathe. Center. Receive.




* Return To Spirit Oracle Card deck, by Cheryl Lee Harnish

Fog ~ Veiled

Published January 13, 2015 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Fog ~ Veiled, From The Earth Magic Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer

Fog ~ Veiled, From The Earth Magic Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Fog ~ Veiled, From The Earth Magic Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer

Fog ~ Veiled: “Fog is simply a low cloud, a blanket of water crystals that has not gained the density of raindrops. The thicker it is, the more it shrouds in it’s damp, billowy arms. It can be so thik that it makes it nearly impossible to see directly in front of us. During those times, silence makes its own sound as we pause and allow ourselves to be enveloped in this shroud of impenetrable density. We may even feel as if we can do nothing but be still and await what is to be revealed.

Yet even within the thickest fog, we can be assured that it will eventually turn off as the sun’s rays infiltrate the veil. Once they do so, we can anticipate how the light and warmth will bring us welcome relief from the cold. As the sun continues to disperse the fog, our surroundings become illuminated, and we have the opportunity to continue onward.

You are enmeshed in confusion and uncertainty, and are unsure if it will ever clear up. This is not the best time to make decisions, particularly any major ones. Know that this foggy veil will eventually dissolve. Although there may be ways you are unconsciously contributing to this state, the greater truth is that this is simply a cycle you are moving through, and like all things, this too shall pass.

Allow yourself to feel confused – in fact, decide to be confused. No matter what attempts you make right now to make things happen or move in any specific direction out of impatience or frustration, you risk only creating more confusion and uncertainty. So be still and patient. Wait for that first glimmer of awareness to life the veil so that you can see the choices before you more clearly and can then choose to align yourself with the will of Spirit.”*

– Stephen D Farmer

Breathe Dear One, and take heart… for this is not a setback, it is a chance for you to pause in order to reflect on the past and present while you manifest your future. This is the calm before the storm, to be cherished as a gift, not seen as an obstacle. It is truly all about perspective. When you don’t know what to do, take a moment to collect your thoughts; while also taking some time to admit to yourself that… well, you may not have your plan of action in place quite yet. That is OK. It is when you get anxious, frustrated or impatient, seeing yourself as a victim rather than the creator of your reality that the fog will shift, in your perspective, from a temporary hold to a block. Do you understand? Fog is heavy yet fragile; fleeting.

There is something still holding you back from chasing your dreams; it holds your heart hostage. The Fog is a layer of protection at this time, veiled as confusion, while you sort yourself out. You see by the picture that the Sun is already breaking through the clouds; you don’t have much time, so breathe in the stillness while you can. You have everything you need in order to proceed. You will know what to do when the time is right; the light is coming.

Take a few moments to close your eyes and breathe deeply, focusing on calming, grounding and centering yourself. See the fog swirling around you, protecting you like a cool cocoon. Imagine that within this cocoon of white mist, you are growing your wings; quietly transforming; gathering strength. Feel yourself safe, surrounded by love, not needing yet to move as you go through this process. When you are ready, imagine the clouds above you bursting with light; allowing you to see the next steps in your journey clearly. As the light streams down from above, your body, mind and spirit are filled with warmth and love. You are receiving Divine Guidance. There is no fear, only love. You are ready to shed your cocoon, and the old goes with it. You are surrounded by your angels and they help to release you from what you no longer need in your life; see these things as part of the old cocoon, melting away.

A few more beautiful deep breaths and you are ready.

Spread your wings and fly.


* The Earth Magic Oracle Card deck, by Stephen D Farmer


Elohim ~ Pathways of Light

Published June 7, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

elohim pathways of light

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Blue Angel Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno: Elohim ~ Pathways of Light

Elohim ~ Pathways of Light: “Life holds many hidden dimensions; pathways of light which lead to other realities and worlds. These hidden dimensions are inside you, and can be accessed through the empty space between your thoughts. When the mind is calm you can enter a place beyond thought. A place that world cannot describe and and your mind cannot contain. It is the multidimensional conscious awareness of your soul, the real you, beyond your earthly limitations.

Become aware of your breath. Breathe in light. Just observe and relax. After a while you will feel a sense of peace. You are in a state of grace. Your thoughts float away and turn to light; each breath brings you deeper into peace. Angels appear. They are your bridge between the spiritual and physical worls and will guide you to the heart of creation. Through pathways of light you enter parallel universes. New galaxies are born inside you; there is so much love. Your vision is filled with light. There is a still point. You have reached singularity, a point deep inside you from which all stems.


My soul is a sacred space through which I create endless abundance.

My thoughts and ideas are not restricted by time or space.”*

Acknowledge the importance of stillness and peace in your life right now. You must slow down, give yourself some time to just BE. Breathe deeply. Meditate. Do yoga. Let go of the worries and stresses of everyday life and center yourself in calm certainty. We are often overwhelmed by responsibility and spread ourselves too thin, believing that every new thing we take on proves that we are accomplished. We forget ourselves, forget to take time to just breathe.

When you are stressed and overwhelmed, your Chakras get out of alignment and your body suffers. You don’t eat properly as you are rushing. You don’t take care of yourself emotionally and you may be more prone to anger, resentment, sorrow and anxiety. You are too hard on yourself and this is a call to slow down. NOW!

The Pathway of Light is inside of you all the time; you must make time to access it. The only way to do this is in stillness; in calming the mind and letting go of fear, doubt, judgment and obligation. You will be a better person for it; a better parent, a better friend, a better spouse, a better child of God. This is because, in finding the light, you will find yourself, the true, authentic, real and unique you. You can be unique and connected; you just have to see your light as part of the larger Source as it is. You are worthy of so much more than rushing around trying to please everyone and taking nothing for yourself. You are powerful in your stillness; everything you need is already inside you, you only need acknowledge it and let it come forward without fear and doubt blocking the way.

Delve into your connection to Source; see yourself as an integral part of All That Is. Make time for quiet stillness to communicate with your Angels and guides. Concentrate on the alignment of your Chakras. Be mindful of your innate power to heal your body, mind and spirit. It all starts with taking a few minutes all to yourself; deep breaths; eyes closed; palms open to receive. Ahhhhhh…. doesn’t that feel better already?



* Blue Angel Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno
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