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Published January 10, 2017 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Nephthys, from The Anubis Oracle Card deck, by Nicki Scully and Linda Star Wolf, illustrated by Kris Waldherr

Nephthys, from The Anubis Oracle Card deck, by Nicki Scully and Linda Star Wolf, illustrated by Kris Waldherr

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Nephthys, from The Anubis Oracle Card deck, by Nicki Scully and Linda Star Wolf, illustrated by Kris Waldherr

Nephthys: “The High Priestess ~ Intuition ~ Mystery”

“Nephthys is the hidden or veiled one who serves as a medium between the worlds. She comes to us in dreams, flashes of intuition, and visions. Along with Isis and Nekhbet-Mother-Mut, Nephthys is an aspect of the Triple Goddess. She relies upon spirit to direct her in all things and she holds the mystery teachings of life, death, and rebirth deep within her essence.

The mother of Anubis, Nephthys is also the true Virgin, or the woman unto herself, in her manifestation as the High Priestess. In our shamanic visionary experience, she inspires the seeker as she whispers her secrets into the wind and dances exotically under the starry sky with magnificent serpents winding around her beautiful bronze arms.

Although she is less renowned than her twin sister, Isis, they are seen together on the walls of the temples and at either end of every sarcophagus in ancient Egypt. When Osiris’s body was scattered throughout Egypt, it was Nephthys and Anubis who helped Isis find and gather the parts to make him whole again.

When Nephthys appears, she is working with your third eye and your sense of intuition, which will guide you further into the mysteries and to that which is hidden in your subconscious mind. She helps you to see in the dark. If you have drawn this card, be especially attentive or watchful for synchronicities. (What you may normally think of as a coincidence is actually the universe trying to gain your attention.) Pay attention to those sudden “hits” of inner knowing and guidance, and watch for those outer events or experiences that form synchronistic parallels to the inner messages you are receiving.

When you give yourself to the magic of Nephthys, she does not stop at opening your mind’s eye; she also opens your heart. Allow your entire being to thrive as you begin to see things in a new way.”*

~by Nicki Scully and Linda Star Wolf, illustrated by Kris Waldherr

A very auspicious way to start off your Spiritual Quest… with the guidance and assistance of Nephthys. She will prepare you, body, mind and spirit for the journey you are about to embark on. She will activate your Third Eye chakra, she will open your Heart and your Higher Heart Chakras. She will heal you as she opens you up to the mysteries of the Universe. She will bring you people and opportunities that will assist you on your way.

There are no coincidences, know that any and all synchronicity in your life right now is no mistake. Nephthys is drawing you forward. She is helping you to remember why you came here, and who you really are.

Meditate on that



~Archangel Oracle

*The Anubis Oracle Card deck, by Nicki Scully and Linda Star Wolf, illustrated by Kris Waldherr


Lapis Lazuli

Published July 9, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Lapis Lazuli, from the Eternal Crystal Oracle Card deck, by Jade-Sky

Lapis Lazuli, from the Eternal Crystal Oracle Card deck, by Jade-Sky

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Lapis Lazuli, from the Eternal Crystal Oracle Card deck, by Jade-Sky

Lapis Lazuli: “Problems resolved – Third Eye and Throat Chakras”

“If you have been feeling stuck, stagnant or as though life is bringing you one problem after another, Lapis Lazuli is here to help you. Drawing this card indicates that things around you are about to transform. There is a positive energy coming to you that will help you to let go of anything in your past or present that is holding you back. As you dwell less on matters in your past, you will begin to feel this surge of new transformative energy. It is time now for you to focus upon your strengths, not your weaknesses. You have an incredible inner power that can get you through any hard times.

Remember that you are not alone, your spirit guides, angels and passed over loved ones are also with you helping you. Try to stay positive and focused on your goals. Keep charging ahead with your hopes and dreams. Try not to get too distracted by other people’s energies, opinions, or problems.

Lapis Lazuli is associated with your throat chakra. Its energy helps you to communicate with your Throat Chakra. Its energy helps you to communicate clearly. It is also associated with your Third Eye Chakra which helps you with your intuition.”

~ By Jade-Sky

Lapis Lazuli is a stone of communication, truth, intuition, and Royal Virtues. It has deep ties to Egyptian times and Danu Talis, also known as Atlantis. It was a stone of the high priests and priestesses; a stone of pharoas. It is a timeless stone of healing, of empowerment, and of graceful authority. Lapis Lazuli is one of the premier stones to connect with the benevolent presence of our beloved Archangel Michael; it will help us to access higher levels of consciousness and visionary awareness.

Use Lapis Lazuli during meditation to connect to past lives, look into the Akashic Records, seek deep Divine wisdom and enhance intuition and insight. Wear it to empower you to speak your truth with grace and ease, dispel fears around clear and honest communication, and move forward with the great Archangel Michael by your side. You will feel your spine straighten and find you can walk with your head held high as you place it on a necklace close to your throat; this is ancient and powerful magic at work. Place it on your Throat Chakra for deep healing, opening and clearing of the throat; enhancing not only your ability to communicate but also receive Divine communications. Place on the Third Eye to open and activate this chakra for increased vision, intution, psychic ability and assistance in transcending the drama of the mundane for a much broader perspective of what is truly possible.

As you hold or wear your Lapis Lazuli, take a moment to connect with Archangel Michael, asking him to surround you with his Love and Light; guiding you on your path. Know that this is a powerful stone, and even small pieces can be wonderful ally’s on your healing journey.



~Archangel Oracle

* Eternal Crystal Oracle Card deck, by Jade-Sky


Published April 28, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Sodalite, from the Liquid Crystal Oracle Card deck, by Justin Moikeha Asar

Sodalite, from the Liquid Crystal Oracle Card deck, by Justin Moikeha Asar

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Sodalite, from the Liquid Crystal Oracle Card deck, by Justin Moikeha Asar

Sodalite: “New Vision ~ The Master Crystal Deva Se-omel”

“Slip gently into the velvet robe of my light and enter my frequency. In my embrace, we have opened the unlimited realization of spirit eternal to the level of complete knowing.

Closing your eyes at night, let the stars of the inner world drift by you, this is one of my gifts, empowering intuition and vision, but still there is more. Calmly step into conscious thinking, open the mind to the endless expressions of energy around you, now let my light show them, distilling them down to a single movement, through this you will rejoice in my frequency, for all is spirit and as endless as the night sky.

Let the Dragons soar high above in the heart of creation’s eye, a message of pure potential and a path of empowered light, a New Vision carried in the eyes of the living stars of Earth. May they speak and the world listen, I await their true calling, my flame is theirs.”

Sodalite In Healing: “Sodalite is the deep indigo-Blue opaque stone with silvery white inclusions throughout its body like white light dancing in the Universe. It is quite a common stone, found in most crystal shops around the world which is an indication that we need it for our evolution at this time.

Of all the stones on Earth, Sodalite holds one of the highest percentages of the Indigo Colour Ray, making it a stone of great Wisdom and linking it intimately to the working order of the mind. Sodalite links together all the aspects of mind, from the highest point of the spiritual all the way to the subconscious, and allows one to dance between them. This also creates the ability to freely move from emotional to rational, by the inclusion of spiritual thought, and makes one able to truthfully speak about emotions and to be free from attachment at the level of the subconscious, which is useful in destroying addiction and control issues. Sodalite’s ability to create new mental patterns and its potent linking ability, lead to greater focus and the creation of new goals, which is where it gets its reputation as the stone of New Vision.

As a spiritual development stone, Sodalite opens the third eye and can aid in the translation of that which is experienced, it facilitates meditation and with its ability to drop one in the infinite oneness mentally, is the more physical anchoring counterpart of the highly spiritual stone of knowing, Celestite. This connection makes Sodalite a first stopping point when one needs a more spiritualized vision in life.

At the physical level, Sodalite is able to calm panic attacks, especially where the cause is a division of self and the stress it causes. Sodalite is the number one crystal for the lymphatic system and any problems found there, it is useful in diabetes, insomnia and with throat troubles.”

Your Healing Journey Today: “On this day, with Sodalite by your side, the Conscious, Subconscious and High Spiritual Minds are uniting to manifest a New Vision that has been hidden inside you. In the coming days, you are encouraged to speak truthfully about your emotions, which will create a freedom of attachment to that around you and open the doors for a new world with you at its center.

The most difficult thing in manifesting a new path in the world is allowing our focus, which is predominantly mental, to move through the emotional body into the etheric, and then physically manifest. To facilitate this, we must remember that emotional focus is the act of Truthfulness with Self, and it is the Voice of this that Sodalite offers to you as a gift.

“A world focused on Truth, is a world surrounded in Love, a world surrounded in Love, must act with Love, and such directed Love Unites, Enlightens and gives rise to more Truth.”

Affirmation: “I am the perfected Vision, the New Vision of Light”

Keywords: “New Vision, Linking the Minds, Indigo Coloured Ray, Wisdom, Attachment, Knowing, rational and Intellectual Thinking, Truth, Emotional To Rational Link, Addiction, Control Issues, Focus, Lymphathic System, PanicAttacks, Contact From The Ashtar Command.”

Body Placement: Throat, Third Eye, Crown Chakras.”*

~by Justin Moikeha Asar

In you is a world of possibility; of creative potential and unlimited resources. You are the magic you seek; you are the wisdom, you are the Love. Trust in your intuition, follow your instinct and heed the whispers of your heart.

Sodalite can help us to connect in a deeper and more profound way to our Higher Selves, through our Crown, Third Eye and Throat Chakras. Many are unaware that the Throat Chakra is receptive as well as productive… we receive messages through the Throat Chakra as much as we deliver them. Clearing, aligning and strengthening our Throat Chakras will allow us to communicate more clearly with our angels and guides, the ascended masters and elementals as well as align with our Soul, or Higher Selves. It is also an amazing stone to use during meditation and dreamtime to amplify our connection to the Universal wisdom coming in during these amplified spiritual communications.

Sodalite is our Ally to connect us to the Indigo Ray, of magic, mystery, intuition and insight and communication with the Universe in a way that is so deep and so beautiful, you will wonder how you ever got along without it!



~Archangel Oracle

*Liquid Crystal Oracle Card deck, by Justin Moikeha Asar




Amethyst Oversoul

Published March 7, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Amethyst Oversoul, from the Crystal Oversoul Attunements, by Michael Eastwood

Amethyst Oversoul, from the Crystal Oversoul Attunements, by Michael Eastwood

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Amethyst Oversoul, from the Crystal Oversoul Attunements, by Michael Eastwood

Amethyst Oversoul: “Amethyst can remind us to take responsibility for our life force, to focus our energies and become co-creators of reality.

By working consciously with Amethyst, we are understand any Karmic residues that may be remaining in our energy bodies. With this vibration we can be supported in facing our past and release that which does not serve us anymore.

As we shift into a new aeon for humanity, Amethyst serves to help us adjust into the new qualities of any future direction we choose to take.

Amethyst gives us the opportunity to see into our future self, thus helping us to adjust, if necessary, our present attitude.

Co-creating reality: “The Amethyst Oversoul serves to remind us that we are co-creators. The mandala of the Oversoul is immense, an exquisite range of purple and lilac tones that are set in geometric forms. As we enter via its center we are greeted by 12 beings, the consciousness of the Oversoul. They are crystalline beings with purple robes and intense Amethyst eyes. They look deep into our being and usher us to proceed to the temple.

The temple itself is a vast building carved out of a single Amethyst which to our eyes looks like a cathedral. Inside the temple light pours through four windows, spreading a rich deep purple colour in all directions.

In the center of the temple is a table carved from a single Amethyst, and we are encouraged to lie upon it. As we lay down on the stone, 12 beings surround us and start to radiate an intense purple light out of their third eye. Their individual lights join forces and focus upon us. We are bathed in the most exquisite light that washes through our third eye and throughout our entire being. Any confusion we may  be carrying about using our inner sight to co-create is released.

Our third eye is attuning to its ancient heritage, awakening to its true purpose as a tool for navigation and co-creating reality. We see that we can see with new eyes.

Chakra: Third Eye

Element: Ether”*

~by Michael Eastwood

As we move through the ascension process, we are assisted by many beings Of The Light, from On High. Angels, Archangels and Guides, Ascended Masters, Elementals, Animal Spirit Guides, and many other benevolent beings of Light. These beings are working with us now at a Soul level, as agreed upon and directed by our Higher Selves. However, we can strengthen this connection and benefit even more from their assistance as we expand our awareness. We can open our hearts and minds to the possibility of communicating with these beings directly, bringing the healing into our daily reality and present consciousness.

There are many ways to open the portal of deep connection and direct communication with the higher realms to receive their Divine wisdom and healing:

*Meditation or silent contemplation

*Mindful connection with nature through working with crystals, stones, trees, plants; the sun, the moon, the stars, and the five elements

*Connecting to our Animal Spirit Guides

*Sacred ceremony, such as creating alters or burning candles with intention to connect

*Setting the intention before we go to sleep to work co-operatively in our dream-state.

The key is to focus our intention, for the highest good of all and the highest healing, of ourselves and our Great Mother Gaia and her depth of Divine creation. Intend to assist and receive assistance in the ascension to the higher states of consciousness. The fifth dimension and beyond.

With Love and full of Light.

And so it is.



~Archangel Oracle

*Crystal Oversoul Attunements, by Michael Eastwood

Lapis Lazuli

Published March 1, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Lapis Lazuli, from the Crystal Wisdom Oracle Card deck, by Judy Hall

Lapis Lazuli, from the Crystal Wisdom Oracle Card deck, by Judy Hall

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Lapis Lazuli, from the Crystal Wisdom Oracle Card deck, by Judy Hall

Lapis Lazuli: “Heavenly Wisdom”

“The heavenly blue of Lapis Lazuli with its golden flecks was a favorite of the Egyptians who linked it to the sun god Ra. It warded off calamities of all kinds and was one of the most auspicious stones in the ancient world.”

Self Understanding: “You are an immortal soul who has profound connection with the heavens. Your purpose is noble. You yearn for spiritual attunement, but may be hampered by outmoded viewpoints. Take charge of your own life. Looking into the past, including other lives, puts your present experience into perspective. You are a lineage breaker. It takes effort to trace family history, but it is enlightening.”

Divination: “Flashes of intuition show the way. Open your heart and the third eye. Help comes from on high. Spiritual enlightenment is within your grasp. Enhanced perception shows what operates beneath consensual reality. Work with your dreams and journey inward to find deeper insights. More study or research is needed. Yours is the gift of true friendship. Protect yourself.”

Frequency: High

Charka: Throat, Third Eye, Crown

Zodiac Timing: Sagittarius

Soul Path: Divine Reconnection”*

~ By Judy Hall

Lapis is an amazing stone, a stone of Royalty and Truth, a stone of magic and mysteries; intuition and insight; spirituality and communication. From The Book Of Stones By Robert Simmons:

“Lapis activates the psychic centers at the third eye, allowing one to develop enhanced intuition and access to spiritual guidance. It is a stone of visionary awareness, bringing new information to the mind in images rather than words. It enhances intellectual ability, making one a better learner and teacher. It is a stone of truth and a stimulating influence to the throat chakra – therefore it assists one in both discerning and speaking the truth in all situations. Lapis is a stone of initiation as well – gifting a friend with Lapis jewelry can be a catalyst for a mystical journey to higher awareness. Lapis is often particularly attractive to individuals with past life connections to ancient Egypt, and meditating with the stone can assist them in recovering memories of those past lives, aiding evolution in the current incarnation.”

As we raise our vibration and come into alignment with our truth, we allow more information to come through from the Universe. Although meditating with, carrying or placing Lapis under your pillow will assist you in stepping into your true authentic self, there is something really special and powerful about wearing this amazing stone. The Egyptians wore Lapis Lazuli in order to assist them in connecting with the Gods and to invoke Divine Inspiration. It was also a stone that was worn by the priests and priestesses, who were the great healers and teachers of Atlantis. This stone will also assist one in accessing the Akashic Records, which can shed light on our Soul’s journey throughout many lifetimes and incarnations throughout the Universe and show us our true Divinity.



~Archangel Oracle

*The Crystal Wisdom Oracle Card deck, by Judy Hall


Phenacite ~ Initiation

Published August 25, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
phenacite initiation

Iniciation, Phenacite: from the Crystal Ally Oracle Card deck, by Naisha Ahsian

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Crystal Ally Oracle Card deck, by Naisha Ahsian: Phenacite ~ Initiation

Phenacite ~ Initiation: “In this image, human spirit approaches the Phenacite doorway – the entrance to the higher realms. The being is prepared for her initiation into the new ways of thinking and living that are revealed when one integrates one’s Light body into the physical vehicle. Phenacite is the Ally that embodies this frequency of initiation into new levels of being.

Phenacite is a rare beryllium silicate that forms into wand-like crystals (madagascar and Namibia) and rhomboidal, disk-like crystals (Russia, Brazil, and Colorado). It can range in colour from golden to colourless to gray. Phenacite is one of the Stoem Element Allies, because of it’s transformative and enlightening effect upon the human energy field. When awakened and employed as an Ally, this stone will initiate the Light body, and aid in grounding it into the physical plane.

Phenacite’s key word is initiation. Most cultures have initiation ceremonies that provide their people with definite rites of passage. These rites give the initiate an opportunity to eradicate outmoded aspects of their lives, and to begin the new. Through the rites of birth, puberty, partnering croning and death, people were able to explore the spiritual meaning of these stages of their lives. The rites of passage act as ‘signposts’ by which one can steer one’s life.

In ancient times, dedicating one’s life to Spirit was also done through initiation. One would declare one’s intent before a teacher or spiritual mentor, and would receive an initiation into the teachings of that society. As a student progressed, new initiations would be given in order to allow the student to rededicate herself to the spiritual path. These initiations were often accompanied by the revelation of spiritual knowledge that would take the student to the next level. In this way, the student would gain new levels of growth and understanding.

Today, our emerging system of spiritual growth is much more eclectic and personally directed than in the past. Spiritual seekers often study alone, or with many different teachers, in order to gain the knowledge they seek. This can sometimes be difficult, because of the lack of initiatory experiences that clearly delineate the growth of the student to new levels of being. Phenacite is an Ally that has appeared in this New Age of Light in order to initiate the Lightworker to ever higher levels of awareness.

The Message: “When Phenacite appears in your cards, you can be sure that an initiatory experience will soon follow. There may be a new guide coming into your life, or perhaps there is a rite of passge ahead that will be an opportunity for deep growth. Phenacite is signaling you that the time of Storm is approaching. You will be tested by the elements of your life, and you may be asked to sacrifice those things that are keepign you from moving foward.

This Ally signals the time of awakening, of changing from chrysalis to butterfly. You can no longer claim the ignorance of a child when answering for your creations. You are being asked to take responsibility as an adult for all that you are experiencing, ans in doing so, acknowledge your own power to create the life you are destined for. Now is the time to invoke the energy of Phenacite in preparation for your initiation into the new role that the Universe has in store for you.

Chaka: Third eye and Crown

Affirmation: I dedicate myself to the path of the spiritual initiate.”*

–  Naisha Ahsian

This is all part of the Divine plan for you; as you bless and release the old, you step into the new. This is a spiritual newness, a higher consciousness and a higher vibration. It is a stepping stone on your spiritual path, a rite of passage in your transformational journey. All your work on yourself, raising your vibration, expanding your awareness and strengthening your faith; it has all lead you to this momentous time in your journey on the physical plane. You have let go of so much that was no longer necessary for you to carry; the burdens of worry, guilt, fear and self doubt and replaced them with a calm knowing. This in itself, is the path of the Spiritual initiate.

You can now see the importance of silencing your mind; of seeing the abundance all around you; of maintaining a constant connection to the Earth and to the Divine; of living in a state of gratitude. We are not talking about perfection here; I realize that we are all human and we have busy lives and all sorts of stuff going on at any given moment; I am not suggesting you are the Dali Lama, only that you are aware and in control of your thoughts and feelings… most of the time! This is a vital part of understanding and working with the Law Of Attraction; rather than being a ‘victim of circumstance’. We have learned that what we vibrate to, we magnetically attract into our lives. We now know, without a doubt, that we are in control of creating our own lives, fully supported by the Universe, and that nothing is off limits unless we have deemed it so. We have the tools we need to work with in order to manifest our dreams; and maybe, just maybe they are much less material and much more spiritual then we ever thought possible.



* Crystal Ally Oracle Card deck, by Naisha Ahsian



Published August 2, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

OM, from the Universal Wisdom Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Universal Wisdom Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno: OM

OM: “Eternal love moves the Ocean through the spirit of creation. A world of light and eternal sound scattered throughout the heavens, moved by a will beyond its own. The Planets and Stars, entwined within eternity.”
“If we were to trace creation back to its source it would lead to a single point of light. A tiny point, smaller than we can imagine. Yet, from within that point stems all of creation – the entire Universe. This point of light also exists inside your heart and inside the hear of every living thing. It emanates a sound; a singular note, which resonates the Eternal Truth. The Om card has appeared in your reading today to remind you of the unlimited power, knowledge and creativity that can be accessed through sound. If you are feeling out of balance and powerless at the moment, it may be because all too often you give you power away. Know that it is not possible for anyone to take your power unless you allow it.

You have lost touch with the power within you. Sit quietly and meditate on the eternal sound emanating from your Soul. Feel its vibration flow through all the energy centers in your body. There are seven main energy centers or Chakras:

Crown Center – On top of your head

Third Eye – The point between your eyebrows

Throat Center – At the base of your throat

Heart Center – At the center of your chest

Solar Plexus – At the base of your sternum/top of your stomach

Sacral Center – A couple of inches below your belly button

Root/Base Center – At the base of your spine.

Focus on each energy center one at a time. Feel it being healed and balanced by the vibration of the eternal sound. Feel yourself reclaiming your power as you align with the sacred sound of the Universe. You cannot control what others say or how they choose to behave, but you have total control over how you react and what you will allow.

Stand strong in your own truth. Positively affirm and reclaim your power through the vibration of the eternal sound.”*

– Toni Carmine Salerno

The theme over the last few days is reclaiming your own personal power, and there is no better way to do this than a combination of meditation, sound vibration, breathing and focusing on aligning your Chakras. If all this is totally new to you, I would suggest setting aside a few minutes every day and starting with one at a time, eventually working up to the combination of all healing practices. These are not “one off” healing modalities, but rituals that can be incorporated daily or at least weekly to keep your energy flowing positively. Repetition of all of these steps will also raise your vibration, which over time will lead to a raise in your consciousness. It is that vital to your well-being; the perfect connection of body, mind and spirit.

Chanting OM is very powerful and liberating. It is the sound of the beginning of the Universe; the original healing and creative power. Harnessing this power is understanding the incredible healing power of sound vibration on our physical existence. Although you can listen to Tibetan Monks or recorded music, for the biggest impact; chant OM yourself to feel the resonance, there really is no replacement for actually getting up the courage and just doing it! If this just doesn’t feel possible, get some music, I recommend Jonathan Goldman’s Ultimate OM… and OM right along with it! You seriously won’t believe the difference it will make; moving you through old stuck patterns of awareness and on to higher planes of consciousness.




* Universal Wisdom Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno


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