Archangel Michael ~ Honor And Trust Your Feelings

Archangel Michael ~ Honor And Trust Your Feelings
Archangel Michael ~ Honor And Trust Your Feelings, from the Archangel Michael Oracle Card deck by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Archangel Michael  ~ Honor And Trust Your Feelings, from the Archangel Michael Oracle Card deck by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D

Archangel Michael ~ Honor And Trust Your Feelings: “Archangel Michael urges you to look inward an listen, for this card is a sign that your feelings are accurately tuned in to the truth. Some of these feelings may be uncomfortable to face, yet they are with you for an important reason. If you are conflicted, sit down with a pen and pater and conduct an “interview” with your emotional self by asking: ‘What you you feeling? Why? What would you like me to do?’ Your feelings will speak loudly and clearly if you keep an open mind and trust what you hear.

Respect your inner voice as the powerful life force that connects you to the Divine. Often God and the angels answer your prayers and offer you guidance through your physical and emotional feelings. If you say ‘Oh, it’s just a feeling,’ you are ignoring vital Divine assistance. This card reminds you to listen – really listen – to your feelings.

Possible specific meanings for this card: It is a time to admit that you are unhappy in a certain situation and to take appropriate corrective action. Someone’s trying to talk you out of feeling a certain way – stick to what you know and feel as your barometer.


Thank you, Archangel Michael,

for supporting, guiding, and protecting me

as I listen to and act upon my feelings.

Help me understand and express

my emotions with love.*

– Doreen Virtue, Ph.D

Your Angels wish to communicate with you now… are you listening? Archangel Michael will assist you in making a stronger connection. He will help you to listen to your feelings and your emotions to decipher the messages being sent, all you have to do is ask.

Our angels and guides often use recurring thoughts and feelings in order to get our attention. Unfortunately, we often pass this off as coincidence or mere chance rather than tuning in to what is actually going on. We are being asked now to be particularly receptive to what our bodies and minds may have to tell us. The angels will often use Chakra points in order to give us a quick preview of what to expect from a certain person or situation. If we feel a contraction in our Solar Plexus Chakra (right under the diaphragm) or a sudden tightening or clenching feeling in our Sacral Chakra (right below the belly button) these feelings can be warning signs; a slow down, caution or even STOP. When we feel light and expansive and safe, this is also a sign that we are going in the right direction.

If we suddenly feel out of sorts, it’s a good idea to stop and look inward. Where is this thought or feeling coming from? Have we picked up negative energy from someone else, and if so, is this a sign that this person may not be healthy for us, or is it a sign from our guides? You will know if it is a sign from your angels because you can ask that it be verified as a sign! If you have a feeling that something is not quite right, simply ask for another (clear!) sign. This can become a fun exercise as we will ALWAYS receive a sign when we have asked, but we must be perceptive and open to seeing or feeling it, trusting that the sign is, in fact for us.

For example, I had recently asked for a clear sign regarding the jewelry I make. I asked the angels if I am on the right track with it, or if I have gotten too attached to it and should go off in a new direction. I set the intention Tuesday morning that I would receive a clear sign and continued on with my day. Here are the signs that I received (I feel very grateful and blessed to receive these signs, but this does not make me special in any way, this is just as available to you if you ask!):

1. I received a message first thing in the morning from a friend which said “You have the ability to dive deeply into the pools of creativity and draw forth what you need to move forward”

2. A client of mine surprised me with a gift of seven (a number which means “life purpose, or on the right track”) sterling silver and stone pendants as well as two necklaces and two pairs of earrings.

3. A bird pooped on my shoulder (Ok I thought this was a sign to lighten up and laugh about the situation, but also well known as a sign of good fortune to come!!)

4. I found a perfect little white feather right beside my car in a very busy parking lot.

5. I got my first review on Etsy, and it was really positive, from someone who had bought a pair of earrings a few weeks ago!

All in all? I feel that those were messages of love and support from the Universe. Could I see them as just random and unconnected parts of my day? Sure, I could do that. But do I choose to look at a bigger picture of connection with the Universe, YES!

Take some time today to really connect to your angels and guides, and don’t forget to ask Archangel Michael to assist you. Ask your question and ask for a very clear sign, within the next 24-48hrs. Then, send gratitude and be receptive to what comes. Feel free to share your experience here on the comments or on my Facebook page!

So what’s your sign? ;o)


* Archangel Michael Oracle Card deck by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D


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