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Saint Germaine ~ Work Your Magic

Published February 20, 2019 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Saint Germain ~ Work Your Magic, from the Ascended Masters Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue Ph.D

Saint Germain ~ Work Your Magic, from the Ascended Masters Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue Ph.D

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Saint Germain ~ Work Your Magic, from the Ascended Masters Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue Ph.D

Saint Germain ~ Card Meaning: “You have the power to resolve the situation you are inquiring about. This card signifies your untapped magical abilities, which you have used successfully in the past. Pull these abilities out of storage and use them to work your magic now. Your clear and focused intentions, positive expectations, prayers, decrees, and action steps all create the healings and manifestations that you desire.”

Additional Meanings For This Card: “Decide clearly what you will and will not accept in this situation, as your clarity will bring immediate results. Have steady faith in a positive outcome. Study alchemy and manifestation principles.”

Saint Germain is not a Catholic saint, but a count from the French region called Saint Germain. He was known as The Wonder Man of Europe during his lifetime in the early 1700s. Saint Germain was renowned for his magical abilities to give gems and fountain of youth elixirs to his many friends. He was a virtuoso musician and linguist who was beloved by royalty and blue-collar workers alike. Saint Germain helps light workers who wish to work towards world peace and bring about integrity and honesty in governmental and other systems.”*

~ by Doreen Virtue Ph.D

As we shift into the new dimension, magic will become commonplace. What we consider to be paranormal or supernatural, will become normal. What we think is not possible will become simple. Manifestation will come with grace and ease.

And the most amazing part? This magic will not come from outside of us, it will be discovered within us! It will be discovered in the thread that weaves through us and every living being on this planet and far beyond. It will be a lifting of the veils, a glimpse into the Cosmos and a confirmation of infinite possibility. It will make the synchronicity that we are currently experiencing (and only sometimes acknowledging or trusting!) pale in comparison!

So what is our part in all of this? How do we expedite this process? There are several steps that we must take. Taking good care of our physical bodies is a must; rest, relaxation, hydration and mindful nutrition are essential. Spending time in silence and contemplation; meditation; yoga; creativity; taking time to participate in our passion. Clearing of the subtle energy body and alignment of the chakras; being mindful of the energy of the people and situations around you. Simplifying our lives; saying no when we need to; detaching from the drama and de-cluttering our living and work space.

Making space for magic.

Then get really clear on what it is that you wish to manifest. And call on Saint Germain to assist you in co-creating this reality. There  are many people who channel Saint Germain, he is a very willing to assist us in our ascension process. Ask him to help you to create the magic you seek in your life; to assist you in using alchemy to turn any lead in your current reality into the gold you desire.



~Archangel Oracle

*Ascended Masters Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue Ph.D

Selenite ~ Spiritual Guidance

Published February 19, 2019 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Selenite ~ Spiritual Guidance, from the Liquid Crystal Oracle Card deck, by Justin Moikeha Asar

Selenite ~ Spiritual Guidance, from the Liquid Crystal Oracle Card deck, by Justin Moikeha Asar

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Selenite ~ Spiritual Guidance, from the Liquid Crystal Oracle Card deck, by Justin Moikeha Asar

Selenite ~ Spiritual Guidance: “The Master Crystal Deva Mer-Ka-Bel”

“Let the silver white aura of Earth’s liquid fire surround you, my calm warmth will still and calm the mind and emotions. Too long has the door to your spiritual guidance been conditional, I hold the key and we have initiated this most holy of unions.

History lives in me, the Mother’s life and blessing. Feel now a single star that I am, carry me from below your feet to the centre of Universal Love that you are, shine now in the infinite light of us. My energies have lifted you to a new high, open the highest parts of self and reintegrate the mind of spirit. Linked now in my embrace, the clearest state attainable, the direst link to the unlimited source you are.

In my liquid white fire, you are free, the Phoenix has flown, it’s message heard and realized. Brothers and sisters of the Great Bear, for you I have a special gift, enter my presence and let my liquid light embrace remind you.”

Selenite in Healing: “Selenite is principally a clear to white mineral; it is found in many areas of the world, with every location offering a little diversity to the end product. Selenite’s many types and formations are often known by other names, such as Gypsum, Desert Rose and Satin Spar. It often picks up impurities from the earth during its formation process, sometimes leading to a change from its pure white colour, the most common others being Gold, Rust Reds ad Browns. Selenite is the crystal of Spiritual Guidance, it opens us to our friends in other frequencies and aids in the translation of what they offer to us. Selenite is quite a mental stone, able to manifest the clearest state of mind available and hold it open to embrace the advanced concepts of spirit and the universe. This powerful effect on the mind flows over into the emotional body, allowing one to be emotionally calm and controlled, fostering love for self.

Selenite holds one of the most powerful activation energies on Earth; it is an activator of the higher chakras, powerfully activating the Soul Star and Crown Chakra, allowing the embrace of spiritual content with understanding. Selenitecan also activate telepathic communication, past life communication and can be of use to clean and clear the physical energy bodies.

Selenite is a powerful link stone to the Pleiadian Star System and may in some, open associated wisdoms and paths of service that must be completed now. With Turquoise, Selenite may allow one to speak directly with the Earth and facilitate her balance via grid work and Liquid Crystal direct Earth dowsing.

At the physical level it is used for disorders of the Prostate, bones, spinal misalignment and lowered flexibility. It can increase the milk production in lactating mothers and is an anti aging stone.”

Your healing Journey Today: “If Selenite has come to you today, there are beings with information that is ready and available for you on the inner plane. This information and guidance is relevant to current circumstances and situations, as well as your spiritual growth, and very often your purpose on Earth. It is worth noting that Selenite only comes when the ability to receive the information from spirit has already been mastered.

One of the best ways to get this information is to do a little automatic writing, sit quietly with a pen in your hand, keep an open mind and listen, write down whatever comes. It is best to not read what you are writing and to read it later, often yawning can help loosened the throat chakra and facilitate the entire process. Alternatively, set up a meeting time with spirit on the astral plane to collect the information in the dream state. (Jade and Apophyllite can help you with this.” Selenite is a sacred stone to the Pleidian Star System thwey may be contacting you. Selenite is also powerfully connected to Cats, if you have one around you, it has a message. Their principle wisdoms are in the flame of Love and heard through the Heart, Sit, Listen and Feel.”

Affirmation: “I am the Eternal Voice Of Spirit”*

~ by Justin Moikeha Asar

It is the second and largest Super Moon of 2019 in Virgo. We are in an accelerated period of growth; literally every moment counts. The theme to this full moon is releasing of negativity, mindfulness, clear intention and manifestation. In other words, watch your thoughts closely as your powers of manifestation heighten. You will have to take full responsibility for what you manifest at this time. Set your intention, focus your energy and take action to make your dreams come true. Do not let old patterns of negativity stand in your way.

We are continuously receiving information from higher beings and higher dimensions, and the basis of it all is to help us to heal through the Universal Love force by bringing through more Light. Selenite can help us to maximize our ability to bring in this Light, and integrate it into our physical form. It can also help us to embrace our own Divinity, thus raising our vibration and ascending to new levels of higher consciousness.

Selenite is not an expensive mineral, it is easy to find in most rock and mineral shops or any metaphysical shop. It is radiant in it’s raw form and literally exudes light. It does not require cleansing, and does not like to get wet as this will cause disintegration. Use Selenite to clear and charge your auric field and chakras, clear other crystals, and aid in meditation and dream time. If you suffer from feelings of negativity or low self worth, keep a piece in your pocket at all times to assist you to bring in more light. If you have access to a few small stones, try gridding your house by putting one in each corner, particularly in your bedroom or around your bed as they will act as dream catchers, purifying and amplifying the energy of positive dreaming, and keeping the nightmares at bay.

Selenite is a master crystal but is so gentle it can be used by anyone on the planet, benefiting children and animals as well as anyone willing to work with the higher beings of Light who wish to assist us at this time. It is a must for everyone working to expand their awareness and become a channel for Universal Love and Light.



~ Archangel Oracle

*Liquid Crystal Oracle Card deck, by Justin Moikeha Asar

Diving For Light

Published February 18, 2019 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Diving For Light, from The Sacred Rebels Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, Artwork by Autumn Skye Morrison

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Diving For Light, from The Sacred Rebels Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, Artwork by Autumn Skye Morrison

Diving For Light:” How brave you are You are diving for light. It can be so much simpler to seek light in the heavenly, in that which is blissful, sweet, loving and kind. To look for the light in that which is dark is an advanced task that only a rebellious and brave heart will attempt.

You may not feel that you have taken such a journey by choice. Yet you have taken this wise challenge on from deep within your soul. Your innermost being has evoked this situation in your life with the intention that you grow in power, wisdom and creative juice. It also wants you to experience a bold and fearless trust in life and become further empowered to live it with zest and courage.

The oracle of Diving For Light speaks of a time when you are called into the darkness through life circumstances, situations, relationship challenges or inner struggles that defy clear understanding. That darkness might be a creative block, a sense of being in a void or feelings of depression, rage, sadness, fear or anxiety. There may or may not be an obvious cause. The darkness might be generally accepted and socially acknowledged because there is a socially acceptable or obvious reason for it – such as a death, divorce or retrenchment. However there may be no obvious justification for your experience of darkness. You might not need a ‘reason’ to be able to accept it, likewise you may struggle to find an unconditional acceptance of your experience. Just know that you are actually on track and right where you need to be.

Our creative process and our spiritual path go through a similar ‘turning of the wheel’ progress. There is spring and summer, in the seasons of our soul, as well as in the earthly ones. There is the autumn harvest and there is the death inherent in winter, when energy is concentrated and pulled within to seek out the darkness where it can rest, regenerate and simply be, until the time is right for new life, energy and creative inspiration to burst forth.

When diving for light, one must be willing to bear the darkness and understand it has a purpose, much like winter does upon the earth. It is not in error or through lack of consciousness that you are here now. It is testament to your spiritual growth and creative process, not a sign that they are lacking or stalling. The healing process below will help you with your inward plunging and to successfully navigate it.

This oracle brings particular guidance that although you are powerful, you are also vulnerable at this time. You need to be alert to sabotage and criticism that may make your progress more difficult than it already is. That would be rather unnecessary. At least some of the people around you might be more attached to their fear and doubt than to their faith in your process and the ways of the creative, rebellious, spiritual path that asks us to trust unconditionally. They may be frightened due to a lack of understanding. You don’t need to carry their fear for them. You have your own process to attend to and they can choose to be inspired by your journey, or frightened by it. They are free to respond as they wish and whatever those responses are, they are part of their journey, for them to work through.

You also need to be vigilant against the darker forces within you. These are the voices that you may not expect, particularly if you are a pure-hearted being who typically resonates with love. These voices or feelings might surprise you with their dark intensity. They may be feelings of hate, terror or of wanting only to sleep because anything further is all just too hard. They may contain vicious criticism of yourself or tell you that your inner creative work is pointless, unoriginal, not worth it or stupid. These dark forces might try to tell you that you are on the wrong path, suggest that you will fail, or ask with great condescension, ‘Who the hell do you think you are?’

You must stay in your heart and not believe these dark forces. Stay in compassion. Fear creates the energy of anger, hate and destructiveness. These forces are a part of life. We don’t have to be frightened of them, nor do we need to deny their existence or try to ignore them in order to find light in the darkness. We just need to hold compassion and be intelligently aware so we can avoid being seduced into the trap of needing to prove ourselves or into the mistaken belief that we need to fight against darkness. It is too easy to get caught up in trying to heal the dark. Darkness just is. Recognize it when it is there and be in your compassionate heart. All you need to do is make a choice – will you stay in your heart or will you be seduced by darkness and overcome by hate or sleepiness?

Diving for light is a spiritual test and a threshold for all true creative work. We successfully navigate our way through this test and pass the threshold into new creative birth, by staying connected to the light of compassion in our own hearts. It is not an easy test, but it is one that you must be ready for – otherwise it wouldn’t be coming to you now. Just remember, it si the light of the heart that sustains. It exists within us always, even in the darkest depths of unknown terrain.

This oracle also comes with a special message. There is a darkness within or around you that could become problematic if left unchecked. If, for no particular reason, you find yourself feeling angry, irritated, hopeless or tired more easily than usual, unable to rest or it is just too much effort to exercise or take care of yourself, then this darkness is having an unnecessary effect on you. It is time to end that now from a place of compassion. The healing process below will empower you for that task. Don’t be afraid. you are learning this lesson and the unending power of compassion because you are ready for it. Feel honoured by the lesson and stay humbly centered in your powerful, rebellious heart that refuses to be conquered by fear and remains faithful to love. All will be well.”

Healing Process: “Say this aloud, whether it makes sense to you or now:
“I call upon the presence of unconditional love. Be here now, without restraint. Fill me and fill this space. Touch all beings with your grace. I feel the presence of unconditional love within me. I acknowledge the presence of unconditional love all around me. I am the presence of unconditional love and in this love, no fear can remain. May unconditional love guide any fear back to the light of love, o back into the earth , as serves the greatest good. My body, mind, heart and soul are now completely bathed in and protected by unconditional love. Through my own free will, this is so.”

Repeat morning and night for at least three days and continue for as long as you wish and feels good for you.

You may feel some reactions to this work. Fear, anger, or irritation may come up. You may feel an overwhelming need to go and do something that doesn’t actually seem that important that doesn’t actually seem that important once you start doing it and could have waited five more minutes. You might feel nausea. You might also feel emotional, with sadness or grief passing through you. These are all signs that your healing process is working on a darker energy and that the energy is releasing itself from you. Repeat this simple process until you feel clear. Don’t be afraid to continue with it as much as is needed. Especially if you live or work in a toxic environment with a lot of negativity, arguments, anger or disturbances and cannot extricate yourself from that environment for a period of time for various reasons. If you feel you need additional help, seek out a reputable shaman or spiritual healer (start with internet searches or word of mouth referrals, then trust your instincts to find someone who is a good match for you to work with). There is no need to fear or to feel burdened by this work. You are being drawn into this experience so that you are ready to experience more light. To be ready for that, we must be capable of handling equal darkness. Now is the preparation, soon the celebration will follow.”*

~ By Alana Fairchild

Breakthroughs are available to us now, if we are ready to take them on. This means completely accepting a major shift in our perception of ourselves. What were once considered our limitations are burned to the ground. The work is being done to restructure our belief systems, a complete system overhaul and upgrade is underway.

If we are experiencing difficulties, it is because we are still holding on to the old ways. Let them go willingly. There is so much better coming now.

What we previously considered magic, or miraculous, will become common expectation. What may have once seemed impossible is now daily occurrence.

But to receive this new energy takes commitment on our part. It is the planting of the lotus seed in the deep, dense mud of what has been. It is the determination to embrace the change, to trust and have absolute faith in the New which causes the seed to sprout and the stem to grow.

Illumination comes with the full bloom of ascension, the quantum leap of growth and development. Awakening. Enlightenment. Opening. Receiving. Being. What will you do with the portal of energy and light coming to us tomorrow with the full Super Moon in Virgo?

It is all on offer here and now. Will you dive down deep to find the Light within?



~Archangel Oracle

*The Sacred Rebels Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, Artwork by Autumn Skye Morrison

Past Life, Present Power

Published February 17, 2019 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Past Life Present Power, from the Isis Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Jimmy Manton

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Past Life Present Power, from the Isis Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Jimmy Manton

Past Life Present Power: “The Many Spiritual Faces of You.”

“When Soul is growing in service to humanity, in service to the Great Feminine and Her call that all beings be healed and free, it gathers internal resources to assist on the path. These resources include powers and gifts from other lifetimes. You are currently integrating past life abilities and you are guided by the Oracle of Past Life Present Power to be open to shifting internally and in your experience of your own levels of power and spiritual ability.”

“Talents, abilities and powers wish to be restored to you now from past incarnations. This will help your path. You will often be able to recognize this because you will feel some instant fascination or deep interest for a culture, philosophy, heritage, or even place on Earth or beyond, which is deeply compelling. This is your intuitive recognition that a part of your Soul, connected with this passionate interest, is being drawn into integration. At such times, there can be emotions, feelings and even phobias or fears that temporarily arise. You may even find your tastes for food and clothing, and your sleep or other habits change quickly and noticeably for a time. These can all be signs that a past life energy is being integrated.

Once it is ‘digested’ into your current incarnation, you will feel more like ‘yourself’ again but in an expanded and more whole way. You will just feel like you are more of yourself, more stable, more full and more at home in your own being. It is a lovely state of being to enjoy, which makes any ups and downs in the integration process more bearable!

This Oracle brings specific guidance that some of these past gifts from other incarnations are associated with Ancient Egypt and civilizations connected with Ancient Egypt earthly and beyond, including some Star civilizations such as Sirius and the Pleiades. Look for the symbols, books, crystals, or colours that interest you and pay attention to your dreams. If it is helpful to be conscious any issues around the past life skills returning to you now, you will become aware of them so that they can be acknowledged, accepted and released.

Often when integration is occurring, people who have been connected to you in such lifetimes become a more prominent part of your life. It is possible that they will remain thus or that as the integration happens and you continue to grow, some of those relationships will fall away, as you have completed the karmic healing and integration of the energies associated with that past life, distilled the golden gift, and are ready to move on.

This may take weeks, months, or in some cases even years. The Ritual below will facilitate the process with some more efficiency, but you must trust in your timing for such matters as your own Soul is guiding the process and knows exactly what it is doing!

To enable this Sou awakening to occur, purification and time to assimilate the healing is recommended. You can accomplish this through rest, time in nature, prayer that your power be exercised with love and mercy and a willingness to be guided by the Divine Mother Lady Isis who loves you unconditionally. Use the Prayer of Past Life Present Power below and the Healing Ritual whenever you intuitively feel you need it.

Also know that as wonderful as it sounds to retrieve past life power and ability, it is not always without challenge. We often need to be willing to be fluid in our understanding and experience of ourselves. We need to be open to reframing our idea of ourselves as more spiritually connected, more powerful and more responsible for our light on this Earth. That can be confronting at times. We often have to let go of any fear or disappointment we suffered in the relevant past life before the gift can be restored to us in a useful way this lifetime.

You can rest assured that anything you need to know in order to heal will come to your awareness. You may or may not see the whole picture and if you do not, then it isn’t necessary for healing. We are always given more than enough to be able to heal. It is just a matter of being attentive and aware of what is happening right before us in our lives and realizing that if we follow any pain, we will find what needs healing. Then the gift hidden within the pain can be released. The Oracle of Past Life Present Power indicates that the gift found in our healing will be past life talents and abilities.

As with all spiritual instruction contained in this Oracle as a whole, the Lady Isis will watch over you and assist with the process once you ask Her, in unconditional love.”

Ritual of Past Life Present Power: “Close your eyes and visualize or sense a wheel like structure with many spokes, like the wheel of a bicycle, but made out of light. Imagine that you are at the center of the wheel where all the spokes meet.
There is a vast circle of light that forms the outer section of the wheel and this represents the boundaries of your Soul. The light around the outside grows bright and luminous gold until it begins to overflow, flowing as pure light along all the spokes of the wheel, sending light into the center.

From your peaceful position at the center of the wheel, you notice that certain spokes are beginning to glow more strongly than others.
Allow yourself to open your heart and receive the light from these spokes of the wheel, representing different lifetimes, flowing as golden light into the center of the wheel.
Rest with this and say aloud, ‘I now call back to me, through unconditional love and grace, all past life skill and ability that can assist me in my high destiny. I pray for mercy and compassion as I grow in wisdom and ability. Help me now beloved Isis, who loves me unconditionally, to experience this process easily and exercise its effects with love and mercy. Of my own free will, so be it.’
The light from the spokes glows strong and flows to you in the center, into your heart as pure golden light. You will receive the perfect amount of light that will feed your Soul. You may feel a lot of sensation or not much at all and either is fine. Just allow your process to be as it is and know it is happening.
Finally see, sense or feel the entire wheel filled with light, turning and flowing in its own natural way, with you at the center, feeling the vastness of you.
When you are ready, just open your eyes.”

Prayer of Past Life Present Power: “You can say this Incantation at any time you have the sense of past life energy being relevant in your life and you need help, clarity or guidance to manage the situation as consciously as possible.

I call back to me
Through unconditional love and grace
The past life energy
That fills this situation and place
Let my past and present life ability
Help me reach my highest destiny
I call for clarity, insight and peace
A place of empowerment I now reach.”*

~By Alana Fairchild

Now that we have released old belief systems and upgraded our programming, it is time to integrate what we have learned over many past lifetimes. We have so much wisdom within us; we are so much more resourceful than we may think.

There are hidden skills, gifts and talents available to us now, hidden deep within our DNA. They are slowly coming to the surface, and will be more and more accessible as we clear out any old limitations we have had about what we think we are capable of. Many of these gifts will center around healing, self healing and energy healing modalities. Others will show up as creative talents or superior manifestation abilities.

The most important thing to know is that Every single one of us has them, and that we must step out of the ‘lack’ mentality and share our gifts generously with others. No one can steal or take away your gift, and no one should be considered ‘higher’ or ‘better’ than anyone else, only that they are on a different chapter of their journey and everyone in their own Divine Timing will reach the summit. Assisting others is one of the reasons we came here, and when we share, and hold space for others to share, we work together collectively and harmoniously. There is always more than enough to go around.

Pay close attention to signs, messages, dreams, visions and even articles, shows and the conversations going on around you; this is how the Universe communicates with you; little snippets of information to plant the seeds of guidance and inspiration. Take time to spend alone, undisturbed, outside if possible. Follow your passions and open yourself to new experiences, places and people.

This is a very special time, one where we integrate the past, present and future together; bringing our Higher Selves into perfect alignment with our physical bodies. When we do this, transformation occurs and anything and everything becomes possible.

Today is the full moon and the perfect time to unlock and align with the mysteries locked within us.



~Archangel Oracle

*Isis Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Jimmy Manton

Ariel ~ Nature

Published February 16, 2019 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Ariel ~ Nature, from the Angel Blessings Oracle Card deck, by Kimberly Marooney

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Ariel ~ Nature, from the Angel Blessings Oracle Card deck, by Kimberly Marooney

Ariel ~ Nature:

“Every visible thing in this world is put in the charge of an angel.”
~ Saint Augustine, Eight Questions

“Ariel is a powerful angel of Nature. She has evolved through the air kingdom and is in charge of human interaction between the devas and angels. An open heart is all it takes to connect with the Nature Angels. To attune with this delightful group of beings, you must have a genuine, loving interest in them. When you can recognize and appreciate the life within the soil, shrubs, flowers, trees, rocks, breezes, mountains and seas, you will open the door to the observation and acceptance of these blessed ones. Ask Ariel to take you far back into the forgotten memory of your origin. Help the Earth by recognizing and developing your ability to work with Nature. Angels follow an ascending path which is parallel to humans – we complement one another. Angelic essence is expansive and naturally attuned to the Cosmos, seeking to become more aware of the form which enfolds it. Atomic essence in minerals, plants, animals and humans is limited to form and seeks an expanded awareness. Angelic awareness holds the patter for perfection and atomic matter fills the pattern, manifesting form. The deva for a bush knows how the plant will mature and blossom, bridging the changes into manifestation just as your Guardian Angel knows your perfect matrix and helps bridge your perfection into manifestation. The angelic essence is the being, while the atomic essence is the doing. Thus, we seek to transform from humans doing to human beings.

Nature spirits begin their evolution as devas, like the little fairies in children’s books. They begin as tiny creatures with no individual awareness, acting on intuition which connects them to the more advanced spirits guiding their development. As they evolve, they attain individual consciousness and wisdom, passing through 124 major initiations by the time they are transfigured into angelhood. Like humans, they pass through many lives and bodies on their journey. Unlike humans, they posses strong powers of intuition that connect them at all times to the will of the Eternal. With no personal motivation, they are selfless and joyous, projecting their vitality and electric energy to all who will receive. The nature spirits accomplish their tasks through the rhythms of breath, creative intelligence, and spirit.

There are tiny devas for every blade of grass and flower petal, drop of water and breeze. Angels of awesome power and majesty overshadow the mountains and valleys. By attuning to the devas and angels of nature, you step through the doorway to a world of God-beings. Angelic communion in areas of undisturbed nature can be very renewing.

Take every opportunity to send love and appreciation to the nature devas and angels. Each time you go outside, silently say a prayer of thanksgiving to those around you. At sunrise, the powerful angels of fire and the solar logos (sun) appear over the horizon, bathing your etheric body with rays of renewal, joyously activating your life force. For one half hour after noon you may receive a powerful internal cleansing of  your astral body from the sun. At sunset, peaceful reflection is broadcast in exquisite rays of color as you take a moment to receive their blessings. Commune with the angels of fire through the devic Salamanders present in the flicker of fire.

The angels of Earth hold the power of generation and regeneration. They help crops grow and trees bear fruit. Just as seeds are germinated in the topsoil, you can use the life-giving force of your sexual energy to regenerate your body. Tend your yard or garden with love, show your appreciation of rocks and  crystals and make friends with trees.

The angels of water circulate in nature just as blood circulates in your body. Contemplate the water in ponds, lakes, streams, fountains, the ocean, in food and be aware of the connection between purity of the water, your blood and health. The great devas and angels of water help to bring rain to dry areas and stop the rain when it is too much. They direct the currents in moving bodies of water and do what they can do keep all water clean and pure. The tiny water devas enter your body when you drink to improve your circulation. Thank them as they help you purify your system both physically and emotionally.

The angels of air are the link between the trees and ocean breathing out, and you breathing in. They direct the breezes to cool you on a hot day and blow in rain clouds, working together with the angels of water to wash your area clean and nourish the vegetation. Minute devas, beautifully colored, move among flowers and greenery like bees, invigorating the respiratory process with the sheer pleasure and joyousness of life. Commune with the Zephyrs as they direct soft breezes to caress your face or strong winds to blow clean your air. Give your love to the Sylphs who create exquisite canopies of their own etheric substance to shield a tree, a hillside or your community from the harmful radiation of solar and cosmic forces. Call to the angels of force when you need your weather pattern to intensify and the angels of calm when the gales become too much. There are devas for the evaporation of water and its release, for the patterns in snow flakes and frost, and the mingling of air and water elements. The devas of lightening are called when the lower astral plane is heavy with impurities. The electric angels draw the forces of magnetism and electricity.

Angels direct the moods of nature to reflect our human moods. Natural disasters allow for the release of human anger and viciousness when the Earth can absorb no more. Violent forces that are not of the nature spirits, such as earthquakes, typhoons, hurricanes, and floods, gravitate toward the areas that best anchor them to vent hatred, selfishness, deceit, prejudice and greed. During the eruption of these destructive forces, all but the strongest nature spirits withdraw to a place of safety. This is an inward cleansing of the gathered momentum, lest even worse disasters take place. Our Earth is a living, breathing being, following her own path of evolution. She is in a place of desperation and needs our help. As you transform and heal yourself, you are also helping her to heal. Be aware of your impact on nature. Stop polluting and poisoning, both physically and emotionally. Do you recycle? Reduce your driving? Spray poisons? Add to the psychic accumulations of denied rage? Do your part to clean up!

To work with Ariel and the nature angels, clear your mind, be silent and feel a desire to know them. Be open to receive their direction for actions you can take to prune, plant, water or clean up. Communicate your intention for abundant flowers, fruit or vegetables, or how you want a vine to grow up a trellis. They will alter the blueprint of the plant to allow for your idea. Feel, acknowledge and love them as you go through your day. Celebrate the equinoxes and solstices with joy. Offer gifts and cultivate friendships by dedicating your garden to peaceful cooperation between our two worlds. Enjoy hot baths with sea salt, herbs, essential oils or natural hot springs. Swim in the ocean or a lake. Put flowers in your home and work space. Take nature walks with an open heart, recognizing God in everything about you. Try to break free from the limited concept that you are your body and merge with the essence in all things. Ride the waves of the breezes through the trees, fly on wings of sons with the birds, invite the enthralling potency of prana to flow through and renew you. It is all available at every moment for your taking!”*

~ By Kimberly Marooney

This is the perfect balance to yesterday’s message. Cultivation of the deep connection to our planet and the magic she offers us. Our Great Mother, a living, breathing Being. With so much to offer us. So much beauty; an abundance of colour; sustenance, nourishment, hydration, shelter. She provides for us everything that we need. So in return what can we do for her? Protect her. Keep her earth and waters pure and clear, her animals safe and her citizens united. 

The magic is all around us in the natural world. In every blade of grass, grain of sand, petal of flower. It is in the shimmering colours of feathers and fins, and it is in the wisdom of the eyes of the majestic animals and birds. It is up to us to see it, to honour it, to connect to it deeply. So deeply that we feel what she feels, that we see our blood and her waters connected, one and the same. That we learn to use the utmost respect when dealing with our own bodies, a reflection of how we treat her.

Did we come here to accumulate material wealth? To collect and hoard ‘stuff’ ? Or did we come here to experience this beautiful and magical place? To assist her by shifting energy, coming together and making a difference?

We are waking up, remembering. We are coming together, transforming. We are feeling the connection. The shift is taking place. It is up to each and every one of us to make the choices that lead to a different way of living. Balanced. Sustainable.

Get outside, feel the weather, be it snow like we happen to have today, rain, sun or otherwise. Breathe it all in. Immerse yourself in the experience of it. There is magic there, can you feel it? The elementals, the devas, the energy of each Being invites you to connect. Deeply, peacefully, openly.

What are you willing to do for our Great Mother? How are you able to make a difference?



~Archangel Oracle

*Angel Blessings Oracle Card deck, by Kimberly Marooney


Published February 15, 2019 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Nature, from the Oracle Of The Unicorns, by Cordelia Francesca Brabbs Nature Card artwork ‘Unicorn Of The Forest’ Copyright 2017 by Carol Cavalaris

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Nature, from the Oracle Of The Unicorns, by Cordelia Francesca Brabbs Nature Card artwork ‘Unicorn Of The Forest’ Copyright 2017 by Carol Cavalaris

Nature: “Ground yourself. Find a sanctuary in nature. Connect with the elementals”

“Spend time out in nature before you make a decision or take your next steps in this situation. Either you need the clarity of mind that time in nature will bring or you need to release some stress and become more clam and grounded before moving forward.

The unicorns ask you to find a beautiful sanctuary where you can be surrounded by nature and breathe in pure air, relax and connect more deeply with your heart. Not only will this be soothing for your soul, it will help you listen to your inner wisdom and gain a new perspective ion this situation. Venture out into a meadow, a forest, a mountain or a beach where you can find peace and solitude. If you can, take off your shoes and go barefoot. Feel the soil or sand beneath you. Close your eyes and open all of your senses.

Feel the breeze brushing against your skin and the sun warming you. Listen to the sound of birds, waves or rustling leaves. Breathe in the scents of flowers, tree sap or salt air. Imagine your cares and worries melting away from you, as Mother Nature cradles you in her arms. Sink deeper into her presence, as you become more grounded.

Imagine yourself connected heart to heart with the earth and feel at one with all of the life around you, from the tiniest insects to the tallest trees. Call on the devas, unicorns and the other elementals in this place, including the fairies or mermaids. Set intentions for miracles, love and abundance, and ask for guidance, to support you on your path.

Visualizing your desires in nature can help them manifest faster, so take the time to sit, relax and imagine your dream life as if it is already happening. Give thanks when you leave and give back by doing something to take care of the earth by donating to an environmental non-profit, volunteering, buying eco products or recycling more.”*

~ By Cordelia Francesca Brabbs

Again we are nudged outside, into the most magical of places. The forest, the ocean, the garden is calling to you. You need the energy of the natural world to clear and cleanse  your own energy and to recharge you as well. We all need this.

No matter the weather, get outside today. Breathe the fresh air. Find stillness out there. Ground yourself back into Mother Earth. Bare feet on the ground, palms to the sky or on the bark of a tree. Use all of your senses and fully embrace the power of the Now moment.

The elemental realm is available to us, but only if we take the time to connect. There is a vast amount of ancient wisdom and healing energy that we could be receiving, but we must make it a priority. We must approach these mysterious dimensions with respect and curiosity. We cannot expect anything, but be open and allowing. It takes time. It takes silence. It requires a releasing of the ego, an open mind and an open heart.

Peace within can be found in the outside natural world. Not in stuff, but in the deep connection to the Great Mother. Take the time you need to really be there. To breathe the love in slowly and hold it in your heart.



~Archangel Oracle

*Oracle Of The Unicorns, by Cordelia Francesca Brabbs Nature Card artwork ‘Unicorn Of The Forest’ Copyright 2017 by Carol Cavalaris

I Surge On The Uprising Wave Of Love

Published February 14, 2019 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
I Surge On The Uprising Wave Of Love, from the RUMI Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Rassouli

I Surge On The Uprising Wave Of Love, from the RUMI Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Rassouli

Daily Angel Oracle Card: I Surge On The Uprising Wave Of Love, from the RUMI Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Rassouli

I Surge On The Uprising Wave Of Love:

“My life can be summed up in three accounts:

I was raw,

I was cooked

and I was burned.”


“I surge on the uprising wave of love. No gravity can stop me from rising! The moon pulls the tide of life towards her, and my soul in oneness with all of life answers her call. A wave of love consumes me, and upwards I fly, flying through water, to greet her shinning body. Led by my heart, my wits are addled and my mind becomes a blurry mess; and so I feel instead, feel the truth of her love and the divine reflection she shines back at me from her radiant heart.”

“Greater forces of planetary  movements affect us all. We experience day and night through the interplay of the earth, the sun and the moon. This is a profound and obvious effect. The movements of the cosmos affect us deeply – body and soul. Some movements are perhaps less obvious in form, but are just as great – if not more so – in effect up on our spiritual growth and life experiences. You are going through a cycle – or very soon will be – by which you will be moved by forces greater than your own personal ill. This is a karmic period, a time during which the movements of greater planetary bodies will have an impact upon the earth and humanity. This is the way of things, greater cycles affecting smaller ones. The smaller ones are not less important, but they do have to bow to the power of the great, in oneness with the magnificent unfolding divinity that is life itself.

What we always have at our disposal is choice as to how we respond to these affecting movements and cycles. The effect of this karmic cycle now unfolding in your life is to bring you into sweet surrender and awakening into greater love. What a delicious divine destiny! However, even if we sense at one level that a shift has a positive end in store for us, we can encounter resistance and fear, born of the ego, in response to the stirring of spiritual uprising. We may quake in our holy body and wonder if everything is getting out of control and into some disorder. We will be right in our sense of imminent chaos! The disorder, however, is the ego perspective because its range of vision is too small, too limited, to comprehend the greater workings of the planetary systems that move life towards love. That is as it should be. The teacup is not made to hold the ocean, just actually a cup of tea! But if we begin to imagine that the cup of tea is preferable to the ocean, simply because it is more containable, how much we miss out on!

And how terrifying when we are actually thrown into the ocean and moved by it! Its sheer power, its wild force and its passionate dance with the Moon Mother might have us fearing that we most certainly will die. Yet the only thing that is dying here and now is your grasp, our attempts at control Why? Because your heart is more powerful than your fear and it wants to live in total trusting surrender of the unfoldment of life’s genius. It wants to let life happen to it! What a wise intention that is.

Why seek to impose a smaller and less interesting story upon life when the great master storyteller is weaving a fantastic tale of great love, great adventure and sublime spiritual success? No. It is wiser, wilder and more fun to surf the great wave of consciousness seeking to overtake you now. Dive in, Beloved. Surge with it. You are being given a gift of grace in this oracle – the promise that you won’t drown, and that you will, in fact, be given a glimpse of your own divinity should you choose to accept whatever will be offered to you.

Don’t try to swim against the tide of your own life journey. Go with it. The Divine is there waiting for you, orchestrating waves upon which you may reach the heavenly shore. Yes, the Divine is there waiting for you, waiting on a picnic blanket of fabric of the heavens, with a sacred feast of earthly bounty just now being unpacked in your honour. Get yourself into that ocean and ride those waves to your sacred date with the Divine right now, sweet beloved. Surf’s up!

This oracle comes with a message for you. There are changes happening and they will be out of your control. This is because you are ready for accelerated life change. Rather than paddling, you will be caught up in a wave and moved farther, faster. Let yourself surge on with the energy of what is happening, leading with your heart and just going with whatever unfolds. This will bring you the best fortune and open you up to the divine destiny that is your birthright this lifetime.”*

~ Alana Fairchild

Why swim upstream when you can jump in and enjoy the ride? We have these preconceived notions of how we think life should go and sometimes the Universe likes to challenge us on this. Sometimes we can’t see how amazing things are about to be because we are clinging on to the shore for dear life, thinking that the waters look turbulent and dangerous, when actually it could be the ride of our lives! Maybe we have jumped in a different river before, only to be tossed around, losing some of our faith along the way. Maybe we have never really trusted and jumped right in, keeping to the areas where we can touch our feet down just in case things don’t go the way we had planned…

But now, you are being asked to surrender completely to the Universe. To Love. To the Light.

What is on offer for you is exactly what you need. It will take you exactly where you need to be.

But you must trust. Even if the waters look a little scary; even if you don’t know what the journey holds and even if you have no idea what your final destination could be. After all, there really are no final destinations; only stepping stones along the way.

Surrender to the magic. Surrender to the Love.

Ride the wave

Be The Love



~Archangel Oracle

*RUMI Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Rassouli

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