Turtle Medicine

Turtle Medicine, from the Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson
Turtle Medicine, from the Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Turtle Medicine, from the Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson

Turtle Medicine: “In Native American teachings, Turtle is the oldest symbol for planet Earth. It is the personification of goddess energy, and the eternal Mother from which our lives evolve. We are born on the womb of the Earth, and to her soil our bodies will return. In honoring the Earth, we are asked by Turtle to be mindful of the cycle of give and take, to give back to the Mother as she has given to us.

Turtle has a shell which is similar to the protection that Earth has employed for centuries as her body has been defiled. Mother Earth’s protection has come in the form of Earth changes, new plant growth, the creation of new land masses by volcanoes, and climate alterations. Like Turtle, you also have shields that protect you from hurt, envy, jealousy, and the unconsciousness of others. Turtle teaches you, through it’s habit patterns, how to use protection. If you are bothered by the actions or words of others, it is time to go inside yourself and honour your feelings. If you are attacked, it is time to give a warning snap.

If you have chosen the Turtle symbol, you are being asked to honour the creative source within you, to be grounded to the Earth, and to observe your situation with motherly compassion. Use the water and earth energies, which represent Turtle’s two homes, to flow harmoniously with your situation and to place your feet firmly on the ground in a power stance.

Turtle is a fine teacher of the art of grounding. You may even be able to overcome some of your “space cadet” tendencies if you align with Turtle medicine. In learning to ground, you are placing focus on your thoughts and actions and slowing to a pace that assures completion.

Turtle warns of the dangers of “pushing the river,” as evidenced by the plodding pace it keeps. The corn that is harvested before its time is not yet full. However if it is given the chance to develop at its own rate, in its own season, its sweetness will be shared by all.

Turtle buries its thoughts, like its eggs, in the sand, and allows the Sun to hatch the little ones. This teaches you to develop your ideas before bringing them out in the light. Look at the old fable of the tortoise and the hare, and decide for yourself whether or not you would like to align iwith Turtle. Bigger, stronger, and faster are not always the best ways to get to a goal. When you arrive, you may be asked where you have been and you may not be able to remember. In that case, arriving prematurely can make you feel very immature.

If you draw the Turtle card, it augurs a time of connecting with the power of Earth and the Mother-Goddess within. This is a reminder of the ally you have in Mother Earth. It does not matter what situation you have created: ask her for assistance, and abundance will follow.”*

– Jamie Sams and David Carson

Here is a message from Turtle, of hidden strengths and talents, patience and support from both the Universe and Mother Gaia herself. Turtle is here to tell us  that no matter how large an obstacle seems, with perseverance and faith, it will be overcome. Think of the sturdiness and steadfastness of turtle on land, of the slow and steady action steps towards the final goal. Yet think now of Turtle in the water, graceful and fluid, moving effortlessly along, coming up for air when needed, picking up speed with the simple motion of it’s fins. On both land and sea, Turtle is protected by it’s hard shell on the outside, yet vulnerable underneath it all. Some turtles will hide when things get tough, letting their shell become a suit of armor. Some will snap in order to set their boundaries, letting the one who threatens them that they mean business. Yet Turtle is not in a rush. There is no stress, no overwhelm; just graceful, consistent steady progressions.

Work with Turtle Medicine and patience, calm, balance and grace is yours. Slow down and experience the world around you in detail. Connect to Mother Earth and all her wonders. Nurture and protect your creative projects in your heart.


* Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson


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  1. Another really lovely post, thank you.

  2. Freedom Rainsford says:

    Yes, thank you. I just ran into a turtle on the pat and I feel her medicine. This helps a lot.

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