Blessing Of Zahra

Blessing Of Zahra, from the RUMI Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, Artwork by Rassouli
Blessing Of Zahra, from the RUMI Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, Artwork by Rassouli

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Blessing Of Zahra, from the RUMI Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, Artwork by Rassouli

Blessing Of Zahra:

“Let go of thought!
Don’t take it into your heart!
You are naked,
and thought is like ice.

You use thought to seek
release from suffering and pain,
while thought is the cause of
your suffering and pain.
The realm of creation
is outside the scope of thought.
O foolish one,
see the opus, and behold the beauty!

Look in the direction
from which the images flow.
See the brook that causes the wheel to turn.”


“I wish to pull that false confection from your mouth. Oh, I know you will open your mouth even wider to scream, like the terrible cry of a toddler denied. But the moment you open your mouth wide and draw breath to bemoan the outrageous travesty of your loss, I shall shove my divine finger, dripping with nectar, into your gaping mouth. I will let you suckle then, surprised and contented by the sweetness that surpasses all other sweets.”

“When we are  hungry, we reach for what food is available. If we are starving, we may gorge upon what is before us only to find ourselves overfed, undernourished and and in a most uncomfortable and dissatisfied state!

Your soul needs better quality food. It has been detoxing. You have been shedding old thoughts, feelings, pains and struggles. Memories of the past have been flooding out of your soul, like parasites being expunged. And now, your soul thus cleansed is in need of genuine nourishment to restore it to full radiance and vitality.

Love will feed your hungry soul Nothing less shall suffice. No sweet talking charmer hell-bent on seducing and moving on will make the grade. No, it has to be nothing less than genuine romancing by the Great Beloved to feed, comfort and nurse you into radiance. Only that divine finger, dipped in the heavenly honey, can be taken in by your soul now. All else will seem as empty junk by comparison. But can we summon the the strength to overcome habitual and mindless attempts at feeding on lesser substances? Oh yes! The Great Beloved shall storm through the kitchen, and with military precision clear out the cupboards, for only the best and finest, most decadent and delicious, shall do for you.

This oracle comes with special guidance for you. You are being given a blessing of Zahara, of radiance, of brightness. This blessing has a purpose. It is to clear out that which would obstruct your full unfoldment to support the divine jewel of your soul in shining. You are being given an opportunity supported by life, by the earth, by the grace of the Divine Beloved, to shed toxins from your being. These may be physical and they may be of emotional, psychic or psychological origin. They may come from this or another lifetime. You may understand consciously what is being released or you may not. If you are sensitive you may feel symptoms of detoxification at a physical level, even if what you are releasing is emotional or psychological in nature.

You are encouraged to complete the sacred honouring ritual, to stay adequately hydrated, and to be moderate rather than excessive in your approach. Give your body and mind time to rest and replenish so that blessing can be fully received.

If you have been unwell or struggling to let go of an issue, this oracle comes as a portent of imminent healing back to good health, and of release of the issue into resolution and divine radiance. It is only a mater of timing, and that timing is imminent.

This oracle also brings you the message that if something appears to be leaving your life – even something painful to release – it is because it is no longer healthy for you, or no longer supporting of life for you. There is something more loving and beautiful awaiting. Do not try to feast upon scraps. Stop scraping in the dirt for stale breadcrumbs. Rise up and move towards the seat at the heavenly table gleaming before you, for a greater feast awaits your attendance.”*

~ By Alana Fairchild

We are being gifted with a healing in quite a miraculous way. This is something resolved; a life issue that has been challenging you for what feels like forever – suddenly having a solution, a conclusion, coming to fruition. It is that perfect person walking into your life at the perfect time, whether it is a romantic partner, a specialist, someone offering you a career opportunity or a raise, a teacher or mentor, or a new friend. It is a windfall when you most need it, a surprise cheque in the mail, or an unexpected gift.

Open yourself to the possibility that something wonderful is on it’s way to you RIGHT NOW. A person, an experience, a material object… whatever it is, it is especially for you. Have faith that the Universe has a plan and that you will not be forgotten. Be like the children on Christmas eve, knowing with absolute conviction that Santa is on his way to bring you exactly what you have been asking for.

And you are more than worthy to receive it.

May many blessings rain down upon your life



~Archangel Oracle

*RUMI Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, Artwork by Rassouli

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  1. Barbara says:

    Wow, thank you so much for this reading….. means so much to me and gives me the strength to hang in there….. and I appear to be right on track….. blessings and hugs with love for all you do for others!

  2. Valerie says:

    I am so moved by this and that so many others will be too and so we are not alone in our transformations in life. A reminder of connection to the Divine Beloved that is within each of us, and so trusting that we are becoming.
    Thank you.

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