Ascended Master Mary Magdalene and Aqua Aural Quartz

Ascended Master Mary Magdalene and Aqua Aural Quartz, from the Crystal Mandala Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Jane Marin
Ascended Master Mary Magdalene and Aqua Aural Quartz, from the Crystal Mandala Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Jane Marin

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Ascended Master Mary Magdalene and Aqua Aural Quartz, from the Crystal Mandala Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Jane Marin

Ascended Master Mary Magdalene and Aqua Aural Quartz: “Divine Alchemy”

“We bring you the blessing of divine alchemy. Divine alchemy is the art of transmutation, the application of spiritual consciousness to physical form, so profound that an entirely new form evolves. It is irreversible change. It is the coal transformed into the diamond, the lead of sleeping matter, awakened into the radiant gold of consciousness. Successful alchemical transformation requires patience, courage and a belief in the power of spirit above all else. The radical and permanent transformation effected by divine alchemy may seem miraculous to the outsider viewing the changed form; yet the alchemist knows that  when spiritual consciousness meets physical matter, the world will never be the same again.”

“Alchemists have often been considered eccentric. They appear to labour on tasks the mainstream either don’t comprehend or consider impossible. Yet the alchemists of old and the modern-day spiritual alchemists are the ones who see reality most clearly and understand divine power most accurately. They know the healing transformational power of divine energy is beyond any limitation the mind can conceive. This is why they never assume that something is impossible; they are open to the workings of divine will and how healing can best happen (which is not always in the ways one might expect). They do not see reality as ‘fixed’ and the material world as a solid impenetrable unchanging form. They know that all of creation is energy, and energy can change form. When higher consciousness is applied to the energy, the form which evolves is one of shining divine beauty.

The soul task of divine alchemists (whether they think of themselves in those terms or not) is to repair the damage that fear-based consciousness has generated in the world. A divine alchemist may do this with a focus on environmental or socio-economic issues; or through the arts, creative expression, healing work with the body, mind and soul; or through cooking and educating others about nourishment. Alchemists may do their work on the greater human collective powerfully but behind the scenes. They may do this by bringing higher consciousness into their own being and then allowing that to permeate their work in the corporate, financial, legal or political sectors, or in the worlds of marketing and media, where their elevated spiritual frequency is so very needed at this time.

No matter what realm you enter, your soul has the ability to trigger alchemical change. Whether you are always conscious of it or not, your presence is helping to repair bodies, minds, hearts and souls from the terror that has been conditioned into them over lifetimes. You are helping to heal the doubt, fear-based habits and self-destructive behavioural patterns that plague the human collective psyche. You are here to apply love, higher understanding and wisdom to the world. In the application of that higher consciousness, alchemy begins; and in time, genuine divine beauty rises up out of the sacred fires of transformation. The ugly duckling realizes it is a swan.

Alchemy always starts with the alchemist. It is will and belief that empowers the alchemist to continue with their sacred work, even if it is misunderstood or dismissed by those that don’t know any better.

When the oracle of Divine Alchemy comes to you, you are being advised that something in your world, perhaps even in your body, is going to be blessed with healing transformation so profound it can never be undone. This spiritual repair is not simply a patch up job, but a profound reconstruction that will change the substance, quality and consciousness of that physical world reality. There will be a purging and a reconstruction.

This oracle also comes to you with a message for your alchemical empowerment. Whatever you want to change in your physical world can change. What is needed is a commitment to consciousness, growth and unconditional trust in the process. Don’t give up until it is as you would wish it to be. You must believe in yourself and in the power of the Divine. The art of divine alchemy will express itself through you; and you, and the world around you, shall be blessed by its healing power.”*

~ By Alana Fairchild

Transformation is here, embrace it. All the old ways are over, gone. They will be like looking at old photographs, faded with age… they may stir distant memories but you will feel detached, objective and blessed with a brand new perspective. In fact, the old ways will seem almost like a language you once learned, but are so rusty at you can’t quite remember the words.

There will be a falling away, a shedding of sorts. People who no longer match your frequency will drift away on their life journey; to be replaced with those who share your same level of awareness, or higher. Things that seemed important no longer are, particularly those of a material nature.

Our Great Mother becomes center stage. Love becomes the driving force.

Awakening is imminent, vital, mandatory, assured.

You are the alchemist, as am I.

We are One.



~Archangel Oracle

*Crystal Mandala Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Jane Marin

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Reens says:

    I am so open and ready to become the alchemist. Thank you for this. Blessings!

  2. Val C says:

    I am inspired to remember that every single person on Earth has within them the innate potential for healing transformation. It is our birth right. This card teaching is in itself a spark for that healing to continue as it always has, and so also for gathering more of us to be aware of it that much more for the healing of all. Thank you Dee.

  3. LotusofZyahn says:

    I give thanks for your Presence and this post! Being an Alchemist is a very humbling and gratifying experience. Allowing transmutation is majestically wonder-filled! Beauty for ashes. ❤

  4. Jan Watson says:

    Powerfully spoken words with inspiring images. Thank you for sharing my your insights and your gifts.


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