The Dawn Watcher

The Dawn Watcher

Daily Angel Oracle Card: The Dawn Watcher from the Oracle Of The Dragonfae Oracle Card deck, by Lucy Cavendish, card artwork by Michele-Lee Phelan published by Blue Angel


The Dawn Watcher ~ Bells Will Ring

The Dawn Watcher Speaks: “Never think that you are alone in this world… you do have guardians and I am one of them. I will literally ring alarm bells for you when you have need of forewarning and foreknowledge. There is nothing to fear when you receive these messages; you simply need to pay attention, take note and act when the time is right I will always alert you and it is my particular domain and charge to watch for the new sky as the sun rises and to let you know that you what you have hardly dared even hope for has every change of coming true. Watch for the sunrise and know that as she does, so too do your hopes. And these bells will ring out for you to let you know of the approach of new growth, new warmth and a new energetic time coming for you. Listen and hear the bells ring for you. And then you shall awaken from your soul sleep!”

“The Dawn Watcher is a vigilant Dragonfae Goddess who can shape shift at will, and whose small size belies her enormous commitment and strength. She will always give you foreknowledge: be it literally by “warning” bells going off, through premonitions in the form of dreams and deja-vu, or of physical reactions to particular energies. She only weakens when you pay her bells no heed, when you will not wake up and hear the call. Listen more respectfully to those bells, to the dreams, to the shivers of prescience and know that you are always being told through your body, your mind and your spirit of what is to come.

Divinatory Meanings: “Spiritual awakening. Premonitions and forewarning are strong right now: pay attention. Signs coming through in ordinary and seemingly coincidental ways. Pay attention. Precognitive dreams, especially in the early hours of the morning, clairaudience, and the other forms of sixth-sensory information gathering, strengthening and gaining urgency and purpose. Clairvoyance (clear-seeing), clairsentience (clear-knowing) and empathy all very strong at this time. Watch for messages from the animal kingdom and for the appearance of the Dragonfae in the form of paintings, film depictions and signs: they are speaking with you now.

Working With The Dawn Watcher: “It is a time to be alert and aware; to arise early and to pay attention to the signs that abound around you – selectively. Focus on your mission at this time and work towards it. Be determined and do not allow others to distract you. Call on the Dawn Watcher to assist you to focus on the messages that are most worth hearing, and so that you do no go into fear. The Dawn Watcher is a very powerful guardian and will help you greatly by alerting you with plenty of time: all you need do is pay attention.”*

~ By Lucy Cavendish

You are receiving messages yet you may be doubting yourself. You have a gut feeling that something is going on, yet you deny it. It is time to trust; time to believe and time to pay attention to the signs, signals, messages and synchronicities occurring in your daily life. These are all here to tell you something important! It’s easy to second guess yourself, thinking what you know to be true is only a “coincidence”… however, there are no coincidences. See, feel and hear the messages coming to you as they contain valuable information that will help to guide you in times of need and support you when you falter. These messages come directly from your Angels and Guides, the Ascended Masters and the faeries, all part of the Divine. They come with benevolence and love; you are not being judged, only guided in the most beneficial way.

If your messages are making no sense to you, ask that they do. Send out a message of your own, asking for clear, easy to understand and concise communication; the Universe will always heed your call.


Thank you Angels, for showing me clear signs and easy to understand messages;

for continually guiding me,  and protecting me. Surrounding me with your bright white love and light on my daily journey. And so it is.



~Archangel Oracle

*Oracle Of The Dragonfae Oracle Card deck, by Lucy Cavendish, card artwork by Michele-Lee Phelan published by Blue Angel

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  1. Mrs Duffy says:

    Perfect 👌🏻. Thank you. ♥ I have been getting alot of Dragon synchronicities just now and felt called to buy a beautiful dragon figurine, just the other day. ♥

  2. Kay Mackle says:

    Interesting. I heard the most profound high pitched sound in my Right Ear on the 29th of August and my head was adjusted. Felt quite weird. Clairaudience???


  3. sanctuaryofthewhiterose says:

    Reblogged this on Sanctuary of the White Rose.

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