The Elder (Dedicated to Valerie with Love and Gratitude)

The Elder

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Oracle Of The Dragonfae oracle card deck, by Lucy Cavendish: The Elder

The Elder: “Heed wise counsel.”

The Elder Speaks: “People expect all those who are your guides and teachers to come in forms that are soft and sweet. I am neither, and I am stern and serious, because you are in danger of forgetting that which has been taught to you due to distraction. I ask of you now whether you have the commitment to carry through with the tasks you have decided you wish to complete. Because the words “Yes”   and “I will” are simple. But to teach is to impart priceless wisdom and for others to ignore the lessons, simply means this entire planet is begin held back.

Forgive me, for I become impatient at the pains you have put yourself through and I see that again there is the possibility of going over old ground. You must understand – you have already learned so much. What we wise for you to do now is to have the courage to live from the wisdom you have gained, rather than the fear which ensures you overlook all that which you have learned. I have been with you before, and you and I have already learned a great deal together. And let me say this: If you choose to behave as though nothing of the wisdom of Her has been given to you, and you behave as though you are deaf and blind, and have no senses, you will again feel pain that is simply not necessary!

So now, choose to follow guidance and learn the lesson you have already worked with… and when you have learned it for the last time, teach it yourself. By demonstrating the qualities you wish to see in the world, by applying action and discipline to your dreams, I will also be relieved, because I will no longer have to bring the lesson to your attention again and again, time after time.

And my patience will no longer be tested! Together we can teach the new ones – they need you to live from your wisdom more than you think. Know too, that no matter how much you feel you have already learned, and how wise you may believe you already are, that you still have a great deal more to learn. In this new school you will be entering, you will be an apprentice once again, surrounded by others who are just as eager, wide-eyed and sure of themselves, too, at times!”

About The Elder:

“She is wise and ancient, and seems very stern – and she is, because she has a serious task. But what one does not often see is the laughter in her eyes, the warmth of her voice, and the strength of her endurance, for she has taught thousands and will teach many more. Her home is the natural world and her lessons are the themes of your life. Ignoring the wisdom she has given is like polluting the fresh water of a spring, or poisoning your own food. Do not compromise your life. Trust the stern and wise teachers of your life, for they know how precious you are. Know that their words at times contain so much truth: so look beyond what seems to be unfair and seek the wisdom in what you have been taught. Think of the Master Of Martial Arts and the rigours the young apprentice must go through in order to learn. This master is your current, most gifted guide.

Divinatory Meanings: “Studying seriously, working towards a goal, feeling like abandoning a task before it is complete, being disrespectful, feeling threatened by another approach to learning; wanting to leave “school” before it’s time; having authority issues. Take your studies very seriously and pay attention to the messages. Take any “why are they picking on me?” moments to mean that in fact you are not clearly acting on your own true path, and be practical about all steps. So, if you wish to write, do so. Listen to your muse and be creative. Do not simply seek to obtain what is needed externally – create it from within and send it out into the world through your efforts and discipline. Be proactive and do not rely on the powers that be. Rely on yourself. Heed teachings and have integrity. Treat elders with respect and do not forsake “old”energies and wisdom for this season’s latest trends. Within your family, and elder has something to say to you. Listen to them, even if they do seem a little fearsome!”*

Sometimes we hear the truth when we are not really ready for it. Sometimes we have had our heads buried so deeply in the sand, it takes some digging to get them out and see clearly again. Sometimes we are so shrouded by fear we have forgotten a part of ourselves. Sometime we believe that the demon we know is less scary than the one that we don’t know… And sometimes, even when we finally know the truth, we are paralyzed by the fear of making the changes that need to be made.

Yesterday was Storm. Today is accepting and receiving assistance; even if we may not want to hear it. Yes, change can be difficult, but it can also be very liberating. Yes, we can feel that we have it all under control when we really don’t, and we may or may not be ready to go ahead and take charge for real this time… but if you are lucky enough to have a mentor; as I was, drop right into your life when you need it most… you must pay attention.

It may be a nudge, it may be clarity, it may be the shove you need in the right direction. Listen with your heart, get your ego out of the way and take to heart the wisdom being offered from someone who knows your situation through experience of their own. This is knowledge and assistance you have asked for. This is the Law Of Attraction at work. This is synchronicity. This is the Universe, giving you wisdom through someone you can trust; an Earth Angel. This is your guardian angel hard at work. This is the TRUTH, like it or not, there is work to be done. Now… when are you going to act on it?

Have courage, your angels are right there beside you. Ask them, as I have, to give you some guidance on how this change is best put into action; then listen carefully for their message. Once you receive the message, you must act with conviction.


* Oracle Of The Dragonfae oracle card deck, by Lucy Cavendish



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