Orange Bellied Parrot

Orange Bellied Parrot, from the Animal Voices Oracle Card deck, by Chip Richards
Orange Bellied Parrot, from the Animal Voices Oracle Card deck, by Chip Richards

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Orange Bellied Parrot, from the Animal Voices Oracle Card deck, by Chip Richards

Orange Bellied Parrot: “Radiance ~ Expression ~ Movement”

The Gift: “Winged one of the sun. Traveler by night. True colours shining bright. Master singer from above. Bringer of secrets and gifts of love. I am Parrot. The Orange Bellied Parrot is native to the Australian bird tribe and one of the only long distance migrators of its kind in the world. While Parrots can be master of imitation, they each have a distinct voice and unique call that is their own.”

The Message: “When Parrot flies into your world he brings a burst of fresh energy and the gift of movement. Just as Parrot flies through the trees at great speed, angling his body to keep going fast while just barely missing branches – he invites you now to trust the energy of what feels most exciting and be ready to leap into action. You have a  special way of seeing things and doing things that is all your own. If you feel like you have something to say, say it. When you speak from your heart people will always listen to you. And as you move in the direction of your dreams, the path will open magically to greet you. Like a rainbow in motion, your light will learn to bend!

The Call: “When Parrot sings and flies through the trees, it can’t help but bring its beauty with it. As you step out into the world this week, bring yourself – in full colour – with you. Dress nice, be playful and expressive. Spend time with people that make you laugh. Laughter opens doors to new possibility! Take time to speak what is in your heart and also to really listen to others. Breathe deep with a smile. It is time to share your true colors with the world!”*

~ by Chip Richards

Pay close attention to the birds around you at this time. They may not be parrots, but ravens, owls, eagles, humming birds and seagulls, amongst many others, can give you just as much of a message as the beautiful and colourful orange bellied parrot can, you just have to listen… pay close attention! Be particularly observant of those who show them selves to you, or call to you repeatedly. Patterns of seeing the same bird or animal is always a message from your animal spirit guides, and can be deciphered as such.

Birds are also the messengers for the angels who wish to communicate with us. This is alluded to in the picture above, do you see that the higher parrot is surrounded by light from the sky, reminiscent of the energy field or aura of an angel? Your angels are asking you to find the joy in your life right now, urging you to remember that through your passions you can invoke the most wonderful creative energy.

Magic is in action here, step forward to embrace it with an open heart.


*Animal Voices Oracle Card deck, by Chip Richards

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  1. wow. that so pertains to me as I get messages from birds, most especially if someone has died. a crow , sparrow, owl, and phoenix are all guides in the spirit world for me.

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