Pele ~ Awakening

Pele ~ Awakening, from The Goddess Oracle, by Amy Sophia Marashinsky illustrated by Hrana Janto
Pele ~ Awakening, from The Goddess Oracle, by Amy Sophia Marashinsky illustrated by Hrana Janto

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Pele ~ Awakening, from The Goddess Oracle, by Amy Sophia Marashinsky illustrated by Hrana Janto

Pele ~ Awakening:

“I surge I pulse I throb

I am never still

I am perpetual vibration

a rhythmic beat

the constant hum that you hear

I am always moving

way down in the deeps

with fiery vitality

in places you can only feel

When necessary

with dramatic, fierce, volcanic eruptions

I wake you up

With lava and fire

I say “pay attention”

Mytholory: “Pele (pronounced pay’lay) is the volcano Goddess of the Polynesian people of Hawaii. According to legend she appears to people as a beautiful and mysterious young woman just before her volcano is about to erupt or as a gnarled old woman who lights her cigarette with the snap of her fingers. Although her priestesses, the queens of Hawaii, were converted to Christianity when Mauna Loa erupted in 1880, Princess Keelikolani recited the old chants, gave offerings of silk cloth, and poured brandy into the bubbling lava. Pele, thus appeased, grew calm.”

Meaning Of The Card: “Pele’s appearance signals a need for awakening. Have you been sitting still for too long? Have you been lulled into sleep by the evenness in your life? Has reality been too slippery to grasp? Get ready to awaken your awareness and come into full consciousness. Now is the time to see things as they really are, to initiate change so things can be as you want them to be. Now is the time to wake up to your potential and power, to move and to shake. Pay attention to all that life is telling you. Pele says that when you nurture awakening, your life becomes creative rather than reactive – an infinitely more powerful place to be!”*

~ By Amy Sophia Marashinsky 

Pele is all about unapologetically claiming your power. She is beautiful and all-powerful yet don’t get on her bad side as she just may explode all over you and you may not recover from her burns. She is dramatic and passionate, and she asks us to live our lives with as much passion as we can muster. Pele says: “after all, life is short, why stay small when you can awaken all of your powers and soar?” Do not hold back, but move forward fearlessly. Do not let anything or anyone get in your way!

This is a time of revved up passion in every aspect of your life. It is the awakening of your root and sacral chakra, sexual and creative energies are at an all time high!  This does not necessarily mean that you must channel this energy into someone else, although that is definitely a possibility… it also means that you are at your most creative and can use this energy to manifest what you desire. Use a broad brush at this time, skip the fine details, they will all work out in the end. Follow your heart as it knows where you need to be right now.

Access this amazing energy! Flirt a little; dress in red; feel sexy; paint your nails or put some red in your hair; wear red lipstick. Invoke the power of Pele and step into your power.

And don’t forget to have fun with it.



~Archangel Oracle

*The Goddess Oracle, by Amy Sophia Marashinsky illustrated by Hrana Janto


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  1. JUDITEPOCAS says:

    Realmente tenho pensado mais en todos do que em min obrigada pela mensagem tao verdade

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