The Merciful One

The Merciful One ~ Artwork "Elf Princess"
The Merciful One ~ ~ Artwork “Elf Princess,” from The Faery Forest Oracle Card deck, by Lucy Cavendish

Daily Angel Oracle Card: The Merciful One, from The Faery Forest Oracle Card deck, by Lucy Cavendish

The Merciful One: “Compassion, Release, Relief”

“There is a time to hold on and to endure – and there is a time to open our hands and let the soul fly free. You may be remembering that death is a sacred rite, and be learning about the nature of the physical transition that is taking place. Death is a huge taboo in modern culture, yet it is a path that is sacred and walked by all of us fortunate enough to have lived. So The Merciful One comes forward with love, respect, and compassion to ask you to hold the space for those who are departing, and to allow yourself to let go, either of your own self, or of another being who is readying themselves to return to the Otherworld.

This is the card of deep, sacred change, from one stage to another, one form to another, but most truly at its heart, it is the card of letting go, and the great mercy that this letting go brings to those of us in pain, and unable to stay as we are. The Merciful One lifts pain, makes passing easy, ensures we are surrounded by loved ones, and respects the great moment that this is. Know now that a death of a kind is coming, and that The Merciful One wishes the letting go to be dignified and sacred. So let go, and let an ending continue with beauty, dignity, and mercy.”*

~ By Lucy Cavendish

There is nothing to fear when you pull the card of Death, as it signifies only a crossroads; a change that can no longer be ignored or turned away from. These are the turning points of life; the big decisions; the new chapters. They are the times that we look back on and realize that we took the leap of faith, went for it, shed our old skins for something brand new.

This is one of those times. A time of complete and total transformation. A chance to completely reinvent ourselves from the inside out. With dignity and poise; grace and ease. Fearlessly stepping into the next chapter of our lives. A death of the old, a saying goodbye to what has been. For we never really die, we only every change from one dimension of Being to another; always retaining our Light.

This change that we speak of is not in the future, Dear One, for it is happening right Now. As you read this, it will assist you to Remember. It will serve to guide you, give you strength. The change is well under way and unstoppable at this point in time, and you would not want to change it anyway, for it is an ascension, a raising, and a Lightening of Being.

Take a moment to check in with your body, with your Soul. Can you feel the shifting? Can you feel the waking up of your DNA? Can you feel the change in vibrational frequency happening at the cellular level throughout your entire Being? Body, mind and Spirit are changing, growing, transforming. Embrace this change. Breathe it in. Receive it with open heart, and open mind.

And so it is.



~Archangel Oracle

*The Faery Forest Oracle Card deck, by Lucy Cavendish

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  1. Barbara says:

    Does this message mean that my life is almost over? Or does it mean that I am transforming and becoming all that I have working at becoming? I feel the change within and I also will not deny that I also feel death near? This does not scare me, it is just all things in my life are finally coming together, while I feel my health failing? Can you be more specific for me and thank you in advance as I await your response! Blessings and hugs

  2. Julie says:

    Thank you for your cards.. I share themeceryday with my group (fb)
    Y stet day I pulled three cards for myself.
    The wyrd the ancient and the cunning woman.
    Could you give me an on-site on these three together. Thanks( drawn in that order)

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