Great Power

Great Power, from the Tao Oracle, by Ma Deva Padma
Great Power, from the Tao Oracle, by Ma Deva Padma

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Great Power, from the Tao Oracle, by Ma Deva Padma

Great Power: “Greatness is expansive and has the power to positively or negatively affect all that is touched by it. In our solar system it is the sun; in our bodies it is the gut or lower belly that in Japanese martial arts is known as the hara, and in the Chinese martial arts, and medical and meditative emanates and to which is all returns.

In human terms it appears as a powerful nature that has the capacity to influence others on a grand scale. The form that influence takes depends primarily on one’s strength of character, centering, and willingness to take responsibility. Unless these qualities are rooted in the being, there is a tendency for power to become distorted as belligerence, dogmatism, or some other form of gross egotism. As is obvious to anyone who watches politics and world affairs, just because a person is in a powerful position does not necessarily mean that he or she is great. To become worthy of admiration or reverence requires passing through many tests of character thatmay not be obvious from the outside. These tests might be repeated throughout a lifetime, and become increasingly intense as the individual grows more aware of subtler, deeper levels of the unconscious that craves and distorts power toward narrow and egotistical ends.

Your self-respect, character, and dignity are being put through an endurance test. It can mean there might be some intense grappling with inner demons like greed, narcissism, and pride to name just a few. You might have to make hard choices, knowing that any decisions you make now will have far-reaching consequences not only for yourself but for others as well. Or, you may have to be very strong and hold your ground when everything within and around you  is disintegrating. Do not be tempted by flattery or sure-cure inducements that come with a price tag attached; it would be a regrettable compromise to do so.

It is wise now to avoid extremes of any kind, particularly if you are in a powerful position. Weigh all things in the balance before reaching conclusions. The effect your decisions will have on others should not be ignored or taken lightly.

Finally, remember that the higher your profile, the more likely you are to become the focus of other people’s envy and discontent; unfortunately, it goes with the territory. A sense of decorum and self-restraint is essential when you are the center of attention, although it is not always easy. Do not compromise your integrity by becoming petty or small-minded because of someone else’s negativity. You have much to offer and can set wheels in motion that will be great for everyone, so stay on course.”*

~ By Ma Deva Padma

This is a message of balance. It is of grounding, centering and empowerment. You may find yourself in the eye of the storm… still while everything is chaos around you. Will you become enthralled with the storm? Will you be swept up in the high winds, battered around by it’s sheer force? Or will you find a way to still your mind… detach from the drama and wait it out?

We are so quick to react to what is happening around us. We may over analyze… feeling that we must somehow be responsible for it all. We look to others to affirm that we are worthy and accepted; and when those others project back to us with anger, fear, resentment or guilt, we take it all on as a reflection of ourselves.

Everyone is responsible for their own actions and reactions. We cannot be held responsible for making anyone do or say anything. Even if we have caused pain, it is up to them to manage and process their reactions. Same goes with us. No one can make you act in any certain way, all of your reactions are a choice, and if they do not seem like a choice, then they are a habit of the ego. It’s time to take back the reins!

Find calm no matter what is going on right now; and no matter what, do not compromise on your hopes, dreams, aspirations or values. Period. Be the empowered Soul that you are. No one can take that away from you. Stand your ground and wait for this to blow over, then you can move forward fearlessly. Do not let anyone throw you off course; instead, refuse to engage until everyone is thinking rather than reacting.

This too shall pass.



~Archangel Oracle

* Tao Oracle, by Ma Deva Padma

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