Osiris, from the Gods and Titans Oracle Card deck, by Stacey Demarco, artwork by Jimmy Manton
Osiris, from the Gods and Titans Oracle Card deck, by Stacey Demarco, artwork by Jimmy Manton

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Osiris, from the Gods and Titans Oracle Card deck, by Stacey Demarco, artwork by Jimmy Manton

Osiris: “Renewal”

“Pay attention to your need for rejuvenation and renewal, both physically and mentally. You are invited to experience the magic of hope.”

“Perhaps one of the most enduring gods of resurrection, Osiris, husband of Isis, is one of the key members of the Egyptian pantheon. Son of the earth god, Geb, and Nuit, goddess of the sky, Osiris developed into a god of death and rebirth after his own violent death.

The story of Isis’s love and devotion to Osiris after his brother Set killed and dismembered him is central to Egyptian myth. After Osiris’s murder, Isis traveled the earth looking for the pieces of his body. She then cast a powerful spell, which brought her husband back to life long enough to conceive a son, Horus. Then Osiris retreated back into the underworld. As a deity of resurrection, Osiris gave hope to all that there was an afterlife and that death could be transcended.

Osiris did not just judge the dead but was also responsible for their afterlife and reincarnation. As a result, the energy of rebirth and renewal is tied more to Osiris than to the other lords of the underworld. Ancient Egyptians created complex magical processes, rituals, and rites with Osiris as the central figure to ensure a successful resurrection after death.

Depicted with green skin to signify his role as the force behind germination and fertility, Osiris ruled over the flooding Nile and budding crops.

You can call upon Osiris when you need to be renewed. When you are tired, physically or mentally, his magical energy will nourish you. When you feel like there is no hope, particularly after trauma or a difficult relationship, his presence will sooth you. Osiris also appears when there is a beginning or transition close at hand.”

If This Card Comes To You As Challenger: “If we push ourselves too hard, destroy our bodies, or pay no heed to the fruitfulness of our relationships, sometimes it becomes too late or too difficult for complete renewal. Pay attention to your own self-care and your own rejuvenating power. Should you need to, take time to rest and repair. Osiris’s visit often indicates the need for a retreat or holiday, so not heeding this could make you less efficient and happy.”*

~ By Stacey Demarco

You may feel as if you are spinning your wheels. Changes have been made, and yet where are you with all of this? Why is it all taking so long? Perhaps you are feeling a bit impatient with the whole process. You were expecting it to go a bit more smoothly. You were listening and you made the necessary changes even though it scared you. So now what?

Be gentle with yourself. Breathe. Take some time away from the chaos. Spend time in silence. Get out in Nature.

Find your hope again.

Know that this is all part of the process. Know that you are assimilating new energies. Integration take time. Go easy on yourself.

Know that part of the ascension process is the acceptance of you. Where you are at right now. Love that. What you have been through. Love that too. Where you are going. Embrace it with Love.

This is the transition period. Between the old and the new. The ripening. This is a time of rejuvenation. Of replenishment. Of new clarity. Beginnings.

Hope. Faith. And Trust.



~ Archangel Oracle

*Gods and Titans Oracle Card deck, by Stacey Demarco, artwork by Jimmy Manton

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  1. Christina Baldera says:

    Dearest Dee,

    This reading is amazingly right on time…

    Best, Tina

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Peg Garner says:

    This is so right. I got hurt 3 wks ago and struggling with healing. Find your hope again. That is so true today. feeling lost in many ways. Thanks

  3. Tricia Gunberg says:

    Your first paragraph is almost verbatim what I was thinking last night. I have been trying to get my healing business ‘off the ground’ for 2.5 years. I even published a book and posted very private thoughts as guided even though it frightened me to the core. And for what? So my husband could say, “Okay, its time to make money now. Play time is over, we have bills to pay.” I really thought if I followed my heart and the guidance I was getting, all would be well. I love doing readings and writing but it is getting too hard. People tell me they enjoy my work and it is helping them but the money is not coming in.

    1. Don’t give up Tricia! This blog is completely free, of course I often find myself in need of more money too, but I love to help people and I like to write. I do hair and sell my crystal healing jewelry to pay the bills, and when I want to give up on the writing I read these lovely comments and know that it’s all worthwhile. Find a way to make money that fulfills you or that you enjoy, and keep doing what you are doing, and one day it will all come together. For all of us Lightworkers! Blessings, Love and Light!

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