The Blessings Of The Moon Maiden

Blessings Of The Moon Maiden
Blessings Of The Moon Maiden, From The Kuan Yin Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, illustrated by Zeng Hao

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Blessings Of The Moon Maiden, From The Kuan Yin Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, illustrated by Zeng Hao

Blessings Of The Moon Maiden: “The Moon Maiden, with her Lucky Hare, brings auspicious tidings of prosperity and abundance to you now. The Universe seeks to replenish, restore and create through you. Allow yourself to receive beyond what you have thought is possible by opening your heart with gratitude now. Let the blessings of good fortune from the beloved Maiden of the Moon, Kuan Yin, flow easily into your life now.

Gifts of abundance and prosperity are flowing to you now. You are being asked to open up to what you believe is possible and then open some more! Allow good fortune in all its forms to come to you. Don’t limit what you are capable of attracting with false beliefs about how much you deserve or what you are worthy of having. The Universe will share with you so much more than you imagine possible as you open your heart and let go of self-imposed limitations, doubts or fears.

The Moon Maiden blesses with great generosity, blessings of good fortune and peace, yet we must trust how these blessings come to us and accept that we may need to grow for those blessings to manifest in our lives. All blessings need energy within us in which to vest, like a seed needing soil in which to be planted so it can manifest in the physical world as a vital healthy plant!

Blessings such as a new partnership, life path, career opportunity, growth in personal or spiritual power and financial healing require energy within us to be able to settle and grow into physical form, to be enjoyed and shared in our lives. Our beliefs, openness, vitality and trust need to be big enough to receive the magnificence of the blessings coming to us. Otherwise it is like asking a wonderful vast oak tree to be planted in a tiny pot or an ocean to be contained in a thimble!

Do you know how easy it is for you to attract even more goodness and support for this growth in your life? Have gratitude for what you already have received and how you have already grown! These blessings would not be coming to you if there was not a readiness and ability within you to receive them.

So share something of what you have with others in a way that expands rather than depletes you. You may choose to share kindness, your talents, love or affection, knowledge or material resources. Give from the desire to do so from the heart. Do not seek to give out of fear, obligation or guilt. Just give what feels good to give and your heart will open with joy rather than close with anxiety or fear. You will feel good and move even more deeply into the flow of abundance.

The divine feminine endlessly creates, over and over again, flowing in cycles, just like the Moon. If you have been through a challenging cycle where your creative ability to manifest seemed to be impeded, this oracle indicates that the tide is changing and your finances, energy, relationships, and vocation are being infused with abundant universal energy now. Accept this Divine Grace and know that your abundance helps others feel abundant too. It is a spiritual service to live a life of fullness and joy.

Healing Blessings Of The Moon Maiden:

Take a few moments to consider the area in your life where you would like growth, healing and abundance. Prosperity and good fortune have many faces –  material wealth is one, and relationship is another, professional success might be another and spiritual fulfillment and relative expression are yet other faces. What are the faces of abundance that you wish to experience more of in your life?

Once you  have identified which areas you would most like to receive healing in (realizing that the healing will usually affect all areas of your life no matter which channel it comes through), take time to articulate and perhaps write down in your journal at least three negative beliefs that you have about this part of your life. Then consider three positive situations that you would like to experience and perhaps write them in your journal.

Gently close your eyes and imagine you are in a mystical place with a full moon in deepest night, shining brightly. Imagine Kuan Yin dancing with beautiful light all around her, lotus blossoms pouring from her feet and golden light shining towards you from her hands. Imagine offering her your negative beliefs from your journal – you can even read them aloud to her if you wish – and allow her to shine golden light from her hands, flooding these beliefs with light and transforming them into positive energy. Imagine the lotus blossoms of her feet tickling the crown of your head as she sends the healed, positive energy back to your heart chakra. Imagine breathing it in and when you are ready, you may like to say the prayer below or simply say “than you” and open your eyes.

A Prayer To The Moon Maiden

I now choose to release negative energy, negative beliefs and negative memories connected with abundance, money, relationships, success and well-being. I offer these for healing to beloved Moon Maiden, Kuan Yin. May she turn the heaviness of these offerings into golden light. May I receive this golden light into my heart. Good fortune and blessings flow to me now. May I share as I receive. May I flow with joy, abundance, and divine grace. Through the blessings of the Divine Kuan Yin, so be it.”*

– Alana Fairchild

Another blue moon to bless us as we finish the first quarter of 2018. What does the next quarter of this year hold for us? This is a very auspicious card, one of compassion, good fortune, blessings and prosperity. There are many good things to come!

Kuan Yin brings us exactly as many blessings as we are willing to receive. Only we can stand in the way of what is truly ours, abundance, love, success, wealth, good fortune and prosperity. Do you receive what is your birthright? Are you open to something new? What is possible in your life now? How could things change for you for the better, or even for the best? Do you feel worthy of receiving the blessings? Is there anything standing in your way? Let it all go.

Set an intention this full moon. Decide to open up fully. Decide to be receptive to something new. Decide to make the necessary changes and decide to let more magic into your life.

Starting right now.

And so it is



~Archangel Oracle

* The Kuan Yin Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild,illustrated by Zeng Hao

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