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Clear Quartz, Clarity: from the Crystal Ally Oracle Card deck, by Naisha Ahsian

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Crystal Ally Oracle Card deck, by Naisha Ahsian: Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz: “Clarity”

“A beautiful crystal rises above the fog and into the clarity of the night sky. This is the image of “Clarity”, and it represents the effect of Clear Quartz energy. To many people, Clear Quartz is what is meant by the term ‘crystal’. Clear Quartz crystals occur naturally in many different configurations. Generally, these crystals exhibit a single termination of six faces joining at the top to form an apex. Clear Quartz is one of the purest and most versatile forms of crystal, carrying a high, clean echo of the Earth Mother’s energies. Its key word is clarity, as it’s energy clears and amplifies one’s thoughts.

Clear Quartz crystals have traditionally been used to aid in the attainment of a clear and balanced mind and energy. This Ally speaks of becoming a vessel for the Light of Spirit, lending yourself to the service of others and living honestly and without deception or deceit. The high vibration of Clear Quartz aids in the cutting through of cloudiness or mental fog, and the enlightenment of the darkness of density. This Crystal Ally is a recorder of the Earth’s experiences, and has been used by the ancients as a receptacle for knowledge and secrets.

Because of their wonderful ability to carry any energy easily, Clear Quartz crystals will tend to reflect and amplify any energy that they are exposed to. This quality is wonderful when you wish to employ this Ally as a constant prayer generator. By calming and quieting your mind, then concentrating upon one single thought, you will ‘program’ the crystal with the specific energy of your thought. It will continue to carry the heart of your prayer or thought long after you have set it down and moved ahead in your day. Clear Quartz reminds us of the ultimate ideal, that of becoming Light incarnate. To exist in form, yet have the vibration of Spirit, is the goal of every spiritual seer. Clear Quartz exemplifies and encourages this ideal with it’s clarity and beauty.

The Message: When this stone appears as your Ally, you are being asked to clarify yourself so that the Universe can provide you with the answers to your prayers. Perhaps you have been vacillating between two options. The time has come to choose, and to make your choice known. Call upon the energy of Clear Quartz to aid you in becoming clear about the choices that lie before you. It is though clarity of thought and intent that your creations will be made manifest.

Clear Quartz has made it’s spirit known to you in your layout, and you are being notified that the answers to your questions are imminent. Clear Quartz signals a time of deeper understanding of your path. Open yourself to the Divine Light, and allow your future to unfold.

Chakrs: All

Clear Quartz can energize, balance, and clear any of the chakras. It is especially active on the sixth and seventh chakras, promoting mental clarity and concentration.

I am clear in my thought, intent and desire.

I reflect the clarity of the Divine mind.”*

~ By Naisha Ahsian

Are you stepping in to May with clear purpose and intent? Our ability to manifest our reality has increased tremendously over the last months and even weeks. We need to be clear of what we are creating because more of it is sure to come.

What does your life look like right now? What changes need to happen in order to move forward and what can you give gratitude for in order to attract more of the same? What is important to you? How are you showing up in the world… are you feeling loved and supported, or are you in victim mode? How do you desire to change things for the better, and how can you make positive steps forward from where you are right now?

We are so much more powerful than we think. In fact we are so powerful that we have created all of what we have experienced to date, the good and that bad, from a Soul level. No, we don’t always want to hear that and yes it is much easier to blame others. But as soon as we take full responsibility for what lies behind us and ahead of us, and how we have the power to choose something different, the faster we move forward into something new. And leave all that pain behind.

What if you decided to focus your energy elsewhere? What if you committed to manifesting something totally new. An adventure, an opportunity, a new love. A radical transformation in body, mind and spirit. A letting go of the old and an embracing of the new; no matter how scary it may seem.

Take a few minutes right now to set your intention for the rest of this fertile month. Get really clear. What will you create? How can you see things differently? How can you let go of what is holding you back and embrace something way out of your comfort zone? Write it all down on a piece of paper and either carry it with you or place it somewhere you will see it every day; perhaps your bedside table.

If you have a clear quartz, which most of us do (and if you don’t, go get one! They are affordable and easy to come by!). Use it to program your intentions. Read your intentions out loud while holding the crystal in your right hand. Visualize the intentions going directly into the crystal, filling it up. Ask the crystal to assist you in sticking to your intentions and having the courage to see them through. Wear, carry or place the crystal under your pillow.

And step boldly into your dreams.



~Archangel Oracle

*Crystal Ally Oracle Card deck, by Naisha Ahsian: Clear Quartz


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