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Manifesting Miracles

Published November 17, 2017 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Manifesting Miracles, from the Angel Prayers Oracle Card deck, by Kyle Gray, artwork by Jason Mccreadie

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Manifesting Miracles: from the Angel Prayers Oracle Card deck, by Kyle Gray, artwork by Jason Mccreadie

Manifesting Miracles : “Archangel Orion”

“Thank you Orion, for manifesting your miracles in my world!”

General Meaning Of The Card: “You are blessed to receive this very special Angel card, as the Angels are drawing close to help you manifest your wildest dreams in the most miraculous ways. Miracles occur naturally and when they are not occurring, something has gone wrong. But the Angels are helping you  to align your thoughts and energy so you can manifest the blessing you really deserve.”

Expanded Interpretation Of The Card: “You are a magician and you have been handed the power and energy to create the life you deserve. Whatever you believe to be true is created – belief made manifest. The Angels want you to know that the life you want is here and that you are in the perfect place and space to create it. You are filled with the infinite energy of the cosmos, so allow this energy to manifest blessings in your life. What do you want to happen next? As long as it is a love filled thought, create it now!”

Archangel Orion: “Orion is one of the newer Archangels offering their support to Heaven. He helps us to connect to all that is, and reminds us that we are one with everyone and everything in the entire Universe. An Angel of the cosmos, his energy reminds me of wishing on a star, as he helps us to create the most magnificent events in our lives. In order to invoke Orions’s energy, visualize yourself surrounded by stars and know that you are connected to the whole Universe.”*

 ~ By Kyle Gray

If you could allow and receive any miracle to take place in your life, what would you consider to be the biggest blessing? Take a moment to write it down, in as much detail as you like, even if it’s on a little sticky note. Get clear. Be specific. What qualifies as a miracle to you? What do you believe is possible, and how can that all be blown out of the water by a true miraculous event?

Now turn in into a prayer. Address it to Archangel Orion. At the very bottom, write “this, or something better.” Then place the piece of paper in your pocket and carry it with you today. Take it out and read it when you have time to do so. Visualize the words that you wrote big and bold in your mind. Focus on it. Allow yourself to receive it. Embrace it. Expect it.

When you get home, take a piece of clear quartz or citrine crystal (be sure to clear it first by running under water, soaking in salt water for 20min or smudging) and hold it in your right hand. See it like a little sponge, and send focused energy and intention into the crystal as you read your paper. You have programmed the crystal. Place your paper under a candle and the crystal on top of the paper or beside it, touching it if possible. Burn the candle (a tealight is fine, be sure to place in a safe place!) When the candle burns itself out, place your paper and your crystal under your pillow.

Take your crystal and your paper out tomorrow night and place under the stars for the new moon, whether you can see them or not. Read the paper aloud and leave it outside for the night.

Expect miracles.



~Archangel Oracle

*Angel Prayers Oracle Card deck, by Kyle Gray, artwork by Jason Mccreadie

Ace Of Air

Published November 28, 2016 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Ace Of Air, from the Dreams Of Gaia Oracle Card deck, by Ravynne Phelan

Ace Of Air, from the Dreams Of Gaia Oracle Card deck, by Ravynne Phelan

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Ace Of Air, from the Dreams Of Gaia Oracle Card deck, by Ravynne Phelan

Ace Of Air: “New Ideas, Personal Truths, Paradigms, Originality, Individualization, Motivation, Choices, Belief”

Key Phrases: “A new personal ideology, Unlearn and let go, Fact and genuine knowledge, Honour personal truths, Know your mind, Reality is first conceived in the mind, Be excited and motivated, Are old beliefs sabotaging future goals?”

“The Ace Of Air symbolizes a new way of thinking. It suggests that it is now time to let go of old outmoded beliefs and ideas that no longer serve, and make way for a new, and independently formed, personal ideology. It is time to unlearn and let go of ideas and opinions born of societal conditioning, inaccuracies, and false assumptions – and replace them with ideas born of self-awareness, fact, and genuine knowledge. It is also time to recognize both for what they are, and learn to differentiate between the two.

Its appearance in your reading lets you know it is also time to honour personal truths that have foundation in your own experiences, instead of embracing the truths of others, and making them your own. To do otherwise is to wear an dill-fitting pair of shoes borrowed, or stolen, from another. While they may protect your feet, they will also pinch and rub, and over time, can do more harm than good. It is time to realize that to travel well and to go the distance, you need a pair of shoes that fit well because they are made for you specifically.

It is the same with personal ideology. Your life experiences will offer lessons that impart both practical knowledge and wisdom. Objective analysis can provide insight and understanding that reveals how your ife experiences, thoughts, and emotions influence all of your choices and the outcomes born of those choices. Your physical reality is first conceived within the mind.

The Ace of Air is offering an opportunity to embrace new paradigms and patterns, and to replace those that limit and restrict you. Now, you can change your mind, and in doing so, change the way  you make the choices that determine your direction and shape your reality. You can cut away all that clouds judgment and perception, and prevents you from knowing your true mind. Clarity will come with peeling away the layers of imposed dogma, and beliefs born of past disappointments and hurts.

The Ace of Air also symbolizes a time of feeling motivated and exited by the ideas in your head, your goals, and dreams, because they are yours. It is time to take them and make them more. This marks the beginning of the individualization of  process we all must go through in order to realize our fullest potential.

Potential Blockage: “The Ace of Air as challenger wants to know if you are holding on to outdated beliefs, opinions, or fears that are exerting  an influence of your decision-making ability. Past hurts, past failures, and mistakes, loss, the thoughts and opinions of others, and fear of upsetting others if we disagree or choose a way that is different to their own… all of these things can hamper our ability to implement new ideas, or a new way of being. Over time, they become impediments that can limit and restrict.

The Ace of Air reversed asks that you look within to discover what it is that prevents you from acting. Are your own beliefs sabotaging your future goals?”*

~ By Ravynne Phelan

What if we lead with love and refused to stand down? What if we saw the Light in everyone, without exception; most importantly ourselves? What if we released the bonds of material hierarchy and instead of chasing the golden dollar we chased enlightenment and illumination? What if, together as One global consciousness, we woke up and changed the way we see things so radically that it was a catalyst for a collective healing force that came- blazing; immediate and completely transformative for all? Can you feel it in your heart and soul?

What else is possible here on Gaia? What could we possibly have come here for? To take advantage of her; take of her resources without giving back; live only for material gain; damage her beyond repair? Of course not! We came to heal. And it is time.

It is time for change.

Standing rock is a prime example of what we, as humans, are truly capable of when we refuse to stand down. Everyone is watching. Everyone is sending their love and support; this is so powerful and it is a turning point. We must hold space for our warriors who are there. We must envision them standing in the Light, bringing Truth and finding a Way to protect and to heal the planet. It is a step forward in empowering Us instead of being controlled by them; the greed of only a few individuals. This is the beginning of the Change. The Remembering. The Healing.

You are here for a reason. That is why nothing feels quite enough, nothing fills that void. We may be drawn towards self-soothing through addictions and distractions, but yet through it all we must hear the call; we must wake up from all of this. What we dream we can accomplish. We are more powerful individually than we have been lead to believe.

Together we can change the world.

Together we Will change the world.

Together we will ascend, heal, Love.

Shift your perspective to a dimension where this is possible.

Wake up now.



~Archangel Oracle

* Dreams Of Gaia Oracle Card deck, by Ravynne Phelan




Garnet ~ Prosperity

Published September 9, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
Garnet prosperity

Garnet, Prosperity, from the Crystal Ally Oracle Card deck, by Naisha Ahsian

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Crystal Ally Oracle Card deck, by Naisha Ahsian: Garnet ~ Prosperity

Garnet ~ Prosperity: “In a fertile garden, a golden vessel full of new wine sits next to a cornucopia flowing with fruit and riches. Garnet is the stone of fertility, abundance, prosperity and Earth power. It is through our first or root chakra that we receive energy from the great Earth Mother. Garnet is a powerful Ally in the establishment and activation of the connecting cord that links us to this element. It is through this cord that we can both receive sustenance from the Earth and offer her our own Light and energy, bringing us back into balance with the being o which we live.

Garnets carry an enriching and nourishing energy. They not only encourage the flow of energy between the Earth and the humans who utilize them, but also act as powerful cleansers and activators of the first chakra, initiating the Kundalini flow and an ecstatic fusing with the expression of All That Is on the Earth Plane.

Garnets initiate the remembrance that all life is interconnected and springs from the same source. Seeing the Divine in all creation, and re-experiencing the limitless nurturing and provision of the Universe are just two of the wonderful side effects of resonating wth this powerful Ally.

The rich colours of Garnet stones remind us of the abundance, prosperity and plenty that the Earth Mother offers to us, if we will open ourselves to receiving them. Garnet tells us that we have sprung from the blood and bones of this Earth, and reminds us that the Earth Mother will provide us with all that we need.

Garnet’s energy is the balancing polarity of Ruby. While Ruby represents the will to survive, Garnet carries the knowledge that all needs will be provided for. When these two energies rare in balance, we are able to ask the Universe for what we need, and recognize the solution when it appears.

The Universe is an unlimited resource of energy, supplying you with whatever you need. When you create abundance in your life, you are showing others that it is possible, and that prosperity is available to everyone. Garnet is calling you to remember your own worth. It has come as a messenger to remind you that you are an unlimited child of the Creative Source. Whatever you ask, you shall receive.

The Message: “When Garnet appears in your cards, it is reminding you to open your eyes to the bounty and prosperity that is being offered to you by the Universe. The Earth is the perfect vehicle for providing you with all that you could need to survive and thrive in physical form. Ask for what you need, an acknowledge that this, or something even better, will be given to you.

The illusion of scarcity was created by humanity as an outgrowth of the illusion of separation In truth, there is enough prosperity and wealth to ensure that every human’s needs are met. It is only through your own ideas of scarcity that you staunch the flow of prosperity in your life. When you accept the prosperity of the Universe, you are able to bear witness to the bounty of your birthright ans a child of the Divine Creator.

Garnet is calling you to accept the gifts that have been set before you. Acknowledge those that you have received with gratitude, and affirm your belief in a prosperous and bountiful Universe for all beings.

Chakra: Root

Affirmation: I receive abundance through all channels of the Universe.”*

Naisha Ahsian

Open to receive the blessings of the Angels Of Abundance and Prosperity for they are connecting you right now to the unlimited abundance and prosperity available to us all through the Divine Universe. It is only our minds which set limitations on what we are able to conceive and receive. This is about to be blown out of the water… FOREVER! (Insert loud resounding cheers and happy dance here!!)

All you have to do is use the above affirmation whenever your mind wavers; whenever you find yourself thinking a limiting, self-doubting thought, flip it around immediately with a positive affirmation. “I receive abundance through all channels of the Universe.”

Repeat after me: I AM fully supported, all of my needs are met… and exceeded. I AM prosperity. I AM abundance. I AM worthy of all the Universe has to offer, there is always more than enough to support my loved ones and to share with others. I graciously receive expected and unexpected gifts of prosperity and abundance from the Universe. I AM open to limitless possibility. I AM.

And so it is.



* Crystal Ally Oracle Card deck, by Naisha Ahsian


Angel Of Healing

Published August 31, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle
angel of healing

Angel Of Healing, from the Angels, Gods and Goddesses Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Angels, Gods and Goddesses Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno: Angel Of Healing

Angel Of Healing: “The Angels have felt you sadness and have shown up today to send you healing.”

“Your angel of healing has felt your sadness and has shown up in your reading today to reflect healing light into your heart. Your angel wishes you to know that you are loved more than you can possibly imagine. Even though you feel alone and unloved at times, know that you are eternally loved. Whether you feel it or not, you are dearly loved and appreciated by many on the Earth plane, as well as in the angelic realm.

Close your eyes right now, place your hand upon your heart and feel the healing light pour through as you feel the presence of your angel. Feel yourself being breathed and supported by the universal life force of love, and imagine yourself glowing with light. Talk to your angel; ask anything you wish – share anything you wish. You may communicate through writing, or simply though thoughts and feelings. Doubt not that you r angel exist; you will receive a positive sign or confirmation of some kind in the next few days which will help you to both trust and believe.”*

– Toni Carmine Salerno

Have you  been feeling a little down or nostalgic lately? We often stuff these feelings away, refusing to experience them in their raw emotion, yet feeling them is the best way to get through them and not hold this energy in our bodies. When you hold on to energy that is painful instead of working through it, eventually it will manifest itself physically. It may start out as a simple issue, but as we ignore our bodies and our emotions, the problems can get larger and larger until they get our full attention. Instead of meeting sadness with fear, try meeting it with acceptance. This is all part of the process of releasing old blocks from past pain, old negative self beliefs, and old thought patterns. Work through your sadness slowly and methodically, there is nothing wrong with experiencing your feelings and it gives you the chance to bless and release the old, making room for the new. It gives you freedom, on a mind, body and spirit level. Liberation!

Your angels are on standby, watching and waiting for the invitation to come and heal you, hoping to be invited in. Take a few moments to invite their abundance of healing energies, asking them to heal areas of your life, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Your job right now is to be open, receptive and allowing of the healing so that it can assist you in clearing out old, stagnant energies and fill you with as much love and light as you can currently hold in your physical form. Hold the intention of receiving the healing that you need, for your highest good. You can also send this healing to anyone in your life that you feel needs it right now; or radiate it out around the planet to assist in her healing as well.


* Angels, Gods and Goddesses Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno


Archangel Raziel ~ Divine Mystery

Published March 14, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Archangel Raziel ~ Divine Mystery

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Ask An Angel Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno: Archangel Raziel ~ Divine Mystery

Archangel Raziel ~ Divine Mystery: “Life is mystery. The spark that ignites ad propels existence is the greatest of all mysteries. No matter how much scientific knowledge we acquire, it only serves to further prove the divine mystery of life.”

“As humans we are programmed to try and make sense of things. Our intellect races to interpret, to find logic and reason for all that we experience and encounter in our world. The truth is that life, death and the divine are larger concepts than what we can ultimately comprehend and no matter how many ideals, philosophies and beliefs we may discover to explain these mysteries, they will still only ever remain but a mystery.

To experience life and the divine, we must use our heart, not our mind. The mind, in particular the intellect, holds no answers when it comes to understanding the overwhelming nature of life and the Divine. Only the heart has the capacity to feel and experience the ecstatic truth at the core of all tragedy and beauty because only the heart can experience true unification with the essence of all things, through being able to directly connect us with the Divine. The heart knows and accepts all things as perfect.

This is a time for releasing yourself from the binds and limitations of the mind. Things may not make sense at this time but that may be because you are looking at them through a logical filter as opposed to filtering things through the heart. Not all sense is logical sense. Life, the Divine and our own psyches have rhythms and it is only in connection to the heart and the gut senses of the body, that we can make any sense of them.

This is the time to release yourself from intellectual burden, accept and embrace diving mystery as you connect through the deeper wisdom of your heart and the silent space within.”*

It’s time to move away from the “how’s” of life and into a state of deep faith, trust and belief. Belief that is so strong it turns to conviction; that which can never be swayed. We spend too much time trying to dissect how something can come to be, and Archangel Raziel, who knows the secrets of God and the Universe, is urging us to set our intentions and power them by love, inner strength and faith. We don’t need to know how the Universe can bring our desires to us, we only need hold that desire close to our hearts, knowing that the Divine will provide. It’s so easy to be influenced by those around us asking skeptical questions: “so how are you going to pull that one off?” and we lose belief in ourselves, we lower our expectations, we doubt and fear sets in.

This is a time to know without a doubt your angels have your back! You know the path that is right for you, so follow it and know, with conviction, that knowing “why” instead of focusing on “how” is so much more powerful! Then, if you really want to put things into action? Get excited about it! Sing, dance, smile, laugh, and feel that thrill of anticipation giving you butterflies! That feeling? That’s you, raising your vibration to attract all your desires to you. Pretty simple huh?


* Ask An Angel Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salernoy


Guardian Angel ~ Faith

Published January 5, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

guardian angel ~ Faith

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Saints And Angels Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D: Guardian Angel ~ Faith

Guardian Angel ~ Faith: “Think of all the miracles you have experienced in your life so far. This card asks you to have faith that Heaven will continue to help and support you along the way. Your faith is a key factor right now, and it is important that you keep it strong.

Like the angel in this card’s painting, you are about to take a leap of faith. The message is that it is safe for you to make this leap – you are finally following your heart’s wisdom, and it will pay you unseen dividends.

The situation you are contemplating is the right path, provided that you keep the faith. Your steady optimism will attract the opportunities and support your needs, but any pessimism will push away or slow your progress.

Before you go to sleep each night, ask your guardian angel to clear away any fears that keep you from enjoying full faith. In the morning, you will notice your renewed and increased belief. Remember that with faith, all things are possible.”*

Each new level of consciousness you reach is preceded by a leap of faith, whether large or small. The big ones make you think, weighing your options, filtering through your fears and doubts to find the strength and courage to jump beyond them. Finally you take a big breath, hope for the best and take your plunge, no regrets. Bobbing to the surface of your new reality you feel a little light-headed and giddy; did you really just do that? High on inspiration, you can make changes in your life you had only dreamed of; your powers of manifestation are at their highest.

Yet sometimes it’s more subtle than that. Sometimes it’s just a feeling that you need to persevere, that your small and steady action steps really are leading you to your desires, you just have to have faith that you are getting there, day by day, minute by minute, another step closer to the dream.

Whichever way you choose to take your leap of faith, it’s in the cards for you right now. Procrastination is no longer an option. A new year, a new moon, a new you, opportunities abound if you know what you are looking at. Open to possibility; releasing fear and welcoming change. You are always supported, always loved and always guided; your role is one of faith and receptivity.

There is so much power in asking your guardian angel to be with you in your dreams, clearing your energy, boosting your confidence and showing or whispering messages to be remembered in the morning and throughout the day. I often ask for guidance last thing before I go to sleep at night, either from my guardian angel or guide, or from the Archangel I happen to be working with depending on the particular situation. After asking for guidance I lie for a few moments on my back, palms up and open to receive, and do some deep belly breathing to relax me and help to align my chakras and balance my energy. If I have had a particularly stressful day I may listen to a chakra balancing meditation or some soothing music right before I go to sleep. When I wake up, I try to take a few moments to do the same, belly breathing and palms open I focus on my breath and see if there are any residual memories or messages coming through, remembered from my sleep. Sometimes I get a vision or an idea pop into my head. Sometimes a name or a place or a number. I almost always get something.

Try it! See what comes to you. You are always welcome to share! Keep in mind that dream sites or encyclopedia’s will give you a little direction, but whatever intuitively feels right to you is always the truth. It’s your message, and if you allow yourself, you will be able to decipher it.


* Saints And Angels Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D


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