Drystan ~ Look Beneath The Surface

Drystan ~ Look Beneath The Surface
Drystan ~ Look Beneath The Surface, from the Oracle Of The Dragonfae, by Lucy Cavendish


Daily Angel Oracle Card: Drystan ~ Look Beneath The Surface, from the Oracle Of The Dragonfae, by Lucy Cavendish

Drystan Speaks: “Don’t be distracted – see behind the act! All my artifice hides only the truth, which at the moment you do not wish to see. I am always telling you the truth: it is simply that you do not wish to hear. I have always shown you who I truly am: you simply choose not to see. The clues have been strewn about you… but you have decided not to notice their presence. I can draw people into actions that reveal their shadows; and for that they condemn me. But I have been their teacher, for they then know the whole of themselves, and thus have compassion for others. Some have wanted me to be an angel, when I have never been of the heavens, and never claimed to be. I am illusions: but most of all, I am your illusion. Look beyond, take off my mask, and decide to acknowledge the truth about the circumstances which you find yourself within. And know that although you may say I have done you wrong, I have taught you to follow your guidance.”

About Drystan: “This Dragonfae being is the bad boy, the cheat, the hustler and the fool who charms his way into your world, and then lets you down in spectacular fashion. A Lord of the Court, he is political, charming, clever, majestic, and in many ways, a rogue. And the truth is, you always knew there was something dodgy about this situation, or this promise, because he is being so very truthful when he said he had told you all along. So while he is manipulative and deceitful; strangely, he’s honest about it. And there is a glamour here that is nearly irresistible. He is showbiz and glittering lies that cast a spell, then leave us without anything of substance. And yet, he does not leave us empty handed, for there is a lesson here that once heeded, need never be experienced again. He need not be blamed either; for he is the fantasy that we all seek; the illusory nature of our desires.”

Divinatory Meanings: “This is the card of the person or being who makes no claims to virtue: their every word and deed reveals their intent. However, if you are drawn in by their charm and charisma, you may find yourself wishing and hoping they were indeed your hero (only in disguise!). It is likely when this card is present that you have persuaded yourself that someone will change, that patterns will melt away and that what has gone wrong in the past has nothing to do with you. If you believe someone whose worlds are contradicted by their behaviour and you choose to put your faith in one who has already let you down, you must acknowledge your own ability to put yourself in emotional and professional danger. In order to move forward, contemplate appreciating the charmer for what they are, but refuse to be involved at a level where you are endangered. This card often indicates that you may have a tendency to fall in love with those who are unavailable; their glamour is attractive to you. This card draws attention to a desire to live artificially. There may be a belief in iconic glamour; the cult of the superstar or celebrity. Sometimes undercover dealings, sleigh of the hand, and affairs come up when Drystan comes forward to speak with you. Look below the surface; do not be deceived by appearances.”

Use your judgement and place your own needs and desires first. Believe it when someone says that they are not to be trusted, even when that is said not with worlds but with actions, or when there are too many contradictions. Enjoy the show, but do not live the act. Begin to explore your truths, your story, and begin to look beneath the surface.” *

– Lucy Cavendish

You may have to be honest with yourself right now concerning a relationship that has been waving red flags since the beginning. You know who this card pertains to, whether you are willing to acknowledge it right now or not. If you are willing to listen to the message, it is a warning to reevaluate a certain person in your life, and what their role is. Have you learned your lesson yet? This is a lesson of self worth. It is a lesson of seeing your own self worth for what it is and should be, no compromise, no selling yourself short, and no being the victim. It is time to take full responsibility for what you are experiencing, as it is your choice to be here, especially after admitting to yourself that things are not exactly as they should be. Are you living a lie, for fear of the unknown? Or are you truly happy in this situation. This is not necessarily a partner or spouse, it can be anyone in your life who is showing you that things are not what they seem to be on the surface. It is up to you to decide that you will no longer live this way. You choose how you want to live, and you choose what you will “put up” with…. no excuses. No victim. The blinders are off.

So now what?



* Oracle Of The Dragonfae, by Lucy Cavendish


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  1. Nikki says:

    Wow. This card is so spot on for me right now 🙂

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