Treasure Island

Treasure Island, from the Wisdom Of The Oracle Card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid
Treasure Island, from the Wisdom Of The Oracle Card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Treasure Island, from the Wisdom Of The Oracle Card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid

Treasure Island ~ Essential Meaning: “The Law Of Attraction bringing dreams into fruition; the results of positive thinking made manifest; abundance appearing as if from nowhere; financial gains and the sharing of good fortune.”

The Oracle’s Message: “You have worked hard and acted upon your unwavering belief in abundance, and suddenly, in the midst of it all, you hit the jackpot. You have uncovered the map to buried treasure and tapped the unlimited potential within you. What you must hone now is your ability to recognize when X marks the spot, because some of these golden opportunities may be obvious, but others may not be so readily apparent. Trust your intuition to light your way now as you enter this truly prosperous phase, where all the long, hard work navigating your inner life is now paying off externally. In all aspects of your life at this time, you have good fortune. Do not forget to enjoy it and share it with others, as treasure shared multiplies like magic.”

Relationship Message: “Your relationship is a treasure, providing even more than you need, but you may not see that right now. No matter how long you have been together, you and your partner are always discovering hidden gems about yourselves and each other. Now is a time of discovery. It is as if everything is in sync and everything is new again. Romance blooms, and love is in the air. You can be assured that this partnership will bring you great gifts and valuable lessons. Keep your heart open. The message of this card is to celebrate love and what is teaches you.”

Prosperity Message: “At this time, you can be confident that success is yours.Your ideas are all hitting the mark, and you are in a true manifestation period when you will see evidence of the seeds of prosperity you planted in the past. The appearance of this card in a reading indicates that your dreams and aspirations align with concrete signs of prosperity in the world of form. This is a very auspicious and fortunate time for business. Creative projects will flourish as inspiration strikes. Share your wealth with others, too. Generosity and gratitude should lead you now.”

Protection Message: “Poverty consciousness and a sense of “not enough” can cast a shadow on your path. These ideas and core beliefs come with a high cost. Do you really want to proclaim yourself a victim of disappointment and failed expectations? Are you avoiding success because you will grow so tall that others may want to cut you down? Or is it possible that you are caught in a fear that you will lose what you have acquired, so you hold on so tight that you miss the opportunities to expand? You are being challenged to change the way you see the world and move from a perception of limitations to a perception of abundance. Take a risk, for you have nothing to lose except your confinement in a prison of your own making. Open the door and find the abundance waiting for you to claim it.”*

~ By Colette Baron-Reid

Drop whatever you are doing, and get up right now and do a little happy dance because you have reason to CELEBRATE!!!! Send gratitude for all that is coming to you now as you step into one of the most productive, prosperous and abundant chapters of your life so far. You literally have the Midas Touch; as everything you touch turns to GOLD~ abundance in every aspect of your life.

This may seem like it’s coming out of the blue, but it is something that you have been manifesting for quite some time and the Universe has helped you co-create. This is the answer to your prayers, the Un-manifest coming to manifest in your reality.

Congratulations!!! Oh, and did I mention that this is only the beginning? Ya, it’s going to get way bigger and way better than this!

I AM Co-creating the manifestation of my dreams.

Thank you for all that I have and all that is coming to me now.

And so it is.

(Insert happy dance here)



~ Archangel Oracle

*Wisdom Of The Oracle Card deck, by Colette Baron-Reid

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