Gwynne and Elluish ~ Attunement

Gwynne and Elluish ~ Attunement

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Oracle Of The Dragonfae Oracle Card deck, by Lucy Cavendish: Gwynne and Elluish ~ Attunement

Gwynne and Elluish ~ Attunement: “Dear one, never be surprised at the ways in which your connections to the Mother and to the Earth are being birthed into the world. If you are experiencing prophetic dreams, sift through the images and messages and know that all insights are worthy of attention, and most especially your own. The inner world and the Earth’s magic are both speaking to you, and wishing for you to answer. Do this by connecting with your own inner self. We know that you are searching for answers that are indeed within you, and that the path you are walking is not easy under your feet.

We all return to Her, the great Goddess, our Mother. The Earth wishes for you to reconnect with her in simple, pleasant and joyful ways – friends and food, laughter and love. Do not fear your own true self, your intuitive self. There are many world your people use for the truth of who you are, which can lead to confusion, and there has been fear and suspicion seeded in your minds, which can lead to mistrust. Know from your true magical self that you are a being of magic: with a unique blend of earth, air, fire and water magic making up your spirit. You are receiving messages – and yes, you also can ear them, just as we can “hear” each other’s thoughts before they have even developed into worlds. In time, you will come to understand these silent ways of communicating and know the truth of your belonging to the old ways. Know that all beings – plants, animals, and etheric – have so much to share with you. you are never alone.”

Working with Gwynne and Elluish: “Trust your dreams, intuitive messages, insights and visions. Know you are receiving messages telepathically at this time. Take heart if people do not understand where you are receiving information from. If your friendships seem strange to older friends or family members, do not buy into their judgement. Finding animals or other beings easier to understand than people. Developing your intuition to a more subtle level, befriending animals, plants and looking to the natural world for love and support as much as you do the world of people and technology. Letting go of unnecessary technologies. Listening to the whispers of spirit and of the soul.”*

Another message about messages, signs, and receptivity! Your intuition, your dreams, your inner wisdom all need to be acknowledged at this time, as you are more in tune than you realize, or give yourself credit for! Listen to your dreams, tap in to your intuition and use the tools that you have within you to detect the vibration of what is going on around you. Does someone in your life uplift you every time you are together? Is there a place that you go that makes your heart soar? Is there someone who makes you feel that you want to stand a little farther away from them, or a place that just gives you the creeps? All of this is important information; and it is gleaned from soul to physical body. Your angels and guides are communicating with you; letting you know by how you feel whether you are on the right path or not!

Go with your gut! Feel your way through your life without getting sucked in to being reactive to these feelings; use them instead as tools to guide you. Like the kids playing “hot and cold” you are guided by knowing you feel: light, joy, harmony and peace? You are on the right path! Uneasy, wary, upset or queasy, red flags waving in front of your nose? Maybe it’s time to look a little more into these feelings, they are trying to tell you there may be a better way! We are blessed to have this system and if we can get to know it, we can avoid the major stresses by just…. listening! Use your feelings to navigate through your life like dogs use their sense of smell! Dwell for a moment, and look within until you can do this without a second thought. That’s what it’s there for!


* Oracle Of The Dragonfae Oracle Card deck, by Lucy Cavendish


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