Water, from the Animal Voices Oracle Card deck, by Chip Richards
Water, from the Animal Voices Oracle Card deck, by Chip Richards

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Water, from the Animal Voices Oracle Card deck, by Chip Richards

Water: “Feeling, Expression, Flow”

The Gift: “Water cleans us, quenches our thirst and wakes us up. Water flows through obstacles, removes barriers, breaks down mountains and awakens life. Water slips through the tiniest cracks and carries our biggest boats with the greatest of ease. Water brings life to our bodies and our whole planet. Did you know 70% of our planet is covered with water and over 70% of our bodies are full of water too?!

The Message: “Water teaches us that when we listen to the current of the quiet voice inside, it always takes us to good places. The message water has for you is to trust your heart and “go with the flow”. Water is one of the most powerful elements, but it never forces anything. You can do great things right now by simply following the energy of what feels most exciting to you.”

The Call: “Go to the edge of an ocean, lake or stream and say a prayer of thank you for all the gifts that water brings. Ask if it has a message just for you today. Feel the water with your hands. Feel the water with your feet. Splash your face and give thank you for the water of life!”*

~ By Chip Richards

The waters of the Earth need our healing. Every time we use water, we need to get into the habit of blessing it with Love, Light and deep gratitude. There are many people who are not blessed with the abundance of pure, clean water that much of the rest of the world experiences. There are bodies of water that have been spoiled by oil spills, plastics, waste and toxins; all due to the ineptitude of humans. Send your Love, Light and Healing to each of these areas, every single day. Go down to the ocean and say a prayer of thanks to this vast and amazing bearer of life. Bless the rivers, lakes and streams.

To do a water blessing, stand before a body of water, or visualize on right in front of you. See yourself pulling down bright white love and light down from the Universe. See or feel the Light come down in a column and enter through your crown chakra, right at the top of your head. See or feel the light go down your spinal column, through your third eye and throat, into your heart chakra. Now see or feel bright emerald green healing light come up from Mother Gaia, straight up through the soles of your feet. See or feel it come up through your root chakra and up your spinal column, through your sacral and solar plexus chakras and into your heart center. See or feel the bright white Light from above and the incredible emerald green light from below swirl together and expand in your heart chakra.

Now use your intention to focus this light in a solid beam of bright white and green Light and send it out from your heart center/chakra right out into the body of water, holding the intention of healing, purification and deep gratitude. Alternatively, extend your arms out, palms facing the water and send the light from your heart down both arms and out your healing hands. You will know what feels right for you, there is no right or wrong way to heal the waters of the Earth. Do this work with the deep knowing that you are a vessel of healing light for the Divine. You are one with the water and the water is one with you.

Know that you can make a difference with your healing intention, it is powerful and true.

Know that these small, mindful and loving acts of blessing and healing are what we need in order to change, heal and purify ourselves and our Great Mother Earth, bringing her and all of her creatures back into balance.

For the Highest Good Of All.

And so it is.


~Archangel Oracle

*Animal Voices Oracle Card deck, by Chip Richards


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  1. JUDITEPOCAS says:

    Não tenho comentado tenho estado com gripe agradeço tudo vou fazer esta limpeza para ficar melhor agradecer por tudo obrigado JUDITEPOCAS

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